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Grim Reaper's Release

When the gruesome murder of a pastor is mysteriously caught on tape, what will happen to the vampire race? Suddenly, the world knows about vampires. The Cullens need to get out of Forks. And fast. But what will happen when the Volturi wants to interfere? Or the Southern Armies? And, more importantly, who are these strange vampire twins? Photobucket

...I've been away for a seriously long time, haven't I? O.O

Well, I'm back with a new story and I still haven't decided if I should continue my other stories. A lot's been happening in my life and I'm sure my feelings on all of my other stories have changed drastically. Anyway, this is just an idea that's been floating around my head for probably a year now but I've never really developed it into more than just a smidge of an idea.

Just a few warnings before I continue: This story is seriously...morbid. It's not really a good story at all. There's violence, world domination, chaos, and the world kind of goes insane...but it has a happy ending! Promise!

Also, the chapters are gonna be really long on this. Like, seriously long. It's not that I want to get this done in less chapters or whatever, it's just that in each chapter, a few different character's point of view's on different things need to be included to add other factors of the story. I mean, if I had each new point of view a chapter, we'd probably be up to 50 chapters by the time I get to the middle.

That being said, I guess a few things you should know is that I don't know when I'll be getting new chapters up. I hope, with winter break here, I'll have this story done by the middle of February, maybe? I was planning on having this only 7 chapters at the maximum, but the farther I get into this story, the longer it seems. And, I hope, I'll be getting each chapter up each week. I've already written chapter 2 and 3 but I'm gonna post them weekly.

Next, I seriously need to thank my best mate Kira with this story. She gave me a HUGE idea for it and has been such an amazing supporter of all my stories from the start!

*breathes in relief* Alright, I think that's all for now. Now that I've gotten it all out, go read. I'm sure the story is much more interesting than my babbling. *snort*

10. Unlike Engines, Friends Are For Forever

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Leah's Point of View

I hated the sun. I hated the heat. I hated anything that caused humidity or muggy weather. I hated the feeling of the burning sun on your back, causing you to sweat and smell. I hated the feeling of oxygen closing in on your skin as soon as you went outside. I hated the feeling when you ran on pavement and it scorched the soles of your feet.

Basically, I hated the south.

We had traveled for hours. Running when we had to, with our clothes strapped on our legs like fools, and then taking busses, taxis, and all other sort of things. But never riding on an airplane. None of us had enough cash for that.

We were just about to cross into northern Oklahoma and I waved a hand in front of my exposed neck frantically. "Jesus, it's freaking hot in here." Inside the small, empty bus, was one single fan in front of the driver. And I was seated in the back.

I had watched, a sickened look on my face, as Sam had said his goodbyes to precious Emily. I had watched, with a disgruntled look on my face, as Jared said his goodbyes to precious Kim. I had watched, with a bitchy look on my face, as Paul said his goodbyes to precious Rachel. And I had even watched, an almost amused look on my face, as Quil said his simplified goodbyes to precious Claire.

Was it so wrong to be jealous of all of them? Even Quil who had to get down on two knees and say words no longer than 3 syllables?

I hated to admit my feelings of envy to even myself; it felt like a weakness. A flaw in my tough personality. A vulnerability. All I wanted was someone to say goodbye to, to have that feeling that I needed to get through this. To simply know I had someone at home waiting for me.

It struck of chord in my heart to know the only people who cared about me had either left me or were with me now. There was, in all reality, no one to live for.

"Well, you wanted to get these damn leeches, you have to deal with the heat. If the bus we're on goes down to Tulsa, it looks like we're going, too." Paul was seated in the front of the bus, a sour look on his face. I grimaced, a nasty remark caught on my tongue.

Seth put his large hand on my bare shoulder, mentally and physically restraining me. I sighed and surrendered, biting my tongue and looking out the window at the sparse vegetation. It was all so drastically different than La Push.

I had never been out of the state of Washington and now that I was, I couldn't even stop to enjoy the scenery. Thankfully, I had wisely packed an assortment of more tropical clothing. Tank tops, jean shorts, and sandals.

It had been a bit difficult to explain to all the parents what we had to do. What we were doing, regardless of what they said. Mom had been...a bit tough. With losing Dad, she wasn't ready to put her children in danger. Seth's puppy dog eyes - pun intended - could win anyone over, though, and she had grudgingly agreed.

Chief Swan had even come over to Sam's, a morose look on his face with dim eyes. He had wished us luck, begging us to bring his baby girl home, along with his granddaughter.

