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After treating a young woman who is one step away from death, Carlisle offers her another choice to become one of them. How will the family cope with the new addition and will she expose their family for what they really are? *Rated "Adult" just to be safe.


1. Prologue

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Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or any of its chracters. No copyright infringement is intended.


"I think she's dead...." I heard someone whisper in my ear. Hot pressure that had been on my chest now removed itself as the voice repeated itself. Whimpers echoed in my mind. I tried to open my eyes to figure out who was dead, but I couldn't. My curiosity, which usually is my drive for in-voluntary things, could not even will my stubborn eyelids to flutter open just a little. But I pushed myself a little bit more, resulting in a strong pressure in my stomach. Something pulsed out and a warm liquid flowed fiercely down my mouth and chin.

"Oh, shit!! She's alive! She's spitting out blood!! Did someone call the friggin' ambulance yet?? Where the hell are they??" that's the last thing I heard before my mind completely collapsed into utter oblivion.


"Give her more air. Give her a shot of those antibiotics, Carol." a calm, smooth voice instructed. I could feel heat coming on me from different directions. A sharp pain my forearms and something cool slid into it.

"She's becoming conscious!" the voice seemed a little more frantic now as my feeling became more defined. The first thing I noticed was the writhing pain in my stomach. The pain was so fierce, burning as sharp pains struck this way and that. My scream echoed in what seemed like a plastic cover over my mouth. Someone grabbed my head and forced it back down. I could smell blood and antibiotics, and the next thing I new, I was back in the dark, sparkly place.


"So how is our Jane Doe doing, Carol?" a voice that sounded familiar said. I felt numb all over, so I just lay and listened, not feeling anything.

"She's not healing very well, . We have to wake her soon to give her her options because she can't live very long with that heart of hers." an aged, feminine voice replied back. Who is Jane Doe? Me? Am I dead? I've never felt like this before.....to feel nothing.

"Your right......but it makes me wonder who would do something this heinous to this young woman." the man said. Yep, must be me. Well, maybe it's someone else. There could be another young woman around me somewhere.....

"Who knows, . Lot of crazy people in this world these days." the woman replied back." Let's just wake her up. The woman doesn't have much time."

As soon as something warm touched me, my senses began to flood back in. Air rushed down my nostrils as I took a breathe. I smelled.......plastic and flowers.....what a weird combo. I could feel warmth all around me. My mouth felt dry and tasted bitter. Saliva instantly began to provide some support as it wet my mouth. And I could even open my eyes, which were sticky. Ew.

I was able to make out a man who was either in young to mid-30's standing over me. His blonde hair framed his face as he looked at me. There was a woman next to him that was half his height. She had curly white hair and fragile- looking pale skin. She held a clipboard and a smile that I knew hid something.

"Hello, I am and this is ." the man, , said and I was hit with fear, because I was positive they were talking about me. My heart was failing and I didn't have much time, meaning that I'm about to die. To Die. Tears clung to the back of my eyes, waiting for confirmation that this was not a dream, or some practical joke. To wait for confirmation that I had really gone cuckoo and lost my sanity. That this was a hallucination.

"What the hell is wrong with my heart?" my strangled voice said. It was scratchy and dry. I ignored the cup of water offered me, so he placed it back on the table with the tray of food. looked surprise either at the fact that I heard what they were saying, or that I actually spoke. looked un-affected, that warm, but serious expression still on his face.

"I am sorry to tell you this ma'am,-" began, but I had turned to look in the window next to me and caught a gilmpse of my face. I screamed when I saw my cut and bruised face. There was a large bandage running from the top of my cheek bone to the bottom of my chin. My left eye had been bruised so badly, I could barely open it. Several scartches and cuts lay on my right cheek with my bottom lip bruised and cut. But what had scared me the most were the bruises on my neck. They were thin, oval, horizontal bruises that covered the front and sides of my neck. They were darker than the bruise on my eye.

