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Message in a Bottle

Edward's parents have just died. Bella just broke up with long time boyfriend, James. Neither know the other exists until Bella finds Edward's message in a bottle on the beach. Can love overcome death and pain? AU/AH messageinabottle.jpg picture by doomedsoul1212

So this is a story i've been thinking about doing for a while. Read on!

6. Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Fear


Edward playing the piano is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever had the chance to experience. Rosalie had turned the camera so that I could watch as he played. As soon as he sat down, you could see his features just relax. He looked like he was off in his own little world and then he started to play.

And it just got better.

The song was magical. It was upbeat and complicated, but there was a slower undertone that was made of lower notes. I watched as his hands flew across the keys making music that couldn’t possibly be played by only two hands.

When he finished, he just sat, holding the last note, staring at the keys. I secretly wiped my eyes, just realizing that I had tears trickling from my eyes. “That was beautiful.” I said softly.

“He wrote that, you know.” Jasper said calmly.

“You…wrote…that?” I stammered. “That is incredible.” I could see a light pink tinting Edward’s cheeks as he stood up and walked back to where Jasper and Rosalie were sitting.

“HELLS BELLS? YOU HERE?” I heard Emmett yell from near the front door.

“I’m in my room.” I called back, turning away from the camera. Emmett, being Emmett, just ran into my room and threw himself onto my bed.

“What’s up Bells?” He reached a hand out and ruffled my hand. I heard a giggle coming from my laptop. It sounded feminine so I figured it was Rosalie. “Who’s that?” He turned my laptop towards him. “When did you get friends that are hotter than me?” He sounded so sadly pathetic that I couldn’t help but crack up. I laughed until I had tears running down my face and I looked at the screen and saw Jasper, Rosalie and Edward laughing with me. Emmett was taking turns glaring at me and then at the camera, towards the three of them.

“Emmett, this is Rosalie, Jasper and Edward. Rosalie, Jasper, Edward, this is my best friend Emmett.”

“Awww thanks Bells.” He wrapped his large, thick arm around my shoulders.

I watched him eyeing Rosalie in the camera picture. I felt a smile pulling at the edges of my lips.

“I’M HOME!!!!!!!” Alice sang as she walked in the door. She jumped up onto Emmett’s back like a little, well dressed, monkey. “Who are you talking to?”

“Edward, Jasper, Rosalie, this is my other best friend Alice. Conniving little pixie.” I muttered the last part under my breath. I looked up and saw Jasper eyeing Alice. I smiled and glanced at Edward. Ours eyes locked over the distance. All I could see was bright green.

“OW!” I yelped, rubbing the side of my head. “What was that for?” Alice was standing at the edge of the bed, hands on her hips, glaring at me.

“That was for keeping the hot men all to yourself.” I stared at her, mouth agape, for about 5 seconds and then I burst out laughing. Emmett was looking back and forth between us and then he started laughing. Rose and Jasper were laughing and Edward had a small smile on his face.

The doorbell rang. “I got it.” I said between giggles. I stood up and walked to the door. When I opened it, there was a man there with a bouquet of freesias. I looked at it questioningly.

“Is there a Bella Swan here?” The man with the flowers said.

“Yes, that’s me.”

“Here, these are for you.” The man thrust the flowers into my hands, turned and left.

I shut the door, picked up the card and flipped it over.


I haven’t given up. I never give up. Be watching, Bella. I know I’m watching you.


I screamed and dropped the vase, shattering it. “What is it Bella?” Alice and Emmett yelled, running into the entryway I was standing in.

Alice picked up the note, read it and handed it to Emmett. Emmett growled under his breath. “I’ll kill him.”

“Bella, we can report it now! We have the first initial of his first and last name! How many people do you know with the initials J.L?”

“One.” I squeaked. I could feel myself practically hyperventilating. We all heard someone yelling in the next room and remembered that Edward and his friends had no idea what was going on. Alice ran back to the room to talk to them. I slid down the wall I was leaning against and leaned my head back against it, closing my eyes. “Why does he have to do this to me? Can’t he just accept that it’s over?” I groaned fighting off the exhaustion that was starting to settle deep into my bones.

Emmett sank down next to me, dropping his head into his hands. “We’ll get him. I swear Bella, you’ll be safe.” I smiled at my best friend. Emmett was so close to me, we were practically siblings.

“Thanks Em.” I smiled weakly at him. I looked over at Alice, jabbering away to a police office, her face getting redder with her anger. I almost snickered. Silly Alice.


The rest of the day passed quickly. Alice, Emmett and I went down the local police office to report James and hand over the two notes we had. They policeman we talked to said that there wasn’t much they could do, but that if things like this continued to happen that I should come to them immediately. I was in a kind of daze for the whole thing, my normally clear head was jumbled with thoughts of James and then there were other parts that were thinking of Edward’s pretty green eyes, eyes that held a sense of enigma, something I wanted to learn more about. I sighed just thinking about them.

I was in danger of falling for this man. I was afraid that I had already fallen and I’ve only talked to him twice, not counting the letters.

When we got back to Emmett and Alice’s apartment I claimed that I was tired and was going to go to bed, it was getting late anyways.