I had resisted the urge to gag. Little Nessie Cullen was not the person I wanted to save on this whole expedition. Actually, she was the last one I cared about.

I reached up to yank my hand through my short, uneven black hair as I continued to stare out the window, a drop of perspiration dripping its way down from my hairline. My feet were propped up on the chair in front of me, precautiously close to Jared's head.

I tapped him with my toe and he slowly turned around, an irritated look on his face.

"What?" he snapped. I bit my lip as I leaned forward.

"Do you have any gum?" I asked in pure innocence, genuinely curious. I had developed an unhealthy addiction to bubble gum recently. It was an odd way of relieving stress for me. Just like some would smoke or drink or shoot heroine up their veins.

He rolled his eyes. "No." I huffed, my eyes returning to the window. He turned back around as he eagerly joined Embry and Quil's conversations in the seats before him. Though the bus was utterly empty besides us, it almost looked jammed pack with all of us contained within it. Paul even took up one whole seat.

"Here." A piece of long, deliciously pink bubble gum wrapped in transparent paper landed on the seat next to me and I looked up. Sam looked back at me, almost expectantly, with surprisingly...kind eyes.

I picked it up, hesitantly, as if it would burn me. "Thanks," I murmured softly, unwrapping it and popping it inside my mouth. He shrugged, a gentle smile on his lips.

After Emily and him had first hooked up, I had hoped one day he would realize how plain and boring she was and come back to me. Even learning that she was his imprint hadn't completely doused the flame of hope within me. All of his kind gestures or timid smiles had me reeling and thinking "He'll come back."

But then one day I realized something: he was just being nice.

So when he handed me the gum and smiled, one of those secret smiles that I knew Emily never received, it was obvious that he was just being nice. Being a friend.

See, Emily may be his imprint. She may be his eternal love. She may even be his fiancée. But I was his first love, and first loves never exactly go away. There were parts of him, possibly the more human parts that I knew only I had the key to. Only I could unleash the human Sam. And there were certain things, certain smiles or looks, that I knew came from the human Sam.

The human Sam Emily never really got to meet.

And it was that knowledge that kept me going. Kept me from loosing it or fading away from a broken heart. Kept me alive and breathing. Kept me awake during the day and asleep at night. I may not have a boyfriend, I may not even have a good guy friend outside of the ring of werewolves, but one thing was for sure. I had a friend.

Just then, the engine sputtered and coughed noisily. The driver, a strangely elderly woman with shoulder length snowy white hair and beady brown eyes, groaned and pressed her feeble foot down on the gas pedal harder. Her weak attempt wasn't enough, though, and the bus chugged along the road.

"You gotta be kidding me," Paul mumbled, his head falling in his hands.

We finally stopped completely, the bus pulled over to the side of the road. I peeked out the window as the driver hobbled off, waddling towards the back of the bus to check the gas. My eyes fell off of her and looked out to the Oklahoman wilderness. There was not one other car on the straight road and I couldn't see any sort of town either way.

"I think we're gonna have to get off here," Seth coughed. I took a deep breath, preparing myself for the wave of heat that would follow as I stepped off the bus.

Did I mention I really, really hate the heat?

Tanya's Point of View

"And it was from that, a simple crocodile attack gone bad, that caused me to become what I am today," Kayden exclaimed, almost proudly, as he glanced up at the blazing sun on top of us. I stared in a mix of awe and fascination.

"And when was this?" I questioned, my head cocking to the side.

"A long time ago," he chuckled, a hint of an accent coloring his voice. "1500's. I can't say I remember the exact year cause the first few decades were a bugger to control the thirst and it all seemed to pass in a blur." His ruby eyes were kind and bright and I was once again reminded of his diet.

1500's. I was older than him, I thought, and by far. We continued to run, following the others, in a comfortable silence. We had clicked at once and I was sure that both of us noticed the chemistry behind it. He wasn't just another human male, he was something more.

We had all decided to run up to the border, which in all retrospect, wouldn't take us very long at all. One of the Russian vampires had a unique power - as I noticed many of the unfamiliar vampires had - and could mentally soar over the exotic forests of Mexico. I watched as he trudged behind us, still too fast for humans to see but a bit sluggish for the normal vampire, as he was mentally at the border scouting to see what was happening there, though it was hundreds of miles away.

"What about you?" Kayden asked from my side, his powerful strides as big as two of mine.

"What about me?" I asked, slightly confused. I had lost my train of thought as my eyes slid back to him. He was stunning. His long, thick brown curls often fell into his eyes and his features were perfect. Almost too perfect. I had never felt ugly in all of my existence and it was unbearable to think that next to him, next to his goodhearted kindness and beauty, I was despicable.

