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Rose has been twelve and living in Volterra for the past five years. Aro sends her off to the Pacific Northwest to spread the word of something catastrophic that has recently occured reguarding a vampire and what Rose herself is, Immortal Children. When the time for battle comes, will Rose find herself on the wrong end of the stick, or will she manage to just barely grab the upper hand?

Here's another vampire fic, i know not many people read the post BD stuff, and that some people completely disagree with the book, but i do too, and yet, here i am, writing a story that happens after it.

4. Welcome Back

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"Welcome back!" Aro said joyously as the three of us hopped down from the chopper, "It's good to see you two again!" He pulled me and Ali into and awkward hug.

I pulled away and glanced at Ian who was standing back, looking scared, "Aro, this is Ian, the boy I told you about earlier. He's really quite incredible, and he might have some information regarding Iris and her reason behind creating so many immortal children."

"Ah," He said excitedly, "It's good to finally meet you, and I hope that your powers are as useful as Rose sees them to be, welcome to Voltera."

Ali and I giggled a little; Aro was always so welcoming; that is unless you're someone who hasn't gotten the vampire memo about what and what not to do, ever. Then you're pretty much screwed.

We walked inside, and Aro left it to us to show Ian around and introduce him to everyone of the immortal children and then the rest of the guard. He would get to meet Marcus and Caius later.

I lead him down the brightly lit halls of the castle that happens to be above ground, where all of our rooms were. I called Liz, Ivy, Aaron, and Axel out of their rooms, they were all back from their messenger missions, and had successfully managed to not bring any stray children home with them, unlike us.

Liz was the first to step out of her room, ear buds for her ipod in, and the music loud enough for all of us to barely hear. Her long reddish brown hair was wavy and reached down to her mid-back. Her face was young, and looked like that of an angel's to any human, just like the rest of us. I could picture her as a human, with deep chocolate colored eyes and very pessimistic, as always. She wasn't too happy about seeing Ian again though and was constantly mentally cursing him in between singing along with the lyrics on her ipod.

I rolled my eyes at her, "Liz, you remember Ian. Well, he's staying until the meeting, and he might be joining the guard is Aro finds his talents useful enough."

She frowned for just a brief moment, that if I didn't know her so well, I wouldn't have caught it, she smiled at him, "Good to see you again."

"You too." Ian said, still feeling a little uneasy.

Ivy joined us a millisecond later, her platinum blonde, and impeccably straight, hair reached just past her shoulders, and it was easy to picture ice blue, or even her now red eyes on her while she was human, apparently she had been albino as a human, but none of us believed it. She smiled slightly, recalling a few nights we had all spent together while with Iris and telling stories, it was all her mind could think of to make her even the slightest bit happy about Ian being here.

"Hi." She said cheerfully in her extremely childlike voice, "I'm glad there's someone new for once, now I'm not the new kid anymore." She hasn't been the new kid since me and Ali showed up.

I laughed at her; she was just so cute, and worried about labels. Jane had officially given me the label of the "bitchy brat who never does anything right". Three years ago, and do I care, no.

Ivy started talking with Liz about maybe going to see the circus this year when it comes to town, we never told her that vampires weren't allowed, or that if we went we'd all probably go mad from the smells, for the fact that we would absolutely crush her if we did, so we just said it was sold out every year, and that we could try again the next. She really wanted to go and see the elephants and the lions and tightrope walkers.

Aaron and Axel walked out talking about Guitar Hero Seven, which they had just gotten a week ago, and have been playing ever since. They were officially obsessed. Aaron had black hair, and he used to have naturally black eyes while human, I remember that much of what he used to look like, he's only been here for three years, but is coming along quickly. He was a lot shorter than I was, and he kept complaining about it, but I didn't have the heart to tell him that'd he'd always be that size.

Axel was like an older brother to all of us, even though he was changed when he was nine. He's been here for about fifty years, and he was the only one until Liz came along, then Ivy, me, Ali, and finally Aaron. His blonde hair was cropped short, in a German style; because that was the way he lived. He used to be German too, born as a human in the middle of the holocaust epidemic. He wanted to be a Nazi when he grew up. I shuddered at the thought, but some random vampire found him on his way to school one day, and well, the rest is literally history.

"Hey Axel, you remember Ian." Ali said lightly.

Axel scowled, while Aaron walked over to Ian and started asking if he had gotten to play Guitar Hero. He dragged Ian into Axel's room and got him playing instantly. Axel sighed, he didn't like Ian at all, and only lord knows why. Ian's never done anything wrong, but what do I know? I'm not turning sixty this year.

