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Chronicles of the Angels

A detailed journey through Edward's prevamp life to life after Bella. It begins in 1901, it does alter the twilight plot slightly in some areas, yet the major jist is still the same. The life of a musical prodigy who died young, yet lived old, he ventured through some of the most horrific scenes in the world, surviving the mental brutality of two large scale wars while struggling against of his own nature. When finally, he found a peace of mind within a coven he called family, the largest turbulence in his life appeared in the form of a young girl...who seemed a little too familiar. After all the pain and torture, he came to realise the madness of love and the meaning of life. This is really a romance, even though a angsty and violent one, it will get dark during the war and Edward's internal struggles. Thus it is rated R for lemon, adult theme, angst, violence and language, don't read it if you have a faint heart lol. This is not as 'safe' as the twilight series has been.

Author’s notes Well technically I’m the author (wannabe) of my own secret fantasy land of Twilight which lacks accuracy and attention to detail for the novel, all due to my declining memory and semi-alertness while reading it. So first of all I need to declare that I have NOT finished reading Eclipse, not to mention starting on Breaking Dawn. I’m not in a rush honestly, cause it ain’t going anywhere. I want to savor every stage of the Twilight infatuation. I love the characterizations of the book, it’s typical, yet classical, and it ventured much deeper than 99% of the teen fictions. I suppose it reflected the majority women/girl’s idea of a perfect romance, old fashioned, passionate yet virtuous. IF EDWARD IS A METAPHOR, HE WOULD BE THE ‘PERFECT’. I’m in no way creating any major new characters, or altering the main characters tremendously in any way. If I had the talent to do so, I wouldn’t be here (I am not suggesting that FF.net doesn’t have talented writers, there certainly are, just not me) lol. So basically I’m sticking to how the actual plot goes, however expanding it to Edward’s human life, and proceeding into life after Bella. Parts of the story may turn out to be significantly different to the novel, that’s because first of all it’s my perspective, preference and choice, and secondly, due to my stupid declining memory. I did not read twilight word by word, nor did I memorize it like a bible (I know I should feel ashamed of myself) so I apologize here for any mistake I shall make during this journey. Thank you Anastasia

1. Chapter 1

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DISCLAIMER: All belongs to the great and wonderful Stephanie Meyer.

Prologue – Edward’s declaration

I was born on a humid summer day in Chicago in 1901, June 20th to be exact, at the dawn of the twentieth century. Of course, my memory did not capture the ambiance during my birth. However I was told by my mother that it was the most joyous day of her life. She had named me Edward after my father and also hoping that I would have happiness and strength throughout my life.

I was a fairly ambitious child, like the majority of the boys at the time, raised to glorify the manly aspects of life, and a sense of patriotism I had still lingered for our mother England. America had just begun rising as a superpower, and president McKinley had spent his final year conducting the war in the Philippines. Growing up during this time meant change, a lot of rapid change. Technology had just peek its head, electric buses raced into the cities, Ford had created the Model A by my second birthday, and by the next year the flying machine or airplane as modern people would call it came along.

Life was quiet and unremarkable though, born into a moderately wealthy middle classed family, my father Edward Masen was a reputable barrister, my mother Elizabeth, the lovely pure hearted housewife. Mother was the closest being to an angel in my life, with her soft emerald eyes and bronze hair, she always placed father and me first, and that predetermined her sacrificial actions during the fateful event later on.

I have no regrets though, in this life I had not chosen, I was blessed though both cursed by the higher power that I never once denied. I had struggled through so much, sometimes aimlessly and hopelessly, yet now I understand where it was leading me, where it all ends and where it all begins.

The Prodigy, From 1905 to 1909

“Ed, take a look at your son, isn’t he amazing?” Elizabeth indulged contentedly as she watched her little bronze haired son tapping away at the keys on the white baby grand pianoforte, his tiny legs dangling rhythmically to the sound of the lullaby that he played.

“I say we get one of these, they are apparently very fashionable these days as a decoration any way.” Elizabeth suggested softly.