"How were you changed? I'm awfully eager to know how you got those topaz eyes of yours," he answered. My coven and I had been questioned tons about our odd colored eyes and it was almost expected that he would want to know how I got into the habit of feeding from animals.

I bit my lip, I didn't want him to know of my past. Until I met him, I had never been ashamed of my history with men. Actually, I was proud of it. But what would he think now? Surely, he must know the legends of the succubus. Would he think differently of me if he knew my sisters and I had inspired them?

"Well," I paused, my eyes downcast.

"Oh please," he laughed loudly. "It can't be worse than mine. Not many vampires can say they were changed because a bloody crocodile bit off their hand and the scent lured another vampire to them! It must be a rarity." I chuckled weakly along with him, our trek through the rainforest continuing.

"To start, I was born in 1005," I boldly declared. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw his run jerk in surprise and his jaw dropped.

A soft whistle flitted from his lips. "1005, huh? Long time to be on this earth," he added thoughtfully. I nodded, my lips pursed. "But, please, continue. Now I'm curious."

With a deep breath, I retold the story I had told probably hundreds of times already. "I lived in Slovakia and a vampire, Sasha, changed me, along with my three other sisters, Katrina, which is Kate, and Irina." He nodded as he listened.

"I only know of Carmen as the other female member of your coven. Does Irina not...follow your ways anymore?" A piercing pain lurched through my dead heart and I stifled a gasp. Oh, how I longed for my sweet sister now of all times.

"No," I slowly said. "Irina, along with Sasha and another member of my family, Vasilii, were killed. Actually, all by the Volturi. Irina was executed just a month ago." He gulped, his flawless brow puckering in a troublesome look. A man like that shouldn't be so affected by the troubles of someone like me, I glumly thought.

"Wait, wait. Start from the beginning. How were you changed?" He inquired and I thought.

It wasn't that my human life was a mystery. I wasn't like Alice Cullen, with a forgettable past and lack of memories. It was just that, over time, all of my memories had slowly faded. I knew all the facts, knew all the details, but the time before I was changed was slowly vanishing from my mind.

"Well, Sasha was lonely," I began. "She found me, alone, after my parents had been harshly executed for treason. Honestly, I had nothing before me. No one would ever want me because of my parent's crimes and I had no siblings. My aunts and uncles wanted nothing to do with me, and neither did my friends or other family members. She changed me, along with Katrina and Irina, who she found in my town. I actually had no clue they existed for Kate was homeless and Irina was a servant. From them on, we considered ourselves sisters and Sasha our mother. She was a kind woman," I mumbled, remembering the woman who I had loved for centuries.

She wasn't involved with our behavior with men, though she did support our diet. Whenever I saw deep, black hair and a ghostly polished expression, I thought of Sasha. She had been in her late twenties but her wide, innocent eyes had made her seem younger.

"And Vasilii, Carmen, Eleazar, and Garrett?" He asked, his tone mirroring my soft voice. Though his muscles were exceptionally large and he was like a mountain in comparison to me, he seemed so gentle.

"Oh, Carmen and Eleazar didn't join us until much, much later. Actually, as you might know already, Eleazar was a member of the Volturi guard. Him and Carmen are from Spain and met up with us only after they learned of a coven that did not kill humans," I quickly explained. He nodded, his eyes intense.

"So, why did you start feeding off of animals? Do humans repulse you?" He wondered. I barked out a short laugh at his question, ignoring his surprised look.

I repressed a few giggles as I lodged back into my story. "No, no, no. At first, I did feed off of humans." Suddenly, my voice turned grave. I would have to tell him now, I decided. It would be better to just admit to my sins instead of keeping them hidden.

"Have you ever heard of the succubus?" He looked at me sharply, eyes wide. He looked a bit uncomfortable as he responded, which caused me to lose hope even more.

"Er, sure. The female vampires who seduce human males, right?" I nodded, solemnly.

"Well, my sisters and I were the ones to cause those legends. For awhile, we fed off of human males after," I paused. How in the world was I supposed to say what came next? After we had sex with them? It sounded so crude.

"After you seduced them," he volunteered and I threw a grateful look his way.

"Yes, exactly. After awhile, though, we started to gain a conscious. Morals. We couldn't believe that, after using the men for pleasure, we would just savagely kill them and so our diet began. We continued our uh, lifestyle, but began drinking from only animals. It was a more humane way of living the way we did." I snuck a glance at him, shyly through my strawberry blonde waves, only to realize he seemed...comfortable with this sudden revelation.

