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Grim Reaper's Release

When the gruesome murder of a pastor is mysteriously caught on tape, what will happen to the vampire race? Suddenly, the world knows about vampires. The Cullens need to get out of Forks. And fast. But what will happen when the Volturi wants to interfere? Or the Southern Armies? And, more importantly, who are these strange vampire twins? Photobucket

...I've been away for a seriously long time, haven't I? O.O

Well, I'm back with a new story and I still haven't decided if I should continue my other stories. A lot's been happening in my life and I'm sure my feelings on all of my other stories have changed drastically. Anyway, this is just an idea that's been floating around my head for probably a year now but I've never really developed it into more than just a smidge of an idea.

Just a few warnings before I continue: This story is seriously...morbid. It's not really a good story at all. There's violence, world domination, chaos, and the world kind of goes insane...but it has a happy ending! Promise!

Also, the chapters are gonna be really long on this. Like, seriously long. It's not that I want to get this done in less chapters or whatever, it's just that in each chapter, a few different character's point of view's on different things need to be included to add other factors of the story. I mean, if I had each new point of view a chapter, we'd probably be up to 50 chapters by the time I get to the middle.

That being said, I guess a few things you should know is that I don't know when I'll be getting new chapters up. I hope, with winter break here, I'll have this story done by the middle of February, maybe? I was planning on having this only 7 chapters at the maximum, but the farther I get into this story, the longer it seems. And, I hope, I'll be getting each chapter up each week. I've already written chapter 2 and 3 but I'm gonna post them weekly.

Next, I seriously need to thank my best mate Kira with this story. She gave me a HUGE idea for it and has been such an amazing supporter of all my stories from the start!

*breathes in relief* Alright, I think that's all for now. Now that I've gotten it all out, go read. I'm sure the story is much more interesting than my babbling. *snort*

14. Emotional Charades

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Jacob's Point of View


Chaos. It was like the holding cell had erupted into insanity. The steel door bolted open with officers running in with huge, bulky guns poised over their shoulders. My eyes widened, they were going to shoot me, weren't they?

I paused in mid crouch, my nails digging into the tile of the floor. Screams arose from the agents as they shouted orders back to one another and I watched them in utter confusion. What the hell were they telling each other? The words were unfamiliar to me and I could hardly guess at the secret meanings behind them. And here I thought codenames for things was just a joke.


And then I felt it. It was the third time the explosive sound had been heard but it was the first I felt the result. I looked down, ignoring the sound of my heartbeat slowing, to see blood seeping out of healing wounds on my side. I blinked as the tangy smell of something hit my nose.

The loud, booming sound cackled seven more times and with each shot, my vision grew hazier. It was like my mind was a window in the frigid cold weather and someone had exhaled all over it. I soon found myself straining to see the fragile, tiny humans below me or the growing smirk of the dirty, evil scientist. It was even difficult to hear myself think.

When one of them yelled, "Up the dosage!" it seemed to all click; the anxious, frightened screams of Esme below me, the loosening of my muscles, the growing mist on my eyes.


Another shot pierced my skin and for the first time, I felt the foreign substance leak into my flesh, through the muscle and into my bloodstream. Those sons of bitches had pulled out the tranquilizers on me.

I struggled to take a second step, closer to the one with the gun aimed at my head, and roared as my front right foot slipped on the slick tile and I tumbled downwards. My head slammed into the ground and I whimpered as another shot pelted its way into my back.

Somewhere in my mind, I wondered if Carlisle had yet to discover if tranquilizers worked on us. I supposed they did, though, if they had to use 12 just to get me down.

A final, thirteenth shot flew into my neck and caused my labored breathing to decrease steadily. No, I fought against the drugs, don't surrender. If I wasn't around to protect Nessie and the Cullens, for some reason, weren't doing their jobs, who would help her? Who would keep her safe from those disgusting mongrels?

I gulped, my eyes rolling back into my skull. The padded footsteps next to me were cautious and wary next to my large wolf form. Someone's boot prodded into my stomach but I didn't seem to be able to find the energy to growl back at them.