Edward frowned, he was always the seriously one, having all of the pressure on you does that to a person.

“Well, it won’t help him to become independent or make a living, but it serves as a positive distraction from any bad habits.” He stated as matter of fact, having seen all too many catastrophe happening to misled offspring from other middle classed families.

To young Edward’s delight, his parents paid the shopkeeper the piano’s worth and that day marked the beginning of little Edward’s world of music.

At the time, the pianoforte truly was a popular household decoration for the rich, and mostly it remained just that, a decoration and status of wealth. However, little Edward was not ready to simply dust its polished pearl surfaces. It was an amazing feeling grazing your finger along the black and white keys, reading a secret language of notes between the sheets and most importantly creating a land of dreams. Edward was labeled a child prodigy after only two years of tuition, Chicago’s own Mozart as the locals and families would call him.

At the age of 6, he shocked a priest while reciting a complicated organ piece that the priest had written two nights before simply upon listening. His father had not approved once he realized his son’s exceptional gift. After all, musicians mostly remained poor until posthumously.

Yet, to young Edward, music was all he needed; he didn’t have a care in the world, as long as he was allowed on his piano 30 minutes a day. Elizabeth was immensely proud needless to say; as she watched her 8 year old perform ‘Chanson Triste’ by Pyotr Tchaikovsky at the local festival. Young Edward had recently decided to begin composing his own pieces. He had jokingly called them ‘pathetique attempts’ which Elizabeth whole heartedly protested. She was quite sure that her opinion was not biased, as most people who heard Edward play the pieces appeared intrigued and emotional.

“Edward, you don’t give yourself enough credit, don’t be swayed by your father, he simply dislikes this choice as a career path.”

“Mother, I believe I am actually rather vain about my abilities, yet besides the pianoforte, I do not have any other skills.” Edward stated, a furrow forming between his brows that resembled his father’s. “For example, Janet can sew corsets and Margaret is immaculate with flower arrangements.” He quoted his two cousins, “Their skills are so much more practical than mine.” Edward pouted gently; tucking his lower lips out and blew into his buns.

Elizabeth chuckled at the obscurity of Edward’s concerns, “Well son, I assure you that you will not need those skills in life as long as you retain a wife.” Upon this, Edward displayed what appears to be a shocked expression.

“Good god mother, what an unthinkable suggestion, acquiring a wife would mean to spend most of your life with a girl according to our teacher, and that would be the death of me…girls are…so annoying!” Finally Edward was able to form his detestation into words. Truthfully he was unable to determine what he thought of girls, yet recently he has began developing uncomfortable feelings around them, especially the ones who run after him during a concerto.

Elizabeth laughed heartedly at the comment, oh her beautiful son was certainly growing, well at least he was becoming aware of all the female attentions, even if it initiates in a negative way, but then again doesn’t it always?

Kneeling down next to Edward, Elizabeth smiled gently and held one of his delicate hand, “One day Edward, you will find a girl who you shall love, who inspires your work, who makes you laugh or even cry.”

Father’s fury 1909 to 1913

“I had heard what he said in there Elizabeth! Look at him, flimsy arms, meek little legs and a head soft as a pillow! How will he survive in the real world? Chewing on his music sheets?” The older Edward Masen yelled furiously, he had suppressed his anger for months, yet young Edward’s innocent comparison of his skills to his cousins finally pulled the trigger.

“Ed, he is incredibly talented and not to mention, can’t you see that he enjoys it immensely?” Elizabeth protested.

“He is only a child; you cannot know his future capabilities and people often exaggerate a child’s talent simply for the sake that he is a child!”

“What about his happiness then?”

“If everybody were to do what makes them happy, what of law and God? This family would be on the streets if I were to do what I enjoy!” He stated firmly with a piercing gaze, Elizabeth broke down into tears at this, she understood what Edward had been referring to, he was a talented writer, specializing in the gothic genre, almost publishing a novel once. Yet due to circumstances, he never made it and his father sold his land to place him in a law school. His mother had died that year from a cold which could have been cured if they had been a little more prosperous.

