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Choice of Death

Breaking Dawn Spoilers Nessie & Jacob are finally married but it might end soon. Nessie had a decision to make and she's made it but Jacob finds it hard to understand because he wants her with him always. Reviews help me write faster... I swear it's true! :)


3. A Closer Look At The Lovebirds

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[Jacob’s PoV]

Looking at her now you wouldn’t think that I was worrying for her life. She looked no different than any other pregnant woman…

I remembered the day when it all started. I woke up with her in my arms, as usual. But this time it was different. So much had changed. I usually woke with her breathing warm air onto my arm, heating even me… That day I woke up with her skin freezing me, so much so that I realised I was shivering. I would have been more worried for my health except that Nessie wasn’t meant to be cold, she was meant to be hot.

I laughed. She is hot. Duh, she’s a vamp’s daughter.

My mental flashback continued: I remembered jumping away from her with a look that must have been terror. She had looked hurt and confused, but more than anything I remembered her looking worried. – She knew something was wrong too.

It couldn’t have been the flu or some sort of sickness, because vampires just don’t get sick… And that extends to half-vampires too. We thought. Well, we still think.

In the moments after we’d calmed down we decided that we had to go to the big house to get a diagnosis from Carlisle. It would be the first time we would see Nessie’s family in almost exactly two years and I remember being absolutely petrified. Ness hummed a tune the entire way over and kept her hand tightly clasped around mine, trying but failing to calm me.

Walking through that door Edward didn’t half get a shock. His eyes widened to the size of plates and Bella would have fainted if it were possible. Alice was upset because she hadn’t seen it, Rosalie was angry because I stunk and Carlisle looked perplexed. Everyone else was absent.

The diagnosis was: we were having a baby. Me. A father. Impossible I would have thought. And now I wished it were so.

Vampires and werewolves are incompatible. Or at least, they are supposed to be. The fact that I imprinted on one was probably due to the fact that she is part human. However the incompatibility is, in theory, still there. Carlisle and I figured that because we are intended enemies we should naturally not be designed to carry each other’s young.

Meaning that I am literally poisoning my wife.

As a result the vampire half of her is becoming more prominent which is why she feels and smells very different than she did before. She thinks that this might be threatening the baby and that if she stays strong she’ll be vampire enough to kill our child.

I don’t really care. I love her and I need her with me. I would give up all possibility of children within seconds if it meant keeping her with me. But she’s right… She wouldn’t be the woman I loved if she didn’t go through with this…

… It’s just hard when the person you love is willing to give up their life for something that you can live without.

Then again, I’ll probably love the little girl to bits when she does get born and from that moment on I doubt I’ll be able to imagine life without her. But right now, all I want is Nessie. That’s all I need.

She turns around, suddenly bored by the flowers in our little garden. Technically it’s just the part of the woods that we’ve tamed but we like it.

“Alice is coming,” she says.

“You’re not the psychic, how do you know?”

“She’s family so her smell is stronger to me. I can smell her now because the wind is blowing towards us, I’m surprised you can’t smell her…”

I sniffed and recoiled, “I must have forgotten to breathe or something…”

“You were lost in your thoughts, that’s all.” Her voice cracked a bit betraying the fact that she knew I was thinking of the baby.

“I was just thinking of how to decorate the baby’s room,” I lied. “I know it’s a girl. But I’m not having some pink-wearing-tootsie as a daughter. So I’m thinking maybe yellow, orange and red. That way it’s still girly colours but not… over-the-top. You know?”

She seemed satisfied but not utterly convinced, “that sounds nice. But maybe we should stop talking about that now or Alice will hear and we won’t get any choice in the matter!”

A giggle erupted and I chuckled along, “true. I’ll go inside so that you and her can talk alone. I think it’s probably a family discussion.”

I stood up and took her into my arms. I didn’t really want to let go because I felt that if I had to be away from her, somehow I’d lose precious time. But I had to be brave, so I kissed her gently and opened the door just as Alice arrived.

“Hello Jacob,” she shouted over cheerily. “You don’t have to go inside! Stay, talk to me.”

“No, it’s okay, really. I have to call up Sam. His son’s birthday party is next week and he wants me to help out. I said I’d give him a call today, and it’s already getting late.”

Alice nodded and Nessie smiled. I knew she wanted to hear about her father and mother and that would probably happen best if I weren’t around.

[Renesme’s PoV]

I was really excited and nervous.

I heard the door close and Jacob disappear behind it.

Why was Alice here? Maybe she was just here to check up on me, but why now exactly? She couldn’t see my future, or Jacob’s… So it couldn’t be because of that, could it?

Had something happened to my family? Suddenly I was scared.

“Would you like to sit down?” I offered her a garden chair and she lightly sat down, perched on the end as if beginning an investigation. I sat on the seat opposite and began to fidget. Why hadn’t she said anything?

It seemed like a minute had passed before she spoke, “Ness I’m here because I’m worried about you. I’ve seen two scenarios, but they keep changing and I’m… We’re all-”

“Do mom and dad know?”

“Yes. They do. They know the scenarios.”

“Are you talking about me… dying?”

She looked shocked, “y-yes.”

“Ahh, I see. I didn’t think that anyone would realise… How is it that you are able to see my future? - You never used to be able to.”

Alice smiled and took a another minute before she replied…