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The Last Element

Weeks before Bella's graduation, Alice has a vision of 3 vampires wanting something to do with Bella. Days after Bella's graduation, she is turned and troubles arise.

Disclaimer: I do not own the books Twilight or New Moon. They belong to Stephenie Meyer. Nor do I own the characters!
Hi. This is my first fanfic for this book. So suggestions are appriciated greatly. **Edit** 1-25-07 I realize that I did not go into much detail about the 3 mysterious vampires, but as the story progresses, I will explain their features much more clearly. That was just a vision. I am so sorry for not updating Chapter 4. I reccently had 2 friends killed in a car wreck. I'm not really up to posting anything right now, but after the funerals, I will. I'm terribly sorry for the wait. Please forgive me.

1. Chapter 1-- The Vision

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Besides the fact that, I was still grounded, life was good. I had everything I wanted. Almost. I had Alice, Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, Jasper, and even Rosalie (even though we still weren’t quite the very best of friends), Charlie, and last but certainly not least, my Edward. However, I still had not gotten my wish to be like Edward and his family. I was hoping that Edward would give in soon

Charlie still wasn’t exactly speaking to Edward, but Charlie did manage a hello to him when he brought me home so often from school. Edward would be seen out of the house by Charlie after I was allowed to spend one hour with him. But almost every night, Edward would sneak back into my room, after being sure that Charlie was asleep. We would sit on my bed and talk for hours. I often drifted off to sleep while Edward hummed my lullaby. Every time I awoke, I saw Edward staring at me with so much love in his eyes.

One morning, I got up to find Edward was not here. I gave a small frown, but continued to get dressed for school. It was usual to not have Edward with me when I awake, but it was at the same time, it felt unusual. I put on a regular blue short sleeved shirt and some jeans.

I walked back into my room to look at my calendar. I stopped and stared at the date. I had only 3 weeks until graduation. Which meant in 3 weeks I’d become one of the Cullens. I knew Edward didn’t want to change me, but what option did he have? His family took a vote and said they thought it best that I become one of them.

I shrugged my shoulders and made my way down the stairs to the kitchen. Charlie was up and looking in the refrigerator. He mumbled something about not having any milk for cereal. “Hi, Dad,” I said. He looked up and saw me and said, “ Good morning, Bells. Sleep well?” I gave a nod and remembered how Edward had held me all night last night and hummed quietly in my ear.

I grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl and took a bite. Charlie gave up on the search for milk and turned to me and said, “Looks like after work I’ll be going grocery shopping.” “I’ve got a project due in my Lit class, Charlie. I’ve got to work on it when I get home.” Yes, that was a lie, but I wasn’t going to tell him that I was planning on visiting the Cullen household right after school.

I checked the clock and finished up my apple and said, “Alright. I’m leaving. See you tonight, Dad.” “Bye, Bells.” I rushed outside the house and saw Edward leaning against my truck. He smiled at me. The smile that I had became so familiar with after being with him for more than a year. I went to him and wrapped my arms around his neck. His grin spread across his face and he lowered his lips to mine ever so gently.

“You didn’t have to leave last night, Edward,” I said quietly. He looked at me with those dark eyes and said, “ Of course I did. I had to at least try to change my family’s mind about making you one of us. Sadly, I failed. So now.. I have 3 weeks to try and change your mind.” I rolled my eyes and said, “Edward, I’m not changing my mind. I want to be with you forever.” “But seeing you through that pain would drive me crazy, Bella. I don’t think I could bare to watch it.”

“Then you can leave the room,” I said grinning. That remark earned me a cold, hard glare from Edward. I grabbed Edward’s hand and said, “Okay, let’s drop the subject. For now at least.” Edward opened up the passenger door of my truck. I jumped in and buckled up. Edward was already in my truck, starting it up and backing out of the driveway, heading toward the school.

He parked my truck and came around my to my door and opened it. I came out and saw Alice rushing over to us. “Edward! Bella!” She shouted. She gave Edward a hug and me a peck on the cheek, followed by a hug. “You’re still coming over tonight right, Bella?” “Of course I am, Alice,” I responded. Edward grabbed my hand and we walked to our first class.

