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Guardian Angel

Bella died in a drive by after edward leaves again. but is she really dead? and whoever heard of a drive-by in Forks? is there more to this? A/N: there is going to be alot of editing, so make sure you check previous chapters for updates, because if you dont, you might miss something. okay, now. i have written and submitted 6, 7,& 8, but htye wont SHOW UP!!! i dont know what the heck is going on! if you know what is happening, please leave a review to tell me what the hell is going on!!! (if somebody can help me... uh, you get your name mentioned in the next chapter!!) T for safety


3. Prologue Part 2: Grief and Disbelief

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Edward POV:

Alice’s voice was hoarse, like she hadn’t spoken in a long time. “Bella……… Bella’s d-dead.”

I couldn’t believe it, this couldn’t be happening. No…no. I refuse to believe it, I wont believe it. I…I can’t believe it. I can’t just sit here and watch my family fall to pieces at the news of B- her death. I feel like

I'm underwater, there is nothing, no pain, nothing. I'm not apart of my body. I'm floating above myself, not feeling anything. I watch myself dry-sob, trying- and failing- to feel something, anything, anything at all. And then I break the watery barrier that was protecting me from myself, and the tidal wave that was my emotion crashes over me. “BELLA!” My voice hurts even my ears as I roar.

I feel my family surround me, trying to comfort me- I shake them off. Nothing is good in this world anymore. My shooting star is gone. There is no light. “My star, my light… she's gone, she's gone, no, no, no…” I curl up into a ball, and I feel Emmett pick me up, and carry me to my room, what has been my home for the past three months. My home. What a joke. My home is with Bella. Now I have no home.

Suddenly a thought hits me. This could be a ploy to get me to go back to Bella. Yes, that has to be it. I get up, and run out of the house, only pausing to get my wallet. My family, sobbing together in the living room, seeing me go out, runs to my Volvo, which I had just gotten in.

Alice POV

I could tell, the moment he was leaving, he was going to see if Bella was really… Jasper looks at me pityingly, feeling my sudden spike in grief. I get up out of his lap, and run outside, the others fallowing me.

My vision was the only thing that let us keep up to Edward and stop him before he left. I yank open the side door and tell him to stop. “Edward, Edward, I'm going with you.” I look at everybody else, seeing determination among the grief. “We all are.”

Edward looks a little shocked, there is no life in his eyes, and it scares me. But all he does is nod. We all run back in the house while Edwards stays in the Volvo. We are quick, even Rose just packs the essentials. We take two cars, the Volvo and the BMW, and we are in the airport in less than a half an hour.

We get flights into Seattle, and we have to run at a slightly faster than human pace. We all sit besides each other in first class.

We are in Seattle within 24 hours of my vision.