"Do you still seduce human men?" He almost sounded amused and his question caught me off guard.

It took a second for me to respond, carefully framing my answer. "Not...often. I used to be very reckless with who I chose to be with but now I'm more careful." He nodded, again, listening to my every word. A sly look crept into his eyes and he smirked lightly.

"So, I guess we could say that you are a very sexual creature?" I felt my face freeze in place. Was he...was he flirting with me? With me? The only time men really ever flirted with me was when they were drunk and in bars. Actually, now that I think of it, a male vampire had never flirted with me.

"You could say that," I croaked out, a bit embarrassed by his accusation. He laughed and winked, almost causing me to stop completely in my tracks.

I couldn't believe that I, Tanya, was being stunned by a man. I was the one who stunned. I was the one who tempted and lured. I was the one who seduced. It wasn't supposed to be the other way around. I had never even experienced this, the rush of love and the risky steps that followed. I had only firsthand accounts of lust and passion. Never love.

"What happened then? With Carmen and Eleazar? I know they're from Spain, but what else?" He changed the topic, eyes narrowed.

"They joined in about 1550. It wasn't until 1775 that Sasha and Vasilii were executed," I murmured. His lips pursed in thought.

"Who was Vasilii? Sasha's mate?" I shook my head, already knowing his thoughts were steering down the wrong lane.

"Do you know of the immortal child problem? When the Volturi banished all immortal children and killed them all?" His eyes turned severe and he nodded. "Sasha turned Vasilii into a vampire and he was too young. The Volturi found out and burned them both, Vasilii for being what he was and Sasha for committing the crime. It was horrible." I immediately felt a pressure on my arm and glanced down, only to see his large fingers wrapped around my forearm.

His face was sincere as he responded. "I'm so sorry." I felt a spark of longing as his hand left my arm, leaving it almost colder than before, if that was possible.

"Most of us are over it now," I said, trying to persuade myself that his sympathy was only that. That he wasn't interested in me or anything of the sort. "And Irina was executed last month after she thought a member of the Cullen family was an immortal child. She told the Volturi and when they learned the child was not an immortal one, they killed her." I would always love Nessie but...there would always be something there. Some sort of blame. I knew she meant no harm and that she never intended for my sister to be lost but...it was her fault that Irina had died, was it not?

Kayden took a deep breath and swallowed. "What was she if not an immortal child?" Ah, the million dollar question.

"Renesmee is special," I began slowly. "She is neither fully vampire or fully human. Her mother was a human when she was conceived." He stopped suddenly and stared at me in shock, eyes wide.

"Human? Her mother was human? That's not possible," he stuttered. I chuckled softly, so I had thought, too.

"That's what we all thought, but it is. If a male vampire were to have intercourse with a female human, apparently, it can happen. Renesmee is a healthy, beautiful...hybrid, and her mother is now a vampire. They had to change her in labor or else she would have died." He took a second deep breath, readjusting to this startling news.

"I feel so out of the loop," he mumbled in a detached voice as we started up again, catching up with the other vampires.

"Why?" I asked.

"There is so much I do not know of our species. I thought I knew everything, but...I was so wrong. I only thought the Cullens were legends, as was the succubus." I nodded in understanding. It must be difficult to learn that things you once thought impossible were real.

"There are many wonders of our world," I stated simply.

He snorted, "I'll say. But, wait, what about Garrett? He doesn't seem like he's been with you for a long time."

"And he hasn't," I told him. "Garrett joined us after Irina was killed. He was among the group of vampires that helped the Cullens face off the Volturi."

With one last nod, a peaceful silence fell over us. Not too many of the other vampires were talking as they ran and we were one single mass of color as we ran through the forest. Our feet barely touched the damp ground as we soared over it. Some covens were immersed into conversation, telling of stories and introducing each other, but not too many.

Carmen and Eleazar ran ahead of us, hand in hand, with Garrett and Kate to the side of them. I couldn't imagine how we must have looked to a human if we came across one. A herd of people running through the rainforests that would pass them in a blink of the eye. Sometimes our beauty astounded me.

"Have you ever met a male you wanted for anything besides sex?" Kayden broke the silence, his voice low. I bit my lip, thinking of Edward, though I couldn't imagine he could exactly count. I had seen him as an inexperienced, slightly cocky man who I would have an affair with and then be done with. I never really thought of love when I thought of him.

But how to answer this question? It could make or break the steady growing relationship between the two of us. Should I take a risk and be flirtatious? Or be subtle and shy? I had seduced hundreds - maybe thousands - of men and I had no clue how to talk to this one.

