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Rose has been twelve and living in Volterra for the past five years. Aro sends her off to the Pacific Northwest to spread the word of something catastrophic that has recently occured reguarding a vampire and what Rose herself is, Immortal Children. When the time for battle comes, will Rose find herself on the wrong end of the stick, or will she manage to just barely grab the upper hand?

Here's another vampire fic, i know not many people read the post BD stuff, and that some people completely disagree with the book, but i do too, and yet, here i am, writing a story that happens after it.

3. Welcome Back

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Jane showed up half way through our eight hours of being alone, Ali and I shot force fields out around the house, not letting her anywhere within a three mile radius of the place, and I hoped all the wolves were close enough or at least inside, if not, I would let them rip her to shreds and tell Aro what happened when we got back to Voltera and Jane wasn’t with us, and hadn’t returned from her messenger mission.

We talked for a while, and then entertained ourselves with the Cullen’s huge plasma screen and five DVDs that we hadn’t yet seen because they were only available in Korea so far.

Around eight o’clock all of the Cullens started coming downstairs, and most were surprised to see me back with a friend, and Emmett and Jasper just kind of stared at us for a few seconds and then were all like, they should be twins, huh, twin immortal children, now that’s weird.

I laughed lightly at their thoughts as they walked into the other room and the sound of video games reached my ears.

Carlisle came down later, with out stupid test results as to tell us if we really were twins or not, and, we were, but that didn’t change anything between Ali and me, except we were kind of excited that we were living with at least one other family member for the rest of eternity.

Carlisle also told us that they would come to the meeting; everyone but Reneseme and the wolves would attend. I smiled and thanked him before we left and headed towards town to go and hang out for a while, our flight wouldn’t leave until midnight tonight, and the cloud cover over Forks was perfect for a day of play.

We raced each other to the park, and I groaned when I heard Jane following us.

“What the fuck do you want us to do Jane, rip you to shreds with our telekinesis already? That’d hardly be fun, but if we must, we must.” Ali shouted over her shoulder, and we heard Jane laugh from somewhere ahead of us.

I sighed, I was getting sick of not being able to destroy the evil and annoying woman already, and she’s not listening to Aro’s orders, she’s gonna get in trouble when we get home, that’s the only reason I didn’t race off in her direction, like Ali wanted to, I wanted to see Aro rip her to shred in front of the entire guard.

It was Friday, so all of the kids were in school, so the park was empty when we got there. We laughed and played, we built a replica of the castle in Voltera in the large sand box, using all of the sand, and our powers to make it. We swung on the swings, and played tag in the trees, finally, we were out of ideas on what we should do next, so we decided to walk around town for a while.

The town was primarily deserted, everyone working or in school. We wandered around most of the time, and found the elementary school, which went up to either grade, at the south side of the small town. There were kids around our age out for what looked like recess, and they all ran to the fence when we walked by at a human pace and started shouting questions at us, like why we weren’t in school. Everyone that is except a boy around our age who was walking away from the group, and shooting nervous glances in our direction, like he didn’t want to be seen.

I grinned when I recognized him, it was Ian, one of the five twelve year olds Ali and I had met only a few months ago in California. He looked exactly the same as he always has, tall, boyish face, brown hair that fell into his eyes, and the ever so classy bright red irises. They used to be a bright blue, as he can remember, but changing made him lose that.

He was probably one of the nicest when it came to the whole, “kill them for being evil little spies for Aro” issue that Iris had caused, he was one of the few that didn’t jump our small group, he just stood and pretended to cheer the other children on as they tried to kill me, Ali, and the rest of us.

“Ian!” I called at much less than human range, it only sounded like a whisper to them.

He turned and met my eyes, I waved him over.

Ali looked at me for a second, before recognizing him too, she frowned, she still hadn’t gotten over the fact that a three year old managed to get a good gouge in her arm during the fight.

Ian walked over to us, looking like he’d rather be anywhere else in the world but here right now, and I couldn’t help but giggle at his expression.

“Hey, so why are you here?” I asked in a fake British accent.

“Eh, Iris let me go, she didn’t want to keep schooling someone who wouldn’t pass, and I got adopted by a really nice family, and ended up here.” He lied, but I saw the truth in his thoughts. He had run away from Iris a month after she had attacked us, and moved here on his own. No one seemed to know his secret, despite his threatening appearance.

Ali glared at him for a few minutes before I started talking again.

“Well, it was good to see you again; we should get together sometime soon. Alex really misses you, he’d gone crazy just living with Ali and me as the only ones around him,” I laughed lightly as I tried not to dwell on the fact that Alex was still probably with Iris and teaching others, “We’ll see you soon.”