All of our powers were different, and yet, we all seemed to balance each other out. Liz could do the whole telekinesis thing, and the levitation, where I got those from. While Axel was like a German Nazi when it came to using his, he only used his when he needed to, and in a somewhat military fashion. Axel could see the future, like Alice could, but he could also see people's pasts. Ivy could tell you whether or not someone was going to become a vampire, and what powers they would have, and she was always right. She just couldn't keep up with the extremely long list that accompanied me and Ali. Aaron's power was probably the most dangerous of us all, besides Ian's. Aaron could, well, do the whole spontaneously combust thing, but it was always on a very wide scale.

The reason we didn't, well, couldn't destroy Iris and her "children" was because of Lucy, the eight year old who could block anything and everything, also where I learned to form my walls and Troy taught me how to do the whole force field thing.

If they weren't there, all of Iris and her children could be gone and no one would have to volunteer to create more of us and then train us to go in and destroy them all. Aro needed trickery again, and the only way he was going to get it was by asking others to break his own law. This was going to be great.

I managed to grab Ian out of Axel's room for five minutes to introduce him to the rest of the guard and show him where he was going to stay for the next three days. Jane walked in just after I left the main room, I could feel her eyes on me, desperately trying to penetrate my walls. She was unsuccessful, as usual.

Ian seemed pleased with how... "Well supplied" our home was, especially the feeding. He managed to get back to his game of Guitar Hero milliseconds after I was done talking, boy were so one-track minded. I wandered back to my room to find it exactly as I had left it.

My black furniture contrasted greatly with the tan to cream textured walls. Aro had remodeled the place at one time or another, and apparently my room was meant for someone who had a little better or brighter outlook on life than I did. But, I must say, that I do have the most superior sense of fashion of all the kids here, but I'm nothing compared to Heidi.

My small black sofa looked like it was untouched, my eighteen ipods resting in their docs and charged, my black hp laptop rested on the black and red desk, that laptop was literally the story of my life. I had at least eight bookshelves filled, and I was the one with the Xbox three sixty and Rock Band, which almost everyone wanted to play after I got here.

I picked up the book that I had been in the middle of reading three days ago, The Host, Ironically. This Stephenie Meyer woman had some real potential if you asked me. Except I hadn't been able to get my hands on any of her other books. There were about vampires and werewolves, or so I've heard, and a lot of people thought they were really good. I found the page I had left off at; I was at the part where Melanie, or at least her body with "Wanda" in her head, was almost killed by Kyle, Ian's brother, who hated the aliens who had taken over the world, by shoving her into a rock and trying to drown her in the underground river.

It was really a good book, even if Liz had spoiled most of it. I took my time, going over every little minute detail, seeing that I had a whopping seventy-two hours to occupy myself before Aro would ask for all of us to attend the meeting.

A small bell rang from downstairs, in the feeding room, announcing our next meal for the week. All of us raced downstairs to wait, we were lucky enough to use our powers on our prey; the screams seemed to please us, eerily. I minutely tortured mine with Jane's power, and watched as Jane fumed, literally killing her prey without biting her. I couldn't help but laugh. It was funny to watch her get even madder at me, if that was even possible.

The next two days went by as they usually did around the castle, Liz, Ivy, Ali, and I all hung out and did makeovers a lot of the time, while Aaron, Axel and Ian played videogames, substituting every good and decent thing they've ever learned with god knows what mindless game they're playing.

I was surprised when I heard unfamiliar voices downstairs, but only for an instant, tonight was the night of the meeting. I glanced out my window to see at least three hundred vampires crowding the barren streets of Voltera, jumping through manholes in dark allies to find their way down to one of our largest chambers below ground.

That old, musty chamber could hold at least a hundred thousand people, the equivalent of what, fifteen American football fields? It was slightly raised at the front of the room, to allow for Aro and the rest of us to sit, and for the guard and us immortal children to guard. I smiled as I rushed down the twelve flights of winding stairs and under the ground of the ancient city and took my place on Axel's right as we stood and waited at the very front of the risen platform. Aro, Marcus, and Caius had all take their seats on their elegant thrones, and the rest of the guard was filing in quickly as the first of our many guests arrived. There were stone benches every three feet or so that stretched from wall to wall, with a four foot pathway down the middle. The floor sloped gradually upward, letting those in the back see what and or who was down on the front platform.

I smiled at our newest guests who were obviously shocked to see seven immortal children standing in front of Aro himself. A lot of them started mentally throwing fits, which only made my grin widen. I glanced at Ali, her expression mirrored mine. Axel stood in the very middle, then me and Ali, Ivy and Liz, Ivy on my right, and finally Aaron and Ian, Aaron on Ivy's right. Everyone was in their "best behavior" for the night or at least we were supposed to be. Aro had given us strict warnings and rules earlier.

