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Guardian Angel

Bella died in a drive by after edward leaves again. but is she really dead? and whoever heard of a drive-by in Forks? is there more to this? A/N: there is going to be alot of editing, so make sure you check previous chapters for updates, because if you dont, you might miss something. okay, now. i have written and submitted 6, 7,& 8, but htye wont SHOW UP!!! i dont know what the heck is going on! if you know what is happening, please leave a review to tell me what the hell is going on!!! (if somebody can help me... uh, you get your name mentioned in the next chapter!!) T for safety


4. Prologue Part 3: the Funeral

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Alice POV:

We “barrowed” two cars in Seattle, fast and nondescript. We were all wearing black, prepared for the funeral, but all of us hoping that it was another one of my mistakes, but I guess we all knew that it wasn’t.

We arrived in Forks within 15 minuets of leaving the airport. We pass Charlies house- it was empty. Edwards car was right beside our, I knew that he would see the empty house. We passed right by it, we didn’t even stop at the house, and went straight to the graveyard, where a big crowed was gathering.

High school students, teachers, and.. Bella’s family. During the funeral, we stood at the back, sobbing quietly. All except Edward. He just stood there, like he didn’t know what was going on, a blank expression in his eyes and on his face. I wish he would have done something, anything. Thrown something, destroyed something, or at least sobbed with us… no matter how mad I was at him for leaving, I still loved him, and I couldn’t see him like this.

I detangled myself from the family and walked over to Edward. I took his face in my hands and forced him to look down. “Edward”, I whispered, “Its okay to be sad, we all loved her.” He turned to me with those same blank eyes. “B-but, its my fault, I left, I left. And now she's gone, my shooting star, my light.” With that, he hugged me and started to sob uncontrollably.