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Rose has been twelve and living in Volterra for the past five years. Aro sends her off to the Pacific Northwest to spread the word of something catastrophic that has recently occured reguarding a vampire and what Rose herself is, Immortal Children. When the time for battle comes, will Rose find herself on the wrong end of the stick, or will she manage to just barely grab the upper hand?

Here's another vampire fic, i know not many people read the post BD stuff, and that some people completely disagree with the book, but i do too, and yet, here i am, writing a story that happens after it.

2. Nuisance

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My eyes and ears, and all other senses I had searched for the source of the smell, but I found no one in the trees anywhere near here, did Aro send someone after me? But why would he do that, he trusts me to get this done. And I will, right after I do my fake homework which should only take about five minutes.

I rode with Alice in her Porsche 911 turbo, it was nice, and we chatted the entire way to the Cullen’s place. The house was huge, it was a white three story mansion like place, and almost reminded me of the white house, or what I though it would have looked like if the architecture was different than it had been in the eighteen hundreds.

I was greeted by a kind, gentle woman, approximately about a hundred years old after being changed, maybe a little less, and a wise looking man who had been changed in his early twenties. Carlisle and Esme.

“Hello Carlisle, Esme.” I said as we reached them, both of them were somewhat taken aback that I knew who they were so I explained, “Aro told me who I was supposed to find, and I kind of saw you in his memory.”

At the mention of Aro, all of them stiffened slightly, Bella and Edward the most as they remembered the night of the impending attack because they believed that Reneseme was one of us, an immortal child. There were six of us now, Me, Ali, Elizabeth, Ivy, Aaron, and Axel. We were all changed at various ages, me and Ali at twelve, Liz at eleven, Ivy at eight, Aaron at seven, and Axel at nine.

Carlisle seemed to realize how young I looked and grasped the fact immediately while Edward was staring at me, openmouthed and somewhat shocked at how there were six of us, all working for Aro.

“You’re an immortal child aren’t you?” Carlisle asked.

I smiled and nodded at him, “I was changed when I was twelve because Ivy said me and Ali had some incredible powers if we were vampires and Aro couldn’t wait to see what they were.”

There was a chorus of small oh’s from around the eight vampires, even Reneseme seemed to be surprised, even though I had already told her all of this about an hour and a half ago.

I then remembered why I was here though, I sighed, “Aro would like all of you to come to Voltera for a visit, and a meeting that involves all of us, even me and my friends.”

“What would those events be?” Carlisle asked calmly while I could feel the shock coming off of everyone and then Jasper calming everyone once he got over his own shock.

“I, uh, I think we should sit down, this gets pretty gruesome.” I said, once again I was glad Aro had told me first and I hadn’t heard it from Ali or Liz, otherwise I would be dead right now, having gone and asked Aro to rip me to shreds.

My eyes widened, and we walked into the house which was bigger on the inside than it looked on the outside.

“Um, I don’t know if Reneseme should hear this though, no offense or anything,” I said turning to her, “But you’re only five, and I don’t know how much of this you can handle.”

She smiled, understanding and went to her room and I could hear her listening to her ipod.

I sighed, sitting on the couch across from the rest of the family, and I began to tell the gruesome tale, “I know that all of you know that I shouldn’t exist at all, that I should still be human and seventeen by now, but not everyone feels the same way about immortal children. In California or at least that’s where the last attack was about a month ago, a woman name Iris has been creating them again. She says that we’re just too cute to not have.” I paused, gagging at the memory of meeting her, secretly on another mission for Aro, “We’ve tried to get rid of her, but there’s just no way, she blocks every single power we have, and, well, she’s killed guard members, even some of the most extreme. She killed Alec a few months ago, leaving Jane a hateful bitch, more so than she ever has been.

