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through my eyes

twilight was written in bella's POV... some people have done it in Edwards... but this is twilight in Alice's POV. EnJoY ! alice cullen

my first fic... plz be nice

4. Bella's lullaby

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Bella was sitting on Edwards lap, they were in a small room with the pale forks sun poking its way through curtained windows. She buried her face into his shoulder.

“what did I say?” she asked, clearly embarrassed .

“you said you loved me.” he replied, still smiling.

“well you already knew that.”

I shook my head a few times to clear the vision from my mind.

Edward had called 2 and a half hours ago to tell us he was coming home. It was now 2:55am, he should be home any minute.

As if on queue, I heard a car slowing on the motorway, then pulling up in our driveway.

Esme was first to the door, followed closely by Carlisle. They had both missed their son very much.

As soon as the door was open. Edward was engulfed by Esme in a hug that would have killed a normal human. Luckily for Edward, he didn’t need to breath.

“Welcome home, son.” whispered Esme.

As soon as Edward was free of Esme, Carlisle gave him a pat on the shoulder and said “its good to have you home.”

During their little reunion, I had cleared my head and pushed any thoughts about Edward and Bella to the back of my mind, hoping Edward wouldn’t think to look there.

I jumped up and was at Edwards side in the blink of an eye.

I wrapped my arms around his waist in a sibling hug and told him I was glad he was back.

After a few seconds, Emmett and Rosalie came down the stairs.

“Yo bro, your back! I can finally have a fair wrestling match. Jaspers no good, he keeps making me feel guilty when I tackle him.” we all laughed at this.

Emmett was obsessed with wrestling when he had spare time. (which was basically every night.)

There wasn’t really a point in challenging any of us in a fair fight. We all knew Emmett would win that without any trouble at all.

Jasper, who had been hunting in the woods, chose that moment to enter the house.

He looked for a few seconds at the 6 laughing vampires with slight confusion, until he too was laughing as hard as the rest of us.

After a few minutes, we all calmed down a little.

“What was all that about?” asked Jasper, gasping for breath that he didn’t need.

“Edward came home and the only reason Emmett was happy to see him was that he knew that he could now have decent wrestling matches.” said Rosalie simply.

Rolling his eyes, Edward walked over to his piano and started playing.

This was a new song, so sweet and thoughtful that you felt it was almost too private to listen to.

When the song ended, everyone was speechless. Finally, Esme broke the deafening silence. “that was…beautiful, Edward. What is it called?”

A small smile broke out on Edwards face that he quickly hid. But it dod not go unnoticed by the rest of us.

“Bella’s lullaby.” said Edward standing up. “its called ‘Bella’s lullaby’ ” and this time, Edward didn’t bother to hide the smile that spread across his unique features. Because everyone was smiling with him.

Everyone except for Rosalie.