"What the hell happened to me!!!???" I cried as I ran my hands delicately over my wounds. I let the tears flow now as I tried to remember what had happened to me, but couldn't. My breathing got faster as I felt a deep pressure in my chest digging deeper and deeper into my body. I was panicking. I was scared. I was everything. My whole body tensed as the doctors tried to get a hold of me.

"Ma'am you need to calm dow!!!! Your heart isn't in a good position for this type of impact!!!" yelled as she tried to grab my shoulders. immediately ran to the drawer and retrieved a needle and a small jar.

"We need an Electrical Cardioversion in here now!!!" yelled out of the my room door. My body went limp and numb before he stabbed the needle into me. I wanted to scream and run away from the darkness that slowly invaded my sight, but I was put back in my numb state. All I could see was darkness now, and there I screamed forever.



I stared at the young girl that we had barely rescued. She now layed peacefully in her bed, the monitor beeping extremely slow, but beeping. I looked at the bruises on the girl's neck and could easily tell that she had been strangled. Beat. But how would I explain that to her without putting her into another seizure and bringing her back from the dead with about 20 electrical shocks?

I began to run through her conditions in my head. The girl, aka "Jane Doe" because she has been unidentifiable so far, will have a case of amnesia when she awakes. She has one broken rib and a sprained wrist. She has three stab wounds in her stomach, each luckily missing vital organs. One stab wound to her chest, injuring the heart, but not completely killing it yet.

I began to scratch these down on her chart as I listened to uneven beat of her failing heart. I could hear her breathing grow rapid while she opened her eyes.

"Oh, crap. I'm still alive." she groaned weakly, but I could hear the relief in her voice. I looked up from the clipboard and smiled at her. She was a very pretty human, and I winced as I glanced down at the clipboard where I wrote "Rape" at under "Causes of Injuries". Beauty does pay a price, but that was too harsh.

"Yes. You died, but we were able to get your heart started again. A second too late and the shock wouldn't have started that heart of yours. It seems as if it has its own will to live." I said with a chuckle and the girl nodded understandingly.

"You can tell me now. I'll....try to keep calm." she said under her breathe. If I were human, I probably wouldn't have heard it.

"Well, would you like to hear your whole story now?" I asked her as I put the clipboard down. Her eyebrows creases when I said "whole", but she nodded.

"You were found in the woods by a couple of hikers in pretty bad shape. They thought you were dead, but you began to cough blood. You were brought here and you had loss a ton of blood. I was completely shocked, but we were able to save you." I said as she examined the scrapes on the palms of her hands. Tears welled up in her eyes.

"What's wrong with me, Doctor?" she whispered as she looked in the window's reflection again. I should've told one of the nurses to close the curtains while she was asleep.

" You have three stab wounds in your stomach, but fortunately, they missed the vital organs. Unfortunately, you have a stab wound in your chest and that really messed up your heart. It's very weak and it's going to fail soon-" I was about to give her her options when she looked up at me, tears flowing freely from her eyes.

"I don't want to die. And I don't want any metal thing in my chest.....if I don't take any of the options, how long will I have to live?" she said lowly, her bangs putting her eyes in the shadows.

"Without too much exertion physically and emotionally, a week to a week and a half tops." I said bluntly as she winced at the fact. Surprisingly, she smiled, and when she looked up at me, her eyes were bloodshot red.

"You know what's funny, Doctor? I don't remember shit......." she said bitterly as she hit the cup of water across the room. It hit against the wall with a loud smack, water in small puddles all over the tiled floor. The nurses looked in the room curiously, and something in my mind triggered as I shut the door.

"You have a case of amnesia." I said and she laughed.

"What don't I have....." tears began to fall again as she took a deep breathe. "I'm not going to have an artificial heart in me. I'm not even going to consider that as an option. What else is there?"

".....Nothing. I'm sorry." I said, but there was something intriguing about this girl. Something......something was glowing inside of her. For someone who was thoughtful and careful, I took a deep breath and looked into her red eyes.

"There is something else....." I said as I sat on her bed........