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Shooting Star

Written before the publication of Breaking Dawn...MY ENDING TO THE TWILIGHT SAGA ----- "Edward, what's going on?" He didn't respond. His golden eyes were far away, like he wasn't seeing me. But then something flashed across his face. An expression of anger... "Matt...ew..." Edward managed to get out through clenched teeth, as if he were fighting something internally. "Or maybe he just takes control of your body. That might be it." Jacob had guessed. "Edward!" I reached out a hand to touch his cold skin, but I stopped--my hand hovering in the air between us. The cold distant look had consumed his face. He then spoke in a voice that had pain and fear shooting through me. "Goodbye, Bella," he hissed as he advanced towards me. Shooting Star Banner


4. Chapter 3 - Games

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CHAPTER 3: Games

I couldn’t keep my eyes off him. Every movement he made…every little thing he did…

I shivered.

“Are you cold, Bella?” Alice asked. It was the next night (Carlisle said we should stay one more day just in case).

“Huh?” I said, snapping out of my daze, “Oh, no I’m fine. Thanks though.” She gave me a funny look.

“Are you sure?”

“Yah, I’m sure.”

“All right,” she turned away reluctantly. After the discussion last night, I hadn’t really fallen asleep—just drifted in and out of consciousness, only dreaming once. In my dream I was kissing Edward on a bed of golden flowers. He pulled away, and his mouth moved in different ways, forming different sentences, but I only heard one phrase escape from his lips over and over:

“What if I’m not the superhero? What if I’m the bad guy?” I’d told him he was my superman, and always would be, leaning in to kiss him—but as soon as I lowered my lips back to his, he shimmered out of existence. I had screamed and dug through the pile of flowers, only finding a black cloak: torn and blood soaked. I had felt something on my neck, and whirled around.

It had been Edward, his eyes closed, a slight smile playing across his lips. I’d reached out to touch his face, almost crying in relief.

He’d opened his eyes and…crimson lanterns had glowed back at me. But I didn’t move. Despite his eyes and, I’d realized, the black cloak he wore, I didn’t run.

If I was going to die, it would be by his hands.

He’d leaned towards me…and I’d woken up.

I’d found new clothes in the tent this morning. My dress and the rest of our formal wear had been discarded in favor of some clothes Rosalie gotten us in Port Angeles. It was actually warm I the tent (I had been sitting there for a while with Alice who was doing nothing to cool it down). I peeled off my green sweatshirt and sighed.

Edward and Emmett had gone off hunting earlier that day and were expected to be back this afternoon. Carlisle had ordered them not to go far—to keep the scent contained in one area, but it would still take a while.

I glanced at the watch Alice had strapped to my wrist. It was two o’clock. The morning had dragged by slowly. My mind slipped to the image of the movement his throat made when he talked. I shivered again, but not from the cold.

“Are you completely sure you aren’t cold, Bella?” Alice said with a smile. We were playing Go Fish with a pack of cards Rosalie had picked up. Go Fish was a good game— total guess work. It was slightly annoying, though, when I went to ask her if she had a three of hearts and she said “Go Fish” before I’d uttered the first word.

“Yes, Alice,” I assured her, grinning back. “I’m not cold. Your turn.”

“Mmm,” she murmured, thinking, “sevens…? Nope.” She picked up a card from the pile and placed it in her hand, grinning widely. Speaking of grinning…Edward’s smile popped into my head. I wonder what his smile would look like if he was…Oh, God that sent me into a whole new series of images in my head.

“What would you do if you got me alone?” he’d whispered to me last night, trying to distract me from the horrifying images he knew were filling my head. I imagined kissing his perfect lips, my hands tracing over his perfect face, and trailing down his prefect chest. I imagined my fingers slipping under the hem of his shirt and crawling slowly up his chest, feeling the cool smooth touch of marble and inhaling the wonderful scent he always smelled like. I imagined slipping his shirt over his head and kissing slowly up his chest and finding his lips again. I imagined my hands teasing back down to his belt buckle…

“Bella!” I looked over.
“Huh?” I said intelligently. Alice shook her head in sarcastic disappointment. I pressed my hands to my cheeks and felt them. They were so warm.

“Disgraceful,” she teased, and dropped four sevens in front of her. Ah, crap. She’d seen my little fantasies.

“Sorry, Alice.” She shook her head, handing me a four of clubs before I could even think about forming a sentence relating to our juvenile card game.

“It’s hard enough seeing Edward think about what he plans to do with you. Trust me, he’s worse.” I felt my blush come back. “It’s just very weird to see things like that involving a brother.”

“Sorry,” I apologized again.

“S’ okay,” she said passively, “Day dream as much as you like. I’ll just tune it out next time.” The tent flap opened and… “Speak of the devil…” Alice giggled as Edward strode over to me, planting a soft kiss on my cheek. I turned my head so his lips caught mine, dropping the cards in my hand to the floor.

“Much better,” I murmured into his lips.

“Mmm,” he agreed and I laughed.

“Alice, I forfeit,” I told her.

“Aww that’s no fun,” Alice pouted, drawing of all the cards and stacking them into a neat pile in a flash.

“So what did I miss during your little party?” Edward asked, his light golden eyes glowing in the dim light.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” I teased, and he smiled, kissing the hollow at the base of my throat. Alice smirked and I pulled my finger across my throat and glared at her. She giggled and turned to Edward.

“Bella’s day dreams somewhat slipped into my head.”

