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After treating a young woman who is one step away from death, Carlisle offers her another choice to become one of them. How will the family cope with the new addition and will she expose their family for what they really are? *Rated "Adult" just to be safe.


2. First Day of School

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This is the first move I've made with the Cullens since I've joined their family. I can't fake the fact that I'm nervous about this whole thing. We have to pretend we're younger than we really are and to not be....ourselves. Esme would take care of Renesmee while we're at school. Carlisle already found a job. Everything is already in place for us, just waiting for us to live the occupations.

The new vampire that Carlisle had blooded really was......weird. She's extremely quiet. More quiet than Renesmee who rarely speaks because she likes to show us pictures in her head. She only speaks if someone asks her a question that requires more than a yes or no. Also, she's always looking down, or around, or at anything else besides us. We met eyes once, and she quickly looked away as if I had done something wrong to her before. Even Alice, who could produce a smile from practically everybody, couldn't even turn the new girl's frown upside down.

Our new house was larger than the last. It was a large marble brick mansion hidden, once again, in the woods. The high school was about 20 minutes away and with me and the new girl in the clan now, we had to take a larger car to accomodate everyone since Carlisle felt that it would be suspicious if we each arrived in different cars. But wow, coming into a high school with seven new students who are all adopted and all are paired up with eachother, (the new vampire exempt), is sort of....weird....

The moment the clock hit 6:30 a.m., I got dressed with Edward and headed downstairs. Edward had his arm around me as I handed Renesmee to Esme. I gave her a kiss on the forehead and waited as the rest of our family met in the front. The new girl came downstairs last with Carlisle behind her.

"Okay, I wish you guys luck. Have fun and please be on your best behavior." Carlisle said as everyone squeezed themselves into the large SUV. Emmett drove with Rosalie in the passenger seat. Edward, Alice, and I sat in the middle row while Jasper and the new girl sat in the back. Emmett began to reverse out and made the tires screech as he quickly drove down the road.

"Hey, what do we call you?" Emmett said as he looked in the rear view mirror at the new girl. I could hear her shifting in her seat uneasily. Edward met Emmett's eyes instead.

"Her name is Violet Ray Cullen." Edward said.

"You could read her mind even though she can't remember anything?" Alice asked and Edward shook his head.

"No. That's what Carlisle put on her birth certificate." Edward said calmly as he looked at our intertwined hands. Emmett smiled.

"Like the Ultra Violet Rays the sun gives off? That stuff that could like burn off your skin?" Emmett said with a glance back. Edward gave him a sharp glance and looked out the window.

I have a feeling that Edward knew something that no one else knew about the girl, but I kept silent during the ride, knowing that I would ask him about it later. The high school was a little bigger than our old school. But like Forks, this small town also had teens that stared at our foreign car as we drove in the parking lot.

"Alright. Time to spice things up guys." Emmett said with a chuckle. Every student in the parking lot and in front of the school, which was practically everyone, stared at us as we exited the car all at the same time. We waited a second while Jasper and "Violet Ray" got out of the car before we all walked to the office in sync. I smiled a little at the beautiful thought of what everyone thought of us. New, really good-looking people getting out of the same car, and all walking in perfect unision.

We waited for everyone to get their new schedule and we all looked at it together.

"Pre-Calculus first. Ooh, what joy." Rosalie said sarcastically as she crumpled up her schedule and stuffed it in her purse.

"Physics?" Emmett said irritably as he put looked up at us. " You gotta be kidding me."

Emmett, Rosalie, and Jasper were posing as Juniors. Edward, Violet Ray, Alice, and I were all sophomores which was really hard to believe, but.....well, looks can be deceiving.

We all went to the courtyard where people were hanging out before school. Everyone was already staring at us and now it was just beginning to feel awkward. Edward's arm tightened around my waist as he pulled me closer. I barely noticed Violet Ray beside me, also following in our perfect unision. I felt bad for her. She was so lonely and by herself, I mean, I don't know what I'd do without Edward in a situation like this.

Rosalie, Alice, and I sat on a bench while the guys and Violet Ray stood up.

