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The Way I Love You

Edward and Bella do something they shouldn't have. Now they suffer the consecuences. How will they handle the pressure of being parents and other challenges along the way? All human characters. Slightly OOC, not too much though. Edward and Bella are 18. **Disclaimer: I sadly do not own Twilight.****The sequel is now posted. It's called "Total Bliss...Or Not" so check it out!**Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


12. Moving

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I woke up the next morning to a fabulous smell. I wiped the sleep out of my eyes and made my way down the stairs to the kitchen. Edward was standing by the stove, flipping pancakes and turning sausages. I smiled and instinctively put my hand on my stomach. Edward noticed me watching him from the doorway and smiled at me.

"Good morning sweetheart," he said to me in that velvety smooth voice of his. "I made pancakes!"

I laughed at the hilarity of Edward, only 18 years of age, trying to be all grown up by making me food and talking all proper. "Hi, babe," I told him, wrapping my arms around his waist. It was a little weird, with my belly in the way, but we managed.

"Go sit at the table, I'll get you a plate and some orange juice," he kissed the top of my head and I let him go, doing as he said. Edward brought over two huge plates full of food and two glasses of orange juice. He's sweet enough to not drink coffee in front of me; I'm in that "don't mess with this pregnant woman or I'll kick your butt" stage and Edward doesn't want to push it.

I dug in. Man, was it delicious. As I was stuffing my face, Edward was looking at me, his face full of amusement. "What?" I glared, my mouth half full. He shook with laughter.

"I'm sorry love," he snorted with laughter.

"I cannot help that I'm hungry Edward, you want to carry these babies and feed them?" I wasn't very happy with him. I couldn't wait to get rid of these hormones.

He calmed down before speaking. "I really am sorry, Bella. Would me telling you that Carlisle and Esme approve of letting you move in help at all?" he asked casually, stabbing some eggs with his fork.

"What?" I said, dropping my fork.

"You heard me," he grinned. I squealed and jumped into Edward's lap, hugging and kissing him all over. He laughed and said, "I love you."

"I love you, too," I responded. I kissed him tenderly, then asked, "When can I move in?"

"How about after breakfast, we start packing up your things and you can move in by the end of the week if you would like."

I was trying to remember what day it was. "It's Tuesday," Edward reminded me.

"So I will be living in the Cullen household in approximately three days?" I asked excitedly.

"If you want," he said again.

"Of course!"

He laughed and pecked my lips. "Okay, finish eating and then I'll run and get some boxes."


3 Days Later

It was Friday and I was all ready to go. Edward and I started packing things into his and Alice's cars at nine o'clock. Alice and Jasper were helping us. Emmett and Rosalie were doing who knows what, and none of us really asked when they said they didn't want to be disturbed for the weekend.

There weren't too many boxes, but enough that we would need a couple of trips. I was keeping my bed and furniture in the room so that it could be a guest room for Charlie. And of course if I ever needed to stay with him.

Edward and Jasper were downstairs putting boxes in the car while Alice was staring at the three boxes that held all of my clothes.

"Three boxes? THREE? That's it?!" she cried. We were all in old sweats and ratty t-shirts for this day, but not Alice. Sure, she was in sweatpants-Gucci sweatpants that is. And her t-shirt wasn't what I would consider comfortable, it hugged her every curve and barely covered her stomach. She did look great, but it wasn't necissary.

I rolled my eyes at her and went to lift a rather heavy box marked books. I was trying to lift it into my arms when Edward came into the room.

"Bella, honey, don't lift so much! You carry the boxes of clothes or something light, I can get the heavy ones." He took the box from me and kissed my cheek, smiling.

I sighed, wondering how I got so lucky, and grabbed a small box of clothes. Alice was still sitting on my former bed, shaking her head. Wow, she was so much help.

About an hour and a half later, we were on our way to the Cullens' house. Edward held my hand on the seat as he drove. My other hand was on my very large belly. "So Bella, I was going to talk to you about changing my, I mean, our room so that you feel at home."

"Don't change a thing, I like your room."

"Are you sure love?"

"Well, I might add a few decorations, but yeah, I like it just the way it is. And I can't wait to design the babies' room!" I grinned.

"I'm sure you'll have Alice's help with the shopping," Edward said.

"I'm sure I will."


By eight o'clock, we finished moving everything. Edward and I were showered and in bed-our bed-by nine. I loved living with Edward already, it felt right, like it was meant to happen all along.

We were lying in bed, Edward's arms around me as I snuggled into his chest. I could feel the babies kicking around, and I think Edward could feel them vibrating from my stomach to his. He was smiling and kissing me every so often.

"Bella baby, I love you," he whispered, smiling against my lips as he kissed me.

"I love you so much, but I'm exausted, I'm going to sleep. I'll see you in the morning, and we can unpack my stuff!" I said excitedly, then yawned. Edward chuckled.

"Okay sweetheart. Goodnight babies, daddy loves you," he said to my stomach, then kissed it twice. He came back up to my level and kissed me sweetly before humming my lullaby. Sleep set in and I drifted into sweet dreams of Edward and our children.