“I went with Liz, Ali, Axel and Ivy about two years ago to go and spy on her for three or four months, and let me tell you something, I do not want to ever go back. She loved the small children, yes, but she also neglected the fact that they were hard to control and let them run wild throughout the small town, literally snapping people’s necks by throwing a plastic baby’s rattle at them, and then feeding off them later. The older ones, like me and my friends were primarily ignored, but were spoiled to the bone, they could somewhat control their thirst, but it was hard for them every time a human came within a few feet of them, but most stayed away because of their blood red eyes.

“They were housed in warehouses, and only let out at night to pillage the neighboring towns, people are constantly disappearing or being found murdered in their own homes, yes, I am one of them, but Aro never let any of us out of control without severe punishment. He’s been experimenting recently with the fact that he might be able to create a controlled army as long as he stays above the age of five, and so far, it’s been working, but Iris has gone in the opposite direction when it comes to the majority of the newborn immortal children, they are young, most from one to two and walking around screaming banshee screams and tearing off the heads of the humans.” I paused, waiting for all of this to sink in.

“So now there’s an army of immortal children, and Iris won’t let anyone but other children near it?” Edward asked, he would be the most scarred after this, having seen exactly what I have.

I was about to answer when a sharp pain erupted, and I slammed all possible walls down, the pain ceased instantly, “God, damn you Jane, why don’t you go and torture someone your own age!” I whispered, knowing she could hear me, she snarled from somewhere in the trees, “If you come in here, I get to rip you to shreds, remember, I can do what you can, but I can do better, I can do anything better than you.” I finished quoting a stupid song that I had learned when I was four.

She followed with the next line, “No you can’t.”

“Yes I can.”

“No you can’t”

“Yes I can.”

“No you can’t.”

“Yes I can, yes I can; yes I can.” I said pointedly. The Cullens just sat there and stared at me like I was an idiot.

I sighed, “Sorry about that, she’s been bitchier to me now more than ever since I can fully take over her power on my own when she’s not even around to let me copy it, I can triple the pain impact too, but I never use it unless I’m forced to. So no need for you to worry.”

“What else can you do?” Edward asked since he couldn’t read my mind anymore.

“Well, as you can see, I can block any and every power and or threat as I see fit, um, there’s the telekinesis, telepathy, levitation, teleportation, which I’m still working on, um, I have the sixth sense, I can talk to anyone mentally whenever I want, they usually don’t get a choice, unless they’re like Edward, um, oh yeah, and then there’s the whole shifting thing, force fields, mental land mines, which pretty much make my victim and just my victim mentally almost explode with pain, um, I’m stronger and faster than almost every vampire, and then there’s the adaptation, I can take on every power I come into contact with, but the person has to be in the same room, and no more than ten feet away, and I have to have seen them use it.”

Jaws dropped half way through my list, it wasn’t surprising, but I still wanted to blush after finishing it, just like always, I knew off-track questions would be asked next, and I quickly continued with my story before anyone could ask any.

“Well, like I was saying, yes, Iris won’t let anyone but immortal children near her group, there’s about fifty of them now, and they’re still growing, it’s going to be hard to stop, and that’s why I’m here, Aro’s going to need all the help he can get,” I turned to Jasper, “Rough times huh?” I nodded to his scarred up arm, he grinned.

“Yeah, but nothing I couldn’t handle, they were just an army of newborns down south.”

I laughed, “That’s nothing compared to what we walked away with when Iris found out about us, she literally had them try to tear us limb from limb,” I winced at the memory of Maggie, a little two year old having dug her razor sharp finger nails into my back, her small teeth into the back of my neck, “That’s why we can’t go back, the little ones will recognize us, and Iris will kill us all herself if we get within a mile of them. That’s why we need you, and the rest of the vampire population to help us with this.”

They were silent for a few moments, I pulled my hair up into a high ponytail, revealing the small bite marks on the back of my neck; it was definitely a young child’s.

They all notice the scars around my neck that looked like something had continuously clawed at me, the scars were silver, as always and I had scars all over. Everywhere but my face that is, Iris just loved my face, and she wouldn’t let anyone claw my eyes out.

