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Grim Reaper's Release

When the gruesome murder of a pastor is mysteriously caught on tape, what will happen to the vampire race? Suddenly, the world knows about vampires. The Cullens need to get out of Forks. And fast. But what will happen when the Volturi wants to interfere? Or the Southern Armies? And, more importantly, who are these strange vampire twins? Photobucket

...I've been away for a seriously long time, haven't I? O.O

Well, I'm back with a new story and I still haven't decided if I should continue my other stories. A lot's been happening in my life and I'm sure my feelings on all of my other stories have changed drastically. Anyway, this is just an idea that's been floating around my head for probably a year now but I've never really developed it into more than just a smidge of an idea.

Just a few warnings before I continue: This story is seriously...morbid. It's not really a good story at all. There's violence, world domination, chaos, and the world kind of goes insane...but it has a happy ending! Promise!

Also, the chapters are gonna be really long on this. Like, seriously long. It's not that I want to get this done in less chapters or whatever, it's just that in each chapter, a few different character's point of view's on different things need to be included to add other factors of the story. I mean, if I had each new point of view a chapter, we'd probably be up to 50 chapters by the time I get to the middle.

That being said, I guess a few things you should know is that I don't know when I'll be getting new chapters up. I hope, with winter break here, I'll have this story done by the middle of February, maybe? I was planning on having this only 7 chapters at the maximum, but the farther I get into this story, the longer it seems. And, I hope, I'll be getting each chapter up each week. I've already written chapter 2 and 3 but I'm gonna post them weekly.

Next, I seriously need to thank my best mate Kira with this story. She gave me a HUGE idea for it and has been such an amazing supporter of all my stories from the start!

*breathes in relief* Alright, I think that's all for now. Now that I've gotten it all out, go read. I'm sure the story is much more interesting than my babbling. *snort*

28. King of Serta

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Dr. Mitchells' Point of View

"Alright," I rubbed my eyes wearily, "Timothy would have wanted to continue testing. We'll go to the wife next. What's her name? Esme? And we need to find where in the world Edward took Brody and if he's alive. Chances are slim he survived. Then we'll worry about hunting down that son a bitch Jasper and getting him back here. Check all of this with the President, of course, and then we'll begin."

My new assistant, a man I couldn't remember his name for the life of me, jotted my words down on a notebook. I grimaced. Brody had never needed to write it down. He always automatically remembered.

"Yes, sir, I'll go right away," the man said, turning to go.

"Oh, wait, I also want to do more testing on the wolf-man Jacob so we can-"

There was a soft humming sound, like the noise a dying machine makes, and then the lights slowly dimmed. My heart seemed to still for a moment in complete terror. What in the world was going on in this place? It was like everything went wrong no matter what. First we lose a captive, then our general is slaughtered, our prisoners begin to get out, our agents swap sides and go with the vampires, and now this? The power goes out? Unbelievable.

"Sir?" I sighed at the sound of my assistant's panicky voice and let my head drop on the desk.

"What?" I snapped.

I could hear ruffling as he moved around, probably fidgeting and tapping his foot in fright. "What's going on?"

I grunted and pushed back from the desk, standing up in the process. "Who in God's name knows? I'm going to dispatch one of the guys and figure out what in the world is happening."

I reached inside my lab coat pocket and pulled out a walkie talkie. A green light glowed from the top, signaling it was on and full of battery life. Unfortunately, the tiny beam wasn't enough to illuminate the room. I could barely even see my assistant standing right before me.

My finger pushed down the top button and I ignored the crinkling static. "This is Dr. Mitchells speaking. Anyone there? Over."

A tense moment followed in which I could almost hear my watch ticking, hear the springs turning, and hear my own heart beating. A lump grew in my throat and I swallowed it down.

I began counting the seconds, waiting for a reply. Ten seconds, fifteen, twenty, twenty five.

"Dr. Mitchells? This is Agent Moyer. You dispatching about the blackout? Over." I breathed a large sigh of relief, as did my assistant, and lifted the radio to my mouth.