But I was worried about someone, a hateful bitch who always wants to ruin my life. I glanced at Jane periodically, waiting for her to jump someone, or a random vampire collapse in pain from nothing, but nothing happened.

After five minutes of standing there, the Cullens walked in, everyone except Reneseme and the werewolves, just like Carlisle had said. I smiled at Edward, and lifted that wall, along with Alice's, just to make them feel a little better about being here. Edward eyed Jane, and mentally agreed with me that she needed watched. I smiled slightly in return as they took their seats towards the middle of the vast room. Aro and Carlisle exchanged a few word, but they were of no importance, otherwise they'd be written here.

I glanced at Ali, who was busy watching Dmitri, and making sure a full blown attack didn't break loose. I sighed; it was going to be a long night.

Mostly everyone who we had managed to find, including a lot of nomads, was in the room within eight minutes of my arrival, but I still didn't see anyone else I recognized. Aro rose, and the vast group of vampires became quiet almost instantly, except for Emmet's mind, who was screaming something moronic.

I sat along with the rest of my friends the instant before Aro began to talk.

"Welcome, my brothers, sister, and children." Aro exclaimed, "It's wonderful to see you all again, but a reunion is not the reason I have called you all here."

The room stayed silent, but the people began to murmur as Aro let their minds wander as to why they were called here, or at least the minds of those who hadn't heard the stories.

"There has been some... troubling, events over in the state of California recently." Aro said again, but paused and I glanced towards the giant wooden doors as someone entered. It was a boy, about my age, he was definitely one of us, but I didn't recognize him from any of Iris's group. He was taller than I was, probably changed when he was thirteen or fourteen, and his black hair matched Aro's perfectly, though it was cut like Ian's. He was wearing casual clothes, nothing stylish, but that of the average human teenager.

He glanced around the room quickly before his eyes settled on our group. He then stared at us for a while before racing to the back of the room and sitting down next to a trio of nomads from Egypt.

Aro continued, "One of our fellow sister, Iris, has broken a most sacred, and recent law, she has started creating immortal children." He paused again, to let the people ponder what must be done, "She has become a nuisance, and her children are powerfully gifted. Enough so that no gift that any of us are given can affect them." I felt Aro's eyes dart down to me and Ali, "A few months ago, I sent six of my own immortal children to go and find out why nothing could take them down, and they did an exceptionally good job. But, Iris's children found out that my own were not like them, not orphaned by an unwilling vampire, but were spies. They reported this to their ‘mother' and my children were attacked by her vicious ones."

I looked straight into the crowd as a lot of people gasped.

"Ali, Rose, would you please show the others what you walked away with?" Aro asked kindly.

Ali and I stood and removed out black sweatshirts, to reveal colorful tank tops, and hundreds of scars all over our arms and back. I turned around to face Aro and lifted my hair off of the back of my neck, everyone gasped at the sight of the tiny bite mark that seemed to wrap around my spinal cord. The bloody two year old could have bitten my head off, literally.

Aro nodded to us and we sat back down, "That was the least gruesome that they walked away with. I lost one of my highly capable children during that fight, Emma, she fought a good fight as the children have told me, but her gift wasn't strong enough to suppress the uprising." He then glanced at Axel, "Axel, would you please stand and show the crowd what you just barely managed to walk away with?"

He listened, stood, and removed his shirt to reveal an almost completely silver back. I saw it happen, and I really didn't want to see it again, so I focused on the crowd's thoughts. Most of which revolved around the fact that this needed to be taken care of now.

Axel sat down beside me again seconds later, and wrapped his arm loosely around my shoulder, apparently I hadn't hidden my pained expression well enough for him not to notice, "It's alright. At least we managed to get away."

I nodded, not saying anything because the room was no dead silent again. My eyes scanned the crowd, looking through mind after mind to see if someone had already made up their mind to help get rid of these monstrosities. No one had, yet.

Aro then explained what must be done, and there were a few noises and gestures of agreement, but most just stayed silent and listened. I felt a pair of eyes on me, and turned to see Jane looking like she was constipated or something because she was trying to kill me so much. I grinned, Hiya, Whatcha doin?

She glared at me, die you insignificant little monstrosity! DIE!

I'm not going anywhere.

"Nothing would make me happier than ripping you limb from limb, right here, right now." She said loud enough for the entire room to hear.

