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through my eyes

twilight was written in bella's POV... some people have done it in Edwards... but this is twilight in Alice's POV. EnJoY ! alice cullen

my first fic... plz be nice

12. my family, my home

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you need your permission slips in at least two days before we go”


Another field trip.

“the recycling plant…well, at least its educational.” I raised my eyebrow at Edwards comment and sighed, although I didn’t really need to, it was just a habit I had picked up from people at school.

“hey, we missing something here?” asked Emmett. I rolled my eyes and tuned out while Edward filled the other in on what I had seen.

I searched the future for anything interesting…

“Alice, can you please stop that!” I smiled a little and put on my innocent face.

“stop what, Edward?”

“repeating the French alphabet backwards. Whatever your looking for that you need to hide, just stop it.”

“fine, I -”

“how did you get in here?”

“the window” he replied simply.

“do you… do you do that a lot?”

“just the past few months… I like watching you sleep.”


“sorry, Edward. I wasn’t looking but I cant help what I see!”

“Edward, Alice, don’t argue over things that cant be controlled. You will need to get ready for school in half an hour and you have most have your classes together today, it would be pretty awkward if you weren’t talking.” Esmé ’s calming voice filled the room and I sighed, knowing she was right.

Standing up, I stretched and headed upstairs to shower.

Being a vampire meant I didn’t really have to bathe or shower often but, like the breathing and sighing, it was something I had just picked up.

I let the hot water flow over my body and relax my tense muscles.

How long had it been since I just stopped? Since I just forgot about everything that was going on around me and just relaxed?

Too long.

I reached for the shampoo and rubbed it into my short and spiky hair.

What would it be like to really feel the water so sensitively on my skin? How badly would it sting if I got soap in my eyes? Did I even use shampoo when I was human?

My thoughts drifted the life I had no memory about. Did I have a niece or nephew out there somewhere ?

What did my parents think when I had vanished, was change an easy aspect in their lives or did they think of me often ?

Stepping out of the shower, it didn’t take me long to dry off and dress in the outfit I had picked out during the night. Applying a little make-up and walked downstairs and saw Rosalie and Emmett sitting in one of the lounge chairs, the former sitting on the latter’s lap.

I could hear Esmé out in the garden and I knew that Jasper was reading in the study.

I looked around the room and saw Edward sitting in the corner. He gave me a sympathetic and apologetic smile. I smiled back at him, understanding why he would be apologetic, but why was he sympathetic, unless…

Then it clicked.

I had completely forgotten Edwards gift when I was thinking of my past life and since reading my mind, he probably felt sorry for me for not being able to remember anything that had happened to me before.

Edward, don’t feel sorry for me.

This is my family now… this is my home.