"Affirmative, Agent Moyer. What's going on down there? Over." I waited, patiently, as the static replaced the silence once again.

"I can't say for sure, Doc. We're trying to figure everything out. Seems like the fuse boxes are cut or something. Over."

Fuse boxes were cut? Now who on earth would do that? There was no reasonable explanation for shutting them down.

"Are you trying to tell me someone purposely shut down the power? Over."

"Affirmative, Doc. The prisoners are all ok, no need to worry. I'm just concerned they'll get their way out without us noticing. Few of us have flash lights and even fewer of us know just where the flash lights are. Over."

Damn. I tightened my grasp on the walkie talkie and hung my head. Damn it all. "Do you think," I struggled to control my shaking voice, "do you think this is a set up? Someone trying to break the leeches out? Over."

Long pause. I felt my worry escalate. "We're still trying to figure that out. Over."

"And where are you exactly, Agent Moyer? Over."

I leaned back against the wall, slightly defeated. "Basement, sir. We're trying to find the generator. As you can imagine, it's difficult in the dark. We'll find it, though, and get it running in no time. Then maybe we can figure out who's doing this and rip them a new one. I think-"

Static. I frowned at the walkie talkie and shook it in my hand violently. What on earth? The battery was new; it wouldn't run out that fast. And the signal here was perfect. Had Agent Moyer gotten distracted or was there - I gulped - another reason for his sudden silence? The over imaginative part of me was drawing up far-fetched reasons why he would stop talking so abruptly. Possibly an ambush? Or maybe a-

"Dr. Mitchells?" A woman's voice flitted through the speaker and I froze. "Oh, doctor? Where ever might you be?"

"Who the hell was that?" My assistant whispered, his voice breaking halfway through his words. I gulped.

"I have no clue," I said to him, and then into the radio: "Hello? This is Dr. Mitchells, here. Who am I speaking to?" I waited. My head felt dizzy, my hands clammy. Even my lungs seemed to still in my ribcage. I grasped it tightly and tried to control my chattering teeth.

"It's so nice to finally talk to the man behind all of this," her voice came through, sweetly, "I intend on meeting you sometime soon. I just figured I'd let you know what's going on right now. You see, dearest doctor, three hundred creatures are, at this very moment, taking over your precious Williams Building. We fully intend on breaking the Cullen family free and overthrowing you and the President. Oh, and be careful, Dr. Mitchells, there are some very angry, very hostile, and very hungry vampires out there, running loose through the halls. You're going to come across them sometime, don't even try to outrun them or hide. If you're lucky, they'll just take you into a big holding cell, much like the ones you placed the Cullens in. However, some may just decide to kill you. And one last thing, I would stay away from the President, if I were you. There's a very powerful vampire set on finding him. You don't want to be around him once he comes. Now, what do they say when you're done speaking on these things? Out? Is that it? Well, Dr. Mitchells, I'm out."

And with a twinkling laugh, she was indeed done. My hand shook freely and I dropped the walkie talkie the second the static came crunching in through the speakers. My chest tightened until I felt like I was going into cardiac arrest. This was impossible.

"Dr...Dr...Dr. Mitchells?"

"What?" I blew out, breathless.

"We're going to die, aren't we? Oh God, we're going to die!" I groaned aloud at his wailing and shook my head. He was probably right. Three hundred creatures, she had said. Vampires and probably those freaky werewolf things. Three hundred. I didn't think we had even one hundred and fifty officers in here.

And it had all happened so fast. One moment I was giving orders to my assistant, grieving a lost friend, and worrying about what would come next. And now here I am, being ambushed by an army of vampires. I couldn't believe the pace at which it was all happening.

The door to my office suddenly opened and closed and I looked out, my breathing stopping. Even my assistant paused in his mumbling cries. The darkness was impenetrable and inky, making it impossible to see anything.

"Who...who's there?" I asked, my hand reaching into my pocket and wrapping around the taser gun.

