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Guardian Angel

Bella died in a drive by after edward leaves again. but is she really dead? and whoever heard of a drive-by in Forks? is there more to this? A/N: there is going to be alot of editing, so make sure you check previous chapters for updates, because if you dont, you might miss something. okay, now. i have written and submitted 6, 7,& 8, but htye wont SHOW UP!!! i dont know what the heck is going on! if you know what is happening, please leave a review to tell me what the hell is going on!!! (if somebody can help me... uh, you get your name mentioned in the next chapter!!) T for safety


1. Prologue Part 1: the News

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 577   Review this Chapter

Alice POV:

We were in our new home in Chicago, settling down, getting furniture in, hanging paintings Esme had done. . It was actually Edwards’ home when he was still human. The house was an enchanting brick mansion, in the style of the early Victorian time.

Even thought it was several months ago that we got here, we were trying to make moving in last as long as possible long time, so that we wouldn’t have free time to lament the loss of our best friend, our little sister, Carlisle and Esme’s daughter, and Edwards love.

I was getting ready for school, our new school, since we left Forks a couple of months ago. I can’t believe we let Edward talk us into leaving Bella again! It broke her last time, she wouldn’t say it, but we could all tell what the family leaving her had done to her, not to mention what it had done to her father, seeing her like that, almost catatonic, unseeing, living only for Charlie.

We were all sad, and mad, at Edward that is. Even Rose wouldn’t talk to Edward, she and Bella had become like sisters in the time (two months) we had been back, the three of us never doing anything apart. Edward himself wouldn’t leave his room, not hunting or anything, just lying in there, staring at a picture of him and Bella. The whole family was sad from Carlisle and Esme, to Emmett and Rose. We were trying to take our mind off of the lack of blushing, tripping, stuttering, and laughing.

I had just opened the door to Edwards room, to try to get him to hunt, when a vision hit me.

It came as all others usually do, fast and hard, sending me spinning; Edward noticed and quickly entered my mind:

We were back in forks, like any other day. We were in front of the Newtons store, and Bella was coming out, purse in hand, blank, emotionless look in her eyes, locking up the store and trying to fend off one of Mike Newtons constant invitations to a party. All of a sudden, a black BMW screeched around the corner, Bella turned, a look of shock frozen on her face, brown eyes wide. Three shots were fired from the gun in the car. One caught Mike in the leg, knocking him down while the other two hit Bella. One in the shoulder, one hit her chest, stopping her heart as she fell to the ground, lifeless. “Bella!” Mike cried, crawling over to her.

Police sirens fallowed soon afterward, Charlie’s cruiser screeched to a halt right in front of the store, right in front of Bella.

My eyes flew open, “Bella!!”

I fell to my knees, everybody was asking what was wrong, gathering around me. Everything was like slow motion, Jazz picking me up, Esme pushing my hair back from my forehead. But my eyes were only for Edward, he was on his knees, shaking with sobs that would never yield tears, a look of anguish. “Bella.” It came out as a strangled sob, but it would have been better if he would have yelled.

Everybody was dead quiet until Carlisle said, deadly quiet, a grave expression on his face, “Alice, what happened to Bella?”

My voice was hoarse, like I hadn’t spoken in a long time. “Bella……… Bella’s d-dead.” With that, my voice broke, and I sobbed uncontrollably, along with everybody else.