“It’s different now.” Elizabeth protested, her arms locked to her sides, “We don’t need to worry about prosperity.”

“Eli, I am not as young as I used to be, I can’t allow Edward stepping into this road full of obstacles, and I will not allow insecurity in your life, you and Edward are everything to me, I can’t stand here and watch a possible tragedy unfold.” Edward loosened her arms and held her gently as she sobbed into his shirt.


Young Edward watched as his musical world slowly dissolved before his eyes, he never really questioned Elizabeth about it, because he could see the vulnerability in her eyes whenever he stared at the empty space where his white baby grand once situated. Somewhat he understood the cause behind it. Nobody in the house, including the two servants ever mentioned the difference from the lack of beautiful melodies.

Several monthly passed by, and Edward was suddenly transferred to a new private school, the Kings that educated from first grade to the twelfth. He didn’t protest about this either, yet simply tried to settle in. It was actually a rather pleasant change, although he had to give up all his friends, but he also got rid of all the irritating admirers.

Everything remained peaceful and unchanging for years, nobody knew of his talents as the school was boarding and far off from the centre of Chicago. He had gained several new friends, in which two are his dome mates, Joseph and Christian.

“Edward! Edward! Edward!!!!” Joseph flared his arms around as he rushed through the door, “You have got to come.”

“What is it Jo?” Edward bolted from his sleeping position.

“There is a circus show!” Joseph exclaimed, almost jumping up and down in joy.

“Where? A circus show? For real?” Edward jumped up, quickly pulling on his uniform. The last circus show he had seen was when he was five and Kim the servant had sneaked him out secretly as the master disapproved of such ‘dismal distractions’ He had enjoyed the clown and the gypsy’s fire spitting.

“Come with me, its just half a mile from the auditorium! Christian is already there he got enough coins for you and me, and reserved the front seats!” Breathlessly, Joseph dragged onto Edwards arm and darted towards the door.

“Off the school grounds? Jo we could get expelled, there is morning bible studies!” Edward pulled the two into a halt.

“Oh come on Edward, who cares, half the school is there already? I saw Mrs. Simpleton popping her gigantic red head around!”

Edward thought carefully for a moment, and decided that the temptation was too much to resist and allowed Joseph to lead the way. Christian was already anxiously in his front seats and beamed when he saw the two boys.

“Here, we got the best seats in the house!” He patted proudly to the two seats.

Joseph had not been exaggerating when he said half the school, there must be two thirds by now and Edward spotted most of the social science teachers hovering in the far back attempting to cover themselves from the students. He chuckled at their embarrassed yet anxious expressions, and quickly shifted his attention to the performance in the arena.

There was a lion tamer with three lions at the end of their performance; he skillfully led the lions into a dance and finally ended the show by placing his head in the lion’s opened mouth. The entire arena applauded furiously as the next segment began. A clown brought out a xylophone and miraculously began playing Marry had a little lamb while juggling three bowling pins. One fell on top of the clown’s head and he gave a pained yelp while skipping around holding his head. Everybody laughed at the hilarious yet tactful performance.

Edward was highly amused, he knew the xylophone well as it was not far off from the keys of a piano, ‘the clown must have been extremely talented.’ He thought. The clown took his bow as the next segment began.

A small girl, dressed blood red, not a day older than twelve made her entrance on a running ball. Edward suddenly tensed up, as all atmosphere of amusement disappeared, he could clearly sense the girl’s unease from where he was sitting, her large brown eyes gaping widely, as she glanced behind nervously. Edward followed her gaze and saw a bull stepping out from the entrance door. The bull flared his nose and lowered his head, his back legs pounded loudly against the cement ground as he bolted after the frail red figure. The girl gasped and took her run.

“This young girl has outrun 35 young bulls this year on a running ball! She is the one and only Princess of Escape! Her inhuman speed and will was discovered at the age of three!” the commentator remarked with an incredulous gasp as the tiny body escapes yet another close assault.

