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Choice of Death

Breaking Dawn Spoilers Nessie & Jacob are finally married but it might end soon. Nessie had a decision to make and she's made it but Jacob finds it hard to understand because he wants her with him always. Reviews help me write faster... I swear it's true! :)


4. Esme's News and Alice's Explanation

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[Bella’s PoV]

Edward’s breathing had stopped and if we were human I would have expected his heart to be thumping at a tremendous pace, but of course, we weren’t.

I sucked enough air into my lungs to last me a sentence, “Esme, what do you know?”

She stood between two rooms as if deciding whether or not to come forward. Edward was frowning, clearly trying to read her mind, but failing.

“Esme? It’s my granddaughter, I have a right to know!” I gasped. Everything was wrong, I’d trained myself to breathe at all times even though I only needed it for speaking but somehow my body just wasn’t keeping up with my mind, which was racing around at the speed of light.

What was the baby? Vampire? Werewolf? Could there be a mix? How was Renesme? Would she live?

Esme nodded, “yes, you do have the right, I’m sorry. Okay. Edward, please stop trying to read my mind, dear. I know you’re anxious, but please have some respect. Now, Renesme is doing no worse than she was before-”

Edward and I heaved sighs of relief.

“- and the baby is fine also. There doesn’t seem to be much of a problem other than that neither mother nor baby are physically content with the situation. Renesme cannot handle a part-werewolf inside her, and the baby is conflicted between vampire, human and werewolf genes. Or at least, that is the only reasoning we have so far for the… imbalances. Regardless, both are in no serious danger at the moment.”

Edward and I nodded. That was good news.

Silence filled the room as we all took a minute to think, Esme was about to leave when Edward piped up, “so why do you look worried?”

Esme froze. Clearing her throat she said, “Carlisle and I hoped that there would be some hidden reason that we could physically point to, as to why Renesme… dies… But because everything seems to be in order… It must be something else… Something that, we fear, we cannot fix.”

Outside Emmett was laughing. It was clearly strained, as laughter did not come easily to the family anymore, but it was a magical sound nonetheless. I yearned to be outside with him, to laugh away my troubles but I knew that somewhere in the forest my lovely little girl was thinking about throwing her life away. For that reason I knew I may never laugh again.

[Alice’s PoV]

I was rather proud that I’d figured out a way of seeing Nessie’s future. It had taken a while to work it out.

Quickly, I started my explanation, “Truth is, I cannot see your future. I cannot see Jacob’s either. However, for some reason, I can see your child’s. Your little baby girl isn’t a werewolf yet, she may never actually become one. She may have the genes, but she hasn’t turned. I think the very fact that it’s a baby girl and not a baby boy may help. The werewolf gene is generally recessive in girls, Leah being the exception of course, and so whilst the genes are present in her DNA, they are not playing a role in her daily functions.

“The presence of them is clearly enough to form conflict between the vampire and werewolf genes and cause problems for you and the baby, but not nearly enough to cloud my foresight because they are not, as I said, being actively used. Now, remember this, because it’s important.

“Your mother has a very special talent, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. Because it was hers, she passed it onto you, and I cannot see your future. However the talent isn’t yours. – It’s a talent you’ve borrowed, indefinitely, but because it isn’t yours, you cannot pass it on. I do not think it’s possible to actually be in control of two talents. So whilst hers is partially present inside you, you cannot control it like she can. Anyway, so, the vampire genes in the child are also not clouding my foresight because your mother’s talent is not written into them.

“Now because your baby is not yet a werewolf and she does not possess your mother’s talent, I can see her. – Your baby’s human genes I do not have a problem with, I can see humans, as you know.

“I developed my talent over the years and now not only can I see the future, but I have trained myself, if I want, to see the future from a particular person’s point of view… Exactly how they see it. This doesn’t have the same drawbacks, meaning that I can see anyone, regardless of whether or not they are werewolf… if they are seen by someone else.

“I cannot, therefore, see Jacob’s future unless someone whose future I can see is present with him. I can however see your future, and therefore your choice, because the baby sees you.”

“Wow,” she sighed.

“It’s all just a theory, I may be wrong in my reasoning. But the fact remains, I see your baby's future, and through hers I see yours.”

She nodded.

I leaned forward, “now it’s your turn. Tell me, why are you choosing to die?”