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Choice of Death

Breaking Dawn Spoilers Nessie & Jacob are finally married but it might end soon. Nessie had a decision to make and she's made it but Jacob finds it hard to understand because he wants her with him always. Reviews help me write faster... I swear it's true! :)


6. Discussion Time

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[PoV of Renesme]

I could feel the room pulsing with energy, never before had there been such a congregation. Wolves and vampires alike were cramped into my little living room, because of me… to save the world as we all knew it.

The kettle whistled as I placed the cookies on a platter. They’d be gone in a matter of minutes, but I couldn’t help myself… Playing host was something I loved, something I missed…

I bustled out into the living room and looked around: Edward and Bella were cuddled together on the sofa smiling at me with their warm, golden-brown eyes. I hadn’t realised how much I’d missed them until today. Alice and Jasper were sat as far away from the wolves as possible. – Alice had her eyes shut, clearly trying (and failing) to see into the future. Rosalie and Emmett were in hushed whispers whilst Carlisle and Esme were calmly surveying the room. Then came the wolves; Seth, Paul, Sam and all the others talking animatedly with Jacob.

I smiled; we were one big happy family. Laying the platter of cookies on the table I took a seat in an armchair, Jacob was by my side in seconds and the room hushed. Everyone looked at me expectantly and I relayed the same story I’d told Alice.


Then the room erupted into a shouting frenzy whilst Carlisle chuckled, Edward shook his head and Bella moved in closer to Edward. The reactions varied but it was clear that everyone had an opinion.

Alice stood from her trance, “right, we all know Ness’s story. Marcus is on his way here as we speak so whatever we decide has to be done quickly. I’m not saying we all need to agree. Some of you might want to fight for Caius, some for Marcus and some might not wish to fight at all. That is for you to decide… Now, let us begin.”

Bella stood pulling Edward up with her as they were still tangled in their embrace, “oh my baby girl… I’m so sorry you ever had to go through this… Maybe if we’d stayed closer he wouldn’t have had the chance to-… Well, what is done is done. Both Edward and I propose to fight against both Marcus and Caius. Cauis cannot rule himself accordingly, how could he ever rule the entire vampire world? Impossible. As for Marcus, he would have us fighting amongst ourselves until we are in ruin. Neither will do. Others need to be alerted and together we can take down them both.”

There were cheers from some whilst others shook their heads.

Paul was the next to rise, “look Nez, I love you like a sister, you know that. I’ve been there for you and Jacob over the years… But this is a vampire thing, I’m happy to stay in La Plush. This has nothing to do with the wolves… He isn’t trying to expose us, neither of them are. He wants to use us, and the best way to make sure he doesn’t… Is to stay out of it completely… We have our imprints to take care of…”

Some of the wolves growled and Seth piped up, “Paul, what are you ON? The Cullens have been like a family to us. Now you are going to desert them? If we ever found ourselves in a bit of a pickle they’d be there for us in a matter of seconds. Now they’ve got a problem that is not just threatening them but all of their kind and you are going to sit back and do nothing? That’s pathetic. I say we fight alongside Edward and Bella. I only have one question… If you get rid of the Volturi, then you get rid of vampire royalty… So who is going to take their place?”

The noise that had been building up died down into silence. Minutes passed and no one spoke, then Carlisle rose and moved to the front of the room.

“It seems that time has come for someone to directly challenge the Volturi… yet again. We have prepared ourselves to do so in the past but that was at a time when the Volturi had been unified like never before. Now, as we’ve found out, they are breaking at the seams to the extent that they are fighting one another. I agree with Edward, Bella and Seth. Yet Seth poses a good question. Who will replace the Volturi? It is all well and good to say we wish to rid ourselves of them… But another to decide who shall succeed them. In my opinion it is not for us to decide. We definitely need more support. So I call upon us now to split ourselves into groups. On the left let us have those that support Cauis, in the middle those that support Marcus, on the right those that wish to fight both and at the back of the room those that wish to leave the matter alone and have no part in it. All agreed?”

The whole room found themselves nodding and then moving into their respective places. I moved slowly with Jacob to the right hand side of the room ever-weary of my friends and family that I’d soon have to fight…