"So what class do you have first, Violet Ray?" I asked, trying to include her into our already close-knit family.

"U.S. History." she said as she stole a glance at me. Her eyes are a light violet, so light they're almost white looking. It's really....weird, but kind of cool. It might draw some suspicion but she could always pass them off as contacts. I mean, who doesn't wear contacts these days?

"Oh, can I see your schedule?" I asked and she gave a slight nod as she handed over her schedule. She looked so.......indifferent. I thought she'd be really scared due to the fact that she was only blooded two weeks ago. She actually looked slightly.....bored. And tired. Maybe it was all an act. You had to learn how to act when it came to being a vampire.

"Hey, we have P.E. together. That's cool." I said as I handed her back her schedule. I wish I posed as a Junior. I hate P.E..

"Yeah." she said with a polite smile as she put her schedule in her pocket.

Edward rubbed my back and held my hand. I could hear the whispers about us.

Wow, they're sooo.....pretty.

I could probably kick that big dude's ass, Jared. How much you want to bet?

Who are they? Are they like foreign exchange students or something?

Wow, talk about white.

That one by herself with the long, black hair is mine. Damn, she's sexy.

For the first time since Violet Ray has come to live with us, she laughed. It was more of a little chuckle but that was a bigger positive than her usual few words. She gave a little shake of her head as she turned around to look at the boy that had said that. He wasn't too bad looking. Actually, he was quite good looking. He smiled at her and she raised her eyebrow with a little grin before turning back towards us. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes in deep concentration. The smell of humans were strong, but they could be stronger. It was lightly snowing, so the scent was pressed to their conducters.

Hey, you see that? Hey eyes went directly to me because I'm better looking than all these guys here. the guy bragged to his friends.

Violet Ray acted as if she didn't hear it and looked up at the sky and closed her eyes as little snow flakes landed on her face. She gave a little smile when they didn't melt because we were as cold as the snow. Wiping it off of her face, the first bell rang and everyone split their own ways. Edward walked me to my first class, of course, which was Ceramics. I smiled when I realized that was also my elective class back in Phoenix when I was a sophomore. I payed a blind eye to the stares as Edward gave me a peck on the forehead and departed for his own class.

Violet Ray

I sat in my assigned seat which was next to what I suspected to be one of the more popular girls when I noticed all of the jocks surrouding her. She had a thick sweater on, but despite that she leaned over her arms that her folded under her on the table, leaving open a space to see her squished breasts. The room got quiet as I walked down the aisle to my seat. I ignored the whistle the guys made and sat down. They stared at me as I took out a notebook and pen.

"Hi, I'm Angel." the blonde girl that I sat next to said. She extended her manicured hand to me. The breath that I had been holding this whole time sat in the back of my mouth as I smiled and shook her hand. I wouldn't talk or open my mouth unless need be around humans. The Cullens accepted me into their family and I wouldn't mess it up for them by eating this girl. I kept my eyes down, trying to hide my eyes. Like I said, I don't want to cause the Cullens trouble, and my eyes may just make people more suspicious than our family already is. Her hand was hot. I pulled mine back and began to doodle in my book.

"Emooooooo" I heard her whisper to her guy friends. Fine. Whatever. They can call me whatever they want. I just need to focus. Be on my best behavior.

Taking a deep breath, I spun my black hair into a messy bun and clipped it into place. My straight bangs helped to shadow my eyes, like they always have. They come up to the eyelids. Soon, class started and I focused on the teachings. The others may already know this material front and back, but I don't remember anything so I made the most of my time and did my best to learn.

"So where'd you come from?" Angel whispered to me. I raised an eyebrow and just smiled at her, trying to just pay attention to the lesson. She scoffed and crossed her legs. "Whatever"

"What was that Ms. Howell?" the teacher asked and Angel just shrugged.

"I didn't say anything, Mr.Garcia. I think Violet Ray had a question for you, though." Angel said with a little devious smile. Oh, what it took to not kick her off that high stool she's sitting on.

I shook my head with a polite smile.