I glanced at Edward, remembering that he had probably seen the memory because I had let him, Alice and Jasper back into being able to use their powers and involving me, Edward’s face was masked, but I could just barely see the horror and sympathy in his eyes.

I sighed, stood, and stretched, “I should get going, please, think about coming, we could all use your help, especially from a coven of your size.” They all stood, following Carlisle as he stood and saw me out, thanking me for the invitation and that they would think about coming, I told them the day, August twenty second, it would be good for them to come, and Aro would be pleased if they did.

“Will you be in town for a while?” Bella asked.

I nodded, “Just a couple of days though, Aro needs me back to help spread the word, it’s harder to track down the nomads than it is the residents.”

I dashed off into the trees, and phoning Aro while taking out the contacts and leaving them in the dirt. I hate those things, but they’re tolerable most of the time. I told him what I had accomplished and had just hung up when Jane popped out and right into my path.

“What the fuck do you want bitch?” I asked already annoyed, I just couldn’t live with her, I absolutely loath her slimy little piece of flesh.

“Nothing you hateful piece of filth, Aro sent me to keep an eye on you.”

“No, he didn’t, you’re here on your own terms!” I said getting mad, no one liked it more when I was mad than Jane. This was exactly what she wanted.

“True, looks like you caught me, I am here because I want to be, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

“I’m telling Aro.” I said pointedly, “I’m gonna call him right now and tell him you’re here and not in the Amazon where you’re supposed to be.”

“What did you just say?” She asked, seething.

I grinned and whispered, “I’m. Telling. Aro.”

“Why don’t you act your age?”

I flipped open my phone, “I am.” And I pressed the number two, Aro’s speed dial.

He answered on the first ring, “Hello Rose, how can I help you?”

“Well Aro, someone who’s not supposed to be here showed up,” I said smiling, “She decided to skip out on her mission to-” Jane tackled me mid sentence and I snarled at her as she plowed me into the ground.

I could hear Aro on the other line, sounding slightly concerned.

I pressed the speaker button and his requests were quiet to human ears, but perfect for us.

“Jane! Get the fuck off me you bitch!” I screamed at her.

She yelled back before chucking me into a tree trunk. I leapt off and kicked her square in the face, sending her flying through some trees with thunderous cracks and filling the sky with birds. I grabbed my phone.

“Rose, is everything okay?” Aro asked calmly.

“No sir, Jane showed up to apparently rip me to shreds.” I said as she managed to end up on my back. I turned and hissed at her, and called her several different names.

“Give me the phone bitch and I’ll get off.” She yelled.

“No you fucking whore! You don’t even deserve to exist let alone touch my stuff!”

“You little bastard!” She shouted and slammed her fist into my head, ouch, that hurt.

“Why don’t you just go home and try and fuck a tree?” I suggested as I flung her off of me, “Oh wait, you can do that here too!”

She was back on her feet before she hit the ground, I was crouched, foot out as she ran towards where I had been standing and tripped her, she went plowing head first into the dirt of the forest floor.

“Rose, Jane, stop fighting this instant!” Aro yelled on speaker, which made it really loud for vampires and normal for humans.

Jane and I stood and stared at the phone knowing we couldn’t finish this now, but I knew I’d get back at her once I got home. She snarled and disappeared into the trees as I took off towards the park, not even bothering to say goodbye to Aro, I knew he had already hung up.

I was hanging on a tree trunk at the edge of the woods where it met the small playground closer near town, watching and waiting for anything interesting to happen. My nails were digging into the soft wood, making a permanent mark there that would last forever. I heard voices after a while and scurried up into the nearest tree branch and pretended to just be hanging out, even though it was well past midnight.

My red eyes, one slightly darker than the other, skimmed the pathway nearby, searching for the voices, but no one came for a few seconds. Then, as I was preparing to get down from the tree, a man walked towards me, talking to a friend. His gruff voice sounded tired and stressed. He friend talked along with him, and listened, the closer they got, the more I could hear, feel, smell.

