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The Last Element

Weeks before Bella's graduation, Alice has a vision of 3 vampires wanting something to do with Bella. Days after Bella's graduation, she is turned and troubles arise.

Disclaimer: I do not own the books Twilight or New Moon. They belong to Stephenie Meyer. Nor do I own the characters!
Hi. This is my first fanfic for this book. So suggestions are appriciated greatly. **Edit** 1-25-07 I realize that I did not go into much detail about the 3 mysterious vampires, but as the story progresses, I will explain their features much more clearly. That was just a vision. I am so sorry for not updating Chapter 4. I reccently had 2 friends killed in a car wreck. I'm not really up to posting anything right now, but after the funerals, I will. I'm terribly sorry for the wait. Please forgive me.

2. Chapter 2-- Graduation

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As weeks went by, we still heard nothing from Alice about the three unknown vampires. I assumed that they were gone since Alice had said nothing more about them. Edward, however, didn't believe they were gone, but he did let me out of his sight more frequently than usual. It seemed that everyone around me was changing. Not in a bad way. They were just loosening up. Charlie was even being a bit nicer to Edward. Maybe Charlie understood, finally, that Edward and I were meant to be together.

The last day of school was like the first day of becoming an adult. The whole day consisted of signing each other's annuals. After all that had happened between Jessica and me months ago, she still wanted me to sign her annual. Which all the annuals I signed were signed with the same phrase. Except for two. Even though I knew I'd never leave Edward and Alice, I still signed their annuals. Alice's had read how glad I was to have her as a friend and how much I appreciated and loved her. In Edward's I had gone into so much depth and thought. I wrote my heart on two pages. Only for Edward's yearbook did I do that.

Edward and I were thinking about the next day, after graduation. He hadn't said much to me for the past two days because he was probably coming up with a plan to make me change my mind. At lunch that day, he was talking with Alice and started emphasizing words that would cause pain. Sensing that he was intending for me to get scared, I said, "You know, Alice, I never react the way a real human should. I never scare easily. Isn't it funny how people often think that?" Alice laughed out loud, reaching across the table to pat my hand. Edward narrowed his eyes at Alice and said,” Stop laughing. It's not funny." Alice glared back at Edward and said, "Oh, my bad. You're absolutely right. Not funny at all. How stupid of me for laughing." Edward turned and looked at me. I smiled innocently and grabbed his hand under the table. His features softened and he smiled back.

When he stopped his car in my driveway after school that day, we again sat there in complete silence. It was as if neither of us wanted to say what was on our mind, even thought we both knew we were thinking the same exact thing. Finally, after a long silence, Edward said," Bella, are you sure this is what you want?" Before I could say yes, he added,” I need you to be absolutely 100 percent sure. Because once you're one of us, you can't ever go back to the way you were." I rolled my eyes. I didn't like it how he was talking to me like I was a special person. "Edward, I want to be with you forever. If that means I have to be eternally damned then so be it. I love you and I'll do whatever is takes to be with you, Edward Cullen. Don't ask me if I'm sure this is what I want. You know as well as I do how much I want this." When I was finished neither of us said anything. The silence dragged on for what seemed like forever.

Edward looked at the steering wheel and said, "Alright, Bella. Tomorrow at twilight, you will begin your transformation." Happiness seared through me after he said that. I turned his face to look at mine and said," Edward, I love you. Thank you." I pushed my face to his and our lips met. There went my heart again. Taking off like a rabbit was being caught in the line of sight by the predator. At twilight tomorrow I'd begin the transformation into becoming one of the Cullens. I could only pray that tomorrow's twilight came sooner than usual.

On the morning of graduation, I was woken up by Charlie. "Bella... wake up," He said, shaking my shoulder gently. I grumbled and rolled over to my stomach. Charlie sighed and shook me again. "Bells wake up. Someone is here to see you." I sat up quickly and said,” Who?" "Dr. Cullen. Get dressed and come downstairs," Charlie ordered.

I quickly showered and dressed. I walked down the stairs thankful that I didn't trip and fall face first. I glanced at Carlisle and smiled. "Good morning, Bella. Let's take a walk," He said. We walked outside. It wasn't too terribly sunny, but the sun still shone through the clouds. We walked through the woods near my house. Carlisle looked relaxed, but he came here for a reason. "Bella, Edward told me that you still want to go through with the transformation," Carlisle started. I didn't speak, because he wasn't finished from what it sounded like.

"Bella, I'm here ad your friend and Edward's father. I'm assuming Edward told you at twilight tonight, the transformation would begin, correct?" I nodded and waited for him to continue. "Yes. Bella, my dear Bella… I don't have to remind you that my boy loves you, do I?" I shook my head and said," No, Carlisle. I love him more than anything." Carlisle smiles at me and embraced me in a hug.

