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The Last Element

Weeks before Bella's graduation, Alice has a vision of 3 vampires wanting something to do with Bella. Days after Bella's graduation, she is turned and troubles arise.

Disclaimer: I do not own the books Twilight or New Moon. They belong to Stephenie Meyer. Nor do I own the characters!
Hi. This is my first fanfic for this book. So suggestions are appriciated greatly. **Edit** 1-25-07 I realize that I did not go into much detail about the 3 mysterious vampires, but as the story progresses, I will explain their features much more clearly. That was just a vision. I am so sorry for not updating Chapter 4. I reccently had 2 friends killed in a car wreck. I'm not really up to posting anything right now, but after the funerals, I will. I'm terribly sorry for the wait. Please forgive me.

6. Chapter 6--The Intruder

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"Bella, can you look into my past?" Alice asked.

I groaned at her. "I don't have to touch your hand to see what happened in your past," I explained to her. "I know... but please." I sighed and reached out and touched her hand.

I saw James and the tracking he did to get her, but Carlisle's image replaced James. I watched Carlisle save Alice. Then there was Jasper. I could literally feel the love flow through me. I focused back on Alice's face and asked,"Happy now?" "Very."

As we were walking down the hall, we stopped abruptly when we heard notes being played on the piano. We stood at the top of the stairs and peered down. "Come on.." Alice urged. When I got to the last step, I saw Edward. He was sitting at the piano, looking like a god.

As I watched him play, I realized I was more relaxed than ever when I heard him play. Every nerve in my body relaxed. I stared at him with love in my eyes, while Alice watched quietly. Edward must've heard Alice's thoughts, because he looked up and saw us two.

"Bella, my love." He scooted over to make room for me on the piano bench and patted the empty space. I gladly went over and sat next to him.Alice

grinned and quietly said,"I'll just let you two be alone." I smiled at her and watched her go. Edward wrapped an arm around my waist and whispered,"I wont let you go. Ever. Even if you beg." "It's a good thing that I don't want you to let me go then." I leaned my head against his shoulder.

"When would you like to get married?" He asked.

I looked up at him and said,"It doesn't matter, Edward. Just as long as we marry."

"Tomorrow, then."
"Tomorrow? Edward, I don't even have a gown or anything."
"Well I don't plan on waiting too long, Bella. The sooner we wed, the better."
"Edward, I love you."
"I love you, too. More than you know. You're my everything." There was a short pause then he continued,"I want to show you something. Come with me."

He got up and lead me to the door. Once outside, we quickly got to the car and he opened the passenger door for me and helped me in. When he got in the car, he started it and left the Cullen house.

He drove us to the same place right before you walk to the meadow. We did the same routine as before, except I ran along side Edward. That was exhilarating! Edward grabbed my hand as we slowed down. He pulled me out into the sunlight. I watched my skin start to glitter just as Edward's was doing.

"Bella, I want to get married here," He explained looking at me. I stared right back at him and said,"I'd love to get married here with you. This is perfect." Edward grabbed my left hand and raised it up to look at the ring.

"It suits you," He said admiringly. I smiled and added," Yes, I'm growing rather fond of this ring." Edward chuckled and brought me closer. He leaned down so his forehead rested against mine. Our lips a whisper away. I waited for my heart rate to being soaring, but I remembered that it would never again soar like it once had.

I looked up at Edward and closed the small space between our lips and pressed mine to his. I still felt my head spin, but my heart would never again beat rapidly like it had done before.Before

I could respond to Edward's action, he pulled back and growled loudly. At this, I looked up and sniffed the air. A familiar smell entered my nose. It smelled like honey. I could almost taste it on my tongue. Edward puled me behind him and blocked my view. It was déjà vu all over again. "Stay quiet, Bella," He ordered me.I

hushed and said not a word. My eyes scanned the area but saw nothing.

"Show yourself!" Edward shouted. Rustling of leaves came from one direction and a snap of a twig came from another. Edward started spinning in a circle at every sound. Then suddenly a low laugh erupted. Neither of us knew where or who it came from. Edward let out another growl.

