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The Last Element

Weeks before Bella's graduation, Alice has a vision of 3 vampires wanting something to do with Bella. Days after Bella's graduation, she is turned and troubles arise.

Disclaimer: I do not own the books Twilight or New Moon. They belong to Stephenie Meyer. Nor do I own the characters!
Hi. This is my first fanfic for this book. So suggestions are appriciated greatly. **Edit** 1-25-07 I realize that I did not go into much detail about the 3 mysterious vampires, but as the story progresses, I will explain their features much more clearly. That was just a vision. I am so sorry for not updating Chapter 4. I reccently had 2 friends killed in a car wreck. I'm not really up to posting anything right now, but after the funerals, I will. I'm terribly sorry for the wait. Please forgive me.

4. Chapter 4-- The Hunting Trip

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Bella’s POV

He was staring at me. I had no idea why. Had I said something that made him angry? “Edward…” I whispered. I sat up and realized that the pain had vanished. Edward was still staring at me and I grew annoyed. “What is it?” I asked. “You’re eyes…they’re red and you’re pale. I need Carlisle.” I reached out with such speed that it surprised both Edward and I. I grabbed his hand and said, “Please, Edward. I’ve been unconscious for three days and I haven’t been able to see your face.” Edward sat beside me and whispered, “I didn’t know how much more of the screams I could take, Bella. They were excruciating and unbearable.”

“Shh, Edward. Let’s don’t talk about it, please. It’s done and over with. I’m here now.”
There was a knock at the door. “It’s open,” Edward replied. The door opened and Carlisle came in. “Ah, Bella. You’re up. Let me just have a look and see if everything went well.”
More poking and prodding except it wasn’t for make-up. It was doctor poking and prodding. When he was done, he looked at Edward and I and said, “Your transformation is complete, Bella. Edward, I suggest that you take Bella out for a few days. Find some food for her so she isn’t hungry.” “Yes, Carlisle.” Edward responded.
We stood and walked out of the room.

As we started on our way out, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie were waiting. “Bella! You’re up!” Alice said enthusiastically. I smiled at Alice and said, “Yep. We’re on our way out. We’ll be back in a day or so.”

Alice caught sight of the ring on my finger and grabbed my hand and said, “Isabella Marie Swan!” If I wasn’t a vampire, I would’ve blushed. She turned her gaze to Edward and said, “You did tell me you got her a ring.” Edward smiled and said, “I didn’t tell anyone but Carlisle.” “Does this mean I get to help with the wedding?” Alice asked. All I turned to me. I bit my lip and said, “Um… Sure.” Jasper got up and patted me on the back and said, “Good luck telling her to back off now. She won’t quit even if you tell her to.”

Emmett and Rosalie got up as well. Emmett hugged me. I didn’t feel as though my lungs would crush like I use to. I simply hugged him back with just as much force. Emmett released me and I stood next to Edward and admired my new family.

Rosalie didn’t hug me, instead she stood back from me and said, “Congratulations, Bella and Edward. I’m happy for you.” I smiled at Rosalie and said, “Thank you, Rosalie.” Edward grabbed my hand, eager to leave. “We must be off. We’ll be back,” He said. He tugged me out the front door and into his shiny Volvo.

* * *
Edward took me somewhere isolated. He had said that people rarely came here. “Do you come here often?” I asked. “Not lately, I haven’t, but now that you’re a vampire, we’ll come here to hunt almost every time.” “Edward, when will I know what my power is?” I asked. Edward looked at me and said, “I’m not sure, Bella. Could be days maybe even weeks. You just have to search for it.”

The next day on our hunting trip, Edward became attentive. He stopped paying attention to me and kept looking toward the woods cautiously. “Bella… do you smell that?” he asked finally. I stopped and sniffed the air. An aroma that smelled like fire filled my head. “Does it smell like fire?” I asked. Edward nodded and said, “Someone is coming, Bella. Get behind me now.” I, surprisingly, obeyed him without arguing and got behind him, peaking around his shoulder to see who was coming.

Suddenly a figure did approach out of the woods. I couldn’t make out the figure’s features, but the figure was very tall. “Can I help you?” asked Edward. The figure was still walking toward us, and said, “No, I’m just wandering aimlessly.” The figure sounded obviously male. As the man came closer, I could see his features coming into focus. His eyes were like fire. They were a light orange and his hair was almost the exact same color as his eyes. His hair was tousled and scruffy looking. He was pale just like Edward and I. He had dark purple shadows under his eyes. He had prominent features were remarkably beautiful, just like Edward‘s.

He caught sight of me and his eyes narrowed. Edward blocked his gaze and said, “We’re just hunting. No need to stop.” The man had stopped in front of Edward and gazed down at him. “You‘re not going to find any humans out here. They rarely come out here” He said. Edward nodded and said, “Yes, I’m aware of that.” The man cocked his head to the side and asked, “You’re not one of those “vegetarian” vampires, are you?” Edward nodded again and said, “Yes, we are.” “Wow… how extraordinary! I’ve never met a vampire that feeds on animals. I knew they existed, but wow! To come across two vampires that feed off of animals is… quite amazing. Please, you two must meet my other two friends. They’d love to meet you.” Edward looked a little surprised at the man. “Um… we can’t. We’re heading home today. No time for stops.”

“Such a shame. I must say your companion has a very alluring scent,” The man said. Edward stiffened, but didn’t show any signs of attacking the man. “I’m sorry, I don’t know your name,” Edward said. “Where are my manners. My name is Dante Kelton,” he replied. Edward shifted so I could be seen more and said, “This is Bella and I’m Edward.” Dante took a step forward and grasped my hand and kissed my knuckles and said, “It’s a pleasure, Bella.” This time Edward did give a low growl, but I barley heard him growl. My eyes glazed over and I felt the heat from a fire. I could smell it, too. I heard screams from a little boy. He was crying, shouting, shrieking. I then saw the boy standing near a house that was burning down. He was on his hands and knees crying, praying that his parents were safe. A fire fighter slowly emerged from the flames that were eating the house. He walked over to the boy and simply shook his head. The boy broke down in tears. Suddenly my vision focused back to Dante and Edward. “Oh, I see. You two are together,” Dante said. “Yes, we are,” Edward said.

Dante looked at me and said, “Well, Bella. It was lovely meeting you. Maybe we will meet up again soon.” Dante smiled at me one last time and turned to Edward and said, “It was good to meet you, too, Edward.” Dante turned and walked away. When Dante was out of sight, Edward turned to me and said, “Come on, Bella. Let’s get out of here.” He put his hand on the small of my back and we walked back to his hidden Volvo.