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Grim Reaper's Release

When the gruesome murder of a pastor is mysteriously caught on tape, what will happen to the vampire race? Suddenly, the world knows about vampires. The Cullens need to get out of Forks. And fast. But what will happen when the Volturi wants to interfere? Or the Southern Armies? And, more importantly, who are these strange vampire twins? Photobucket

...I've been away for a seriously long time, haven't I? O.O

Well, I'm back with a new story and I still haven't decided if I should continue my other stories. A lot's been happening in my life and I'm sure my feelings on all of my other stories have changed drastically. Anyway, this is just an idea that's been floating around my head for probably a year now but I've never really developed it into more than just a smidge of an idea.

Just a few warnings before I continue: This story is seriously...morbid. It's not really a good story at all. There's violence, world domination, chaos, and the world kind of goes insane...but it has a happy ending! Promise!

Also, the chapters are gonna be really long on this. Like, seriously long. It's not that I want to get this done in less chapters or whatever, it's just that in each chapter, a few different character's point of view's on different things need to be included to add other factors of the story. I mean, if I had each new point of view a chapter, we'd probably be up to 50 chapters by the time I get to the middle.

That being said, I guess a few things you should know is that I don't know when I'll be getting new chapters up. I hope, with winter break here, I'll have this story done by the middle of February, maybe? I was planning on having this only 7 chapters at the maximum, but the farther I get into this story, the longer it seems. And, I hope, I'll be getting each chapter up each week. I've already written chapter 2 and 3 but I'm gonna post them weekly.

Next, I seriously need to thank my best mate Kira with this story. She gave me a HUGE idea for it and has been such an amazing supporter of all my stories from the start!

*breathes in relief* Alright, I think that's all for now. Now that I've gotten it all out, go read. I'm sure the story is much more interesting than my babbling. *snort*

12. Sinking Into a Rut

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Leah's Point of View

"I refuse to walk to D.C.," I snapped, jabbing a daunting finger towards Sam's unraveled map of the United States. I wiped my other hand across my forehead, removing the drops of sweat gathering on my brow. I had never witnessed heat to the extreme and neither had any of our elders. It was no wonder they didn't know that hot weather would be even hotter to us when considering our high body temperatures. Unfortunately, we had only ever experience the icy, misty forecasts of northern Washington.

Sam looked up, slightly impatient. "I know that, Leah, and I don't exactly want to walk there, either. We won't walk, there has to be some bus station nearby." I popped my bubble gum as he returned his gaze to the map.

"Dude, I just walked 5 freaking miles in this heat. Find this damn bus soon," Paul grumbled, rubbing his feet in mocking pain. I rolled my eyes, leaning on the crusty, wooden doorway of the small diner we had found. Senior citizens all openly gawked at us from within as they swallowed their pills and popped out their dentures.

"We shouldn't have even come," Jared retorted sourly, taking a long swig of his water bottle. Seth frowned in response, looking away into the dusty horizon full of threatening cacti and endless...sand.

I wrinkled my nose. Yuck.

"Aw, come on, guys! We all need some sort of adventure every now and then, right?" Quil pushed himself up from his chair, an ice cream cone in hand. I rolled my eyes, leave it to Quil to work his butt off in order to make us feel better.

We all shot him a silent glare.

Paul huffed. "Yeah, as if our life isn't already enough of freaking adventure. We get the shape shifter gene, we get the enemies down the street, we get the betraying brother, and lastly, we get the mission of saving said asshole brother. I don't know about the rest of you, but I've had enough adventure to last me multiple lifetimes. Huh. I wonder if we're actually feline. You know? With that whole 9 lives shit. It would totally explain all of our drastic experiences."

I grimaced at his idiocy and looked down at my sandals, my bright orange nail polish complimenting my dark skin. I had never been one for adventure, even since the time I was a little girl. I liked the idea of staying indoors, looking at fashion magazines and doing makeovers more than the idea of running through the forests and exploring the caves along the cliffs.

Though I wasn't the same person as I had been during those times - actually, very far from it - I still didn't enjoy adventure. Sure, I had gotten used to running through the forests over time but I hated the whole thrill of a new discovery, of exploring and surprises of nature.

Embry sighed, biting his lip and weaving his fingers through his hair. "We have to do it for Jacob," he muttered.

Ah. Jacob. The whole source of this damn problem. A twisted feeling in my gut wondered if he even needed to be saved. If he even wanted to be.

