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Love Dosen't Always Last Forever

Edward left a second time. This time it was the day before thier wedding.Bella was changed into a vampire by Victoria. Bella comes back to Forks after 200 years only to find that the Culllens are back as well. It is rated Adult because this is High School and I don't want to get in trouble for anything that happens.=)

Bella's Coven:Vampires: Bella Anglena-Ben J.-Polly Henry-Jala Cook-Valerie Esmeralda-August Victoria Werewolves: Leah Seth-Vivi Callie-Levi Sano

2. Chapter 2

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The beautiful golden eyes which had haunted me all these years stared at me widening in surprise. He began to talk rapidly to his family.

“We need to leave.” Ang said as the Cullens got up to come talk to us.

“What’s the matter?” Leah asked. She turned to see what we were staring at. A snarl broke through her lips.

“Leah, clam down.” Seth and Jala yelled at the same time their eyes fixed on Leah’s shaking hand.

“Let’s just see what they have to say alright.” I said calmly as my whole family turned to stare at me in disbelief.

“Look, I won’t fall for him again. I may still love him, but now I know exactly what a lying cheating idiot he is.” I told them sadly as I watched Alice gracefully skip over to us.

“More like cheating lying bastard.” Leah said under her breath. I aimed a kick at her under the table just as Alice reached our table.

“Owwwwwwwww.” Leah let out a whine.

“Hello my name is Alice Cullen and this is my husband Jasper, my sister Rosalie and her husband Emmett. This is my brother Edward and his fiancée Alyssa.” Alice said. Only I seemed to notice the way she twisted the word fiancée into an ugly and despicable curse word. The rest of my family had begun to growl when Alice said that Edward had a wife. The wave of sadness hit me. He was going to be married. He never had wanted me. Jasper looked at me and raised his eyebrow, trying to figurer out what the sadness was from. The rest of the family took a small step back at the rumbling growl that emanated from my family.

“Where is your leader, Carlisle?” I asked as aimed another kick at Leah, who had just mumbled something that sounded like filthy, cheating, lying bloodsucker.

“Um…” Alice said obviously surprised by the fact that I knew about Carlisle.

“Our family has certain powers” I lied quickly to keep from explaining the truth.

“Oh, well he is at the hospital and Esme, his mate, is at our home.” Alice said hesitantly.

“Well, we should probably head over to your mansion so that Carlisle and Esme are there to talk about hunting borders, ect.” I said as I got up, “In fact we should probably go now because the bell is going to ring in one… two... now.


My family got up and began to walk out the door with the Cullens following behind them. I was the last to walk out with Edward and Alyssa. Alyssa looks at me and smiles. Her golden eyes are glowing with excitement. The eyes seem strangely familiar as does the mischievous smile that rests lightly upon her beautiful face. Her dark curls bounced on her shoulders as she walks out with Edward’s arm around her waist. I sighed as I watched them walk out together through the same doors that Edward and I walked out of so long ago. I followed them into the dingy cloud filled day. I looked up just in time to see a look of utter surprise wash over J.’s face. I quickly dove into his mind.

A young blond haired man carries torch and is running after something in the darkness. Others follow him, but he is far ahead. Suddenly the thing in front of him turns and its ruby eyes reflect the man's fire. The man sees the hunger in the eyes and takes a step back, but it is to late the beast approaches him. It lunges with the ferocity of a jungle cat. A young woman with dark curls and ruby eyes trys to pull the beast away, succeeding just before the beast drains the man of his blood. The others are coming so she hides the body in a dark corner. The other vampire attacks the others and drains them of their blood.

“Lyle, you really shouldn’t feed on the priest's son it’s not good for our image” the girl tells the older vampire a familiar mischievous smile resting lightly on her face.

The girl watches three girls approach a young solider. The girls are beautiful and pale, they surprise the solider. Two of the girls run away. The black haired girl watches from a distance as the leader of the girl leans over and bites the soldier’s neck and carries him away.

The girl is older now, but it cannot be seen in her appearance. It is seen in her demeanor as she watches a blond haired man bend down and bite the neck of a handsome bronze haired boy. The boy’s body begins to writhe with pain and a sad smile comes onto her face as she leaps out of the tree she was watching the scene from.