"You'll have no choice, Bella." he said quietly. "Have no choice to what?" I asked. Carlisle just smiled and said,” You’ll find out. Right before twilight." With that, he was gone.

As I sat next to Edward, in our cap and gowns, I grabbed his hand and squeezed it several times. When they began calling names out, I started getting butterflies in my stomach. Like when I saw Edward in sunlight for the first time. It felt incredible. When they called Edward's name, I clapped and cheered for him. When he was back next to me, he brought our faces together and pressed his lips to mine.

After what seemed like forever, they called my name. I got up and started walking. I had to look down at me feet so I wouldn't trip. I received my diploma and made it back to my seat next to Edward in one piece.

We kissed again as I sat down. When it was all over, Edward and I walked to Charlie, where I was greeted with a bear hug and a bouquet of roses. "Congrats, Bella!" he said with tears in his eyes. "Thanks, dad." "Bella!! We did it!!" I turned and saw Alice. I hugged her and said,” We did it!!" Charlie gave Alice the same bear hug he gave me and shook Edward's hand after. Alice went off to talk to more friends of hers. When Charlie saw an old friend he walked over to go talk to him. I felt Edward stiffen up and heard a low growl erupt from his throat. I grabbed his arm and whispered, "What is it?" "Newton..." he grumbled. As he said that, Mike came up to us. "Hey, Bella. Edward, do you think I could talk to Bella? Alone?" Edward growled again and walked off.

"What are you doing tonight, Bella?" Crap! Mike was basically asking me to go with him tonight. And he had to ask, even though the answer would always be no.
"Oh, I have a get together with some relatives. Then I'm hanging out with the Cullens," I said. Mike frowned and said, "Oh. Okay. Maybe we'll see each other this summer. I'll talk to you later." As Mike walked away, Edward stopped him and said something to him that I couldn't hear. I saw Edward's lips move, but they were moving too fast for me to comprehend what he was saying. I saw Mike nod and watched him run off.

When Edward came back to me, I leaned up close to his ear and whispered,” What did you say to Mike?"

"I told him that you will never be able to attend a party with him, because you are to spend the rest of your existence with me. And if I ever saw him speak to you again, I'd kill him." I glared at Edward and said," You better be joking about that second part." Edward smiled at me and said," I am."

After graduation, Alice, Edward, and I went back to my house. Edward has claimed that it was time Charlie and he work out their issues. Alice had dragged me off to my room so I wouldn't hear Edward and Charlie. Alice was treating me like her human Barbie doll again. Fixing my hair and doing my make-up. "Alice, I have a question." Alice stopped tugging on my hair and said,” What is it, Bella?" I sighed and said,” Should I be scared about tonight?" Alice waited a moment and said," Well, it's very painful. But from what I've learned, you're not afraid of pain." I had a flashback of the time when Jacob tried to teach me to ride my motorcycle. The time when I jumped off that cliff. No, I wasn't afraid of pain. Just afraid if I never made it.

"Is there a good chance I'll make it, Alice?" I asked. Alice reached for my hand and said,” There is a high percent for turning into one of us for people who are around your age. Babies and Elders have a low percent for survival. You'll be alright, Bella. I promise"

"Bella! Can you come downstairs?" Charlie asked. I looked at Alice and bit my lips. Alice mimicked my expression, but grinned at me behind my back as I walked out of my room. I descended down the stairs with Alice behind me and saw Edward and Charlie standing up.

"Bella, this boy loves you. I'd be stupid to keep you two separated," Charlie started. I glanced at Edward and saw him looking at Alice who was grinning. She looked so happy about something. Edward smiled back at Alice and I focused back on Charlie. "Bella, Edward has requested for your hand in marriage. Before you say anything, let me tell you this, Bells. I've never seen you look happier when you're around Edward. By the look in his eyes, I know he loves you as much as you love him. I've granted his request, Isabella. I believe you two were meant for each other and I am not going to destroy something so beautiful that I see very clearly between you two." I walked over and hugged Charlie, but looked at Edward over my dad's shoulder. Edward smiled at me and I smiled back, loving him more than ever.

Charlie let me go and I walked to Edward. He wrapped his arms around me and held me close. I closed my eyes and heard him hum my lullaby quietly so only I could hear (of course Alice, being a vampire with super sensitive hearing, could hear it too).

"I love you, Bella. More than anyone. You are the only one fore me. Marry me, Bella." I looked at Edward with tears in my eyes. "Yes, Edward Cullen. I will!"