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Love Dosen't Always Last Forever

Edward left a second time. This time it was the day before thier wedding.Bella was changed into a vampire by Victoria. Bella comes back to Forks after 200 years only to find that the Culllens are back as well. It is rated Adult because this is High School and I don't want to get in trouble for anything that happens.=)

Bella's Coven:Vampires: Bella Anglena-Ben J.-Polly Henry-Jala Cook-Valerie Esmeralda-August Victoria Werewolves: Leah Seth-Vivi Callie-Levi Sano

5. Chapter 5

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“When?” I asked quietly sinking to the floor.

“In about a week. They will bring a lot of fighters and witnesses.” She said just as quietly, her dark hair shielding her face.

“You may want to run. They will find something horrid top accuse you and your family of. Aro will get his way, you know that.” She told me as she got up. She walked swiftly over to me. Aro would get his way. I had visited the Volturi many, many times over the past 200 years. My best friend there was Jane. I couldn’t let my family be destroyed though! Aro was a fool if he thought he could destroy my family!

“No! He will not destroy my family!” I hissed. Alyssa didn’t look surprised.

“You will need help.” She said calmly.

“I know just who to call.” I replied. After living for over 200 hundred years you get to know a lot of vampires. My first call would be to my lovely friends the Denali. I visited them about ten years after Edward left me. They understood what had happened to me and took me in. They no longer talked to the Cullens for some strange reason.

“Bring your family and sit with s tomorrow at lunch tomorrow. Don’t remove your power yet. It’s better if he doesn’t know. It would put him in an awkward position since he never loved me.” I told her, my voice breaking at the end. She began to say something.

“GO, the others will be wondering what happened to you.” I told her, fighting back memories. I couldn’t let myself be consumed by these memories now. I reached for my phone. Alyssa stopped as she prepared to jump out my window. Her eyes full of sympathy. She jumped and landed gracefully out side. I looked down at my phone.

“Let’s see, contacts.” I had the habit of talking to myself, when messing with my phone.

“There she is.” I said when I reached the name Tanya Denali.

“Ring, Ring, Ring” Tanya pick up the damn phone.

“Hello” a voice like bells came through the phone.

“Hi Tanya, I ran into a couple of old friends today and I found out that another friend of mine wants to kill my family.”

“Let me guess, Aro.”

“And the Cullens.” A growl came through the phone.

“We’ll be there in three hours.” The line went dead.

“Knock, Knock.” Vikki was knocking on my door.

“Come in.” I told her, as I scrolled through my contacts, deciding who to call.

“I heard almost everything.” She sad quietly

“Good, then you can explain to the others and help them to prepare. Right now I have worked to do.” I looked at her face; it was full of motherly concern.

“Don’t worry; I am not going to fall for him again.” I told her quietly. I held her gaze for just a moment before turning back to my phone.

********2 hours later*********

“Knock, Knock.” The Denali weren’t due here for another hour. Who was it now?

That smell was all too familiar. I ran down the stairs and flung open the door. There standing there was a group of eleven vampires, all of them had golden eyes.

“Jane, why are you here.” I asked the smallest of them.

“It’s simply really. We are here to help you and destroy Aro. Duh!” she said as she stepped in and gave me a huge hug. The others stepped in behind her.

There was Alec and his mate Pixie both had on black t-shirts and ripped jeans. Following them was Felix and his mate Karen. They were dressed up on jeans and t-shirts. Felix’s t-shirt read “That’s right I’m buff! What are you gonna do about it?”

Next there was Demetri and his mate Jenny. Jenny was dressed in a black jacket and ripped jeans, while Demetri had settled for a nice forest green t and midnight black jeans. Then Chelsea and her mate Afton. Chelsea was wearing a bright yellow t and bright red skinny jeans. Her mate, Afton, was wearing a much more subdued black Hurley hoodie and midnight black jeans.

Of course Heidi and her mate Steven had come along too. They were both wearing red tees, but Heidi was wearing short black skirt. Meanwhile Steven was wearing white jeans and his shirt had a silver skull on it.

Then there was Jane, who was standing right in front of me with a wide grin on her face. Her long black hair was swept up into a ponytail and she had a gray shirt that read “I’m not listening!” in bright white. She had on a pair of short black shorts and black Converse.

“Wait, what?” I asked confused. They had left the Volturi Guard!? That was near impossible.

“We left the guard, Bella. After you made us change our hunting habits, we began to notice things.” Jane said. She winked and poked me in the ribs at the hunting habits part. My whole family had just come down stairs and was watching. The look on Sano’s face was confusing though. It was as if he was seeing for the first time. He couldn’t take his eyes off Jane.

“Anyways, we noticed that Aro was collecting us like little dolls. We heard that he was planning on killing your family and that just about made Jane snap. So, we left and found you all.” Demetri continued for Jane, who had stopped talking and was staring at Sano.

“Earth to Jane.” Alec said to his sister while he waved his hand in front of her face. Instead of responding she walked over to Sano. They stood staring at each other for a couple of seconds. Then Sano leaned down and kissed Jane. She reached up and tangled her fingers in his hair and he picked her up. He was holding her in his arms when both Henry and Felix yelled out.

“Get a room already.” They yelled.

“Okay.” Sano said as he broke away from the kiss. He began to carry Jane upstairs.

“Hold it! We still need to discuss some things.” I yelled at Sano and Jane, but they were already upstairs. My family took the new editions to our family upstairs, so they could pick out their rooms.