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Love Dosen't Always Last Forever

Edward left a second time. This time it was the day before thier wedding.Bella was changed into a vampire by Victoria. Bella comes back to Forks after 200 years only to find that the Culllens are back as well. It is rated Adult because this is High School and I don't want to get in trouble for anything that happens.=)

Bella's Coven:Vampires: Bella Anglena-Ben J.-Polly Henry-Jala Cook-Valerie Esmeralda-August Victoria Werewolves: Leah Seth-Vivi Callie-Levi Sano

4. Chapter 4

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“Bella, honey” she began.

“Don’t call me honey! Dammit! Who the hell are you? Why the hell are you here?” I yelled at her as I tore off her arm. The pale limb came off easily and she howled in pain. It was a good thing everyone was else was either out hunting, on patrol, or involved in other certain activities that would keep them from investigating.

“Bella! Listen to me I am not in love with Edward and he’s not in love with me! Well, he thinks he is, but he isn’t! I just used my other power!” she yelled trying to clam me down. It wasn’t working.

“Oh yeah your power to control the emotions of male vampires, maybe I shouldn’t have left that power out when I described everyone’s powers!” I yelled at her as I slammed her against the wall.

“Look, the only reason I am here is that I need your help.” She said calmly.

“YOU NEED MY HELP! YOU LITTLE BITCH! DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT I AM GOING TO HELP YOU?” I screamed at her. I tore off her other arm. I pushed her up higher on the wall, my fingers tightening around her throat. I dropped her arm and watched the fingers twitch for a second before stomping on it. Her scream of pain was bloodcurdling.

“GET OUT OF MY DAMN ROOM! NOW!” I yelled at her releasing her from my grasp and kicking her as she slumped to the ground.

“No, Bella listen to me. My name is Alyssa Volturi. I am Aro’s win sister. I knew him when he was human along with Cauis and …Marcus.” Alyssa said from her seat on the floor. He voce broke with Marcus’s name.

“Marcus had been courting me for over a year before he was changed into a vampire. He proposed to me when I turned 19. He was 21, but that didn’t matter. He, Aro, and Cauis were best friends. One day when they went into town. I followed them. They went down an alley and again I followed them. I heard them scream. I tried to turn and run, but the vampire had already spotted me. He was distracted from draining my brother and his friend’s bodies. He came after me and bit me. The fire coursed through my body. I felt as if my whole body was aflame. When I woke my love was holding my hand. We still planned on getting married, but Aro for some reason didn’t like the idea. He began the Volturi a couple of years after Marcus and I got married. He gained members of his precious guard and became even more power hungry then he had ever been before. Marcus and I were getting tired of his and Cauis’ behavior. They would take their little guard and destroy other covens, taking which ever vampire they wanted for their collection. As a boy my brother collected butterfly wings, stones, leaves, you name, but now he was collecting vampires. Marcus wasn’t power hungry like the other two. He wanted to leave the Volturi, as did I. We planned to leave in the next week, unfortunately Aro found out. He sent part of his guard after me to kill me one day while I was out hunting. He sent the witch twins, Jane and Alec, Frain, and Kalio after me. He made mistake sending them though. Frain and Kalio were like the big brothers I never had and Jane and Alec were like my children. They let me live and escape. Aro killed Frain and Kalio fro allowing me to escape, but luckily Jane and Alec were too precious for him to kill. I escaped and lived in fear of my brother. He got his wish though of making Marcus stay. He told Marcus that I had died. Marcus believed him without looking for me or asking any questions. It broke my heart when I heard him say to Aro that there were other fish in the sea. I left making friends with many vampires and following where my visions led me. I lived in Georgia for a long time with a family named the O’Hara. They were a lovely family with problems for sure though. I watched their daughters Scarlet, Sullen. I left before their third daughter was born, but I ran into Scarlet a couple of years later after the war. She was married to her second husband at that point. A moved to North Carolina soon after that. I liked the South, but they gossiped too much. I loved west to California for awhile. There I met up with a couple of vampires who told me about the big war scare down south. I headed down there where I saw Jasper become changed. I even became friends with Maria before she changed Jasper. After that I headed to Asia. I went to a couple of Olympics and messed around. After I saw you gain the last edition to your coven I tracked down the Cullen’s. I had to I saw it in a vision, please believe me.” She sobbed her story to me. She looked as if she were about to burst into tears if she could cry. Her whole body was shaking since it reattached itself.

“Please you have to help me. You have to help me overthrow my brother. I have seen him in my visions. He wants to kill your family and make you part of his guard.” She told me quietly.