It was her face that swam before my eyes when the darkness took over.


Maria's Point of View

His bright burgundy eyes flickered between Chester and I, glowing in not only what seemed to be increasing anger but also silenced pain. He seemed outraged, his posture stiff and rigid against the alley wall, with a guttural growl starting from within his chest. As if an alarm had gone off in my head, I snapped back from Chester and landed in a crouch position.

"You bastard!" he whispered, deathly quiet towards Chester, who seemed to be tensed with shock. "She's not yours!" My eyes narrowed at his words. I'm not his. The words tumbled in my mind; but whose was I exactly? I couldn't be Noah's because I simply did not love him. Was I Jasper's? Or was I Chester's? Or, possibly, was I no one's?

Chester's words snapped me back to the present as I watched him change position from being on his knees to standing. "And she's not yours," he answered, almost sounding smug with a smirk on his lips.

Noah froze at this, seeming to be too infuriated for words. "Why would you say that?" he barked out. "She's my mate!" My head was swiveling between the two, struggling to keep up with the conversation they were having.

"She doesn't love you!" Chester spat, looking almost gleeful at Noah's betrayed expression. Now, they were circling each other; Chester had his arms at his sides, his hands clawed into what looked like vicious talons as Noah was leaning down, close to a crouch.

"Since when do you even care?" Noah roared, his eyes gleaming maliciously. "You hate her!" I blinked, my eyes turning from Noah to Chester. Was this true? Did he actually hate me? I knew before he had always seemed hostile, but...but had he actually loathed me? I was too distracted by this sudden revelation to hear Chester's response.

Soon, words were flying from their lips faster than I could catch them.

There was a slight tingling on my left arm and I looked up, my eyes widening at the sight of the rosy pink sky above the three of us. Streaks of pastel yellow laced their way through the delicate pink and I gasped. It was dawn already!

"Chester! Noah! Knock it off! We have to get back. The shape-shifters will be here soon and it's sunny out!" I stood from my position on the floor and pulled desperately on Chester's arm. He didn't even seem to notice my pull on him but Noah did.

And then suddenly, the two of them weren't just circling each other in a never-ending path of jealousy and anger. Noah pounced, a roar exploding from his lips as his body smacked into Chester. The impact made me lose my hold on his arm as he spiraled down onto the ground. My jaw dropped as they struggled for the upper hand, which Chester seemed to be easily gathering.

Noah's teeth snapped in vain at Chester's throat and before they could latch down on his bare skin, he was thrown to the other end of the alley, where he connected with stone. They cracked under his weight and impact and when I looked back from his tangled form to Chester, I was surprised to see him already standing on his feet.

"You think you can win against me?" He egged Noah on. "You really think you could fight me and win?" Even I knew the answer to his question: there was no way. Noah was strong and fast but Chester was...he was stunning in action.

A cracked growl split from Noah as he regained his posture. "So you want a fight then? Fine, we'll fight for her." It took a second for the words to sink in. Fight for me? Me? I looked between the two in shock, would Chester actually want to fight for me? Would Noah go into a suicide mission just for my sake?

I waited for Chester's response, my eyes wide and tortured. He glanced at me and then back to Noah as a sneer started to cover his lips. "Fine. We fight till death."

What?! No! I felt like throwing myself between the two of them. I would rather have the two of them stand before me and ask me who I choose than have to watch one of them die, especially in my honor. I closed my eyes briefly; I couldn't stand to watch this happen.

Somewhere inside of me, though, I knew it wasn't the idea that Noah would lose that upset me so. It was the concept, no matter how against the odds it was, that Noah could kill Chester. That he would die for me.

I screwed my eyes tightly shut when the clashing began. If I was human, it would have made me sick to watch this, to see them battle it out. Someone growled ferociously and I flinched in response. There was a clambering to the right of me and I turned to the left when I could even sense the breeze of their fight stir the air beside me.

