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The Way I Love You

Edward and Bella do something they shouldn't have. Now they suffer the consecuences. How will they handle the pressure of being parents and other challenges along the way? All human characters. Slightly OOC, not too much though. Edward and Bella are 18. **Disclaimer: I sadly do not own Twilight.****The sequel is now posted. It's called "Total Bliss...Or Not" so check it out!**Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


18. Epilogue

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One and a half months later, when Edward and I went to visit Jack and Lucy, Angela broke us the news that they were ready to go home. They were nine months old now, and everything was fully developed. At approximately eight pounds each, they were very healthy and apparently ready to go home.

Edward went home to get the carseats set up in the Volvo. I'm sure Esme was helping him, showing him how to do it right, while Alice and Rosalie were standing nearby jumping up and down in excitement, waiting to hold their niece and nephew. I laughed at the picture in my mind.

"Hey, Bella, how are you today?" Angela asked me. I had become good friends with Angela over the past two months, and I was really going to miss her. We had already promised to keep in touch.

"I'm great, how are you?"

"A little sad that Jack and Lucy are leaving, but happy for them and you," she smiled. "And today is my favorite day of my job."


"Because today, you get to finally hold and feed your babies," she grinned.

This was the day I'd been waiting for. To finally hold your babies for the first time, there's just no words for the feeling that goes through you. I had pumped breast milk for the nurses to feed them until I could do it myself, but now the moment of truth came. Angela was going to teach me how to feed them before we left.

Angela opened my son's incubator first because he was obviously hungry. My mini Edward had one heck of a set of lungs.

"Okay, just reach in and pick him up," she told me. I hesitated, not knowing if I would do it right. Angela sensed it and said, "Don't worry, it comes naturally."

I felt a surge of confidence and picked up little Jack for the first time. "Hi, Jack, it's mommy again. Wow, I can't believe I'm holding you." He stopped crying to look up at me. I smiled at him, and he grinned that crooked grin that I loved so much on his father. "You know, Jack, you look just like your dad when you smile, and you are going to stop hearts when you grow up." He let out a laugh as Angela explained how to breastfeed.

I loved being able to feed him, because it gave me time to really look at my precious baby. I stroked his cheek, gazing into his eyes. Being a mother really was the best thing in the world. Age has nothing to do with it, as long as you had love to give.

"I love you," I whispered, and kissed, yes, kissed for the first time, the top of his head before placing him in his incubator for the last time.

"You're a natural," Angela commented as I picked up Lucy.

I smiled down at her and she smiled back at me. "Hello, beautiful girl, it's nice to finally hold you." She giggled and squirmed in my arms. "Are you hungry?" She just kept smiling at me as I went to feed her. I felt the same things I felt with Jack as I watched her eat. I knew that I wanted more kids, but Edward would make me wait until these two grow up first. I guess I just miss being pregnant.

"How's she doing?" I heard Edward ask. I looked away from my daughter to see him walk into the NICU with the two baby carseats.

"She's doing great. Jack's already been fed if you want to hold him," I smiled. He came over to kiss my forehead before kissing the top of Lucy's head. He reached into Jack's incubator and lifted him out.

"Say goodbye to that little box, buddy. You're going home today!" Edward said in a soft, velvety voice. He used that voice whenever he talked to the babies.

Lucy finished eating and we changed their diapers before buckling them into their carseats.

"Did you guys practice at home or something? You're naturals at this. You'll do just fine," Angela said.

"Thanks, Ang. I'm going to miss you! You have to bring Ben over some day to visit," I said, hugging her. Ben was Angela's long time boyfriend that worked at the hospital also, he delivered babies.

"I'll give you a call," she promised. "Bye Lucy, bye Jack! I'm going to miss you so much!" she said, kissing each of them. "Have fun at home with mommy and daddy!"

"Bye Angela," I said, hugging her one last time.

"Bye, thank you so much," Edward told her, and he hugged her.

"Bye you guys, and congratulations on the twins and engagment," she said.

"Thanks," I smiled, grabbing Lucy. I turned to Edward, who had Jack in his hand. "Ready?"

"Ready if you are," he answered, and together we walked out of the hospital, our family together at last.



Everyone was at the Cullens' house, even though most of them lived here. Charlie, Renee, Esme, Carlisle, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett all suprised us with a welcome home/happy birthday Edward party. We never did get to celebrate his birthday, but now we could, because our twins were finally home.

"Oh my gosh! Let me see!" Alice squealed, running over to take Lucy from me. She set her carrier on the couch in the family room and gently took her out so she could hold her. "Aren't you just the cutest little thing. I can't wait to take you shopping!"

"Alice, that will be a long time from now," Edward laughed.

Rose took Jack from him and got him out. "Hi, little Jack, I'm Auntie Rose. You look just like your daddy," she smiled. You would have never thought Rose was the type of person to be good with kids, but she just loved them.

After about five minutes, Esme spoke up. "Okay, I think it's time for the grandmas to hold them," she hinted.

Everybody laughed and Alice and Rose handed Lucy and Jack to Esme and Renee.

"Bella, I think Jack needs a diaper change," Renee scrunched up her nose.

"Emmett, I think you should do it. It would be good practice for the future," Rosalie jumped in. I looked at her, a confused look on my face, until she winked at me. Comprehension dawned on me and I had to hide back my laughter.