"I know." I said lightly before turning back around to see all eyes focused on me and Jane, well, this definitely wasn't what Aro wanted. I smiled at the group, and then felt Jane's small hand wrap around my neck. Not here, not now, not in front of the entire vampire population. Jane was literally begging for getting her ass kicked, again.

My friends were instantly crouched and snarling at her, even though they all knew I could easily get out of it. I shrugged as she lifted me off of the ground, and let my feet dangle in the air before I sighed and easily flipped her over me and she landed hard onto the stone floor, leaving a dent. I stood up, walked over to where she landed, and slapped her in the face, "Now that was a stupid decision."

She snarled at me, and I rolled my eyes. She's really begging to get herself burned.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked, "And in front of everyone, I thought you'd be smarter and pick you losing battle at a more secluded time and place."

She snarled again, "Get the fuck off me bitch!" and threw me across the massive space.

I sat by the wall until she realized I was thinking of if I really wanted to use my powers on her, in front of everyone, or if I'd just sit back and take it. She ran towards me, and I used a force field on her, and she bounced off of it and flew across the room, she must have been sprinting.

There were gasps from the crowd as I demonstrated three more powers besides the already used mind reading, and force field. I used Jane's power on herself, just barely magnifying its intensity, and she screamed as if I was burning her alive, well, that was funny.

I heard Axel and Ali laughing and I glanced up at Aro, who was thinking about what was going to happen after this little battle, I rolled my eyes, he wasn't worried about a thing, and I was one of the most powerful things on Earth, besides Ali.

Jane stopped screaming a whopping five seconds after I stopped torturing her with her own power, talk about delayed reaction. She sat up absolutely, seething. I just stood and grinned at her, this was going to be fun. She threw herself at me, and I leapt easily out of the way, hanging from a dimly lit chandelier. She jumped up and caught my ankle, I let go willingly, not wanting Caius to be mad at me for ripping out the ceiling which was the floor of his room.

Ali was instantly next to me as I stood up after landing on top of Jane's small form.

Are you okay? She thought.

Duh, I'm fine; Jane's never been able to critically hurt me before, so why start now?

Well then stop fighting, and save it for later, Aro's trying to see if anyone wants to volunteer, so if you wouldn't mind... plus I want in on this and me jumping into it right now when you seem to have control of the situation just wouldn't help. The last thought was almost a whisper in my mind.

I sighed and returned to my seat next to my friends while Jane stared at me, looking very confused, and angry.

The eyes of the mysterious boy in the back of the room never left me after that.

* * *

Aro's meeting ended quickly after that, I didn't catch another word my father figure said though. I had been busy talking to Ali about what we were going to do if no one volunteered to help out.

We had decided that we would head out to California, just the two of us, and maybe Ian if neither of us had adapted his powers by then, and go and rip Iris's head off on our own. We had enough money, time, and sneakiness to pull it off.

Aro finally asked the question that might take someone an eternity to answer, good thing everyone in the room had that time option, "So, any volunteers?"

It was quiet for a long time, probably an hour or so, and when you're talking about vampires, that's a while for no one saying anything, or even breathing, or moving, as they tried to decide, everyone's minds were racing, and I almost felt claustrophobic being surrounded by so many thoughts. I wondered how Edward was holding up.

I glanced around the room, only to end up staring at the mysterious boy again. No one had recognized him when he had come in, so I figured he was alone, but he looked oddly familiar. As if I had gone to school with him a million years ago. I just couldn't place him. We stared at each other for a long time; that is until someone spoke and my attention was pulled to the newly familiar voice of Carlisle Cullen.

"My family and I would like to offer our services, but we will not break a law that is to eventually be replaced Aro." He said calmly, his father figure towards the family was very apparent to anyone who hadn't known of them, and I saw Axel frown slightly about that.

Aro smiled, "That's wonderfully good news, thank you Carlisle, you and your family's assistance in the matter is greatly appreciated.

Edward's thoughts caught my attention, he was thinking about Reneseme, and how she was alone back at their house, and he seemed, worried, about her.

She's fine. I thought, planting it into his head.

He looked up, surprised, I know, it's just that Jacob...

He's been good to her, you of all people should know what he thinks of her, and she's truly special, in more ways than one.

He smiled, she misses you. You were probably the only friends she's made who she hasn't had to leave behind. And besides, you're also the only friend she doesn't live with twenty-four seven.

I laughed lightly, causing my friends to stare at me until they got the fact that I was talking to someone and they had thought something I found funny. Ali's eyes instantly flew to where Edward sat, and she giggled a little.