"Please, I mean you no harm," A voice said," I only wish to speak with Bella Swan." Edward growled louder and replied,"You're a coward if you choose to hide and not let us see who you truly are."

"Oh, am I?"

Edward and I turned at the same time and saw a man with dark eyes and hair as silky as honey. It was neatly kept, unlike Edward's. Parted down the middle, stopped just above his ears. I looked at his face and stood stunned. It resembled Dante quite a bit.

Could this be his brother? I asked myself.

"What do you want with Bella?" Edward asked.
"Only to talk."
"You are allowed to talk to her, however, I will not leave her side. I have every right to hear what you say to her."
"Very well then."

Edward stepped to the side and I saw the man clearly.

"Ah, we finally meet, Bella. I am Damon Kelton, Dante's brother," He purred, reaching for my hand. I jerked my hand back before he could touch it and looked at him and said," Please, it's better if you don't touch me." Edward glared at Damon and held his tongue.

"As you wish. Shall I get down to business, then?" he inquired. Edward and I nodded.

"Dante has requested that you leave your family here and join ours." Edward opened his mouth, but I silenced him with a cold, dark look.
"I am sorry, Damon. I cannot, I will not, leave my life here. The Cullens are my family and I'll never leave them."

"Bella," he laughed," I'm afraid you don't understand. Once Dante makes his mind up, there is absolutely no way to change it. Dante's requests are commands, my dear. He wont let you refuse."
Edward clenched his jaw and growled again.
I looked at Damon and with a cool voice, I said,"Well, I'm sorry. You'll have to tell him that i have other obligations. And I have no intention of joining his clan. No offense, Damon."

"You can't turn his offer down that easily, Bella. He wont let you get away that quickly," He said quietly. I turned and started to walk away, and when Damon followed after me, Edward cut him off. He snarled at him, daring him to take another step.

I turned and saw them both staring each other down. "She said no, Damon. Tell Dante to find someone else," Edward hissed.

"That's not possible, Edward. Dante believes that Bella is the one who can destroy the Volturi."
"Damon, the Volturi are impossible to destroy. Dante better give up on trying to defeat them. And we have no quarrel with the Volturi. So, Bella will not be joining your clan. Goodbye, Damon."

Edward turned and walked to me. We started toward the Volvo but after a few minutes of silence we head footsteps behind us. "He just wont give up, will he?"

Edward turned and saw no one.

"Bella, go get in the car."
"No, I'm not leaving you."

"How can you be certain that the Volturi cannot be destroyed? Has your clan tried, Edward?" Damon asked. We couldn't see him, but heard his voice echo around us.
"Give it up, Damon! The Volturi are the most powerful family. You'd never succeed in destroying them even if Bella joined your family. You be sure to tell Dante that if I ever see him, or you for that matter, following Bella, I'll kill him." Damon glared at Edward and bared his teeth.
"Dante will get what he wants. He always does. He's never wrong."

"Well he's wrong about Bella and the Volturi. Bella is mine and I have no intention of letting her go." I looked at Edward and smiled at him. He winked at me and then continued glaring at thin air.

"Since I am not going to be returning home with you, Bella, please know that if you ever need anything, just call my name and I'll be there."

With that Damon's voice disappeared and Edward and I dashed off to the Volvo, ready to get home.

"Why would they want to destroy the Volturi?" I asked.
Edward shook his head and said,"I don't know. But why do they think that you could help destroy them?"

"I have no clue. My power isn't all that great." Edward looked at the road and concentrated, even though he didn't need to. After a few minutes, Edward looked at me. His eyes were angrier than I had ever seen. So much hate filled his eyes.

"Bella, when we get home, I want you to climb up the wall behind the house. There will be an open window for you to climb in through. Don't come downstairs and don't make any noises. I'll come back up to get you."

When I said nothing, he placed his hand under my chin and forced me to look at him.

"Do you understand?" I nodded at him and wondered why I was sneaking into my own house. Maybe Dante was there... or maybe it was something that happened to Jasper and Alice. Or Carlisle and Esme, Emmett and Rosalie. I tortured myself for the rest of the ride with images and thoughts that would leave my non beating heart broken and racing rapidly, if that was possible.

What is going on? I wondered