I jumped, startled, at the scent of stinking breath and the gust of air that blew on my face. Someone was in here. With us. And that someone was most likely a vampire. I then yelped as a cold hand latched around my forearm and I felt freezing, rotting breath blow on the side of my face. "Oh, come on, Dr. Mitchells. Don't worry. We're going to take such good care of you."

Whoever it was dragged me forward and I stumbled over my own two feet. The man laughed, his deep amiable voice bubbling over into a chuckle.

"Don't fall now. You must be more careful where you walk."

My assistant cried out and I could only assume the mysterious man had grabbed onto him, too. "Now come, gentlemen. I have a great little room in which you'll be placed. Why don't we all introduce ourselves? I know you, Dr. Mitchells. But whatever might be your name, young boy?"

I cringed at his voice as a cold sweat broke out. My feet staggered on the floor as the vampire pulled us further. I could tell we were out of my office when he turned us sideways, probably unable to fit all three of us through the doorway.

"I'm...uh...my name is...Stewart Tinson?"

I scowled. The name didn't even sound familiar to me.

"Ah, Stewart Tinson. So lovely to meet you. I must say, you smell simply-" he paused and sniffed softly as I felt the bile rise in my throat, "mouthwatering. I'd kill you right now but something tells me I'd regret it later. Most likely the King would disapprove eating on the job." The King? King of what? I lurched as the vampire paused and let go of my arm for the briefest of moments.

"In you go," he mumbled, "watch your step, we're in a stairwell. Now, you're most likely wondering what my name is."

No, I thought. I most certainly do not care what your name is. Not at all. I just want to get the hell out of this freak show and back to Florida to my wife and kids.

"Well, just so we all know each other formally, I'm Caius and I'll be directing you down to the cell tonight. Oh, and can I just say one more thing, Dr. Mitchells?"

I wouldn't respond. Couldn't respond. My voice died in my throat before I could even find the right words.

"I may not exactly be the best of friends with the Cullens but I do watch out for my own kind, no matter how much of a nuisance and humiliation they may be to the vampire world. And, just to let you know," he sounded so friendly and open that it made his next words completely surprising, "I hope you burn in hell for all the sins you've committed."

Leah's Point of View

"This sucks," I mumbled, "Why is nothing exciting happening?"

I leaned up on my elbows from my position of lying on the grass to squint up at Sam through the harsh sunlight. His features were blocked out from the strong rays of the sun, making it so all I saw was an undistinguishable blur of dark brown skin and even darker brown hair.

Sam grumbled unintelligibly. "They should be out soon, don't worry."

I rolled my eyes. "Do you see me worrying? I just want things to liven up around here." My head fell back on the ground with a light thwump. "It's so boring around here I could fall asleep." I opened my mouth and yawned to emphasize my point.

Brandon gave a wistful, longing sort of sigh from behind me. "Oh, to sleep. How I miss the concept," he said softly and I sat up and stared at him. He was perched atop ‘his' rock, as he now liked to called it, with his chin resting on his fist as he leaned over his knees. He watched me with interest, like I was some sort of science experiment in Biology class.

"Can I ask you a question? A very serious question?" I wondered and his eyes snapped back into focus, narrowing on me keenly.

"Certainly," he said.

"When you're in the store, are you ever tempted to lie down on one of those big tester Serta beds and just try to go to sleep?" If I were a vampire, I think every single night I would get into bed and at least attempt to fall asleep. I would miss the routine of sleeping. Even if my efforts were futile, which I knew they would be, I would still like the time to rest.

Brandon looked truly shocked as he stared back at me. "What on earth is a Serta bed?" His voice was breathy and dreamy and a whole lot of curious. I groaned and fell back on the ground. Talk about a lost cause.

"Never mind," I told him as I looked up at the sky. He heaved a disappointed sigh as I watched the clouds form overhead. I remembered trying to make sense of the clouds when I was little with Seth. We would believe they were weird shapes like bunnies and dogs-

"Ah!" I shrieked as Brandon's face came into view, not even six inches away. I bolted upright and my skull collided into his marble forehead as they gnashed together painfully. "Shit! What the hell are you doing?" I reached up and clutched my head as blotches of darkness exploded in my vision. It I hadn't known better, I would have thought someone had taken an axe to it and split it open.