It sounded like something fell, not one of them, but an object. Possibly a trash can? It rolled slightly but then stopped as a snapping noise pierced the air around me. Someone let out a shrill cry of pain and then it had ended.

I suddenly wondered if there were any humans nearby. There was no doubt that they would hear this. If it was deafening to me, it would be like peals of thunder to them.

Something splattered on the floor and I gulped. Could that be one of my lover's limbs? Their heads? A slab of flesh? I wanted to open my eyes, to see who was winning, but the thought created an uneasy nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach. How odd, I didn't think I could feel anything like that before now.

Curiosity got the better of me when I heard labored, harsh breathing and a snarl reverberate around me. I peeled one of my eyes open and immediately, in response to the scene around me, opened the other.

Chester had Noah pinned on the ground as he kneeled on his torso with his hands keeping one of Noah's arms to the ground where he couldn't slap Chester off of him. Noah was snarling, his teeth biting the air as venom dripped from the corner of his lips. I assessed the situation with my eyes, looking for injuries on either of them.

An arm littered the ground to the right of me, twitching and pulsating. My brow furrowed at the sight of it and I looked back at the two. It took me a second to realize there was a reason Chester was only restraining one of Noah's arms for the other was...right next to me.

Chester leaned down and Noah screamed, thrashing beneath him. A breaking sound hit me and then Chester's head was back up as he spit out a clump of Noah's shoulder. I watched, horrorstruck, as he ripped him apart with his teeth. He tore off his other arm and tossed it to the side and then dismembered his whole body.

I had seen so many executions in my existence. I had seen newborns tear each other up and the mutilated pieces beyond recognition. I had seen the more mature vampires slaughter the useless newborns cruelly. But, it seemed, this was the worst. This time it wasn't just business. It wasn't just for the fun of it or for blood.

It was for me.

Every time Chester tore off a chunk of marble skin, it was for me. Every time he took a swipe at Noah's pained face, it was for me. Every time Noah yelped, Chester had caused him pain for me. I didn't know if someone had ever done something so profound in my name before.

And then the last blow struck. Chester bent over Noah's head and chest and blocked my view from what he was doing. Words left his lips but they were so hushed, I couldn't catch them. When Chester pulled back, Noah's head rolled to the side as it was disconnected from his body.

I stood there in alarm as Chester took a deep breath and stood up and away from the bits and pieces of Noah. I raked my eyes over the clumps of pale flesh as they covered the ground. He was dead. Gone. Because of Chester.

Chester turned his head slightly, looking at me for the first time in what seemed like hours. "I need a match. We have to burn him." I tore my eyes off the bits of my past lover and looked back at him. A match? Where on earth would we get one of those?

"I don't have any," I whispered, my voice strained. An emotion fluttered over Chester's face but it seemed too fast for me to place.

Someone grunted behind us and we both turned, expecting a group of mortal spectators. Before I had time to really look at the tanned figures before us, Chester leapt in front of me in a protective stance.

Then their scent hit us. Whoever it was, they smelled awful. No, not awful. Revolting. It was like someone had left a dead body out in the Texan heat for a week and then poured lemonade all over the decayed, burnt flesh. I slapped my palm over my nose and buried my face in Chester's back. It didn't matter if I strained on my tiptoes to see over his shoulder for he was too tall so I settled for breathing in his heady scent to dull the other one.

"Hey, hey, calm down now. We were just going to offer a match. We all know that killing leeches won't do any good unless you can burn the pieces, right?" The mysterious voice was deep and rich and slightly accented. It wouldn't have been noticeable to a human but Chester and I could tell the way the words rolled off his tongue was foreign. It sounded too fluid to be any average American accent.

It was Native American.

"Who are you?" Chester asked, his voice calm and strained from the overwhelming scent. Someone in the group of strangers snorted. The sound seemed female.

"I think the better question is who are you?" That's enough, I thought, as I stepped out from behind Chester and faced them. I wasn't going to just stand here behind him as he dealt with these outsiders.