"Why? Are you pregnant?!" Emmett boomed. Jack was close to crying at the sound.

"No, of course not! God no," Rose exclaimed. Well, I never said she wanted kids, she was just great with them.

"Well, okay then. Sure. I mean, how hard could it be?" Emmett mumbled, convincing himself that he could do it. By now every person in the room caught on and were trying to hide their laughter.

"Okay, Uncle Emmett, just lay him down on the couch and the rest should be simple," I snorted.

"You okay Bella?" he asked me, narrowing his eyes.

"Fine," I managed to say.

Emmett got Jack's onesie off, and he safely got the diaper undone. But when he took his eyes off Jack for one minute to get the wipes...

"Ah! What the hell!" Emmett screamed. My poor babies started crying because he was so loud.

"Emmett! Calm down!" I told him sternly as Edward went to calm down LUcy. I had to stop for a moment, just admiring my daughter and Edward. She already had him wrapped around her finger, she's a daddy's girl all the way.

"He peed on me!" Emmett yelled. It was then that I was snapped back into reality. I took in everybody laughing hyserically at Emmett's wet t-shirt and shocked expression. I noticed Carlisle had been taping the whole thing. But over all of that, I did notice my little man was still screaming his lungs out, and it broke my heart. I went to the couch and quickly finished the diaper change so I could comfort him.

"Emmett, who doesn't know that little boys pee almost every time you change them?" I rolled my eyes while gently bouncing Jack.

"Rose, is that why you wanted me to change his diaper?" Emmett asked her.

Rosalie was laughing her head off. She barely even managed to answer him. "Maybe," she giggled.

"Well I am deeply hurt, and you won't get any sex for a week now!" Emmett said before storming off to change his shirt.

"He won't last two hours," I giggled.

Emmett came down a couple of minutes later with a new shirt. "You know, I was just kidding Rosie," he said sheepishly. That brought another round of laughter.

After all of the excitment died down, Alice stood up from where she was sitting on the couch with Jasper. "Bella, Edward, we don't want to steal your thunder, but I can't hold it in any longer. Jasper proposed!" she squealed.

"Alice!" I screamed, running over to hug her, Jack and all. Rose joined us and we were all fawning over the ring. It was a white gold band with a beautiful circle diamond. "Oh it's so pretty! Jasper, you have good taste," I grinned over at him. He looked like he wanted to die of embarrassment. It was nice that somebody other than me was blushing.

"Thanks," he mumbled.

"So how did it happen?" Rose asked excitedly.

"Well, I really needed to go shopping-" Alice started, but Emmett cut her off.

"You never need to go shopping," he snorted.

"Whatever!" Alice said, annoyed. "Anyways, I couldn't go with Bella because she was kind of in the hospital..." At this point I silently thanked Edward for crashing, crazy, I know, but hey, shopping is torture. "...And Rose was probably fooling around with Emmett, so Jasper came with me. We were in Gucci and I was looking at a really cute purse, you know how I get in Gucci." We nodded knowingly. "When a voice over the intercom said, "Alice Cullen, please report to the shoe section, someone needs to ask you a question." And I was freaking out because oh my gosh, somebody wanted my advice on my favorite thing. Shoes, that is. So I walk over there and I see Jasper standing in the middle of the shoes and so I go, "Jazz, where's the customer that needs my help? I mean, I know it's not you because I buy your shoes so you already look great," Alice was rambling a mile a minute. It would've been comical if what she was talking about wasn't so sweet. "And he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring and said, "Alice Cullen, we've been going out for a while now, and I love you. Will you marry me?" And of course, I say yes," she finished.

"Awww," Rose and I said.

"I know!" Alice shrieked. "But we've decided to wait until Bella and Edward get married. Like I said, we don't want to steal your thunder."

"Alice, I think you and Jasper should get married first," I told her. I looked at Edward and he smiled. "Edward and I were thinking about waiting for Lucy and Jack to turn three so they can be our flower girl and ring bearer anyways."

"Really?" Alice's eyes lit up.

"Really." I smiled.

"Well let's go! We have a wedding to plan!"

For the rest of the night, the girls (including Lucy) looked through various wedding magazines that Alice had bought the minute Edward and I announced we were engaged. The guys were in the family room watching some baseball game (Jack included).

Around 7:30 though, I kicked everybody out because Jack and Lucy needed to eat and go to bed.

I carried Lucy up to our bedroom with Edward behind me with Jack.

"Whew, lots of excitment tonight," I said, sitting down on the bed. I began to feed Lucy first.

"Sure was. I'm glad we're alone now. I miss spending time with you, even if we are just laying here," Edward smiled.

"Well, we're never fully alone now."

"And I really wouldn't have it any other way," he said.

"You're so corny," I giggled. I handed Lucy to Edward so he could burp her while I fed Jack.

"But you love me anyways," he grinned.

We sat in silence until our babies were fed and asleep. "Hey, can they sleep with us tonight? I'm not used to them being away from me."

"Sure, love."

Lucy and Jack were in the middle of us on the best. I looked at them and realized my family felt whole for once; we were finally all together and healthy.

"I love you, Edward," I whispered.

"I love you, Bella," he whispered back and kissed me softly.

At that moment, I didn't have a care in the world. I had my babies and Edward at my side. Whatever the future holds, I would be ready.