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through my eyes

twilight was written in bella's POV... some people have done it in Edwards... but this is twilight in Alice's POV. EnJoY ! alice cullen

my first fic... plz be nice

15. She, what !?

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AN: Thanks to everyone who was put up with me ! I know how annoying it is when you don’t get updates very regularly and it has been, like, forever since I updated this story. I’ve just been spending all my time making video’s for you tube recently and I know that’s not a decent excuse but before that I had tests and everything that I explained in my last AN, but anyhoo, im updating now so I wont waste any more of your time =)

BTW: this is set a couple of weeks later from the last chapter AND im kinda doing my own thing from now on, I mean, some chapters will fit in with the movie / book, but others wont… like this one.


“She WHAT!?” said Rosalie, appalled at this new piece of information.

“she worked it out.” replied Edward calmly, not making eye contact with any of us.

I couldn’t help the small smile that graced my lips as I saw Rosalie’s expression. It was one of utter shock, discomfort and, well, a tiny bit of fear.

“don’t worry, Rose.” I said calmly. “She wont tell anyone, I should know.”


“Rose, babe, come on. If Alice says that she wont tell, then she probably wont. And even if she does, what harm could she do? I mean they’ll probably lock her up in some mental asylum.” said Emmett.

I flinched.

True, I couldn’t remember much about my human life, but I remember the feelings.

I remember feeling alone, and cold.

And I remember the darkness.

I remember that there was no-one who cared, no-one who wanted me.

Jasper must have sensed a change in emotion, because not two seconds after my reminiscence, his hand encircled mine and gave it a light, but comforting squeeze

It was at that point that Carlisle chose to break the ice.

“Edward, how do you plan on going forward from here? Will you get to know her-” I had to hole back a snort at this, he’d get to know her in more ways than one if my visions were anything to go on. They’d be playing tonsil hockey before too long.

“- or do you plan to act like her discovery never happened?”

There was a moments pause before Edward answered.

“I think I’ll get to know her. Actually I might spend this Saturday with her.”

“But it’s the dance on Saturday!” I whined, I had seen an absolutely wonderful violet and electric blue dress in the mall that would look absolutely perfect with Bella’s skin tone. But I knew all too well that I would she would never get to dance in it.

“she doesn’t dance, Alice.”

I pouted playfully. My act was better than I had thought.

Of course I knew she didn’t dance, I am psychic after all.

But I couldn’t have Edward know that I knew his plans for the weekend, after all, after seeing the outcomes of those plans (the very intense tonsil hockey) he might decide that the plans needed changing, and I really didn’t want that to happen.

My big bro needs a little action after all this time.