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Choice of Death

Breaking Dawn Spoilers Nessie & Jacob are finally married but it might end soon. Nessie had a decision to make and she's made it but Jacob finds it hard to understand because he wants her with him always. Reviews help me write faster... I swear it's true! :)


2. The Mind-Reader and the Psychic

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[Alice's PoV]

“It’s evil; it’s feeding on my child. ALIVE! That monstrosity. The abomination! Ugh!”

He was pacing furiously around the room, looking for something he’d missed to throw against the wall. Thank god I’d had the foresight to remove all the valuables. It was a shame… I loved this room. Still, if it helped him vent I suppose it was worth it.

He was lost in thought as my vision changed again. This time Renesme lived. It kept changing, so much so that it was beginning to take it’s toll on my body. I was feeling faint and that had never happened before. I tried to stop the visions, but I couldn’t. – They were too powerful.

Carlisle reasoned that it was because the outcome meant so much to us all, but my body had had enough. – My mind was complaining too. I wished it would stop, that she would make up her mind… That we could all be happy again. A family, united, instead of torn apart.

“Yes, strange how it changes,” he’d stopped still and looked at me. “Why is that?”

It was simple if you thought about it. She was choosing to die and choosing to live, she just couldn’t make her mind- I gasped, snapping my head up. Quickly I launched into a recital of Genesis in Latin, but I knew it was too late. Damn him and his mind reading. Damn me and my think skull!

His jaw went slack, he collapsed on the floor, “What do you mean when you say she ‘gives up’? She…” his voice was no more than a whisper, even to me.

I nodded, “I don’t know why. I can’t read minds. But she’s still unsure. She keeps changing her mind, so nothing is set in stone. It means we still have time to show her exactly how much she has to live for. We still have time Edward.”

We sat in silence: him on the floor and me on the couch, until suddenly he became animated once more.

“It must be Jacob! Maybe he isn’t treating her right. Yes, yes, that’s got to be it. I will rip him apart and then-”

“You shall do no such thing,” I whipped my head around to see Bella in the doorway.

Well, that was unexpected.

At least she had her wits about her. Seconds later they were in each other’s arms. Well, I thought, maybe not.

When the scene got PG13 I decided it might just be time to pay little Nessie a visit. – And find a cure for my aching head.

First stop: resident doctor, then off to the Black household. Wasn’t today turning out just fabulously? Stinky werewolf, suicidal relative, throbbing head, crazy brother, sloppy kisses…

I heard a growl from the living room.

Damn you and your mind reading!!

[Edward's PoV]

I had Bella cradled in my arms and no matter how much time passed by I knew that I would always see her as something precious, something that could be hurt and broken…

“Penny for your thoughts?” she whispered into my ear.

“I miss her,” I sighed. This would never get easy. “I know that he loves her, but sometimes it’s hard because I never got to have her as my little girl. She grew up so fast. And I just want her to talk to me like she used to… But I know she doesn’t want to… I’ve heard what she thinks of me.”

Bella drew me close, “sometimes I hated Charlie for trying to keep us apart. I never showed it though. Then again I could hide from him what she can’t hide from you. You tried to kill Jacob, the love of her life. And there was no way that you could have beaten him, not with all of us there, but the fact that you tried, that hurts her. Just like it would have hurt me if Charlie had tried to do the same to you. But she’ll stick around, you know that deep down. She loves you, she just can’t show it right now.”

Nodding I moved her hair behind her ear, “if I could, I would take it back. I would never have snapped like I did… But seeing him propose without first asking my permission… It didn’t seem right.”

“I know,” she sighed gently kissing my neck.

“I want her so badly.”

“I know.”

I was exasperated, “she can’t die! I need her here with me.”

“I know.”

I smiled and a chuckle rippled through me, “you know quite a lot Mrs. Cullen.”

“Why yes, I know.”

We were laughing when Esme came in, her face worried. She was back with news from Carlisle about my granddaughter-to-be…