“Oh?” One perfect eyebrow raised the slightest bit.

“You wanna see?” She asked, her high voice quivering with excitement.

“Of course,” Edward responded quickly. I glared.

“Alice, don’t you dare,” I growled.

“Too late,” she said cheerfully. I looked at Edward. His eyes were closed, a slight smile playing across his face. He was too beautiful. But then he sighed and opened his eyes, looking incredulously at Alice.

“Is that all?”

“I cut her off,” she explained.

“Too bad. The me in Bella’s mind was beginning to enjoy it.” He looked over at me, his eyes twinkling mischievously.

“I bet he was…” I muttered. I looked at him out of the corner of my eye, pretending to listen to what Alice was saying. Oh, God, what if would feel like to trail my mouth across that strong jaw…that chest hidden under that baggy shirt. I had a strong urge to lean over than rip it off him. I imagined my hands quickly tugging the shirt off him and flipping him over, kissing down his chest…hearing his silky voice murmuring and me giggling against the coolness of his perfect stomach, and then—

“Bella…” Alice warned.

“What? I though you said you could tune it out.” I accused.

“Well such a strong plan of you leaning over, ripping Edward’s shirt off, and straddling him was kind of hard to block out. Especially when you’re so close,” she explained.

“You want to rip my shirt off?” Edward asked, blinking at me. I just blushed and turned away, muttering:

“Stupid Alice…”

“If you do, it’s okay,” he murmured, his hand slinking around my neck from behind. He pulled the hair away from my neck, trailing his lips across the nape of it. “I assure you, the feeling is mutual…” there was a low roughness in his voice that made me shiver.

“Well my teeth are rotting from the ooey-gooey sweetness of just being in the same room as you two, so I’m leaving,” Alice announced.

“Have fun, Alice,” Edward teased. She stuck her tongue out at him.

“Would you like me to magically soundproof the tent while I’m out here?” She asked sarcastically.

“That would be wonderful,” Edward purred. Alice huffed and then left the tent with a call:

“Esme? Have you seen Jasper?”

“So…” I asked, trying to keep my words straight while he ran his lips back and forth across the back of my shoulders.


“How was hunting?”

“Excruciating. I could barely focus.”

“That’s too bad. Catch any tasty mountain lions?”

“A few,” he murmured. His lips moved down a bit, and I felt his hands sliding down my sides. He never used to do anything like this. Just kisses and caresses.

But I guess it was different now we were…m…m…m—married.

Oh, God.

Edward lifted up the bottom of my white tank top, and kissed the small of my back. I nearly shot up onto my feet with the shock of icy cool lips on my back.

“Are you okay, Bella?” His silky voice asked behind me.

“What in the world are you doing?” I asked breathlessly.

“I thought you would enjoy it,” Edward said, his lips tracing up my spine as his hand pulled up my tank top. “I’ve been doing some reading.”

“Oh, well that certainly isn’t disturbing,” I joked. Then I gasped. He was using his teeth! Small little nips between my shoulder blades.

“Doing all right?” He asked, a smile in his voice.

“I will endure the torture for your sake,” I teased, but lost my sarcastic tone on the last word as I felt his hands slid around my waist to the front, coming to rest edgily on my ribcage.

“Do you know how good you smell?” He asked, resting his head on my left shoulder. I turned my head to look him in the eye. He smiled innocently. The cat-ate-the-canary smile. I stuck my tongue out at him and…oh, my God, he bit it! He bit my tongue!

“Eeee!” I shrieked, and he let me go, smiling innocently again. He licked his lips.

“Delicious.” I thought about sticking my tongue out at him again, but decided against it.

“Edward!” We heard Esme call from outside, probably sitting in one of the lounge chairs Rosalie had bought outside the tent. “Are you eating Bella in there?”

“No, Mother,” he called back, grinning. Absolutely stunning.

“Good.” Edward chuckled, turning back to me. His gaze was…amused, yet avid.

“You look hungry,” I said.

“I don’t eat,” he pointed out.

“I didn’t mean that kind of hungry,” I sighed.

“Oh,” Edward’s eyes lit up, “Ooh. Are you hungry?” He asked, his eyes smoldering.

“Maybe,” I replied sheepishly, blushing as always… and of course, he laughed hysterically.

Edward took in a deep breath, calming his mood, although his eyes still burned.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be soon,” he assured, kissing my eyelids softly.

“I know,” I sighed.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, concern shining in his eyes.

“I just love you so much, and there’s only one way I haven’t shown you. I’ve told you, I’ve almost died for you, I’ve m—m…m…”

“Married me,” Edward suggested.

“Thank you,” I glared. He just smiled. “But the only way I haven’t shown you is physically.”

“Oh, Bella,” he whispered, twirling me around to face him, and hugging me tightly. “You don’t have to show me. I already know. I would be perfectly happy with the way things are. You don’t have to prove anything to me.”

“I’m not trying to prove anything,” I argued, “I want to show you. Besides, I really want this too.”

“Anything for you,” he said.

“I love you, Edward Cullen.”

“I love you too, Bella.”

“I know,” I sighed, “that’s the problem.”

“Oh, and what’s that supposed to mean?” He asked smiling.

“Nothing…absolutely nothing.” I smiled back.

“Regardless, I still love you,” he whispered into my ear. “I love you, I love you, I love you.”

“I know,” I said, sighed happily and closing my eyes, focusing only on this moment, “I know.”