Edward felt his fists tightening up as he watched the girl, obviously not enjoying a minute of the torture. It was unexplainable, but perhaps some form of righteousness inside of him awakened when he upheaval from his seat and bolted towards the girl. There were more than 3000 people in the arena that day, Edward was told later on.

He stopped abruptly in front of the shocked girl, took her hand and fleeted for the exit, faster than the audiences’ reactions, faster than the guards, and faster than the shocked ringmaster. They ran, across the half a mile back to school and into the only place Edward knew was safe…even if temporarily.

He looked at the young girl, up close she was like a porcelain doll, large brown eyes stared at him in wonder, her rosy lips agape and drawing in shallow breathes to compensate for the run.

“I am sorry but you have to stay here in the girl’s dome for now.” Edward whispered his breath still shallow from the run and pulled out some cloths from a cabinet. “We are in the girl’s supply room, this is where most of the clean and dirty washes are placed…well don’t look at me like that, I only know this because Jo is a pervert…well not exactly. Oh god…” Edward slapped his head embarrassedly as he stumbled through the words. The girl simply watched him with wide eyes and a surfacing grin.

“Are you going to say something? What is your name?”

A bell like chuckle escaped the young girl’s lips “My name is Isabel, but please just call me Bells. And thank you for helping me out…sorry what is your name?”

“Edward…Bells… that suits you.” Edward stated with a lopsided grin.

“Edward suits you too, happiness and strength.” Isabel remarked, giving him a toothy smile, yet the smile faded immediately as she tilted her head at the sound of rushed footsteps.

“Don’t worry; those are just girls rushing to third class.” Edward said after checking his watch. “You will be safe here for the moment, but I have to hide you somewhere for three days until the summer vacation begins.” He frowned slightly, considering the pros and cons, he felt like it was his obligation to maintain her safety now. Protectiveness, that’s what it was called came out of no where for this strange girl. It was as though God had secretly assigned him as her knight, and asked him to guard her life.

Edward handed her the uniform he held, “Here put this on, it will blend you in with the rest, no body will notice you as a new face since this school has more than 2500 girls. You will be able to walk around freely. Just be careful of class times, if any teacher spotted you wondering around, they may question you which could result in file checking. We don’t want that to happen.” His brows knitted in a furrow.

“You can spend your time in the library, it has four levels, so I doubt anybody will notice too much difference if you read in the corner.” He then eyed her apologetically. “I’m sorry, but you do read? I simply assumed.”

“A little.” Bells smiled. Edward nodded, slightly surprised, he didn't expect the poor girl to receive education from the circus, maybe they had treated her better than he expected.

“We move around a lot, and mostly to private schools and fancy resorts. Most of those places had rather comprehensive libraries, I took advantage of all the opportunities I had…” Suddenly Bells tensed. “Oh my god, all my books are still there in the circus, and I didn’t even say goodbye to dear old Harry, he must be so devastated.” She grasped her head and nibbled on her bottom lips anxiously.

Edward felt a wave of guilt hit him; maybe he had been too impulsive when he rushed into the arena. Maybe her life was perfectly fine besides the performances, maybe she didn’t mind living the life, yet it was his quick assumption and rash judgment that created the sense that she had been suffering. Now it was too late for her to return to her previous lifestyle, the ringmaster would surely punish her fiercely for this notorious escape, she may even get killed. He peeked at her in guilt as she glanced around her new environment like an injured rabbit. Secretly, he promised himself that he would retrieve whatever item important to her and try helping her say goodbye to old Harry.

Having those missions in mind, Edward quickly sketched a map of the school grounds to Bells, explaining all the safe havens and emergency escapes. He also came up with several reasonable excuses for bells to not be in class if she were ever required to recite one.

“Meet me during lunch break and morning break in the music room…here; this will help you keep track of the time.” He took off the watch his father bought him for his 10th birthday and placed it in Isabel’s small hands. “Be careful Bells, see you soon.” He quickly rushed off after Bell gave him a firm nod, there were many things awaiting him to do.