The smell was the worst, even though I was just around about three hundred students earlier, I hadn’t fed in at least a week, and I had declined Aro’s offer to feed before I left; now I was starting to get thirsty again, and I started cursing myself for it.

I shuddered as they got closer, gripping the tree’s trunk with all the strength I could put towards not jumping them and feeding right now.

“Rose?” A small voice asked.

I spun around, even faster than a normal vampire could, to see Ali on the ground and looking up at me, her red eyes they same as mine, and her dirty blonde hair slightly darker than my own, and longer. I was just an inch or two taller though, otherwise, we could pose as an identical twin, that is if she cut her hair, and I darkened mine.

“Hey,” I whispered too quiet for the men to hear, “What are you doing here?”

She grinned up at me, “You mean, why wasn’t I here earlier?”

I giggled, “Yes, that’s exactly what I mean, now get up here before those guys see you.”

She sighed, exasperated and rolled her eyes, “They won’t see me.” I watched as she slowly started to disappear, camouflaging herself with the trees behind her. If I wanted to, I could jump behind her, and people wouldn’t see me either. She was camouflaged, not invisible.

I grinned, well smirked at her until I noticed someone’s eyes on me. I sighed again.

“What the fuck do you want Jane? I thought Aro would have called you by now and sent you down south.”

“You really want to know what I want, right now? Okay, I’ll tell you. I want your little tiny body ripped to pieces, scattered around that park over there, and burned.”

I laughed, the men were getting closer, “That’s exactly what I want to happen to you, right, now.”

I heard Jane snarl from her hiding spot in the trees, deeper into the forest, and then a loud thwack as Ali’s foot or hand collided with her head. I had to suppress a laugh as Jane started mentally cursing her, Ali did too.

I had just barely managed to compose myself when the two men stopped, exactly four feet away from where my tree was, shit! If I make another sound then I’m definitely dead, and so are those two guys down there. They smelled so good though, all I could focus on were their words, and their scents, it was torture to not just run over there and bite them.

I caught the sound of running feet, only one set of them, coming from back in the woods; I searched for a mind, and was shocked at what I found.

Man, not more leeches, I thought the Cullens had promised that their coven wouldn’t grow anymore!

Whoever this guy was, he had somehow found me and Ali, and then Jane, but I only cared about me and Ali, I would gladly leave Jane here to die without a second thought.

“Ali,” I hissed, “Ali, we’ve got to move, now.” I jumped from my branch without a sound and took off towards where I could faintly hear Jane and Ali’s fighting.

I found the two of them throwing punches up in the tree branches, skillfully leaping from branch to branch. I grabbed Ali’s foot and pulled her down and took off running as fast as I could.

What’s up? She asked, it was just getting good and then you had to come and drag me away! You’d never do that unless… it can’t be! They don’t exist!

Yes, they do, and if we want the world to stay in one piece, then we have to get somewhere safe, now! I was snaking through the trees, a few feet ahead of Ali, but she was just jogging, while I on the other hand, was running for my life.

I followed my earlier path back towards the Cullen’s home, Ali right on my heels, I saw the huge mansion only about a mile away, and raced the last of it. Ali had no idea where we were going, or how I knew it was safe, but followed me anyways, we’d do anything to get away from Jane and her demonic plans to have either one of us dead by the end of the week.

I was in the front yard in seconds, but a wolf leapt into my path, forcing me to dig my heels into the ground and plowing to a stop in front of it. It’s sandy colored fur stood on end as it snarled at us, I sighed and started talking, faster than most vampires, but if the wolf could catch this, then I was going to be happy, if not, well, I’ll just go around then.

“Someone’s after us and we don’t know who they are, we know the Cullens, they’re good friends of our, um, leader, and we really need to hide, like now! So if you wouldn’t mind moving, we’d be happy!”

