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The Way I Love You

Edward and Bella do something they shouldn't have. Now they suffer the consecuences. How will they handle the pressure of being parents and other challenges along the way? All human characters. Slightly OOC, not too much though. Edward and Bella are 18. **Disclaimer: I sadly do not own Twilight.****The sequel is now posted. It's called "Total Bliss...Or Not" so check it out!**Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


14. Paramedics

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Oh my God. Bella. My babies. What was going to happen to them?

What have I done to them?

Bella was currently unconcious in the passenger seat, her forehead was gushing out blood. She must have hit it on the dashboard before the airbag deployed. I scanned my eyes around the car quickly and noticed that the other car hit Bella's side the most. I wanted to cry, but I had to stay strong for Bella. So I ripped the bottom of my shirt and tried to stop the bleeding coming from Bella's head. I heard sirens blaring through the night as I talked to her and my children.

"Bella, sweetie, please hold on. Don't leave me, I couldn't handle it. Please, please," I whispered, starting to cry. "I love you."


The pain was excruciating. I just wanted it to go away. The darkness was taking me, it was numbing my pain. I never wanted to leave the darkness.

"Bella, sweetie, please hold on."

What was that? It sounded like-

"Don't leave me, I couldn't handle it."

Edward. He wanted me to stay with him. And for that, I fought with all of my will power to stay in the light with my love. I hated the pain and I wanted the darkness desperately, but Edward was more important. He was my everything.

"Please, please. I love you." I could have swore he was crying.

Don't worry, honey, I'm not going anywhere. I love you, too.


I was trying to keep Bella alive while the other driver was being put into an ambulance (she wasn't looking great at all). There were cops everywhere, and news reporters too, trying to get the full story. That disgusted me. The love of my life and my two children could possibly be dying and they were here trying to make huge cash for it. I heard more sirens as I was shaking my head thinking about those reporters. I looked away from Bella and saw two firefighter trucks pulling up to the crash scene. Oh no, this couldn't be good.

An officer came to my side of the car and said, "Sir, I need you to get out of the car now. We need to cut her out."

"What? Hell no, I will not leave her!" I said, my voice rising.

"Sir, you can sit in the ambulance and get checked out by a paramedic. As soon as we get her out, you can ride with her to the hospital."

"You better not let her die," is all I told him before stalking off to the ambulance.

I heard one of the policeman say, "Guys, it's Chief Swan's daughter. She's pregnant you know." Yeah, bastard, she is, with twins, and all three of them better survive or I'll have your job.

"Whoa, hey buddy, you look awful," the paramedic chuckled, trying to lighten the mood. It wasn't working.

"Gee, thanks," I responded sarcastically while moving to sit in the ambulance.

"Sorry, I know this is awful. I'm Tyler, by the way," he told me as his started to wipe away the blood on me where the glass shattered and cut me.

"Edward," I replied.

"Who's your passenger?"

I took a deep breath, willing myself not to cry. "She is going to make it," I reminded myself. "My fiancee, and she's pregnant. With twins."

Tyler started to stitch me up. "Oh man, I'm sorry. And they have to cut her out?" I nodded. "I see. Well you know what? She's got the best paramedic for when she gets out of that car," he smiled. I smiled a little back, happy for him to be distracting me.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yep, best this town's got. Don't worry, she will be fine, I can feel it," he assured me. I just hoped he was right.


Ouch. God, what are they doing to me?! And where's Edward? He's the whole reason I'm not in the darkness, away from my pain.

"Okay, watch the stomach, and make sure not to cut her legs!" I heard a strange voice say. It was really fuzzy, but I managed to make out the words.

Oh my God. Insane pressure was put on my stomach. This strange feeling was nagging at my heart and suddenly I found my voice and screamed, "Watch the babies!"

"Cut the machine!" that voice said. "She's awake!" Duh I'm awake, I just screamed didn't I?

"Miss Swan, can you hear me?"

"It's fuzzy, but yes," I said, my voice barely above a whisper.

"Okay, that's great. Just hold in there and we're going to finish cutting you out of the car. I'm Officer Michaels," he told me.

"Bella," I responded. "Watch my babies next time, will ya?"


"Well Edward, it looks like you only have minor bruising on your right ribs and just the glass cuts. You sure got lucky," Tyler informed me.

"Yeah, well, I wish it was Bella that got lucky instead," I told him. He sighed and nodded his head, agreeing with me.

We sat in silence, waiting for the cops to get Bella when a very familiar voice screamed, "Watch the babies!"

I jumped up and almost peed my pants. "Holy shit, she's alive," I whispered.


"That was her."

"Congrads, man," Tyler said. "Now we sit and wait."

"I can't go over there?" I asked him.

"Um, no. They would probably tell me to send you to the hospital like I'm suppose to be doing right now, but you're fine so I'm letting you wait for her."

"Ah, well, thanks."

We sat and watched them cut out Bella. I was a nervous wreck the whole time. They called Tyler over with a gurney and him and the policeman loaded Bella onto it. She was wheeled over to where I was sitting and I moved to a chair inside the ambulance so they could pull her inside.