Ali and I started to walk away when he asked another question, “What are you two doing here?”

“Oh, mom decided she needed a change of scenery, and our home schooling just let out.” I smiled at him as he pretended to be trapped behind the small wire fence that any of us could easily rip through in seconds, and walked away.

“Hey, you wanna go back to the park before mom calls us home for lunch?” Ali asked, loud enough for Ian to hear.

“Sure, I wish we could stay all day.” I answered. It was about time Ian caught onto some slightly coded words and decided to meet up with us.

Ali and I waited, it wasn’t long until the school let out, and it only took a three second run to get to the park for a regular vampire. Ian showed up just a little early.

“What’s up?” He asked joining us on the swings.

I swung back and forth, “Not much except Aro wants you and all of your psychopathic ‘siblings’ dead.” Ali nodded.

“Huh, guess not much has changed. How have you two been?”

“Fine.” We both said at the same time, we had a habit of doing that with short answer questions.

“Well…” He said, seeming to be trying to figure out what he and a couple of girls, who work for the biggest vampire organization the world, has ever known, have in common, “Had any good fun hunting lately? Or are you still being brought your meals?”

“They’re still delivered.” Ali said, “Saves us some valuable time.”

“To do what?” He asked.

I laughed, “Well I read, Ali on the other hand… does some very strange things in her spare time.”

“I do not!” She argued.

“Do we really have to go over this again, and watch me end up winning this argument again?” I asked, we’ve been through this at least a million times.

She sighed, “No, I guess not, but I still don’t get how you think that torturing sock puppets is weird.”

“And you never will.” I said.

Ian raised an eyebrow, “Torturing sock puppets?”

“Don’t ask,” I said, “It goes back to this time she was three and her dad used to play with sock puppets with her, and she was afraid of it. Long story short, she now tortures them to get back at her dad for ever coming near her with one.”

“Oh.” He said, acting like he really wouldn’t have wanted to know if he knew that’s what it was.

“So, what do you plan on doing now that you’re free?” I asked him, I couldn’t help it; I was brisk, as Aro had said, but I’m also very nosy.

He sighed, “I don’t know, I was thinking about coming to Voltera, but then I figured Aro and them would probably kill me since I was one of Iris’s creations, so I just ran north until I couldn’t find any more immortal children. It didn’t take long, looks like the only ones that anyone needs to worry about are back in Cali, no one would ever think to look any farther apparently.”

I laughed, “Those are the only ones that Aro hasn’t known personally, so yeah, they’re the only ones of any concern to any vampire. That’s why Aro’s holding a meeting in three days back in Voltera. He wants to see if anyone’s willing to go and help take them all down.”

“So that’s why you two are here,” He said, “You’re recruiting.”

“No,” Ali corrected, “we’re spreading the word about the meeting, we’re not the ones who get to take in volunteers for it. Aro will do that at the meeting.”

I sighed, “We should probably get going Ali, our flight leaves in two hours, and you know how slow and suspicious humans can be.”

She nodded, “Yeah, and hopefully we don’t run into Jane on our way home, otherwise I’m gonna have to stop and kick her ass.”

“I know what you mean,” I agreed, “It’d be nice to just sit and watch her burn for a while.” We stood only to see one of the golden eyed Cullens watching us from the trees, “I wonder what he wants.”

Ian stood too, and followed us over, staying quiet.

“Hi Edward.” I said smiling, “What’s up?”

He looked at me for a split second, being quiet before I realized he was trying to read my mind, I took down his wall. He smiled as he listened to me replay the previous conversation, he grinned at the part where we both admitted we’d love to see Jane burn, “I was just coming to give you a special RSVP to your meeting thing, there’s a coven up in Denali like ours, and we’ve invited them to come too. I hope that’s okay, they said they’d love to come and help.”

I nodded, “That’d be fine; Aro has probably just sent someone over there anyways, so they’ll get the full story of what’s happened in a little while.”

“Alright then.” He said before disappearing into the trees and running home.

“hmm,” Ali said, “He’s a funny man.”

I couldn’t agree more, but Ian wanted to ask me something, “Yes Ian?”

“Um, would you mind if I came with you, back to Voltera? I could really use a place to stay, and I think Aro would find my power quite interesting.”

“I’ll have to call him and ask, I’ll let him know about your talent, but otherwise, sure. Just give me a minute.”

I whipped out my phone and speed dialed Aro he picked up on the first ring, as usual, “Yes Rose?”

“Hello sir.” I said in greeting, “I found someone who is interested in joining the guard.”

I could feel him mind turning, hoping it was Edward, Alice, or Bella, “Who?”