"Yes, and I'm talking to him right now," I said, slightly confident. His eyes widened as he blinked, more times than necessary, as he took a deep breath.

Had I been too straight-forward? I was suddenly in a panicked worry as I watched my comment sink in. A gleeful grin stretched across his face and his eyes glimmered like rubies in the sunlight.

"Then I'll make an effort not to disappoint you," he teased and I felt a rush of happiness.

Had I finally, after all this time, found my match?

Maria's Point of View

My fingernails tapped on the mahogany of the desk as I stared at her. Her. If that was what she even was. She stared back, her violet eyes cool and almost mocking. Her stillness, her iciness, even her beauty, it was all unnatural. Even for a vampire. All vampires looked perfect to the human eye but she - she was an exception. She looked perfect to even the vampire eye. No blemish or scar covered even a single pore of her snowy skin.

I had never seen anything like her.

After she had detached herself from the barriers of my army, I had reluctantly welcomed her into my office to grace myself with her icy presence. A silence had fallen over us, though, as she patiently waited for me to strike up a conversation and I impatiently waited for her to say something. We had been sitting here for hours, ignoring the watchful gaze of Noah who leaned against the wall.

An image of Chester, screaming in agonized pain, flashed before my eyes and I dug my nails into my palms. How dare she torture one of my men? One of my soldiers. One of my army.

"Who are you?" I asked, once again. She had given me two answers to work with: Eve and mother. Well, I laughed mentally, my biological mother had died centuries ago. I had killed her after returning home, not knowing I was dangerous to her after changing. The vampire who had changed me had left me before I had even awoken and I had no clue what I was or what I could do.

She cocked her head to the side, waves of ebony hair cascading over her shoulder. "Who do you think I am, Maria?" I sighed in impatience, biting my lip as I glowered at her still form.

"I don't know. Your identity is so cryptic," I bitterly snapped. A slight smirk appeared on her perfectly round and perfectly red lips as she listened.

"Do you not know the legends of how our kind was created?" Our kind? Our kind? She was not of my kind. She may be some sort of vampire, but she was not similar to me. I had never heard of any vampire having any sort of eye color besides burgundy and hers were a steely violet.

"I know many legends," I tersely replied. Sure, there were legends of the yellow eyed vampires in Washington and then in Denali but did I believe in those? Of course not. How could vampires ever have yellow eyes? Impossible.

She gave a sort of motherly smile and glanced down. "But how we were created? I am sure you know of at least some," she prodded. I swallowed, restraining my anger.

In my lifetime, I had heard of many legends. Legends of werewolves in Europe, slaughtered by the Volturi centuries ago. Legends of shapeshifters in Native American reservations. Legends of yellow eyed vampires. Legends of...twins. Twin lovers who created our species.

"Ah, the yellow eyed vampires," she murmured, almost as if to herself. I looked at her strangely, taking notice of her sudden topic change.

"Are they real?" The curiosity overtook me and I leaned forward, desperate for her answer. She smiled, almost warmly, and nodded.

"Of course they are, Maria. It is very rare that legends of our species are just legends." My brow furrowed, how many of the legends I knew of were real, then? How many times had I thought I was told the lie but then it turned out to be real?

A sudden question bubbled to my lips. This woman seemed to know everything of the universe, every single intricate detail and puzzle. Would she knew...would she know where my Jasper had gone? Where he had vanished to?

"I can tell you that, Maria," she whispered, her voice flowing from her lips like a sweet song. I snapped my head up in surprise. She had read my mind.

I instantly regretted ever thinking of him. The pain that scorched the edges of my heart was unbearable. I tried, at all costs, to not think of him but sometimes his penetrating ruby gaze would break through the barrier of my mind and all hope would be forgotten.

Would I want to know her reply? Would I want to know where he was, how he was doing? To know if he was dead or alive? Lonely or happy? Savage or sane?

"Tell me," I sighed, sinking into my chair. Noah watched with a curious gaze, metallic black eyes shining like coal.

He did not know of my Jasper Whitlock. I had created Noah decades after Jasper had left me and only few, so few I may have forgotten which ones, of my army would know who he was now.

The woman narrowed her eyes and her expression turned thoughtful. "Jasper is happy, Maria. He has a family who loves him and needs him, though right now is a difficult time for him." My jaw locked, my eyes falling downcast. Happy.

He is happy, while I am stuck in a never ending reign of power and depression. A loveless life. It was often that I felt pity for myself or regretted my throne of power, but suddenly I felt...sorrowful. So many chances life had thrown into my path but I had ignored them all, desperate for the end of the road in which supreme power awaited.