I sighed, when would I be able to just leave and get back to my book? I really wanted to finish it before Liz got so impatient with me that she just recites the last four chapters from memory.

A few others volunteered, but not as many as Aro had been hoping for. He was instantly planning on biting other children after that. He was going through the lists that Ivy had compiled of people who were going to be vampires, and their powers, mentally picking out four of them.

The meeting was dismissed, and the room emptied in seconds, that is except for the Cullens and the mysterious boy. I stood, along with the rest of my friends and waited to be dismissed. Liz was practically screaming at me to finish that bloody book by noon tomorrow or she'll just read it from memory.

Jane had taken her place among the guard, but was watching me, I grinned a devious grin, and I heard Edward laugh from across the room as he read her thoughts. I smiled but was standing by the family in a flash as Jane shot her mental torture out at them. It was weird, I didn't do anything, but stand in front of them, but I felt a shield cover the entire family.

I turned to see Bella looking like she was mad, and focused on something far away, everyone else was perfectly normal. Bella must be able to do this, amazing.

I walked slowly, well, fast for a human, slow for a vampire, back to my friends, who looked confused, "Bella."

Understanding flashed on five of the six faces, I figured that Ian wouldn't have gotten it, but everyone else did, including Aro.

"Ah, Bella, it's been far too long." He said happily. Why did he always sound so mellow?

She said something that sounded like an agreement, but nothing else, and I knew that Aro was almost ready to beg her to join the guard, because mind reading children weren't good for hunting down regular humans, or skillful nomads warring in the south.

The boy was walking up to where our small group was, thinking about how all of us hadn't killed each other yet, and why Jane was such a bitch. I couldn't help but smirk, it was like he was oblivious to the fact that I was one of the two most powerful beings on Earth.

"Rose," Caius's voice pulled my attention away from the boy, "Go and help Jane find something." He sneered; no one really liked me on the guard except for Aro.

I rolled my eyes before waiting for Aro to dismiss us all, but he was conversing with Carlisle.

Ali was watching the boy, and Ivy was trying to see if he had any powers, I almost laughed at how Ivy's small face looked while she was trying to find out, it looked like she was looking at something impeccably small, and that she had lost it. I walked over and wrapped my arm around her shoulder, "Don't hurt yourself kid." I whispered, she was trying way too hard.

Axel glared at the new kid, he was always so overprotective, and since being with Iris and having that backfire in our faces, he had come to not be too fond of new kids. I rolled my eyes when he was thinking of ways to rip the poor kid to shreds, Axel was impossible.

Aro then noticed that all of us were still here, he didn't even seem to see the boy, "Axel," He said kindly, "You and the others may return to your rooms now if you wish, just don't be too noisy, if I can hear you from all the way down here, then that Xbox is leaving."

"Yes Aro." We all said as the guys left, along with Liz and Ivy. Ali and I stayed and eyed the new kid.

I wonder who he is. Ali thought, I can't get anything out of him.

Me neither, I wonder if he's a new one for Iris, a spy, who's doing a better job at being obvious than we did. Is he really stupid enough to not introduce himself when no one knows who the hell he is?

Apparently, Ali thought, but he seems nice, you should have seen his reaction to Jane attacking you; he was all but out of his seat and down here ripping her to shreds.

I laughed, and people turned, but let it go when they saw me and Ali focused on each other like we could be talking about a stupid movie that we saw recently. I got bored after a second of talking again, and decided to walk up to the guy.

"Hi, I'm Rose, what's your name?" I asked like I was just an innocent sixth grader.

"My name's Chris." The boy answered.

I smiled, "It's nice to meet you Chris, what brings you to Voltera?" I knew it was a stupid question, but I was just trying to be a little polite.

"He does." Chris said pointing at Aro who was still busy talking to Carlisle, I noticed Bella watching me and I waved, she smiled back at me, "You know them?"

"Yeah, I had to fly over and give them their invitation, Aro wanted them to be invited personally, not over the phone or anything, so he sent me out."

"Who are they?" Chris asked. I laughed when Edward mentally answered for him, knowing he couldn't hear.

"Nice try Edward." I turned back around to Chris, "Those are the Cullens, they're different in their eating habits, they only feed off of animals."

"Oh," He said, and then asked, "How long have you been one of us?"

"Five years, you?"


I smiled, but a hand on my shoulder made me jump. I turned to see Axel was back and he wanted me to come upstairs and play some more Guitar hero with him. I sighed and turned back to Chris, "Sorry, it looks like Axel wants a rematch on Guitar Hero."

"Oh, okay."

I smiled again at Chris before turning and following Axel upstairs.