"Christ, are you trying to give me a concussion?" I groaned as I leaned my swollen head on my kneecaps, rolling into a fetal position. Brandon snickered quietly from beside me.

"I'm sorry, Leah. I was just going to give you my reply."

Thank God being a shape shifter had the perks of hard bones. Otherwise, I'd be knocked out cold on the lawn.

"Reply to what?" I snapped as I rubbed at my temples. "And next time, for the love of God, just speak from over there." I gestured over to his empty rock and he laughed. The sound brought on another bout of pain and I flinched.

He sat down next to me and looked up at the building. "To the sleep question. I cannot say I have ever heard of a...a...Serta bed-" I rolled my eyes at his cautious pronunciation, "but I also have not ever been to a store. Or at least not during working hours. Anyway, to the point, if I ever saw a Serta bed, I would not be tempted to try to sleep. I would maybe lie down on it, just to see how comfortable it is, but I wouldn't try to actually slumber."

I opened one eye and snuck a peek at him. He looked thoughtful. Honest. "Why not?" I wondered.

He shrugged as his lips formed a straight, contemplative line. "Vampires do not need sleep. We do not ever calm down or relax. Our minds are always working, always figuring things out, always focusing on new sights or being hypnotized by the simple beauty of something so ordinary. Like dust motes. Have you ever seen one of those up close? My, they're simply stunning," he droned on and I yawned in boredom, "I could watch those all day long, the way the sun hits them or how they float soundlessly-"

"I see how you're easily distracted," I cut in, sitting up in the process but still cradling my head. "So you think it would be impossible to calm down so much that you would be able to sleep?"

Brandon nodded, his expression resembling great sadness. "Oh, yes. Every little sound would capture my attention completely. And it doesn't help that I am never tired. I haven't felt exhaustion in centuries. The sensation is completely foreign to me now. I think if I were to feel it, I wouldn't realize it until much later." His shoulders shook as his gentle laugh poured from his mouth. I leaned back into the grass, listening to the sound of his musical laughter. It was a nice laugh, I sleepily decided, very soothing and-

"Esme's out!" Sam crowed and my eyes snapped open. Brandon was already standing next to Sam, nearly five feet away, and I sluggishly blinked away my dazed state of mind.

Sam loped off, Brandon in tow, and I pulled myself up, holding my throbbing head. Damn him, I thought, damn all vampires with their marble skin and charming ways. I glowered at Brandon from across the lawn as they sprinted towards Esme who was surrounded by the Irish and Serengeti covens.

I felt something warm nudge me and turned. Seth was looking down at me with concerned brown eyes. I reached up and ruffled his fur, scratching the spot behind his ears I knew he liked best.

"I'm fine," I mumbled sleepily, "just tired. And Brandon's little stunt didn't help much either."

Seth grinned at me and I turned away, my eyes narrowing on Brandon and Sam. They were flanking a haggard looking Esme, whose dull topaz eyes flickered around almost nervously. There was a small hole on the shoulder of her designer sweater but I failed to point it out. I had a feeling the last thing the woman wanted was for her appearance to be analyzed after being kept in jail for days.

"Leah!" She exclaimed and before I knew it, the loving vampire's arms were hugging me close. "Oh, Leah, you shouldn't be here. Why would your mother ever let you come here? You poor, poor thing." I pulled back slightly reluctantly, a bit bothered by how easy it was to give in to her and let her baby you like an infant. Her concerned attitude and soothing words convinced you of her maternal instincts.

"We had to save you," I explained, "Really, it's a long story." She kept her freezing hands on my bare arms as she held me out before her. Somehow, she must have known I was on the edge of falling asleep right then.