My initial reaction to them was that they were huge. Not just tall and muscled. They were gigantic. Their intimidating size seemed even more evident to someone like me. I was only 5'1'' and their height difference was startling to mine. Place Chester next to the shortest one, a boy who looked about 19, and it wasn't that big of a deal. Chester was close to 6'4'' and the two inch difference wasn't so bad.

But with me? They were like giants. They were all brawny, even the one, singular woman. Each of them had short, cropped black hair and I would have thought they could have passed for siblings except for the minor differences in their facial features.

"I am Maria," I introduced myself, "and this is Chester." Chester threw me an outraged glare and I gave a careless shrug. If they already knew about vampires, would it really be so horrible to give them our names? I quickly reminded myself that it was even sunnier out now than it had been before and that the shape shifters would be here quickly. I knew I had to make whatever this encounter was short and sweet to get back home.

A sort of leader stepped before the rest of them and narrowed his eyes. "And him?" He gestured towards the pile of limbs behind us.

I gulped. "That was Noah."

"Wait!" All of our heads pivoted towards the youngest one who had the longest hair. It hung in his eyes and he wiped at it impatiently as a look of pure awe came over his face. His eyes were glued to mine and I arched a brow, wondering what he seemed to be so excited about. "You're the Maria, aren't you?"

The Maria? I quickly asked myself if I even wanted to know what he meant by that.

The woman tugged on his arm and growled softly. "Shut up, Seth. Now is so not the time to be interrogating leeches we don't even know." Seth looked at her and frowned, his brows knitting together into a line of confusion over his eyes.

The leader huffed and then spoke again. "Excuse him, he's young. Look, we just happen to be-" I cut him off, my eyes locked on the one named Seth. I noticed even Chester was looking at him in a peculiar way.

"What does he mean by ‘The Maria?' Do I know you, little one?" I kept my eyes locked on Seth, ignoring the leader's muffled, impatient snarl. In response to that, I felt Chester's hand grab onto my forearm, his fingers wrapping around my flesh completely.

Seth snuck a peak at the woman, who rolled her eyes and mumbled incoherent words under her breath. Someone behind him, another identical man, nudged his back and urged him on. He swallowed and looked back to me, his eyes wide. "I...I heard a story about you once," he whispered, his eyes unsure.

"From who?" I snapped. How had these odd, mysterious men (I mentally added the one lone woman) heard a story about me? Surely they weren't of the local Indian tribes here. I would have seen them before or at least smelled their foul scent.

He bit his bottom lip and continued. "Well, it wasn't so much as I heard the story from the original story teller. My alph-um, my good friend, Jacob, heard the story and then told me." I shared a look with Chester and returned my gaze to Seth. I knew no man by the name of Jacob.

"And who told Jacob the story?" This caused Seth to be even more nervous than before. His brown eyes widened slightly and he seemed to shrink back into the woman. There had to be some sort of connection between the two. So far, he had always looked to her. Before a second had passed, I had realized their features were very similar. The same noses and similar lips. They were siblings.

"A vampire named Jasper."

He had to be kidding. There was no way, no conceivable way, that these horrible smelling beasts of men knew Jasper. It was impossible. I felt Chester's eyes on me but I couldn't find it in me to care once more.

I opened my mouth but no words came out. Seth waited for an answer, his eyes confused and even curious. "You...you know Jasper?" I whispered. Seth nodded and then, one by one, they all nodded.

"Look, I'm Sam, this is my Pack. We lived close to the Cullen coven, which Jasper is a part of. You knew Jasper, right?" I kept my gaze on the young man while I listened to the older one, the leader. The knowledge that Jasper still talked of me sent a shiver of pleasure up my spine.

I had almost forgotten about Chester until he spoke up; "Are you the shape shifters?" This took me by extreme surprise. I turned my head to look up at Chester, at the inquiring expression on his face. I flicked my gaze from Chester to Sam, who cautiously nodded.

"You know about us?" The beefier one asked, his muscles flexing.

I gave a small smile and nodded. "Yes, shape shifters; we have been expecting you for days. Welcome to Texas." I ignored their shared glances and continued. "Now come, we have so much to discuss. How is my dear, dear friend, Jasper?"