One of those chances had been Jasper.

"What do you mean by difficult?" I said slowly. I had noticed Noah's tense presence and knew then that he wondered who this Jasper was that we talked of.

"He has been recruited by the government," she sighed. "And this is why I come to you." I was shocked, to say the least. The Jasper I knew would never let himself be taken. He would never surrender or give into humans. He was strong, he was wild, he was - I smiled bitterly - he was mine.

"And he has no mate, yes?" I happily asked. Noah stared at me in blank shock, but I ignored him. Noah was annoying, a pestering piece of dirt. I only kept him for his bulging muscles.

Plus, he was one of the few men in this army who thought of me as a woman and not a monster.

The woman arched one single brow and gave a disappointed stare at me. "Maria, he is a family man now. He has a wondrous wife who loves him so, as he worships her completely. He is not the man you once knew but a more humane version."

Wife? Wife. No such thing. Marriage wasn't a concept of the vampire world. You had mates. And mates were used for simply love, affection, and sex. Not a sacramental thing such as marriage.

"What do you mean?" I put the feeling of dread behind me and focused at the task at hand. He was a family man. Ha. The Jasper I knew was a killing machine, not a man who loved any sort of family he had.

"I mean," she paused, "he is in love." A pool of venom slid down my dry throat and I blinked. Love. The word seemed foreign when talking of Jasper involving a woman besides me.

"So why are you here?" I snapped, angrily. I needed a topic change. The pain inside of me was overpowering, dulling my senses and clouding my mind. He was in love. He was in love. With someone besides me.

Before she could respond, I formed a plan. All things could be bought in life. I would simply gain him back. It would be almost too easy.

She was staring at Noah, who stood as still as a statue with flickering eyes. Her gaze was almost morose. "I come here today for many reasons, Maria," she started slowly. "First, I come here to stop you and second, I come here to ask of your help." Help? This woman wanted my help. I cackled softly, I had nothing to give her.

"Stop me from what?"

"You know what," she hissed softly. "Maria, this world is not for you to own and neither is the South. Do you know what the Volturi are planning?" I watched her with an uneasy sense of outrage.

"What?" I snapped. This woman was growing on my nerves, especially since I had not discovered her true identity. I could feel my lifeless stomach churn in distaste.

"World domination, but they shall not achieve. You know why?"

"Why?" My curiosity had officially peaked. They planned for controlling the world, too? Why? If it came down to it, my armies would fight them for it. We would win anyway with our numbers and power.

"My brother stopped them," she said casually. "As I plan to stop you." Her strange violet eyes connected with mine and I shivered. Her brother. He much be just as powerful as she, I thought.

"I fear you do not understand. I have been planning for this moment for centuries. I won't give up this chance because you plan on stopping me," I spat. Her eyes grew a bit darker, like a storm gathering. The hazy greys and purples of her eyes were shifting. Almost as if her irises were moving.

"I will stop you forcefully," she warned.

"And I highly doubt one vampire could go up against 200," I replied, instantly smug. If she thought she could overrule us, she was sadly mistake.

"My dear Maria, this whole world could go up against me and I would not even feel one ounce of exhaustion as I battled them off." Her voice held such truth, such clarity and steadiness, that I wondered if she was right. Could she be right? The idea seemed impossible and stunning.

Was I in the presence of a legendary figure of my species?

"What do you want?" I asked in a flat monotone. "Why are you stopping me from my dreams? Why do you have the intent of hurting me so, with your revelations of Jasper and your attempts of coming between me and the world?"

She was silent for a moment, concentration etching its way onto her smooth face. "I do not intend on hurting you, dear. You asked how he was, and I gave you the answer. If you do not stop your plans, though, I feel as if more forceful and...cruel ways of stopping you will be necessary."

I was suddenly a bit tired. Overwhelmed. So much was happening in such little time. Give in, I whispered to myself. It's time to surrender. I had been working for domination for so long, I wouldn't know what to do once I was free of the goals that haunted me every day. What would life have for me if not dreams?

I put my small head in my even smaller hands and hunched over. I could almost feel the life draining away from me as her words sunk in. If I did not give into her wishes, she would force me to. She might even kill my whole army.

I couldn't risk that.

"Fine," I whispered. "I surrender." The words left me hollowed. Empty inside. There was really no meaning for life if you had no goals or dreams.

"Good, Maria, good. Thank you for making this easier on my part," she said softly. I took a deep breath, feeling almost lifeless. What would I tell my army? Would I even need an army now?