I laughed lightly, “No one you’re thinking of. A boy named Ian. He was one of Iris’s immortal children but ran away a month after we left. He has an extraordinary ability to make whoever is around him feel like they can trust him, he says he’d love to help fix Iris’s problem too.”

“Hmm,” Aro thought it over for a couple of seconds, “Bring him over, either we’ll use him, or we won’t. But he can stay until the meeting without question. After such, if we do not need him, but find him useful to the world, he can go on his way.”

“Alright sir, we’ll be heading towards the airport now. We’ll see you in a few hours.” We said our goodbyes and I hung up.

“Well, now that that’s settled, let’s get going. I want to get there before Jane pops out again and wants to rip my head off for doing something so small and insignificant that it should be illegal to even notice it.” I said and took off running through the trees.

“Hey, have you heard anything from Tegan?” Ali asked, “I haven’t seen her in a while.”

Tegan was our oldest friend. She was another one of our age, but she was in hiding. Aro knew about her and had sent me and Ali out after her a couple years ago, thinking he could trick her by having us befriend her and bring her back to Italy. It didn’t work out so well. We ended up going back empty handed, and Aro was disappointed, while Caius was pissed. Marcus, as usual, was indifferent to practically everything.

“No, I haven’t, but she’s fine. Or at least she will be for the next five hundred years.” I answered as we reached the airport. I spotted a helicopter on the roof with the Volturri insignia on it, “There’s our ride.”

We scaled the side of the four story building, no one noticed three kids climbing the side of the building as if they were stairs, stupid humans; they never seemed to notice anything out of the ordinary, so unobservant.

The pilot was the same one who had brought me over. I laughed when he slid the door open as the three of us filed in; he was indifferent to everyone and everything. We were only four seconds early, and we sat there until the clock on the small dash board hit five exactly and we started into the air.

I caught glimpses of people looking up as our chopper took off, noticing the insignia, but not knowing who it stood for. Many of them guessed that we were all part of some big cooperate company from somewhere over in Asia, looking to sell our products over here and probably put a factory outside of their small city.

We sat there for eight straight hours, not moving, or breathing. Ali and my eyes had turned a deeper red, and it was obvious by our mental attitudes that we were thirsty, and needed refreshments as soon as possible. Ian was a nervous wreck the entire flight. He was worried about what Aro and the rest of the head Volturri would think of him and his gifts.

Yes, he had more than one, just like me and Ali, but his number was limited to three. He was able to make people think they could trust him; that was the simplest, and most innocent of the three. The other two were devious and half the time just plain evil, which is exactly what me and Ali had the most fun with. He could make things spontaneously combust whenever he wanted to, we learned to call him a pyromaniac while we were with him and Iris and her group, it was our little inside joke per say. I know; we all have some very dark senses of humor. His third and final one was probably the worst gift ever given. He could make someone drop dead, anyone but a vampire who was stronger than he was that is, just by looking at them and wishing they were dead. Ali and I were extremely happy that he’s only used it once, and that was on accident.

His mom had made him mad because she just believed that he had died, and that he wasn’t out in the real world and missing in action after Iris had changed him, so, his thoughts wanted her dead, and well, five minutes after thinking that, she got into a horrid car wreck on her way to the grocery store, which was all of a thirty second drive away from their small apartment.

He’s vowed to never use it unless he really meant it, for which I’m glad.

I leaned back against the seat three quarters of the ride home, thinking about how this battle would go. I’ve meet probably half of our kind, and there still aren’t as many of us as those pathetic humans think. They have the idea that at least one in sixty people is a vampire, or at least that’s what the people think who believe that we exist, which is highly wrong. There’re only about ten thousand of us, and compared to the six, well, close to seven billion humans in the world, that’s a very insignificant number.

It was almost physically impossible to think about how outnumbered we were though, to Iris even. The poor girl had only one power, a gifted mind that could make random things appear out of thin air. She wasn’t smart, she wasn’t sly; she wasn’t even witty. She deliberately let her “children” – I gagged at the word- run around wild when they were thirsty, and none of them ever cleaned up after their bloody feeding frenzies. All of the younger children needed to be damned and dead soon; otherwise the humans would start guessing into the supernatural world as to why this was happening at all.

Ali was thinking about when Aro would let us feed again. When she was hungry, it was all she could do from practically biting the seat in front of her, or the pilot, even thought we both knew that she flew a helicopter when she was eight, saving the president of the United States for a probably gruesome death, but she still didn’t want to land with a dead pilot in the back with Ian.

Only five more minutes. I told myself, five more minutes and then I’m home again, or at least as close as I’m going to get to a real one.

Those five minutes passed quickly and we stepped out into the cool pitch night of Voltera to see Aro awaiting us on the roof with open arms.