"Bella," I whispered once her head was near mine. I brushed her hair out of the way so that Tyler could work on her forehead.

"Where were you?" she demanded. I'm sure she wanted it to come out disapproving, but she didn't have the strength to shout so it came out as a tiny whisper, making her seem harmless.

"They kicked me out of the car to get you out. I'm sorry, sweetheart," I said, picking up her hand and holding it in mine.

"Well, you, mister, are in deep-OW!! Hey buddy, watch it, I'm not made of plastic you know!" she yelled at Tyler, who had cleaned her cut and was starting to stitch it up.

I looked at Tyler and we both burst out laughing because it made absolutely no sense. "Thanks Tyler for stopping her from yelling at me!" I chuckled.

Bella may have been in pain, but that didn't stop her from glaring at me. "It's not funny! Hello, I do still have feelings you know!"

I calmed down enough to say, "I know, and I'm sorry. I love you, Bella." I kissed her hand and she started to smile.

"But you are still in trouble for thinking I'm a piece of plastic," she told Tyler. "Who are you anyways?"

I started laughing again, but shut up once Bella gave me 'the look'. "Bella, that's Tyler. He's the best paramedic this town has," I said, quoting what he had said to me earlier.

"Hey, Bella. Edward's told me all about you," Tyler grinned.

"Don't believe a word he said," she warned him. He laughed.

"You know, Edward, for being in a pretty banged up car wreck, Bella seems to be in a good mood," he said.

As soon as he said this, the machine that tracks her heartbeat started to beep faster. "She's crashing!" Tyler yelled.

"Give me the padels!" I yelled back.

Tyler put an oxygen mask on Bella while I set the padels. I knew enough from my training how to revive a person.

"Clear!" I said calmly. As soon as Bella started crashing, I went from boyfriend mode to doctor mode.


"Clear!" I said again.

Bella's heartbeat started to stable just a little.

"One more time," Tyler said. He let me do this while he observed.


The monitor stopped beeping so fast as her heart calmed.

"Nice job, Edward. You never told me you were a doctor," Tyler said as we sat back down. Bella was unconcious, but I knew she would be fine. I could feel it.

"I'm in school to become one. My father taught me how to revive lives. I had to do it once when I visited him at the hospital."

Tyler nodded. "I should have made the connection. You're Dr. Cullen's son."


There was silence for a moment. I asked him what exactly was wrong with Bella.

"Well, the cut on her forehead is from her head making contact with the dashboard. I'm assuming there was a piece of glass from the windshield that made contact with her head too, which deepened the cut. That's what knocked her out. She's going to have a lot of bruising on her legs where the car dented in. She is actually very lucky that's all that happened to her legs, it could have been much worse. Her right arm was crushed by the door and will probably need surgery to put pins in. They'll do that after the doctor does an emergency C-section to get the babies out."

"And the babies?" I asked, suddenly nervous when I remembered Bella screaming something about watching her stomach.

"I'm not sure. We'll have to wait and see, I don't have another machine to listen to their heartbeats," Tyler told me.

We made it to the hospital in about ten minutes. My father and the on-call nurses were ready for us, the police having informed them.

Tyler and I lifted Bella out and she was immediately wheeled towards an operation room. My father and I followed them, talking.

"What happened?" he asked me.

"I lost control and collided with the other car. The other driver hit on Bella's side the most. She has a broken arm that needs pins, bruising on her legs, and that gash on her forehead that knocked her out. Her heart started failing on the way here, but I was able to revive her. She's unconcious right now. Tyler, the paramedic, gave her an extensive amount of morphine, and we need to get the babies out as soon as possible," I summed it up for him.

He nodded. "Scrub in and let's go get you some children."

Ten minutes later, I was the father of a son and a daughter. I wasn't able to see or hold them, they weren't even crying and that scared me. Bella was only seven and a half months, and twins that go full term aren't very big as it is. They were put into two incubators and rushed off to the NICU. I was told to leave the room so that my father could stitch Bella up and fix her arm. I headed to the waiting room where my mother, Charlie, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett were waiting.

"Well, I have a son and a daughter. They're in the NICU right now, though," I told them. They all grinned and congratulated me.

"When can we see them?" Alice asked.

"I don't know, I'm sure you can go and look at them through the windows pretty soon. We won't be able to hold them for a while," I told her.

"And Bella?" Charlie asked.

"She's in surgery getting pins in her broken arm. She should be out soon and we can sit in her room while she wakes up. She is expected to recover fully," I said, relief in my voice. Charlie let out a breath.

"That's good. So have you named them yet?" Rosalie asked.

"Bella and I think we have the names, but I'm waiting for her to name them," I grinned, wanting to keep them wondering just a little longer.

"Edward Cullen and Charlie Swan?" a nurse called our names. We walked over to her and she told us that Bella was stable and that she was in room 135 in Intensive Care.

"Thank you," I told her, and my family went to her room. I took a seat in the chair next to her bed and held her hand. Charlie sat on the couch opposite of me and turned on the baseball game.

Now all we have to do is wait for the morphine to wear off.