"Leave me, please," I mumbled. "I have given you what you wanted, now leave." My fists clenched around my head as I squeezed my eyelids shut, yearning for this to be over.

Her breathing was steady as she replied, "Maria, your defeat is not the only reason for my coming here." I groaned, what more did she want? My life, too? Possibly my army? Noah or Chester?

"I need your help," she stated and I froze. Help. Now that I was basically powerless, how could I ever be of use?

"With what?" I moaned.

"Look at me, Maria, for what I am about to tell you is important." I willed my head up, lids snapping back as I gave her a dead, cold look. If I were human, I would have had tears leaking from the corners of my eyes.

"What?" I hoarsely muttered. "What could you possibly have to tell me now?"

"There is a gathering in Mexico," she whispered, urgently, as Noah leaned forward, eyebrows rose. Anyone not in this room, I knew, would not be able to hear us. "All of the major covens of this world are meeting there. At first, they were planning to stay there, wade everything out until the vampire discovery had blown over. They never thought a coven would be caught by the government - Jasper's family - and they thought the government would forget about us as soon as no new leads followed." I listened, suddenly interested. Why was she telling me this?

"Now, my brother is in the north, with the Volturi. He is discouraging them this moment to stop their attempts of ruling the world. They are following his instructions. He is leading them down here, down South, to you and your armies." I gaped openly, why here? Why? "The covens in Mexico have changed their course, Maria. You must understand this. They are not keeping under cover anymore. They have switched their main purpose. They are putting themselves into the open. Their goal is not longer secrecy, their goal is rescuing the Cullens, which is Jasper's family. They are going to save them." I nodded deafly. Cullens. Jasper's coven. His family and lover's family, too.

"Pay attention," she suddenly snapped, reading my mind. "This is no time for thinking about lost loves. Listen, they are traveling north, Maria, towards the United States. Over the border and through Texas, where they will pass San Antonio, to then travel east and towards Washington D.C. Now, where Jasper's family is from, is a large pack of shape shifters." I gawked at her. Shape shifters. Our enemy, along with werewolves.


"They, too, are moving to save the Cullens. Their bus just broke down in northern Oklahoma and the only way to get back on the road is to load a bus which will take them to San Antonio and then New Orleans, where they plan to depart and bus hop to D.C. Do you not see this pattern, Maria?" My mouth felt dry. I was still trying to comprehend certain details of her tale.

First, a pack of shape shifters were helping a coven of vampires. Unheard of. Enemies did not save enemies. Second, they were all going to help Jasper. Well, maybe not him precisely, but his family. Him. He would inevitably be there when they rescued them.

"Pattern?" I wondered, quietly.

She leaned forward, her gaze intense. "You are not five miles from San Antonio." Her simple statement startled me. I knew this, yes, but in this context it meant the world.

A sudden realization hit me, knocking me out of all air. I took a deep breath, like I was breaking the surface of the ocean after almost drowning. "San Antonio is a central point," I whispered.

"Exactly!" She exclaimed, softly. Noah had removed himself from his position at the wall and came forward, standing next to me.

"Then they are all coming here? The covens gathered in Mexico, the shape shifter pack, and the Volturi?" He asked slowly, his lips tight and eyes nervous. I gulped, this was huge. The largest gathering of supernatural beings ever to happen in the history of the world. This was epic. This was historical. This is something that would be remembered in our world for all of eternity.

"Exactly," she repeated once again. "And I need your help, Maria, to keep all these groups together. We need the most numbers we can have. We need you and your armies. Maria, we need you to help us save Jasper." My heart plummeted. Could I do that?

"How many will there be?" I asked deathly quiet. My mind was calculating at the speed of light as she watched me.

"Well, your 200, plus sixty five from Mexico, the Volturi guard, and then the pack. Roughly about 300." Three hundred.

Unbelievable. I had never heard of such a thing. Such a wonder.

"And the Volturi? Who will be leading us? Surely not them," I replied. My mind was going into overdrive, this was too much. This had never happened, how could we possibly run this smoothly?

"My brother and I will lead all groups to D.C. It won't be easy, Maria, and that's where I need your help. A member of your army has a power, Chester, to be exact, and I need him to get us to D.C." I looked at her sharply, Chester's power was a secret. No one knew of it except for I.

"Why Chester?" I wondered. Many of my vampires had powers. Chester's was hardly extraordinary in comparison to some of the others.

She laughed, her laughter the sound of silver bells. "Dear, 300 vampires cannot move across the country without being noticed. Especially when you see some of the ones to come. Chester can make us invisible, though, make us all invisible. We need that more than ever." I stared in awe.