Sam cleared his throat from behind us and Esme turned to look at him. "We might as well explain it all," he suggested, his eyes glancing at me. "I mean, it's not like we don't have time, right?"

"The rest of them are getting out, though?" Esme asked, her wide eyes turning to look at the depressing building. I nodded, as did Brandon and Sam.

Brandon stepped forward and smiled at her kindly. "Of course, Mrs. Cullen," he said, perfectly polite. "The others should be out any moment now. Just you wait." I nearly doubled over at the blank look Esme gave him. I couldn't tell if she was appalled by him or dumbfounded by his very presence.

"Excuse me for my lack of manners but-"

"Who am I?" Brandon interrupted, sending her a bright smile. I grumbled as I trudged off, still holding my head tightly as I staggered towards the rock. Screw Brandon and his creepy ability to know whatever you were about to say. It was like Edward, but more annoying. At least Mr. Know It All didn't show off and do it every time you opened your mouth. Brandon, though, flaunted it with a cocky smile.

I closed my eyes, blocking out Esme's voice as she replied. Finally the excitement comes and I have a killer migraine to go along with it. I could hit Brandon; I was so annoyed by him. I wouldn't even regret it if I lost my cool and phased. Maybe I'd be able to bite a little piece off before someone convinced me to chill.

The next minutes were boring. Brandon, Esme, and Sam were conversing nearly ten feet away softly about what all had happened. Every few seconds, Brandon would interrupt and predict the words. After I had settled down on the jagged rock, I had felt Seth's deep breaths as he followed after me and sat down next to the rock. I knew he was just being protective but it bothered me. He had a more important job to do than watching over his grumpy sister.

And then someone else was let out. Or maybe not. All I knew was Esme gasped and let out a high pitched squeal. Very unlike her, I thought. I heard her run back towards the building and grunted as I peeled open my eyelids. Seth was looking down at me and I reached up and smacked his neck.

"You should know better," I grumbled, "Last time someone leaned over me like that I ended up with a pain-in-the-ass headache."

He choked out a merry laugh as I sat up on the rock and stretched. I hadn't necessarily fallen asleep, only rested. But lying on that rock for more than just 30 seconds would require stretching later.

I had to admit, I wasn't exactly thrilled about the freeing of the Cullens. I mean, yeah, it was great. They deserved to be free, I suppose. Go them. But I was mostly concerned about Jacob. Our Pack needed an Alpha, preferably not someone who was locked up in prison for being a supernatural creature. I suppose that was why I wasn't too excited to watch the Cullens exiting the building. I was happy for them, sure. But I wasn't getting off my rock and launching myself into their icy arms any time soon.

I was curious as to who had gotten out after Esme, though. After patting Seth's head a few more times, I turned towards the building and my eyes scanned over the pale bodies of numerous vampires. It took me a moment to figure out which Cullen it had even been who had gotten released.

Oh, what a bummer. I could have cared less about her. I turned away, set on making some sort of one sided conversation with a barking Seth, but something caught my eye at the edge of the crowd.

That was when I saw him.

And I felt the world shift.

Tanya's Point of View

"Just yank out the wires," I told Kate as her hands worked over the circuits. We didn't have too much time to destroy the fuse box and she was wasting time by inspecting it carefully. She threw me a glare over her shoulder as she tugged on a bundle of cords.

"I know how to cut the power," she snapped, throwing the color coordinated wires on the ground. I rolled my eyes as a low buzzing erupted from the box and died down as the power went off in the west wing.

All over the building were numerous electrical circuits, we soon discovered, all hooking into fuse boxes that decorated many of the concrete sides. It hadn't taken us long at all to find a box and unhook it, causing part of the large building to have a blackout. Cutting the power was all part of the plan. We had separated into our groups that Adam had assigned and immediately gotten to work.

