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The Lure of Esme

All Human....Carlisle and Esme get pregnant against all odds - what callenges will they face, especially when someone from the past pays them a visit? *CURRENTLY NOMINATED AT THE TWILIGHT AWARDS*

I don't own twilight - Stephenie Meyer does.

9. Chapter 9

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Hearing that Aro had changed his plans and had been to the house pushed me over the edge. He was crossing the line and he needed to be stopped - now. I knew that if I didn't get home soon he'd do something, and I couldn't let that happen. I would never have agreed to go on this damn trip if I'd thought there'd been any chance of him staying in town...I should have known better.

As I packed my bag, I called the airport. The soonest I could get a flight wasn't until 8 o'clock tonight. I even went as far as to check when the next train left, but that wasn't until morning. I needed to be home - to wrap my arms around Esme and know that she was truly safe. I knew Emmett would protect her if need be, and I knew the rest of the family would come home if I called them. However, in all actuality, I wouldn't feel like myself again until I knew Aro was gone for good, and by the sounds of it, he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

I had called Emmett to let him know I was coming home early and not to let Aro in the house, but all I got was his voicemail. I decided to send him a text message just in case:


Do not let Aro in the house today. Make sure Esme stays in bed. I will explain later.

Do NOT leave her today. Call me!


I needed him to understand the severity of the situation.


After Carlisle's phone call, I decided just to stay in bed. It wasn't worth trying to get up and go downstairs when I really didn't need anything. Besides, I had Emmett. I spent the next few hours watching TLC and flipping through baby name books. Carlisle and I still hadn't decided on any, but we had a few we liked. Of course, knowing the sex would make this much easier. Alice has a theory; she believes that Baby A, who is on my right, will be a girl and will be the mellow baby of the two. Baby B, which was on my left, would be a boy, who's athletic like Emmett, smart like Carlisle and Edward, and loyal like Jasper.

A little while later, Emmett knocked on my door, and brought in a tray of food.

"Emmett, you didn't need to do all of this. I would have made something," I said.

"Esme, you've been too kind to me. Besides, I sort of told Carlisle I would take care of you. What kind of son would I be if I made my very pregnant mother cook all the time?"

"I knew it!" I said with a laugh and smile.

"Just don't tell him I told you, okay? Here, I made a few sandwiches. Take your pick," he grinned sheepishly.

Emmett and I ate our late lunch and watched "Die Hard" while relaxing under the covers. It wasn't my favorite movie, but I knew Emmett enjoyed it, and I was enjoying spending time with him. I wouldn't be able to have moments like this once he went away to college. I knew I would need to spend time with Jasper and Rose too, as they would be off to college as well.

A few more hours passed and another craving hit. I think Emmett felt the same way, which made me laugh.

"Sundaes?" he asked.

"Yes - definitely."

"Your usual?" he asked, already knowing the answer.

"Of course," I replied eagerly.

"Alright, I'll be back. Don't go anywhere."

"Like it's so easy these days," I joked.


As I jumped in my jeep, I realized how late it was getting. I hoped the creamery would still be open. I realized then that I hadn't heard from Rose since she left with Alice and Jasper. Odd. Usually she makes a point of calling or sending a text message.

I made my way to the creamery that Esme liked just in time.

"Hey Emmett," Angela said.

"Hey. Got time to make a few sundaes before you close up?" I asked.

"Sure. How's Esme today?"

"Big," I laughed.

Angela and I chatted for a bit about graduation and college. She really was sweet girl, and I could see how Bella liked her. When I jumped back in my jeep, I pulled my cell phone from my pocket. Maybe I'd try to call Rose and make sure she was having fun.

"IDIOT!" I yelled to myself.

I realized the reason Rose hadn't called - my cell phone had been turned off. Stupid video games had been distracting me too much! I flipped it on and made my way back home.

Once there, I parked in front of the garage and checked my voice mail: two from Rose and one from Carlisle. The ones from Rose sounded slightly irritated - she even yelled at me in the second one to 'Step away from the damn video game and call me back!' - she knew me too well. I moved on to Carlisle's message.