Before we had all left the alley, I watched as Sam dropped a lit match down upon the pile of Noah's body parts.


Edward's Point of View

Looking back over the centuries, it's not often that I have ever cursed. Being brought up in a time when only haggard drunks used curse words, the habit has yet to set in. Now, go to Emmett, and he'll use more curse words in more languages than you even thought existed in just one sentence.

As I listened to Jacob's thoughts, though, and watched through his eyes as the agents shot him down with tranquilizers, I thought maybe this event deserved such a phrase as "Ah, hell no."

But then I heard the President decide to test our control when it came to blood and I once again wondered if this deserved a curse or two. I knew Jasper wouldn't even be able to bare the smell of blood from my cell, let alone his own. So then, once again, I cursed. Damn it.

No one in my family had yet to discover they'd be doing such extreme testing except me. I wasn't sure if I should warn them or not. Carlisle, quite obviously, would be fine, while Jasper and Rosalie, I wasn't quite sure of. Alice had been with Bella so many times when Bella was injured that I hoped she would be alright.

Ah, Bella. That left another problem. I rubbed my temples; though she was so incredibly gifted when it came to control, I worried about her excessively. I honestly didn't know if she would be able to resist like myself or Esme. Would she succumb like I was sure Jasper would do?

What's going on? Your emotions are out of control. I sighed at the voice of Jasper's mind. I instantly sent a burst of the emotion of worry and hoped he would get the message that something was wrong.

So you're going to make me guess by your emotions? That's nice, Edward. Real smooth. I may be quite smart but I don't think I can guess what's going on. This isn't emotional charades here. I muffled my chuckle as his sarcastic and frustrated thoughts came swinging back. Are you just worried because of Renesmee and Bella? Or is there something more?

I instantly thought of the first time I had spent the whole night in Bella's room and how accomplished I had felt. I smiled as Jasper got the message. Ah, it's not just Bella and Renesmee then. What's happening? Jacob? Edward, it's just tranquilizers. Knowing him, he'll probably be awake in about an hour.

I sighed. This was harder than I thought. I supposed, though, if there was one person who needed to know what was about to happen, it should be Jasper. Maybe he could prepare himself for it and the results would be less tragic somehow.

Before I could use emotions from a distant memory for him to make sense of, he felt my frustration. You know, Edward, you could just tell Rosalie and she could tell me. I instantly panicked at his request and he understood. Or not...

I instantly had an idea and remembered when I first smelled Bella's scent; how it captured me, how it was so incredibly hard to resist, how the bloodlust felt on my tongue.

You're thirsty? Is that it? It's only been five days since we last hunted. I mean, I could understand myself being thirsty but you? Edward, you're practically Carlisle when it comes down to it.

I groaned aloud and pulled my fingers through my hair. How could I get him to realize? How?! There was no way to mentally send the emotion of killing scientists in some disgusting lab test to him!

Could you keep the noise level low down there? I mean, my god, Edward. I squeezd my eyelids shut tightly at the sound of Rosalie's snippy voice intruding into my thoughts. She had heard my groan and immediately wondered what caused it.

"Go away, Rosalie," I snapped and she huffed upstairs.

Fine, I'll just sit here and wonder when on earth they're going to let us shower for the fiftieth time. I let my head fall in my hands as I listened to her. We didn't even need showers when it came down to it and she's worrying about split ends that would never even happen while in jail. Incredible.

Edward? Still there? Jasper thought, his questions directed towards me.I sighed and remembered a random time when I had felt enthusiastic about something. Ah, good. Look, I have an idea. How about I guess what's going on and you tell me yes or no through your emotions. Yes will be happiness, no will be anger. Got it?

I grinned at my brother's ingenious plan. I knew there was a reason I went to him with intellectual things and not Emmett. I instantly thought of a time with Bella and he felt my happiness.