The blond haired man pulls the broken, bloody body of a young woman out of the angry waves of the sea. He gently lays her on the wet sand and bends down and bites her shoulder. The woman with the black hair quickly runs away from her viewing point as the blond haired man lifts his head, detecting her scent.

The woman with black hair watches as the blond haired man swoops up the bloodied body of a mostly naked woman and runs her to his house were the bronze hair boy flies into a rage. She bends down and picks up one of the discarded hair pins on the ground. She spins it in her fingers as she hears a scream of pain inaudible to human hearing. She drops the pin and stares out into the darkness as the screams continue until they finally fade into a pained whimpering. T

he woman with black hair watches a blond haired beautiful girl carry a bleeding black haired man with dimples through the forest. She smiles sadly as she watches the pain the girl endures as she carries the man through the darkening light.

The woman with black hair watches an older vampire carry a young human girl out of a huge gray sad building. He laid the girl on the ground, her dark hair spilling onto her shoulders. He glances around quickly checking that there is no one there. He does not she her from her perch on top of the neighboring building. He bends down, kisses her check and then bites her neck. He pulls himself back with great pain as he waits for the transformation to complete. Suddenly a vampire with dirty blond hair pulled into a pony tail comes from around the corner and attacks the older vampire. The older vampire is dead in a series of minutes. The other vampire looks at the changing vampire the ground and sneers in disgust. He kicks her and then walks away whistling. The woman jumps down from her perch and strokes the girl’s cheek. She pulls the girl into a dark corner and watches over her until the transformation is complete. As the girl wakes up the woman runs away, and doesn’t look back.

The woman watches a young girl with long brown hair pleading with a red haired vampire for her death. Her large brown eyes shed tear after tear. The red haired vampire takes pity on the girl and bends down to bite her shoulder. She pulls back and picks up he girl. After laying the girl o a bed, she walks out to hunt. The woman comes out of her hiding place and touches her hand to the girl’s cheek.

“My darling” she says and then she runs.

The brown haired girl and the red haired woman run out of town, but they stop at the scene of a horrible car crash. Two people were in the car when it crashed into a tree, a brown haired girl and a brown haired boy. The newer vampire girl weeps, for she seems to remember them. They drag the bodies out of the wreck and the red haired one changes them as the other vampire sets fire to the car. They each pick up a body and run away. The woman watches them as they create two more vampires.

The red haired woman is back, but now she is joined by not only the girl from before, but the two from the car crash. They are in a high school. A student had just run through with a gun shooting everyone in sight. The vampires are currently hard at work changing five students who are barely alive. One is a short girl with long black hair; she clutches the hand of her boyfriend a tall boy with shaggy black hair. The red haired woman changes a young man with short red hair while the boy from the crash changes a young man with orange hair. He draws back and looks at the girl who was in the crash with him. She gives him a smile of encouragement and then she bends down to bite a young woman with raven black hay that comes down to her waist. The woman watches this scene until the vampires pick up the changing humans and run out of the school.

A vampire with shaved gray bends down as she bites the neck of a young African American woman. She draws back and looks for approval in the brown haired girl that was changed so long ago. The gray haired woman’s eyes are just begging to have a tint of gold around the edges for the first time in a hundred years. The woman with black hair smiles with pride as she watches that girl that was changed by the red haired woman first lead her coven.

The brown haired girl’s coven watches a group of bronze skinned individuals approach them. The brown hared girl’s hand flies over her mouth and she runs to the leader of the pack of werewolves and gives her a hug. Meanwhile one of the young men in the group stares at the red haired vampire with a dumbstruck expression on his face. He slowly walked over to her and planted a kiss right on her mouth. The woman with black hair doubled over with laughter. She quickly stopped though as a couple of the brown haired girl’s coven looked around for the source of the noise. A large smile spread across the woman’s face as she ran west into the sunset and looked a large white house with black Mercedes in front.

My eyes opened wide in amazement, as did J.’s. This woman she had seen every single transformation of my current family and my old family. Who was this woman?

Suddenly a loud growl erupted from a russet colored wolf in front of me. We had been following the Cullen’s though the forest and I had fallen behind even J. had sped up to catch up with Polly.

“Oh shit!” the words escaped from my mouth as I stared into the all too familiar eyes of my old best friend, Jacob Black.