"Emmett, It's Carlisle. I'm on my way home. I don't have time to explain, but I've heard that Aro is still in town, and has been to see Esme. Emmett, this is very important - do not let him back in the house. I'll let you know when my flight is. Please don't let Esme out of your site today."

Crap. What was wrong with Aro? This didn't make any sense... Carlisle is going to kill me. Not only did I leave Esme, I told her that it was Carlisle's idea for me to stay. Not good.

I then checked my text messages. There were a few from Rose, including two pictures in new clothes she purchased for me. Gotta love the girl - she sure knows how to get my attention - those jeans were awesome! And two from Carlisle, which were very similar to his voicemail.

I grabbed the bag with our sundaes and walked up to the porch.

Why is the front door open - surely I shut it when I left, I thought to myself. I slowly opened the door and saw Esme's throw blanket from the couch lying on the floor in the hallway. What is it doing there?

"Esme," I called.


I set the bag down on the hall table and walked upstairs.

"Esme," I called again.

Again, nothing.

A knot of fear started in the pit of my stomach. Something was wrong. Very, very wrong.

Calm down, she couldn't have gone that far. Maybe she's in her garden, I thought again. I made my way outside and looked around. She was no where to be found. Shit. I pulled my cell phone out and dialed Carlisle.

He answered on the third ring.

Carlisle POV


"Carlisle! I can't find her!" Emmett yelled into his phone.

"Can't find who?" I asked.

"Esme! She's not here!"

Emmett started talking a mile a minute, something he did when he was nervous or scared.

"Emmett, calm down! Tell me what happened," I demanded, fearing the worst.

"Carlisle, I'm so sorry - Esme had me get us sundaes. I left her in bed and told her not to go anywhere. When I got home, the front door was wide open, and she's no where to be found!" he explained frantically.

"Wait, you left her? I told you not to, Emmett," I said through clenched teeth, trying to control my response - I needed to hear the details, so I would know what to do next.

"I know, but I didn't get your messages until now. My cell was off - I didn't realize it. I'm so sorry. What should I do?" he rushed.

"Look, I'm almost home - I was able to get an earlier flight. Stay there, I'll be home soon."

I snapped my cell phone closed and pressed on the accelerator. This had Aro written all over it - damn it, she'd better be alright.

When I reached the house, I found Emmett pacing on the porch.

"Carlisle! I've looked everywhere. I still can't find her," Emmett said.

"We'll find her, somehow - we have to," I said, partly under my breath. Where the hell would I start looking?

Emmett was apologizing over and over for leaving her. I knew he felt guilty. His guilt wasn't as bad as mine. I needed to stay calm - I had to think. Emmett and I searched the house again, looking for any clues we could find. As we looked, I explained to Emmett about Aro...the short version, anyway. His shock turned to anger, and he began cursing under his breath about Aro throughout the duration of our search. The only things we noticed was that a lamp on Esme's nightstand was tipped back, leaning against the wall, as if someone had knocked it over in surprise - there weren't any other signs of a struggle.

"I think we need to call Charlie," I said. "Also, I'm calling Jasper...we'll need them to come home immediately."

As I waited for Jasper to pick up, I paced the floors anxiously.

"Hello? Carlisle? Is everything alright?" he immediately sounded concerned.

"Jasper, listen. I need you to do me a favor," I said urgently. Of all my children, Jasper was the most...resourceful of them. He knew his way around a computer, and I knew he had some friends that did as well. "I'll explain things later, son, but you all need to head home - we have a problem here." Briefly, I explained what I could of the situation.

"Jasper, on your way back, I need you to get on your laptop and find out anything and everything you possibly can on Aro Volterra, alright? If you know anyone that can help, call them too - just try to find something on him, please - we have no idea where to start searching."

He immediately agreed, recognizing the urgency in my voice. As I snapped my phone shut, I met Emmett's gaze. We were both terrified.