The day went by faster then I expected. Edward drove me to his house. He parked the truck and just sat there looking straight ahead. I reached for his hand and said, “Edward, are you alright?”

“Of course I am, Bella,” I barely heard him say this, but he continued, “I’m just thinking.” “What are you thinking of?” I inquired. He looked at me now. “Of life without you.” My heart skipped a beat. Suddenly, I remembered how I felt the last time he left me. ‘It will be as if I never existed.’ My world had turned dark before I had become so close to Jacob Black.

He must have seen the look of horror on my face, because he immediately pulled me close to him and said, “Bella, oh my dear Bella. I promised I would never leave you again and I wont break that promise. Never ever. I love you too much to walk away. What I meant was I was thinking of if I were to bite you, what if something went wrong and you never made it. And to see you go through that pain for nothing…” he didn’t even bother finishing his sentence.

I stared at him with glazed eyes and said, “Edward, Carlisle could be with you. He would if you asked him. He cares about me, too, Edward. As does the rest of your family.” I gave his hand a gentle squeeze and I leaned over and kissed his cheek. “I love you, Edward.” “And I love you, too, Bella. Come on. They know we’re here, we’d better get inside before Alice goes crazy.”

We got out of my truck and headed into the Cullen house. I was greeted with hugs and kisses on the cheek by the family. Carlisle had motioned for Edward to follow him. He gave me a quick squeeze on my arm and said, “I’ll be right back.” I watched him follow Carlisle into a different room.

“Bella!” I didn’t have to look around to see who it was. “Emmett!” I called back. He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tightly. My heart rate sped up. “Emmett… can’t.. breathe..!” I managed to get out. “Oops.. Sorry, Bella.” He let me go and immediately I felt my heart rate return to normal. Jasper was standing with Alice and Rosalie was standing back watching Emmett and I. Emmett walked over to Rosalie and wrapped his arm around her waist and whispered something in her ear.

Esme came out from the kitchen and said, “Bella! So good to see you again. How are you, dear?” I smiled and said, “I’m just fine. What about you?” “Oh, I’m great.”

After a few minutes, Edward returned with Carlisle following. Carlisle greeted me with a hug and said, “Good to see you, Bella.” “You, too.”

Edward grabbed my hand and said, “Come, Bella.” Edward pulled me up stairs and into his room. We sat down on his couch. Neither of us said anything for a while. He just held my hand and rubbed my hand with his icy fingers.

“Edward, what did Carlisle want?” I finally asked, breaking the silence. He looked down and said, “Alice told him that she had a vision last night. It wasn’t too detailed, but it was enough to make Carlisle worried.” Maybe he was waiting for me to say something, but I couldn’t say anything. He looked at me and said, “Alice had a vision about three more vampires. Not from around here. But they hold unusual powers, Bella. Powers that could be used for good things and bad, but these vampires use them for evil. And Bella.. They..” for some reason he couldn’t finish his sentence. Like the pain of having to tell me was costing him. I squeezed his hand, hoping that it would comfort him.

“Bella.. The vision with those three vampires.. They want you to join their clan.”

But before I could say anything, Edward added, “Bella, I want you to know that I wont let them come near you. You have my word on that.” I knew he meant it. Just by the look in his eyes, and the way he said it in that musical voice. He pressed his lips to mine once again, and my heart started beating faster. I wondered if I’d ever get use to that.

Edward and I sat up in his room until it was time for me to go. He didn't even bother in asking if he could drive me home. He already knew I'd let him.

He parked the truck in the driveway and said,"Better hurry, Bella. Charlie is near." I bit my lip and asked,"Will you stay with me tonight?" Edward smiled sweetly and replied,"You know I will."

I grinned and ran into the house and waited for Charlie to come in. When he did, I put up the groceries and told Charlie that I was going to bed early. I raced upstairs to the bathroom and changed as quickly as possible.

When I entered my room, I saw Edward sitting on my bed waiting for me. I crossed the room and sat beside him. He dropped his cold arm around my shoulder and I rested my head on his shoulder.

Before I knew it, I was already under the covers listening to him hum my lullaby quietly in my ear. Soon I was fast asleep.