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Rose has been twelve and living in Volterra for the past five years. Aro sends her off to the Pacific Northwest to spread the word of something catastrophic that has recently occured reguarding a vampire and what Rose herself is, Immortal Children. When the time for battle comes, will Rose find herself on the wrong end of the stick, or will she manage to just barely grab the upper hand?

Here's another vampire fic, i know not many people read the post BD stuff, and that some people completely disagree with the book, but i do too, and yet, here i am, writing a story that happens after it.

1. Loathing

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Jane’s head poked through the door of my room in the Volturri castle in Voltera Italy. I already knew what she wanted, her mind had been screaming at both me and Aro on her short dash up to my room to summon me.

“Rose, Aro wants you, now.” She said through gritted teeth.

Jane and I were not on the best of terms. We never have been, even in the short five years I’ve been a vampire, nothing I have done, nor she has done, has brought us anywhere close to even being better than mortal enemies, and I took great pleasure from that.

I rose from the small black sofa, set my book down on the small table and dashed past her and out the door, managing to step on her foot on my way out, hard, and she glared at me the entire time she followed me back to the main chamber, below grounds.

I entered through the large double doors to find my master, Aro, sitting patiently on his throne, waiting for my arrival. He smiled as I slowed and walked up to him, “You wanted to see me master?”

“It’s always good to see you Rose.” He said cheerfully, I sometimes wonder how he can be so happy living in such a dismal place.

“As it is for me to see you sir.” I said, nodding.

“Would you like to join me for a little snack? Or shall I just get to the point?” He asked.

“The point please sir.” I said.

“Ah, always so brisk, you seem like you’re constantly in a hurry Rose, I must ask, why rush when you have all of eternity to do what must be done? But then again, it is your nature, your personality, to be so brisk and prompt.” He mused for all of three seconds. I couldn’t help myself, but I started tapping my foot on the cool stone floor.

“Please excuse my haste sir, but I would graciously like to know why you called me here at this time of day.” I said.

He grinned, running his fingers through his long black hair, and his almost translucent skin seemed to stretch with his smile. His red eyes seemed lively, but dark at the same time, as always, he was thinking of what great thing to do next.

“I have a job for you Rose, I know you have only been with us for a few years, and that you are new with our ways, but I must insist that you do this for me.”

I stayed silent, waiting for what he wanted me to do.

“I need you to travel, to go to Forks Washington and send a cordial request for a certain coven to come and visit us. It has been almost a decade since I’ve seen my old friend, and the last time I saw him, was not on cordial terms.” He said, and I caught a glimpse of the memory.

Aro and the entire guard were filling a clearing, opposite them were several mismatched covens, then a significantly large one, the leader, a kind looking blonde man changed in his early twenties, but there was something about their eyes that really caught me off guard, they were various ranges of gold, from a dark gold to even the lightest topaz, all nine of them shared the same eyes.

“You want me to find this man, and invite him and his family to come back to Voltera.” I stated flatly, I didn’t like playing messenger.

“Yes, and I promise you it’s just this once, you will never have to go again if you fulfill this for me.” He said, still grinning, “I’m sure Carlisle and his family will just love to meet you, and remember, I need you to take these contacts.” He said handing me a case of anti-disintegrating golden colored contacts, “They’ll hide your eyes, oh and please try not to block out the mind reader and the psychic, I’d hate for them to become frustrated for their gifts not working on you.”

I took the box, and waited for him to send me off, he didn’t like I if anyone left unexpectedly.

“Oh, and the rest of the guard will be busy inviting others to a meeting, regarding the recent misfortune we’ve had pop up over in California. So you are not alone in being messenger for a few days. You may leave.”

“Thank you sir, and I will bring them if they except, would you like me to use force if they decline?”

“No, if they decline, leave them; we do not have the power to force others to attend this valuable meeting.” He said.

I bowed again before racing out of the room, already putting in my contacts as I ran. I passed Jane again and leapt over her outstretched leg, and I could feel her power trying to get through my shield that prevented her from ever affecting me. I was very gifted.

I packed my clothes in seconds and boarded the helicopter which was waiting on the roof. The flight was short, and the pilot didn’t even bother to look at me, all of our human assistants were brainwashed my Megan, our newest member to not know the different between humans and vampires. All they knew was to listen when instructions were being given, and to leave or perform certain actions at a certain time. Megan was good at her job.

The flight was short in comparison to running and swimming there, which would have been just as easy, but fly was still the most efficient. We landed at the local airport and I took off running, I had a job and I needed to get it done, that’s what I was trained to think, to do, how I lived. Hardly anything could sidetrack me anymore, I was immune to anything that involved humans, besides feeding, hence my red eyes. I ignored everything but the purpose of my mission.

I ran my fingers through my tangled dirty blonde hair that reached to my shoulders. I wouldn’t let anyone but me or Ali touch it. It was the only thing that reminded me that I used to be someone else, that I wasn’t just another clone vampire of the guard, forced to take orders from three crazy vampires who just happened to create order in our world.

