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It's Up To You

This is about Bella wanting Edward to change her.... Even if this is a poem, review!!!


1. It's Up To You

Rating 5/5   Word Count 142   Review this Chapter

The hallways dirty and
Stinking of teenage stupidity,
The teachers promoting
The prom next week,
Just about every boy
Asking me
To the one thing I hate,
The cafeteria food
Too greasy and
So bland it has no taste

Things that get in our way,
Random falls down the stairs
Everything seems to want to kill me
Some day

But there it is
A light in the attic
So close
Yet so far away,
I’m on the opposite street
For the cars to get
Out of the way

But I’m done
Waiting is taking too long,
The numerous obstacles
Death threats
Even my own two feet
It proves to be too much,
Stop waiting
For nothing
Because if you don’t stop it
Something bad
Is going to happen soon
And then nothing
Will be able to
Save you

It’s not the easy way
Those days full of pain
The torture that
We would both
Be going through,
But in the end
Our love for each other
Will overcome it all,
That is
If you are able to
See through the lies
Made by you