"Oh," Sam murmured. "I got a station. It's...right here in town." He looked confused and stretched his neck out, looking down the dirty path the diner was crudely settled on. I scratched my head and wondered why he looked so...off.

"Seriously? That's great!" Seth exclaimed, throwing a last fry in his huge mouth.

I looked around, as Sam did, and my brow furrowed. "Isn't this Main Street? Shouldn't it be on this street?" Sam's eyes narrowed and he sighed.

"Leah, this is not only Main Street, but this is the only street." I gawked at that. Sure, I had been raised and bred in a small town. One where people lived above stores or in tiny shacks. One where everyone knew each other and everyone knew each other's gossip. But at least there had been more than one road.

"Well, shit, where is this place?" Paul stood up and jogged down the narrow steps leading to the crickety diner. He stood at the entrance, large hands on his bare hips as he whipped his head to look down either side of the road.

I joined him in our searching and paused. Down the road was a tiny, wooden platform with an unstable light hanging overhead. It flickered and I groaned at the hideous sight as dust and sand swirled around it.

"I think it's right there." I pointed at it and sighed. Paul whistled under his breath.

"Real homey, ain't it?" He threw me a wide, mischievous grin and I snorted. He shook his head and ran to it, a childish smile on his face. I slowly walked towards it, ignoring Paul's expressions. He looked like a drowning man who had broken through the surface to find a whole world of oxygen before him. I mean, sure, I had been pretty distressed at the idea of walking to D.C., but I wasn't so relieved at the sight of a bus station that I was dancing in the middle of the street.

"Next bus comes in 5 minutes! Wooo hooo!" He cheered loudly, bouncing on the platform in excitement. Seth chuckled as he caught up with us, throwing himself in the air as he jumped up onto the platform with Paul. I stood there in caution as the whole thing shook under their combined bounces.

I would surely laugh if it broke.

Thankfully, the old wood held, even after Jared, Quil, and Embry pounced on and celebrated. I shook my head, a small smile on my lips, as I watched them give and take high fives. Sam slowly came up beside me, his arms crossed over his chest. He rolled his eyes at the sight before him.

And not even five minutes later, an old, faded blue bus pulled up with a middle aged man steering. A rotted toothpick jabbed out from his pursed lips as he parked, the thick doors opening. Paul jumped on, smiling broadly, as we all followed in pursuit. Hardly anyone was on the bus, and for that I was thankful.

"Sir, where does this bus stop next?" Sam asked as he got on, last. I paused by a seat, waiting for him. The driver's brow furrowed and he wrinkled his nose.

"San Antonio. If it helps, there's a bus going to New Orleans from there," he replied. I watched Sam's reaction and knew this was a good thing when he grinned and thanked the man. I sat down with a small huff on the creased leather of the seat.

Well, San Antonio here we come.


Jasper's Point of View

In all honesty, there weren't many times in the recent decades that I used my ‘gift' for bad. Yes, there may have been a time in my existence when I used it to manipulate emotions for my own enjoyment. Making the frenzied newborns squirm under my gaze as they awaited their prolong death or increasing the fear of my victims as I hunted them down.

And, alright, I may have used it once or twice for pure amusement when Emmett was grumpy and thirsty and I made him even grumpier. But that surely didn't deserve the death penalty did it now? It wasn't like Emmett was ever really upset by the fact that I had used him. It wasn't like it affected his life in the end (unless he said something foolish to Rosalie while under my spell).

The ways I used to use my power, when I was stranded with the Southern armies, were horrible and possibly unforgivable. Alice had taught me better that that after meeting her, though. She had shown me that I didn't need to use my - once in a while sadistic - power for evil.

With her absence, though, it seemed as if I had gone back into a slump of stirring up anguish and fear among the officers. But that wasn't the worst thing. The worst thing was that I enjoyed it.

"So, Mr....Cullen, is it?" The balding, squat man asked, laying down a thick manila folder on the table before me. I stare at Mr. Fitzgerald evenly, my hands clasped tightly before me.

Wouldn't it be easy to kill him now? To end all of this chaos and escape from all of this? I really wanted to, I admitted to myself. I yearned for the blame of his death on my hands, to be the reason of his soul passing into whatever afterlife he deserved. Couldn't my family just walk free if I did that? Alice would be safe and once again in my arms, little Nessie would be reunited with her parents, and we could all finally get to Loreto.