Ali was my best friend, she was almost just like me; we shared the same thing, only remembering our recent human years, both of us being twelve when we were changed. It was illegal to have immortal children in our world, but Marcus found me one night, and Aro found Ali the same night, both Aro and Marcus sensed that we would be some of the most powerful vampires the world had ever seen, and Aro was overjoyed when we both survived the transformation without so much as a whimper throughout the three days.

We were changed on the same night; we learned to control our power together, that’s right; we both have more than one power. We became inseparable only after a week after the change, and Aro was proud that we had become friends. People with this kind of power being enemies meant a catastrophic doom for the rest of the world.

I found the small town of Forks easily. Only armed with a backpack with fake text books, and the information Aro had given me, I headed off towards the high school, where Aro had said at least four of the vampires should be.

The secretary had apparently been expecting me, and I had been enrolled in the school as an exchange student. Timothy Bechtel had gone to England so I could come here. I kept my formal name, Rose Terre, but was from England instead of Washington D.C., where I had grown up, well, until I was twelve that is and my family went to Italy for the summer, more specifically, Voltera.

She did notice how young I looked, and asked if I had skipped any grades, I answered that I had skipped kindergarten and first grade because I was such a fast learner, and almost skipped second, but my parents didn’t want me to be high school when I was only eleven, so they didn’t let me.

The woman bought the story without me even having to go into greater detail, this was going to be easy if all of these humans here were so stupid.

She handed me a class schedule and I walked out the door of the office and off to my first class.

I was grateful to Aro by the end of the day for him having taught me everything I would have needed to know up through college two years ago, and for the fact that I had a photographic memory.

I was enrolled as a freshman, or at least that was where I was in my schooling back in England, and I had classes with one girl who smelled oddly like us, but she was definitely not dead like we vampire were. I could hear her pulse and her cheeks were flushed when she came in from the cold and into our science class during second period.

She sat down next to me, I had to hold my breath, only being a vampire for five years and constantly living off of human blood was hard when you were surrounded by them and pretending to be a vegetarian.

She smelled good, yes, but she was part of the family that I was looking for, that much was obvious, so biting her now would be out of the question and absolutely no help to me at all.

“Hi, I’m Reneseme, what’s your name?” She asked, she looked about my age, maybe fourteen, but definitely a freshman.

“I’m Rose, nice to meet you.” I said smiling without revealing my teeth; I didn’t want to scare off this incredible half human half vampire kid.

Class was started after the substitute took a role call; I learned that in fact, she was part of the Cullen coven I was looking for, even if she wasn’t fully a vampire. She learned that I was supposedly from England, but I was pretty sure she already knew what I was.

Lunch came quickly, and I went through the line and just bought a sandwich and lemonade before looking around for a place to sit. I spotted Reneseme with what appeared to be four of her family members, a tall copper haired boy, a small, brunette girl, a short pixie like girl and a curly headed blonde. She was talking to them, probably telling them how she was doing, and then I noticed her eyes flash to me, I smiled sincerely at her and her family, not wanting any trouble, and I could feel the mind reader, Edward already looking around for what I was thinking.

He finally nodded, and Reneseme jumped up and walked me over to their table. I sat down, and opened the lemonade, but didn’t drink, being with vampires and not eating was easier than being surrounded by scared humans and being forced to eat. Reneseme introduced me to everyone, Edward, Bella, Alice, and Jasper. I smiled at them all, and thanked them for being kind enough to let me join them. Knowing I only had a couple of days to deliver my message and then wait for a response and return to Italy, but I didn’t think about any of it, Edward was still curious about me.

“So, how long have you been one of us?” Jasper asked.

“Only about five years,” I answered, “So I’m still really young.”

I quickly looked into his head when Edward was out of mine, I didn’t want them to know about my powers yet.

Five years, wow, that is young, I wonder if anyone’s been there to show her how to hunt animals, we haven’t heard anything about a new member of the Denali coven, so who taught her?

Jasper then asked his exact question, just in a shorter version, “Who taught you how to hunt?”

“Oh, I taught myself, I don’t like the sight or smell of blood, or at least I didn’t before I was changed, but I had to eat something, and I didn’t want to hurt anyone, so I grabbed the next best thing.” I lied

Jasper stayed quiet, but his mind seemed to race, seems like I was one of the two cases he’s never experienced, the other being Bella. She never drank human blood after being changed, she had to for Reneseme to live, but that was when she was still human, I guess that explains the half vampire half human thing.

We talked for a while, I pretended to learn the three facts I already knew, Edward being a mind reader, Alice a psychic, and Bella being able to block other’s powers, except for Jasper’s emotion shifting. But I did learn new things too, before the bell rang, I learned that Bella was just as old as I was, and so was Reneseme, but she grew at a super fast pace, and she’s shot through grade school and on up.