"Well, don't be shy Ms.Cullen. Just go ahead and ask your question." Mr.Garcia said warmly. I shook my head with a little smile again and looked down.

"Speak, Ms.Cullen." Mr.Garcia said firmly this time. Damn, what is it going to take to get this guy to understand that I don't want to speak to him right now? Or anytime in the near future when he smells sooo good? Damn, I have to talk someday, and I can't hold my breath forever.

" Mr.Garcia, Ms. Howell seems to be putting me on the spot. She had a question about your lecture and asked me about it, and when I couldn't produce the answer, she insists that I ask you. It appears she is too shy to ask you herself." I said with a polite smile. The class went quiet as I replayed what I just said in my head. What the hell was that? I'm not some old, business person. When did I start talking like that? Did you forget, Violet?? Your supposed to be 15, not 39!

"Oh, I see. And what would that be, Ms.Howell?" Mr.Garcia asked unusurely. I could hear the grinding of her teeth as she glared at me from the corner of her eyes.

"....Nothing, I forgot already." she said lowly and Mr.Garcia gave her a disappointed look before he continued his lesson. I refused to look at her the rest of the period and I was soon glad when lunch rolled along.

I found them at the cafeteria already sitting at the table with their trays. I got into the line and got my food and began to walk over when I noticed that there wasn't a chair for me. If I could blush, I would've. I suddenly felt bad and was reminded of my outsider-feeling to the family. Edward glanced at me, then snatched a chair from the empty table beside them and put it next to him. I smiled and he returned it as I sat down.

"So how was your first day?" Alice asked with a lot of enthusiasm as she leaned over the table to me. I smiled and shrugged. She nodded understangdingly and picked up her milk carton, twirling around the milk inside of it. " The first day is always the hardest, but don't worry. It can only get better."

"Why were you late to lunch?" Bella asked as I picked at the salad I got, but couldn't eat because it smelled gross. I shrugged and looked up when I heard a familiar voice.

She's so friggin' emo. I don't even think emo people are pretty. Why would you think she's pretty, Audrey?, Angel hissed from across the room.

I pretended to casually look over my shoulder and smile at Angel, who just mugged me.

" Uh-oh. Looks like I took the wrong chair, guys." Edward said lowly. I looked down at my chair and wondered what he was talking about when I heard a bunch of guys, big guys, approach the table beside us.

"Hey, you took one of our chairs from our table." a deep voice said from the group of guys. Everyone looked at the tall, dark haired boy who said that. Senior Jocks. Tall, handsome, strong. I gulped and sighed. I knew I was going to cause them trouble one way or another.

"It's okay." Edward breathed low enough for only me and maybe Bella to hear. Oh, that's right. He can hear my mind. Ahhh...

"Look, we didn't me-" Edward began calmly but Emmett stood up. He was easily taller than the tallest guy in their group by at least half a foot. He was strong and built, too.

"How do you know it was us?" Emmett said in his strong voice. Rosalie put her hand on his arm in a way that was supposed to be calming, but she looked just as irritated as he was.

"Look, newbies. Each table in this cafeteria has three black chairs, and three yellow chairs. We have only two black chairs and you have four. And everyone else in this damn school knows not to switch the chairs. Especially ours," the leader of their little group said, and then he looked at me. " but seeing that this pretty little woman is sitting on it, I'll make you a deal. We won't cause you and your family any trouble if you"-meaning me-" come and sit with us, seeing that your not dating any of your siblings."

Sickos, I heard one of the jocks say. Everyone in the cafeteria was looking at us and I hate this much attention. All because of this stupid chair.

"Now you've gone too fa-" Emmett began to say, but Rosalie stood up and grabbed his arm. The rest of us stood up as well and looked at the group of jocks. It's none of their business what we do.

"Take the damn chair. Take all of our chairs. We're done here." Rosalie said bitterly as she threw her tray on top of Emmetts and picked it up. We all filed out of the cafeteria, throwing out trays in the trash on the way. For the rest of the lunch, we sat in the courtyard in silence. I knew everyone was disappointed that we had not been able to stay on the down low for the first day of school. Oh, well. Can't do anything about it now.