He tilted his head, confused; he obviously hadn’t caught everything I had just said. Ali smacked herself on the forehead, thinking, stupid dog, stupid dog; stupid dog! I grinned and leapt into the air and over his back and reached the front door in seconds.

“Carlisle!” I hissed and he was at the door before I finished the ‘lisle’ part of his name.

He ushered us inside, seeming not to notice the fact that I had another friend with me, our eyes were now red, and that we were covered in leaves. He muttered something to the dog outside, something along the lines of us being friends and to let us in whenever we needed anything. The wolf nodded and he then turned to us.

“Rose,” He said kindly in greeting, “It’s good to see you again, who’s your friend?”

“This is Ali,” I said quickly, “We’re practically sisters, and a lot of people say that we were twins separated at birth, but I don’t think we were, even if we do have the same powers and stuff, and we both had twin siblings and the same color eyes when we were human.”

“Well, it’s nice to meet you Ali, welcome to our home.”

“Thanks, it’s nice to meet you too Carlisle.” She said beaming, her teeth were more threatening to humans than mine, but no vampire ever noticed.

I sniffed, something smelled different about the place, but I couldn’t tell what, it smelled a little like… wet dog.

Ali smelled it too, and she glanced at me several times, waiting for an answer, which I couldn’t find until I heard the backdoor slam.

“Hey Carlisle, I’m done for the night, I’ll be upstairs with Reneseme if you need any-” A tall, tan boy was saying who looked older than he really should be. His black hair and brown eyes registered as Native American in my mind, which eventually lead me to the conclusion that he was a werewolf.

I stared wide-eyed at him, Ali mirrored my reaction, and the kid just kind of stood there and looked at us.

“Alright Jacob, make yourself at home, and we might have a couple guests here for a couple of days, so please try not to scare them off.”

Edward said as he walked in too, “It’s good to see you again Rose, Ali.” He then flew up the stairs to the third floor of the house to go and talk to Bella about something.

Ali turned and looked at me, confused how he already knew her name. I only had to say one word, “Reader.” And her eyes bugged and she started throwing down mental walls, blocking him out, but still letting me in, “Sister’s a psychic.” I added for extra measure, and I felt her block Alice out too, Aro wasn’t going to be happy, but we didn’t want anyone in on our personal issues.

“Who are they?” Jacob finally asked after a minute, “Aren’t they like twelve or something?”

Carlisle sighed, “Yes Jacob, they are young for being changed into vampires, but trust me, this was not my doing. They’re here from Italy, visiting for a couple days while my old friend Aro manages some issues over there involving the immortal children.” Carlisle lied smoothly, “So please don’t be too doggish while they’re here.”

Jacob disappeared up the steps shortly after that; I guess he didn’t want to know about our gruesome past.

Carlisle then noticed our eyes, “Weren’t you eyes gold about two hours ago?”

I grinned, “Aro invented anti-disintegrating contacts. This is their real color, not lying this time.”

He smiled slightly, seeming to understand, “One’s darker than the other though.”

“Something commonly found with twins.” Ali answered; we usually switched off like this, it was just normal for us to do so.

“I see, are you two positive you aren’t twins?”

“Not really, we just don’t see how it was possible.” I said before sitting down on the same couch that I had sat in earlier, “Why would a mother separate twin daughters? It just doesn’t make sense to us.”

“I could do a DNA check if you want me to, see if you two really are twins separated at birth or not. All it takes is a hair.” He offered.

I looked at Ali, who looked back at me, we both wondered if it was okay, if that’s all that would happen, or if it would reveal some things we didn’t want to know, if Carlisle could track us with it, or something along those lines, we didn’t know much about the possibilities of having access to people’s DNA all the time, and what the capabilities of said DNA were. But we both figured we had nothing to lose, so she shrugged and said, “Why not.”

We both pulled out a hair and handed them to Carlisle, who raced upstairs and did a DNA testy thingy, and left us alone for the rest of the night while he was probably deviously planning to clone us with it or something like that.