The bell rang, and I thanked them for letting me sit with them before zipping out of the cafeteria and off towards English, Reneseme showed up a few seconds later, and sat next to me again.

“Hey again.”

“Hi yourself.” I said.

“Where are you staying while you’re here, and how old were you when you were, um, changed?”

“Answer to you first question, I really don’t know, and your second, twelve.”

“So, you’re an immortal child.” She concluded, “But you’re supposed to be illegal.”

I laughed lightly, “Aro kept me around for a few reasons. I and my friend Ali have a lot of potential as vampires; both Aro and Marcus knew it. I was on vacation in Italy for the summer when they found me. I haven’t been out since.”

“So you haven’t seen your family in five years?” She asked, sounding bewildered.

“Nope, but I really would like to get back to D.C. and find them sometime, you know, that is before they’re all dead.”

“I can’t imagine being without my family, it sounds so hard.” She mused.

“It’s not too bad, Aro’s really just become my foster dad I guess, he treats me like I’m his kid anyways.” I laughed, “And Jane’s the older and bitchy sister who wants to rip me to shreds, but can’t cause Aro’s have her head.”

I saw her eyes widen at Jane’s name, so she must have heard stories, “You live with the bitch?”

I sighed, “Yeah, even though I just want to chuck her out a window every time I hear her thinking anything at all, and then throw a match on top and watch her burn.”

“That’d be fun… wait, you can read minds too?”

I nodded as the teacher walked into the room and mentally started talking to her.

I can talk to people mentally too, there’s a lot I can do.

Why didn’t you say anything at lunch?

Because, I’m really working for Aro, he sent me here to convince your family to come to Italy for an emergency vampire meeting about some… unfortunate events that have happened lately in California.

What else can you do?

I don’t want to scare you.

Come on, I live in a house full of vampires, and my boyfriend’s a werewolf, what more could scare me?

Um, what if I told you that I could take you all the way to China right now if I really had to, or the fact that I can adapt to any power anyone has, block others out, no matter what their power was, avoid being seen or heard by you or anyone else here, and I can spontaneously combust at will.

… Wow, you can really do all that?

Well, I was kind of lying about the whole spontaneously combust thing, but everything else, yeah.

So, you could like see into the future right now like Alice can if you really wanted to?

No, I have to have the vampire present when I can use their power, and I have to be close to them, like they can’t be on the other side of the room, but Aro says that my range will grow as I practice! I flashed her a smile.

So, then do you follow the Volturri rules when feeding, like do you, you know, drink human blood?

I sighed, both mentally and physically as the teacher scribbled today’s notes on the front board, not wanting to answer the question I had known that would eventually pop up, Yes, I do, but I hate it, and I can’t stand it, but it tastes so good.

She stayed silent for a while, not thinking about anything that I had just told her, and about normal stuff like homework and her human friends who didn’t exactly know her secret, but knew she shot through school as if she was born knowing everything.

Do you want to come over after school? She thought, we could work on homework or something together.

I smiled, Thanks, I’d love to, but we should probably check with Edward and then see if I can come.

And if you need a place to stay…

I’ll be fine, I thought cutting her off, Aro’s already paid for a hotel room just outside of town, and me not checking in would probably worry him a little, then he would send Jane out here after me and your family would be involved in a huge cat fight and one of you would probably end up dead, and we don’t want that with the, um, events that have happened recently to the vampire population.

That shut her up on making offers, but she still thought about practically every scenario as to why I had so many powers, and why Aro kept me when once again, I shouldn’t even exist, she was starting to sound like Edward when he looked at Bella.

The bell rang a few minutes later, and we both headed off to gym, with Edward and Alice. I grinned as I discovered we were playing dodge ball and Edward and I were stuck playing each other today. There were four teams total with six kids on each, two teams wouldn’t play each other today, my team and Edward’s team would play, this was going to be fun.

It didn’t take long for both of us to be the last ones out on the court for our teams, and I was finally getting some chance to be myself.

I picked up one of the classic red rubber balls and launched it at him; it easily flew about one-hundred miles per hour, and plowed into the wall mat behind him as he jumped slowly out of the way. He thought some nasty profanity at me and I just stood there and smirked, holding another ball and waiting for him to launch one back at me.

He chucked it, and I jumped easily out of the way, and it was just a couple inches higher than someone my height should be able to jump. I laughed mentally at him, and started singing “Can’t Touch This” while he catapulted a couple more at me, aiming for my face this time. I just ducked.

It was a fun gym class, and I couldn’t wait for a rematch tomorrow, neither of us ended up winning, leaving the humans disappointed and us laughing as we made out way out to the parking lot.

We were talking and laughing when a scent hit me, it was strong and smelled exactly like one of us, Edward glanced at me, asking if anyone else had come with me, I shook my head, I was alone, or at least I was supposed to be.