I saw my cell phone sitting on the bedside table and I picked it up as I flopped onto my bed. I flipped it open and the mail screen was flashing, letting me know I had a new text message. I opened it, scanning the number before reading.


This is Edward. Alice gave me your number. I just wanted to make sure you were all right. Text back anytime.


I added Edward to my contact list and typed out a quick response saying I was fine and that I’d talk to him more tomorrow and then I dropped my phone and let my head fall back on my pillows. I closed my eyes and fell into a fit full sleep.

My dreams were full of pictures of James; usually he was trying to kill me. I woke up covered in sweat and breathing hard. I groaned and rolled over wearily. It wasn’t fair that he could control my life so easily. I needed James to be gone.

After a few minutes I realized it was pointless to try to fall back asleep. I groaned and sat up, dropping my head forward and pulling my hair up into a messy bun. I slid out of bed and promptly tripped over my shoes.

I picked myself up off the floor and walked out to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. Caffeine helps me function in the mornings. Alice was sitting at the counter talking on her cell phone to someone. She had a huge grin plastered on her face and I could she her blush a few times. Alice never blushed. Ever.

When she hung up I entered the room and sat down next to her. She passed me a mug of coffee and then sighed happily. “What’s got you so happy?” I asked calmly.

“I’ve met the man of my dreams.” I raised my eyebrows skeptically. She rolled her eyes. “Okay so I haven’t met him, but I’ve talked to him!”

“And who is the man of your dreams?” I asked, although I had a pretty good idea of who is was.

“You remember Edward’s friend Jasper, right?” I nodded. “Well when I gave Edward your number, your welcome by the way, he asked for mine and we texted each other throughout the night and I just spent 35 minutes talking to him.” She sighed again.

I smiled at her. It was nice to see Alice so happy for once. “Oh and I gave Rosalie Emmett’s number. Did you see the way they were eyeing each other? It’s just so perfect!” She clapped her hands together excitedly and started bouncing up and down on her stool. I laughed, my exhaustion and problem with James momentarily forgotten.

“What are you’re plans for the day?” I asked Alice.

“Work.” She sighed. Obviously she would be dealing with a difficult client. “Are you editing today?”

“Yeah, I’m meeting with Emily Brown again. She’s really sweet.” Alice stuck her tongue out at me.

“Lucky, I have to deal with Mrs. Costello today.” I laughed at that. I’d heard many stories about Mrs. Costello.

“Good luck with that.” I smiled at her as I stood up to pick up my keys and drop my mug in the sink. “I won’t be late.” I called over my shoulder as I left the house.

The drive to my office took almost no time and I arrived in good spirits. The secretary at the front desk greeted me and then asked me to hold on for a second while she found the note someone had left for me. She handed me a plain white envelope and I flipped it over, breaking the seal, as I walked to my office. I was about to open it and pull out the letter, but Emily interrupted me with a knock on my door.

“Come in.” I called, setting the envelope down in a corner of my desk to open later.

“Hi Bella.” I smiled at her, happy that she remembered.

“Please have a seat.” She sat down across from me and I handed her the marked up copy of her book. I’d gotten started on editing and was about a quarter of the way through. We spent a few hours going over every change I’d made and decided against some. She was the perfect author to work with, she wasn’t always arguing with me, but still let me know when she thought we should consider leaving something the way it was.

She left with a little wave and I sat back, forgetting about the envelope, to edit more of the book. The story drew me in once again and before I knew it, my workday was over and I was free to go home. When I was packing my bag, I noticed the envelope. My curiosity was sparked again instantly and I pulled the note out and began reading.


I missed you today. I miss you every day. Why did you leave me? I’ll see you soon.


I sank back down in my desk chair, my breathing coming in harsh gasps. Shakily I pulled out my cell and called Alice, letting her know about the latest development. She sounded worried and said she’d meet me at my office in five minutes.

I was still trying to get my breathing under control when she walked in. She told me that she’d called Emmett and that he was meeting us at the police station. I handed her the letter and she scanned it, her face emotionless.

“Let’s go.” She said, helping me to my feet. We walked out of the office together and I waved to the secretary. She smiled at me worriedly, but Alice and I were already out on the street. She led me to her car. “We’ll pick up yours later.” She said as she climbed in.

The next hour was a blur of police officers and questions and more questions. I was happy to be able to drop onto my bed and close my eyes, until I felt the buzzing in my pocket. I groaned, pulling out my cell phone.

I had a new message from Edward.


How was your day? Free of James I hope.


I sighed; my day was most definitely not free of James. I texted back,


I got another note.


I dropped my phone on my bed and then walked to the bathroom to run a bath. I tested the water and then left the tub to fill. When I got back to the bedroom I had another text.


Really? Are you all right? What did it say this time?


I texted a reply and then stripped and walked to the bathroom again. I slid into the tub, sighing as the hot water relaxed my muscles.

When I got out, relaxed and happier, I put on my comfy pajamas and slid into bed. I checked my cell once more and found another message from Edward.


Be safe.


I smiled to myself and then let myself drift off to sleep. But even in sleep, James’ words haunted me.

I’ll see you soon.