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The Healing

Renee is dead. Bella is blind. Charlie became abusive. Bella was taken away and then sent to live with the cullens. Can they heal the depressed, introverted girl that Bella has become? Can she learn to trust again? It's not the same. Seriously. Give it a shot? :]


1. Chapter 1

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“Bella! Are your things packed yet?!” My social worker Beth yelled up the stairs of the children’s home I resided in. It wasn’t just any home either. No, it was a home for the disabled. It was a home for those of us who had all the bad luck...those of us who happened to be handicapped and homeless. Me? I happen to be blind.

When I was 6 I was climbing a tree in the front yard when I fell and hit my head on a rock. When a pool of blood formed around my head, my mother panicked and sped me towards the hospital. She never saw the car run a red light. She died instantly. Me? I was the lucky one. I was just left permanently blinded from my head injury. Soon after I was released from the hospital it became obvious that Charlie blamed me for my mother’s death. He never talked to me, and the smallest things would set him off into a rage. He often took out his anger on me, beating me until I could barely escape to my room. No one ever asked any questions. I was known to be clumsy, especially now with my blindness, and so they assumed all the bruises, cuts and even broken bones were a side effect of my unique ability to hurt myself. But one time, he went too far. One night Charlie heard me calling for my mom in my sleep. He dragged me out of my bed and beat me before kicking me down the steps. I hit my head on the corner of the stair railing. I didn’t wake up for a while.

When I finally came to, I found myself in a room with a million beeping instruments around me. Above the annoying noise, I heard the door open and footsteps coming towards me. I unconsciously cringed away from the noise, bracing myself. I felt a warm hand incase mine.

“Isabella Swan?” I soft voice questioned.

I opened my eyes. Not that it made any difference in what I saw. But I figured maybe she’d take it as a sign that I was listening. She did.

“You’ve been in the hospital for three days in a bad concussion. Do you remember what happened?”

I nodded my head minimally against the pillow. Every movement hurt.

“Well, your father has been taken into custody and is being questioned for his part in this. He’s looking at 10 years.” She paused her, almost as if she expected protest. I wasn’t about to give her any. He deserved every second of sentencing he got.

“In the mean time, the Phoenix Home for Disabled Children has offered you a place there until they can find you another home. Mrs. Avetrev is waiting outside the door to talk to you. She’ll take you to the home when you’re ready to be released. That will be in about 2 more days I believe.”

Again, I simply nodded. I didn’t care what happened to me anymore.

So, I came to this place. It’s absolutely miserable here. Everywhere around you there are children who can’t walk, or hear, or talk, or see. I never really did anything anymore. I had taught myself Braille, so I could read. But, that’s about all I did.

Of course, some couples had taken an interest to me. You know, because I was the poor, blind, abused girl and all. I was the charity case. Most of them had made it a sort of mission per say, to see if they could break me out of my shell, but once they saw that they couldn’t, they all just brought me back. No one wanted a 17 year old, blind, depressed teenager.

I had been through 19 homes in the past 11 years, more than anyone else in the home.

So make this one number twenty…lucky number twenty right?

Yesterday Beth had told me another family was “interested in my case” as she so delicately put it. So, I began to pack what little I had. I didn’t take everything anyways, because I knew I’d be coming back soon enough.

The Cullenslived in a rainy town on the Olympic peninsula called Forks. Wonderful. I was sure the constant sound of rain would be enough to drive me insane.

Oh well. Only a year left before I’m out of here anyways.

“BELLA!” Beth yelled, reminding me I still hadn’t answered her.

“ALMOST!” I yelled back before zipping up my duffel, sitting on the edge of the bed and sighing.

“WELL HURRY UP! The plane leaves in an hour!”

Ugh. I despise flying


Once the plane anded, Beth took my arm and dragged me to get my baggage before bringing me into, from all the smells and noise, what appeared to be a food court.

Strange place to meet I thought.

"Oh look! There they are Bella. Oh they're all so gorgeous!" Beth excaimed. I blushed at her behavior.

I heard her mumble to herself something that sounded iike, "I'm surprised the didn't pick someone who'd fit in better with them."

I brushed it off. I didn't really care what she thought. It's not like I'd be here very long. Especially if they were as good looking as she claimed. Surely once they saw me they'd realize their mistake.

"Hello," a warm voice greeted. "You must be Beth and Bella. I'm Dr. Carlisle Cullen."

I recognized his name as the father of the Cullens.

"Nice to meet you Dr. Cullen, please do introduce me to your lovely family." Beth requested.

"Oh, please call me Carilsle. This is my wife Emse, and my daughter Alice." I heard movement of clothing as each stepped foward to greet Beth. I noticed that neither bothered to meet me however.

Oh well. At least they don't pretend to like me.

"It's very nice to meet all of you. But i remember from your application you said there would be seven of you in the house?"

SEVEN! How in the world was I going to remember everyone when I couldn't see their faces?!

"Oh yes," the warm voice, Carlisle, confirmed. "However, Rosalie and Emmett our oldest two, are away in Europe on summer vacation. And we decided it'd be better if Edward and Jasper stayed at home. So that Isabella wouldn't feel to overwhelmed."

He seems nice enough...

Now don't get yourself in too deep Bella, you know you'll just be hurt when they return you

"Bella." I said offhandedly

"Pardon?" a soft voice asked from another direction. Esme if I remembered correctly.

"She likes to be called Bella," the other voice, Alice, called from beside me.

I jumped at the proximity.

A laugh tinkled from beside me.

"Jumpy one isn't she?"

"Alice...," Carlisle's voice floated a warning over to her.

"Well...I guess I'll just be on my way then," Beth said.

"Nice to meet you, Mrs. Avertev," Carlisle replied.

I heard her walk away without another word to me.

"Okay then, Bella. We decide we'd just eat here at the food court. I'm sorry, but we weren't exactly prepared for your arrival. We didn't know what you would like to eat, but we figured you could find something here." A voice apologized.

Esme...the mother.

"Oh, well... i would've been fine with..uhmm.. whatever you had at the uhh...house."

Why was I stuttering?

"Nonesense dear! We'll just run by the store on our way back to the house."

"Oh...well. uhmm. okay."

"C'mon Bella! I bet you want some Panda Express!"

Wow...that actually does sound kind of good right now.

"How'd you know?"

Again her laugh tinkled through the room, filling the entire court.

"..Oh. Let’s just say I’m good at guessing!" Came her bouncy reply. "Now c'mon! I bet you're starving!"