Terrific, you got it. Now, are you thirsty? I bit my lip, trying to remember a time when I had been angry. The memory of that night in Port Angeles came to mind first, all those years ago when those fiends had almost-

Ok, that's a no. But you still sent thirst...hmm...oh! Is someone else thirsty? Bella? She is a newborn. I wouldn't-

I cut him off and the memory of Port Angeles was so fresh in my mind, he caught that anger.

Guess not, then. It definitely has to do with thirst, though, right? What about with me?

Yes! Yes! Yes! I almost cheered at his thoughts. Though I wasn't worried about his control now, it would definitely be a problem in the future. Jasper stirred above Rosalie in discomfort.

Really? Why? Edward, I'm fine and I mean that. He paused and thought things through for a bit. Oh. You're worried about in the future? If we don't get out before it's too late? Timothy seems to like Carlisle a bit more than the rest of us. Maybe he could ask for a favor or something? Though, personally, I would love to see Timothy's face when Carlisle asks "Can we have some grizzlies? We promise to keep the tiles clean."

I rolled my eyes, though I secretly found humor in the image, too. The stunned, repulsed expression that would cover his face would almost be priceless.

Just then, someone walked into Jasper's room. I could hear the change of footsteps, an added pair to his. They were light and graceful but human. A scientist? As if it was an automatic response, I wondered if the scientist was there to test him already. It couldn't be, though. They just decided to call the prisons! They couldn't have gotten prisoners here already, could they?

Hmm, would it be so horrible to just scare her a bit? She's already frightened beyond coherent words. I don't know why they send the interns in here to gather information. It's absolutely useless. They do nothing but stutter and shudder. Ah, good, I scared her enough for her to leave. Wait, Edward, what on earth just happened to you? The fear and anxiety was sky rocketing.

I banged my head on the wall and buried my head in my hands. How could he be so stupid? I hadn't even realized I was afraid for him, but I suppose I had been.

"Rosalie?" I called out. This was beyond ridiculous. There was no way to tell him something so important through feelings. Sure, he would get some of it but not all. It was just too difficult.

So now you want to talk, hmm? Well stuff it, Edward. I'm busy wondering about when I'll get to switch into different clothes. I rolled my eyes at her and tried pleading instead.

"Rosalie? Please, I really need your help. I mean it, I do. I just need you to tell three words to Jasper. Please, Rose? Come on, it's just three words!" I listened to her thoughts as she went back and forth in indecision.

I swear to god, Edward, if those three words are ‘I love you', I'm telling Emmett and he'll never let you live it down. I clenched my jaw, ignoring her muffled laughter above me.

"No, Rosalie. I promise you, that's not it. Tell him it's a test." She listened and then sighed.

What's a test?

"It's between Jasper and I," I snapped impatiently. She hissed and rolled her eyes before turning her head upwards and telling the words to Jasper who listened eagerly.

Happy now? I smiled at her thoughts and vocally thanked her. She ‘hmph'ed back and then went back to wondering how Alice was doing without her wardrobe.

It's a test? Edward, are you mentally alright? That doesn't really make sense. I mean, what's a test? Why don't you want Rosalie to know what's happening?

Great. Just terrific. I hadn't even helped Jasper to figure it out. I remembered a time of being thirsty and let the emotion engulf me. The dry aching in the back of my throat, the yearning venom in my mouth. Jasper groaned above me.

We all know I have a hard time resisting but, really, Edward, you're kind of making matters worse - no. No, no, no! They're going to test our control, aren't they? Edward?! Tell me I'm wrong. Tell me I'm dead wrong!

I leaned back against the wall. I couldn't help the surge of hopelessness that crept up on me. Though we could so easily break out, we couldn't. Carlisle was so set on staying unless we were in any real physical harm and we couldn't leave him here.

Edward! Answer me! Yes or no!

I growled and thought of when I had married Bella, how joyful and ecstatic I had been to make her my wife. Jasper roared above me and slammed his fist into the wall.

Edward, I looked up, surprised by his sudden change of voice. It was tortured and quiet and it shook me to my core. I don't think I can pass this test.