"Mr. Hale," I corrected softly, ignoring the narrowing of his eyes and smiling slightly as I stared at the stainless steel of the metal desk. I focused on his emotions; disgust, fear, and impatience, and selected the fear. He was an easy target, I decided, and subtly upped the dosage of horror.

He shuddered and I grinned.

"Mr. Hale, then, and your first name?" He scribbled something down on his notepad with a trembling hand and I smothered a grin. I didn't know if Edward was listening, floors below me, but I didn't seem to care.

"Jasper." I glanced up, giving a cold smile, and watched in silent glee as he shivered. Was it so wrong to make the enemy quiver? To make him terrified and shake under my very gaze? I didn't think so.

"Ah, a rare name, isn't it?" He sat down, gulping. I could feel the inner turmoil inside of him; complete his job and fulfill his desire or follow his instincts and leave? It seemed as if his need to find everything out about us was stronger. Foolish man.

I murmured my agreement, head bowed, as I slowly created the sense of pure horror throughout his body. His heartbeat sped up and I closed my eyes, relishing in the sound of blood thundering through his veins, racing to his heart and brain. The human body was a beautiful, exquisite thing.

"And when were you born, Jasper? With such a unique name, I would guess possibly 1800's? Maybe a bit later?" He was a stubborn man. I sighed, swishing the thick venom around my mouth as I stared intently at his jugular.

"Why should I tell you?" I said sharply and slightly smug, as I looked up at him. He sighed, shuffling his papers into a more organized manner.

"Jasper, Jasper, Jasper," he clucked his tongue and I rolled my eyes. It was like this man had multiple personalities. One moment he was the stern ‘good cop' and the next he was the irrational, crazed ‘bad cop'. I wondered idly if it was just some sort of mind trick.

"Your ‘father' already admitted to be almost 400 years old. We have yet to figure out the rest of you, but I tell you, we will. Don't make this tough on me, Jasper, for I can and will hurt you in any way possible." I stared at him incredulously, raising my eyebrows in disbelief. A laugh bubbled to my lips and I snickered as it escaped.

"Hurt me? You think you can hurt me? How do you ever think you could do that?" I shook my head, laughing still, at the idea. Ridiculous.

He smiled tightly, a slight twinkle in his eyes. "I know more about you than you think, Jasper Hale. For example, that little girl upstairs? With the wide topaz eyes and the short black hair?" I immediately stopped laughed, my eyes narrowing. He leaned forward and my lip curled back as his feelings of giddiness swelled off of him. "I know you love her, Jasper, and if I can't hurt you physically, I can hurt you through her."

I knew the idea that this measly human man - as weak as a baby lamb is when faced with a full grown lion - could hurt my Alice was impossible, but the knowledge that he would hurt her, or at least try, just to get information from me was...infuriating.

I kicked back the chair I had been sitting in, denting one of the legs, as I fumed. A sonorous snarl came from my lips as I glared at him. His eyes widened considerably as he leaned back, his mouth wide open.

"If you lay even one fingertip on her, I swear to whatever God that's out there, I will kill you," I threatened, growling harshly. He bit his lip, his breathing growing haggard and uneven as he stared at me in silent shock.

He deafly stood, shivering with trembling lips, and snatched the file back into his grasp. "When you have your temper under control, Jasper Hale, I will assume you'll be willing to talk to me more about your...lifestyle."

He walked out, never turning his back to me.


The President's Point of View

"We have a...eh...situation." I raised my eyes to stare at Timothy as I hopped out from the large, sleek limo they had transported me in. My gaze flickered from his worried face to the building looming before me. It was dark, gloomy, and almost threatening in a way. It seemed fitting to house a family of vampires.

"What type of situation?" I coughed, ignoring the swarm of bodyguards surrounding me tightly. Timothy's eyes tightened and he sighed.

"One of the, erm, captives isn't a vampire. We don't know what he is. He isn't...human." He shuddered lightly and my eyes widened slightly. He wasn't human? Then what was he?

"If he isn't a vampire and isn't a human, what the hell could he possibly be?" My eyes trailed back to the dreary building and I took a hesitant step towards it. I was just itching to see these creatures. Timothy had given me the go to talk to them. To try to negotiate for answers.

Though we already had those, in a way.

The one, Carlisle, had reluctantly explained to Timothy while the others kept their lips sealed shut. Currently, we were trying to create a plan for more information. Unfortunately, Carlisle wouldn't give us any sort of data on the rest of his coven. He would only answer questions about himself, his...species, or his past.

Timothy looked disgusted as he answered. "He has twenty four pairs of chromosomes. Humans only have twenty three."

