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through my eyes

twilight was written in bella's POV... some people have done it in Edwards... but this is twilight in Alice's POV. EnJoY ! alice cullen

my first fic... plz be nice

8. the car

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On the way back to the house, the car was unusually quiet.

Usually, Emmett’s booming laughter would fill the car and thanks to Jaspers ability, we would all be laughing hysterically.

Today that was not the case.

Edward had doubled back on himself after saving Bella and we had started the ride home in silence and now, after a full 8 minutes of driving, it was still silent.

Suddenly, a long shrill whistle pierced the air.

I turned to look at the source of the surprising noise and realised it had been Emmett that had broken the silence.

After a moment more of silence, the car was suddenly filled with noise. Everyone was talking over each other, trying to be heard.

“why did you do that!?” hissed Rosalie

“dude, this is seriously weird and wrong” said Emmett

“she can ruin everything!” continued Rose

“calm down babe.” said Emmett, trying to calm his inflamed wife.

From the corner of my eye I could see Edward set his jaw, trying not to show the anger that was oblivious to our other siblings, save Jasper.

Rosalie and Emmett’s argument was cut short by Jasper, who obviously couldn’t take all the mixed up emotions right now.

“can everyone just shut up!?” he yelled, his hands covering each ear as if he had the worst ear ache… he probably did.

“sorry Jazz.” muttered Emmett. He had obviously forgotten Jaspers ability and the guilt was clear on his face and on Edwards. Rosalie was a different matter.

It was obvious that her feelings, besides Edwards, were the most jumbled up.

She hated change, we all knew that. She would hate it if Bella came into our life, or at least she would act that way. Secretly she would be happy for Edward and happy that she had another sister but she was just too stubborn and too proud to admit it.

As soon as the Volvo was parked safely, Emmett darted inside to get some peace and quiet. Jasper on the other hand could sense that me, Rosalie and Edward had to talk so he gave my hand a squeeze and walked at a fast human (slow vampire) pace towards the house.

As soon as Jasper was in the house, Edward turned around and was about to start running until Rosalie stopped him.

“and where do you think you are going ?” she asked, the venom (metaphorically speaking) dripping in her voice.

“to the hospital, to see if she’s ok” was his simple reply. I could tell Rosalie was about to say something so I gave her a warning look to say ‘keep your mouth shut’. although I knew it wouldn’t do any good. Whatever she was going to say to Edward, she could just think it instead.

Edwards low growl confirmed what I had just been thinking and I knew that whatever Rose had said, it wasn’t good.

“well…” I said, trying to let Edward know that he wasn’t the only one who liked the poor human. “if your going to the hospital to see Bella.” when I said her name, too reactions happened, 1 - Edward smiled and 2 - Rosalie hissed.

“then im coming with you. I care about her too.”

And it was true.

I wasn’t just saying it for Edwards sake.

I really did like my new little sister, even if Edward didn’t like the idea of her being so and I wasn’t going to let Edward go to the hospital alone.

Plus Carlisle needed telling.

After a few seconds Rosalie finished the conversation.

“and your not getting rid of me that easily, our argument isn’t finished yet.”

And with that, we raced to the hospital…