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through my eyes

twilight was written in bella's POV... some people have done it in Edwards... but this is twilight in Alice's POV. EnJoY ! alice cullen

my first fic... plz be nice

14. the trip and the date

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We climbed onto the bus, making sure to get the back seat so we could sit together, Me, Jazz and Edward.

Rosalie and Emmett were still hunting.

Once the coach was full, and our teacher had taken a head count of the amount of students, the loud roar of the coach could be heard and we started driving to the recycling plant.

“do you know why Emmett and Rosalie aren’t in school?” whispered Jessica to Angela, trying to keep her voice as low as possible so we wouldn’t hear, and if we were human we wouldn’t have; but due to our sensitive hearing we could hear loud and clear.

“I think they both have the flu, Jess.”

both of them?”

“yeah, didn’t I say both of them?” Jessica rolled her eyes and leaned closer to Angela so their conversation wouldn’t be heard by anyone, well, apart from me and my family of course.

“Angela, don’t you think that if one of them had the flu then the whole family would have it?”

“not if that one person was quarantined, the rest of the family were probably all in a different room.” that was so Angela, always seeing the best in everyone.

“then how does Rosalie have it?”

“I don’t know Jess, why don’t you ask them?” she replied, irritation obvious in her voice.

“because I know the answer, silly!” Angela merely sighed and indicated for Jess to continue.

“well we all know that all the Cullen’s are, like, together so im thinking, either Rosalie or Emmett originally got the flu and then passed it on to the other through… you know… intimacy.” when finished with her summarisation of why Emmett and Rosalie were ‘ill’, she shuddered and made a face.

Angela just sighed.

“look, Jess. They are both seniors, they are not related, they are of legal age to do that and quite frankly its no-ones business what they get up to in their own house, not mine not yours, not Alice’s, not Edwards, not Jaspers, or Dr. and Mrs Cullen. Just theirs.”

She genuinely thinks that, she’s not just saying it.

“of course, she has one of the kindest minds I have ever heard.” said Edward, replying to the thought that I had just been thinking.

“but, Angela, they live together, its weird.”

Angela just turned to face the window after replying with “its none of our business.” while jess replied with a ‘humph’

I guess not everyone at forks was a stuck up cow like some people (I.e. Lauren and Jess.)

Sooner than I thought we were at our destination and I saw the other coach pull up behind us.

There were so many people and I was nervous about Jasper, but he seemed to be doing fine so far and I couldn’t see anything bad happening, so I just relaxed and leaned into Jaspers side as we walked towards the entrance.

I just wondered around for a while, nothing that they could tell me today was something I didn’t already know.


“so why aren’t you going to the spring dance?”

“how did you know about that?”

“can you just; just answer the question?”

“well, you never answer any of mine, so… and you didn’t even say hi to me.”


“I…im going to port angeles that weekend, maybe go to the library and get some shopping done… why?”

As I came out of the vision I noticed that jasper had taken us aside, so the other students wouldn’t jump to conclusions when they saw that my eyes had clouded over and I was temporally unaware of anything that was going on around me.

“Alice?” I grinned at Jasper, I was just so happy and he could tell. Edward was taking her on a date! Well, driving her to port angeles but same thing!

I quickly explained what I had seen to Jasper as we were making our way out of the building.

“that’s wonderful.” said Jasper, snaking his arm around my petit waist.

I didn’t realise that Edward was behind us until he spoke at vampire volume to me and Jasper.

“that Jessica has one of he foulest minds I have ever heard… actually that’s not quite true but its still pretty disturbing. She’s trying to think of theories how only Emmett and Rosalie got the flu but keeps going back to the theory she told Angela on the bus. She is also thinking that Emmett could give her the flu any day.”

We all shuddered at that new piece of information.

Humans were so hormonal.