I looked at him in small wonder. I hate to admit it, but I had never excelled in sciences. Math, sure, I was an A+ student but Biology? Not my foretaste.

"How many do the vampires have?" I asked, walking towards the glass doors of the entrance. Timothy struggled to keep up, wringing his hands before him.

"We're not sure, Sir. We can't get a needle through their skin. It's impenetrable. Carlisle said the only things that can go through their skin are their teeth...," he silently trailed off and I stood at the front doors, blinking in shock. Only their teeth could cut through them?


"So they're invincible." It wasn't a question, it was a phrase, and Timothy noticed that. He looked up at me with wide, scared eyes and nodded.

"I'm afraid so."


Maria's Point of View

"My twin and I still struggle to understand how you've managed to do all of this." The girl who I thought of Eve murmured with a silky undertone in her casual tone. I pursed my lips, my hands tightly grasping the frail wooden rail of the balcony overlooking the backyard of the large Southern mansion in which we inhabited.

"I'm not sure I follow." Chester, standing under a large, hollowed out tree to the distant right of the yard, watched us with curious ruby eyes. Noah, grown distraught with my surrender, had left to talk to other soldiers. It seemed as if Chester had decided to take a protective stance over me until he was back.

How charming.

Eve paused, her eyes, too, straying on the strong, dark form of Chester. As much as I hated to admit, as much as it burned to admit it, he looked wild there; powerful back leaning against the rough tree bark, gleaming malicious eyes, attentive expression. There was something undeniably...sexy.

"I mean, it is almost unheard of to have possibly even twenty mature vampires together in a mutual relationship and not have one kill another or start a fight. Yet you have two hundred newborns, whether they range from ages of just weeks to years. And the older ones, the mature vampires, they don't even think of leaving! Their loyalty to you is undeniable. It's unbelievable, and to think the Volturi don't even know is mystifying! How have you maintained to keep them here, under control and calm? It stumps me completely." She looked frustrated and I got the sense that frustration was an emotion she rarely felt.

Chester's head cocked to the side, a dark blond eyebrow arching in interest. I licked my dry lips before I answered, my eyes never straying from him the whole time.

"I couldn't have done it without practice," I mumbled, a swell of pride forming in my chest as I watched over my hundreds of soldiers. There was no violence among them, no snarls or vicious growls. They were at peace, excitedly discussing how things would be once they took control of the world. Their bright ruby eyes were gleeful as they talked, as they planned, as they schemed.

Eve turned to me, curiosity lighting up her face. "I see that now, Maria, but still. No amount of practice could ever equal to something this stunning." She seemed at a loss of words and a smug smile formed on my lips.

"It took quite a few years to work up to it, really," I confessed. "It wasn't until I snapped completely that I realized I could do it. You see, a favorite of mine left me once, Eve. A lover and a soldier and an advantage to my army betrayed me and it wasn't until my heart was gone, until a bitter smile covered my face, and thirst consumed me, that I decided I could complete my mission. I changed my tactics then. I used to control my newborns with violence and threats, but now I know it is patience and an understanding that shapes them into the most spectacular killing machines you will ever see."

Eve's strange violet eyes narrowed in an emotion I couldn't place and she nodded. "And him?" She gestured towards Chester in slight interest. I snorted softly.

"Ah, he is quite an advantage. Before changing him, my army was too soft, too tender and humane. He has a gift for fighting, I suppose, along with his power of invisibility. He transformed my small, powerless army into a group of intellectual, strong, and lethal vampires. Only a current thirty five would count as actual newborns," I added quickly.

"Stunning," she repeated, her eyes cool as they watched my soldiers.

"Yes, I suppose it is, compared to the measly armies of twenty that I grew up around. Who would have dreamt that we would be able to create armies by the hundreds? And the powers that some of them have! It is stunning," I agreed, smiling slightly.

"Yes," she breathed softly. And then the air changed dramatically. She was tense, like a rod had been shoved down her spine. "They'll be here tomorrow," she mumbled quietly. I watched in surprise and tried to decipher her words.

"Who will?" I asked, my eyes racing back to Chester who watched with anxious eyes.

"The shape shifters; they'll be here in the morning. It will take a lot to convince them to help. In the late afternoon, the group from Mexico will pass. They will catch your scent and come closer in curiosity. We'll have them from there on. My brother will arrive, last, at nearly midnight, with the Volturi." Her voice seemed so sure, so sharp, that I couldn't find it within me to disagree.

