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Guardian Angel

Bella died in a drive by after edward leaves again. but is she really dead? and whoever heard of a drive-by in Forks? is there more to this? A/N: there is going to be alot of editing, so make sure you check previous chapters for updates, because if you dont, you might miss something. okay, now. i have written and submitted 6, 7,& 8, but htye wont SHOW UP!!! i dont know what the heck is going on! if you know what is happening, please leave a review to tell me what the hell is going on!!! (if somebody can help me... uh, you get your name mentioned in the next chapter!!) T for safety


2. Dispair

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Alice POV:

It has been over 50 years since Bella died, and here we are, back at the beginning, back where it all started. Back at forks.

I'm surprised that we could all come back after… well the Incident… I still won’t talk to Edward, its his fault we left Bella, and his fault we weren’t there. Esme has forgiven him, along with Carlisle, but they have to, I think, because he is their son.

I know I shouldn’t blame him, but he made us leave Bella! I blame myself too, I shouldn’t have let him talk me into leaving.

Rose POV:

As we speed toward Forks, I can’t help but remember the blushing, clumsy human I had called my sister.

There was no doubt that I loved her, she was family, my best friend. I miss her, and I cant help but remember her as we pull into the parking lot, Emmett, Jasper, Alice, and I in my convertible, and Edward in his Volvo. Edward refuses to get rid of that thing, it has too much of Bella in it to loose, he said.

Its his fault! He left Bella again, if that stupid self-sacrificing idiot wouldn’t have left again, she would still be alive!

Jasper POV: The guilt, anger and sadness is drowning me. Even after 50 years, it has not subsided yet. Its killing me slowly. I cant stand to be neer Edward, its no that I'm that mad at him, because I can feel his guilt, its just that I can also feel his pain, if you know what I mean. Its terrible. I don’t know how he can stand it. I cant even stand to be near him, and he goes through this every day.

He has tried to go to the Volturi again, but Alice saw, and wouldn’t let him. No matter how mad she is at him, she loves him too much, and I think we would all collapse if we lost another.

Edward POV: ( A/N: I know, but don’t we all want to know what’s inside that sexy head of his?)

I can’t believe we are back… to where I met B-… her. It hurts to think about her, there is a gaping hole in my chest, and it threatens to break loose every time I think about her.

I wonder how this is how she felt when I left. Why, oh why, did I leave? I pull over to the side of the road, I cant stop sobbing.

I look up, and realize that I had stopped in front of Charlie’s house, or what used to be his house. He died several years ago. Seeing this house, it makes me cry- or sob, oh, how I wish I could cry.