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Love Dosen't Always Last Forever

Edward left a second time. This time it was the day before thier wedding.Bella was changed into a vampire by Victoria. Bella comes back to Forks after 200 years only to find that the Culllens are back as well. It is rated Adult because this is High School and I don't want to get in trouble for anything that happens.=)

Bella's Coven:Vampires: Bella Anglena-Ben J.-Polly Henry-Jala Cook-Valerie Esmeralda-August Victoria Werewolves: Leah Seth-Vivi Callie-Levi Sano

6. Chapter 6

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The Denali had come an hour after Jane and the others. Unfortunately Jane and Sano were too busy involved in other activities to bother coming down. Oh well, I am just glad that he has finally imprinted.

Now though I had to go to school. This should be fun. The Denali and the Volturi were enrolling as one family with Elzear and Carmen acting as parents. It would be hilarious when they all showed up to school, all 17 of them.

But there was the issue of what I was going to say to the Cullens tomorrow. If I didn’t get them to fight with us by the end of the week then, our battle with the Volturi would end badly. I had used my power and seen it.

Oh well, I would deal with that hurdle when I got to it. Right now I had to concentrate on getting ready.

I was wearing a pair of short black denim shorts and a red tank top. Over the red tank top, I was wearing a light black jacket with black hoop earrings. For shoes I was wearing black ballerina flats. I went into the bathroom to put on make up and curl my hair only to find a note on the mirror. It was from Alyssa. She must have snuck back in when I went hunting.

Bella,Listen, I will bring them to sit with your family at lunch, but the Volturi will be here in five days. They have gained a powerful ally. I don’t know how it is, but I used my power and found that they have a powerful ally. We will need more help.Alyssa.

Great, a powerful ally. Joy. I quickly put on some smoky eye shadow and black eyeliner on my top lid. Then I curled my hair so that the red streaks were more noticeable. I used on of my powers to put bright red streaks in my hair. They matched my tank top perfectly.
I grabbed my black shoulder backpack and headed downstairs.

Jane, Sano, Felix, Afton, Kate, Garret, Laurent, Leah, J., Polly, Ben, Seth, Vivi, Callie, and Levi were watching Smallville. They had started the show over again from season one, episode one. Their eyes were glued to the TV.

“Come on Clark, don’t be such a nerd!” Seth called out as Clark tripped as he started walking towards Lana Lang.

“Why, does Chloe remind me so much of Polly?” I asked as Pete handed over five bucks to Chloe. They all turned around, they had all been so absorbed they didn’t notice me.

“Let’s get to school before we’re later.” I said as I walked out to my car.

My car was my baby. She was a black Porsche with red strips down the side. She went up to 480 miles per hour. I named her Jodie. I was obsessive over my car and I wouldn’t let any one touch her.

I jumped in and speed off with the others behind me. I glanced over at the side of the road. A pair of familiar black eyes stared at me from the body of a huge russet wolf.