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through my eyes

twilight was written in bella's POV... some people have done it in Edwards... but this is twilight in Alice's POV. EnJoY ! alice cullen

my first fic... plz be nice

11. unspoken conversations

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School the next day was slightly more boring than it ever had been before. I had no classed with my other siblings today so I had to sit through class and actually listen to what the teacher was saying.

And half of it was wrong.

Like, in history, our teacher told us that James Monroe (the 5th president of the united stated of America) died from heart failure but Carlisle told me once that he was actually killed by a vampire that had worked in the white house for that very reason: to drain the blood of someone who was almost royalty.

Of course that vampire was sought out and killed by the Volturi . . .

I was shaken from my thoughts by my teacher.

“Alice?” it suddenly occurred to me that I didn’t have the slightest idea what we were learning about.

But the good thing about us vampires; people are very intimidated by us.

I looked at the teacher with one eyebrow raised and he soon directed the question to someone else.

The lunch bell soon rang and I picked up my books and made my way over to my locker.

I entered the combination that I had memorised many years ago


1863 was the year that Jasper had been changed and 1918 was the year that Carlisle changed Edward.

When I had got the combination we had all laughed at it and I still thought it was strange even now.

I guess that coincidences really do exist.

I put my books away and went to the lunch hall where I met my siblings in the queue.

“So, Bella, what do you think?”

“about what?”

“do you want to go…to prom… with me?”

“oh! Prom…dancing…not such a good idea for me. And I have to go to Jacksonville that weekend !”

I laughed a little at the look Mike would have on his face when Bella rejected him.

Poor Mike, he really wasn’t used to rejection.

I couldn’t help but notice that Edward had a small smile on his face when he had seen the part where Bella rejected him.

When was he ever going to just admit that he loved her !

“Alice!” hissed Edward, so low only I could hear it. We were good at these private conversations.

Sorry Edward. You weren’t meant to hear that. I wonder if Tyler will pluck up the courage to ask Bella to prom… if you really don’t love her then maybe you should encourage him to ask her.

“maybe I will.”

I just rolled my eyes at him and walked over to our usual table.

“So Alice, you want to go shopping today ?” I looked at my sister, frowning a little.

“what for?” sure I loved shopping but we went last week and we don’t need to get anything.

“Prom dresses, duh!” said Rosalie, as if it were obvious.

“oh!” suddenly it clicked, prom was a month away and knowing Rosalie, it would take her a month to find the perfect dress, shoes, make-up, etc. so it made sense to start now.

“sure, that is if our respected ‘boyfriends’ are willing to take us.” I joked, using air quotes when I said boyfriends.

Me and jasper had been married twice and Rosalie and Emmett had been married 3 times, but in public places like school we had to pretend to just be in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.

“I’d take me Rose anywhere.” said Emmett, kissing Rosalie’s cheek and draping his arm around her shoulders.

I smiled at the couple and felt Jaspers fingers entwine with mine under the table. Secretly telling me that he would go with me too.

I smiled at him and started picking at my food.

Would Edward really tell Tyler to ask Bella to prom?