"This will work?"

"It has to, Maria." Her eyes glowed as she answered, her voice solemn. "If it doesn't, I fret we'll be doomed."


Tanya's Point of View

"Why are we stopping?" I ran to Zafrina's side, my hand lingering on her large forearm. Her dark, burgundy eyes raked over the large waves as they tumbled towards us, spilling over the yellow grains of sand and coral. The rest of us, the rest of the sixty five, stood behind us as we came to the unavoidable coast of South America.

Her eyes glanced upwards, towards the shining full moon that reflected beautifully on her skin. "Ishiko...her power is calling her," she muttered down to me, under her breath. My brow furrowed and my eyes flickered towards the petite, yet stunning, figure of the Japanese vampire.

I hadn't talked much to the other covens yet, though I had conversed with all of the Australians and heard stories of what powers some other vampires had.

Ishiko's, I had heard, was...interesting, though most powers were. She had feelings - pulls, they called it - that led her to certain places. When a situation arose where a specific destination could benefit her, she was tugged there, like a magnet being attracted to the opposite force. I still had a rough time understanding her power myself; it seemed very confusing. She had explained it to me once, the first and last time I spoke to her, that in a situation like this one, if there was a place she was supposed to be or could in any way be of service to us, she would feel a longing to go there.

It still seemed odd.

Ishiko stood along the waves, her toes barely touching the salty ocean water. She had a billowy figure with long limbs and long hair. It blew softly in the wind, the blackness of it fading into the vast darkness of the night sky above us. Her palms were outstretched before her, like she was raising something to the skies, with her eyelids squeezed tightly shut.

Kayden loped up behind me as I stood side by side with Zafrina. She was the closest to Ishiko, with everyone else crowded in caution behind us. I could hear Eleazer's soft, whispering sigh as he told Carmen he had never seen anything like this.

None of us had, to say the truth.

"What's going on?" Kayden whispered in my ear, his large hand drifting on my shoulder. His very touch sent icy shivers through my spine and I turned my head a fraction of an inch to look up into his wide, concerned eyes. They glittered onyx in the dark.

"Ishiko's using her power," I mumbled back, my eyes falling back on the pale, wintry form of Ishiko as she concentrated. A few soft murmurings left her lips as she stood there, though through all of it, I couldn't make out one word. Kayden grunted as he watched her.

Finally, she opened her eyes. They were a vivid, hungry ruby and if I knew no better, I would say she was a newborn. Actually, some did in our large group. There were rustlings as the vampires watched her in worry as she turned back to Zafrina, looking wild and on edge. If I had not known she was born in the 1300's, I would have been just like any other vampire along the shoreline.

Kayden took a curious, yet protective, step in front of me and Zafrina's large hand whipped through the air to smack his wide chest. "She's fine, Kayden," she snapped softly. "She told me it happens when she uses her powers." My eyes widened as I listened, watching as Kayden's eyes narrowed and he took a step back.

Ishiko took an ungraceful step forward and sighed in a hoarse whisper. "We can't go to D.C. At least, not yet," she said, so softly, I had to strain to listen. Her voice was like a breeze, just a snippet of sound.

"Why? What's the problem?" Someone asked and I looked back, only to find it was Katrina.

Ishiko shook her head vigorously, like she was trying to shake off a headache or something of the sort. "Because we must go somewhere else first. Trust me. We must go to San Antonio." San Antonio? As in, Texas? I blinked, unsure, as Kayden's brow furrowed so deep, it looked like the wrinkle forming between his eyes was permanent.

"You must give us more reasons, Ishiko. Why would we ever go there?" Zafrina's deep, rumbling voice was in full authority and Ishiko's tiny body shivered. One of the silent men from her coven stepped forward and threw a territorial and protective arm around her shaking shoulders. I tried to recall his name, knowing he was her mate.

Masato, that was his name.

He bowed his head over hers and they conversed softly, their faces close to touching. After this continued for at least ten seconds, he backed up, his arm moving from around her shoulders to clutching her waist tightly.

"I do not know," Ishiko muttered strongly, sharing a glance with her mate. "My power does not tell me why we're going, it just tells me we should. There is something - or someone - there that will help us, whether that be with the Cullens or in the long run. Please, we must go." Her tone verged onto pleading and Zafrina gulped.

She glanced at me and I heaved a small, subtle shrug. She returned my gesture with a tense nod.

"Then San Antonio it is. Come, we're swimming there."