"You will have to talk to him about that, then. He is a bitter man and I doubt he'll use it just because you tell him to," I muttered. She jerked her head.

"Yes, I know. But, Maria, are you in this with me? With us? Will you join our numbers? My brother and I will need someone's help who has gone through something like this before. We'll need your experience and power over your people." Her silky voice was almost pleading, desperate and soft. I sighed, it was a big decision.

Three hundred vampires. Usually, it was rough to have even just five live with each other. We were naturally aggressive creatures and it was rare that we got along. But I had done it with my army of 200 hundred. I had kept them together and under control, except for the usual fights.

But Jasper's face haunted my mind. How could I say no to him? How could I leave him, now that he may need me more than ever? He had left me, broken and hurt, but I refuse to leave him. And I couldn't deny the spark of hope that glimmered in my mind. If I could just have another chance, show him who I really was and that I had changed, things could be different.

This was ultimately a chance of a lifetime - or maybe several lifetimes in my case - and I didn't want to give it up.

"Yes," I vowed. "I'll help."

She gave me a slow, gleaming smile and I swallowed uneasily. This had never happened before in all of history, and I was supposed to help her lead it?

Aro's Point of View

"What are you doing?" Alec asked the man. The man. He was really all I called him. He had yet to give us a name and I was starting to wonder if he even had one. I flicked my gaze towards him to see what Alec was talking about and my brow furrowed.

His lips were moving quickly as they mouthed the sounds of words not even I could catch with my sensitive ears. His eyes were shut closed, a look of thorough concentration carved into his glorious face. I wrinkled my nose and looked the other way as we ran, not caring too much.

His power scared me, yes, but I didn't have to be concerned with his troubles or actions.

We were just crossing into the United States, under the starless cloak of nightfall, to travel to the South. I wasn't sure what would await us there, to tell the truth. A shrinking, pathetic army? Or maybe something more; a powerful, humongous gathering of vampires?

"I am talking to my sister," the man finally responded, his eyes opening. He looked around, almost like he was a bit confused by where we were. Alec arched one perfect eyebrow and snickered lightly.

"How? Is she nearby?" Jane interrupted their conversation, her face a mask of confusion.

His orange eyes were gleaming wickedly as he responded, his long strides not faltering. "No, she is in the South with the Southern Armies," he stated, his voice mysterious. Caius glanced at us as he ran, his burgundy eyes harsh.

"How are you talking to her, then?" Alec wondered. I tried to ignore their idle chatter but my curiosity got the better half of me. Ah, how I hated the phrase curiosity killed the cat.

"Well, truthfully, I can talk to anyone I want if they are a great distance from me. Usually, I would just talk to her through our minds, but I would rather do it this way," he chuckled lightly, an easy smile covering his lips. Jane's brow furrowed.

"Is that another one of your powers?" I knew dear Jane well, of course, and I could tell by her tone of voice that she was jealous. Envious of the powerful twins who were no match for Alec and her.

He thought for a moment, his face hard. "I have hundreds of power, Jane, but yes, this is one of them." My steps jerked in response to his reply. Hundreds. So many powers to contain in just one vampire. It was astonishing.

Marcus was silent as he ran by my side, eyes hidden under the hood of his cloak. Our steps crunched slightly as we ran over the snow but his, the man's, were deadly muted.

"You shouldn't be concerned with that, though," he muttered. "When we get to the South, we will be meeting up with many other covens." I pursed my lips, I had never been one to follow. I was always the leader. And letting him lead my species, my race, was simply torturing.

"Which other covens?" Caius asked.

"The major covens of the world; about sixty five in total." I smothered my gasp. I had no clue that there were that many covens with vampires in them. Incredible. It was like every day, a new secret of the vampire world was unrevealed to me.

"And how many are in the army?" My voice sounded rough from lack of use and I bit my lip.

"You shall see when we arrive," he responded lightly. My brow furrowed and I grimaced. I hated every single second of this. "Also, a shape shifter pack shall be joining us. From there, we will be moving towards Washington D.C. to break out the Cullens."

"Cullens? Why?" I hissed sharply. "They can get themselves out of this mess. Why risk our lives for theirs?" Caius was also angry, I could tell, with his lips pressed into a hard line on his timeless face.

"I do not have to explain our reasoning. We help them, no matter what." I clamped my mouth shut, bottling up the outrage that yearned to be let loose.

"And then what?" Alec asked, a sneer forming on his face.

The man paused, his the corners of his lips turning down at the corners as he thought. "And then, we reveal ourselves."