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through my eyes

twilight was written in bella's POV... some people have done it in Edwards... but this is twilight in Alice's POV. EnJoY ! alice cullen

my first fic... plz be nice

2. his singer

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I sat in class, searching the future for anything that might happen when suddenly I dropped my pen onto my notebook.

At first I saw Edward breaking the necks of everyone in his class just to get to the tiny brunette girl sitting next to him, then I saw him luring her into the forest after school, bending down as if to kiss her, but then biting her neck.

I saw several other futures, all ending in Edward losing control. He had to get out of there.


I screamed inside my head, preying to any and all gods that Edward was listening.

Edward, you need to get out of there now. don’t throw away everything that Carlisle has built up for us. Please. Just think of her as a person, she has a father waiting for her to return home, wondering how her first day of school was. PLEASE DON’T LOSE CONTROL!

I repeated this message inside my head for the remaining 10 minutes, I was just thankful that he kept changing his mind, wondering what to do.

In the end, the bell went and I saw Edward running at a human pace, away from the girl and to the office, trying to change schedules.

I let out a sigh of relief and gathered my books, then headed towards the cars.

It didn’t surprise me to find Edwards Volvo already gone, so I joined the others near Emmett’s Jeep.

They looked at me and Rosalie was about to ask where Edward had gone but I silenced her with my hand.

“I’ll tell you on the way.” I said, silent enough so that no-one would hear it apart from my family.

When we were out of the school, I explained to the others how I had seen Edward lose control and kill Bella, and that he was going to Tanya’s coven for a few days until he was in control of his bloodlust again.

There was a brief moment of silence in the Jeep until it was broken by my Jasper.

“he better not take too long. Esme hates it when one of us is away for a while.”

“he better not take too long.” interrupted Emmett, “he still owes me an arm wrestle !”

It only took a few seconds for us all to be laughing uncontrollably, thanks to Jasper who took a long time to calm down, probably due to the fact that he was sitting next to Emmett who found his joke funnier than it should have been.

Once we were all calm enough to talk again, I turned to face Emmett.

“that was inappropriate, Emmett. Edward will take as long as he needs, what you don’t seem to realise is that Edward has found his singer.” I said, putting pressure on the word ‘singer.’ I wasn’t mad at him, but I needed him to know that if he made any comments like that around Carlisle or Esme, they would not find it funny.

Knowing Edward, he had probably went to see Carlisle at the hospital on his way to Denali.

He would know all about it, and he will probably be the one to tell Esme.

Edward was their first son, and they would take this VERY seriously.