Each sub category of vampires had their own task to work on. My coven, merged with the Australians, was appointed to break Emmett out and get him to the front yard. Easy task, I thought. Possibly unpredictable when I thought of Emmett's aggressive tendencies but simple enough. Adam had used his ‘endless knowledge' (I scoffed at the term) to learn Edward and Nessie had somehow gotten into Jacob's cell. This resulted in a much larger rescue team for the three, consisting of the Amazon coven along with some of the Volturi guard and even some soldiers. The Egyptian coven, along with five soldiers, were set to find Esme and because of Jasper's absence, that left the next Cullen to be saved would be Rosalie. The Irish and Serengeti were selected to get her and bring her out. The remaining Volturi and Maria's top soldiers were chosen to ensure Carlisle's safety as Eve bluntly pointed out that he was the most significant. The Russian and Japanese covens were going to get Alice, which left many soldiers and nomads to get Bella.

I found Adam and Eve's over the top precautions almost comical. They acted like the Cullens needed bodyguards to get out and many of them. If Jasper had gotten out easily on his own, I doubted each Cullen needed five to fifteen vampires to get them freed safely. I wasn't set on getting into an argument with Adam and Eve, though. I would allow them to do things their way if they thought it was best.

The main three Volturi, Aro, Caius, and Marcus, were assigned to...well, simply put, they weren't going to be doing anything too important. After Aro had shamelessly pled with the twins to take them with them to speak to the President, Adam decided to give them each individual jobs. Marcus, ever silent, was to be the doorman of the front entrance. He took the job happily; unlike Aro who had been insulted by the trivial task his brother had been given. All Marcus would be doing was assisting those outside to the front yard when they came. Aro's duty was most likely the most significant out of the three. He was to locate the President, take him, lock him in an office, and keep him there unharmed until Adam and Eve arrived. And Caius's was to watch over and aid the rest of the soldiers in their task.

Since there were so many soldiers and only so many jobs, they were assigned a large, key role. Adam and Eve wanted all of the humans in the building together, herded into one room. This would include the special agents, officers, government officials, scientists, detectives, security guards, secretaries, and, Eve had said, the criminals inside. Caius was to find any wandering humans and send them off towards the others, using his frightening demeanor and aggression to scare them into coming. Personally, I thought the job was perfect for him. After that he would supervise them, much like Aro and the President, along with the other soldiers.

As for the others, I wasn't sure what they would be doing. Maria had followed Adam and Eve loyally, arms linked with Eve as they walked off to the front entrance. I figured Adam and Eve would just be travelling around the building, supervising everything and anything. I had heard rumors of Maria being appointed a special task, along with Chester, but no one knew just what that consisted of.

The darkness would help us finish off all of our jobs. While the humans would be utterly blind, we'd see perfectly. It reminded me of bats, swooping down on field mice in the pitch blackness of night. We had the upper hand anyway, this just emphasized our strength.

"Destroy it," I told Garrett, never taking my eyes from the fuse box. It looked empty without the wires inside.

Garrett immediately set to action, yanking the fuse box from the concrete wall and rolling it into a metal ball in his hands before throwing it over his shoulder. Adam and Eve said it was better to leave each fuse box beyond repair. This way, on the off chance someone got out, it'd be impossible to hook the circuits back in.

"Come on, we can't get in from here. We have to go back around," I instructed, leading everyone back to the front entrance. After everyone had destroyed the fuse boxes, we were to barge in from the front entrance and find our way through the building.

As we found our way back around, I heard a shout from behind and looked back. The Egyptian coven was running to catch up with several soldiers behind them. Benjamin got to us first, an easy smile covering his face.

"I take it you got to the fuse box on the west?" He asked. His hair was tousled greatly from the wind, flipping into his eyes. I nodded in response as the rest of them stopped and we continued our way to the front in one large group.

"Did you find one?" I had heard of six fuse boxes and one generator located in the basement of the building. I wasn't sure who was assigned to get to that one. Possibly Maria and Chester?

Amun grumbled under his breath and replied for Benjamin. "No, we raced the Amazon to one but Senna got to it first."

"You could always find the generator," Eleazar smoothly suggested, his Spanish accent flowing thick and heavy.

Benjamin sighed, "I thought of that but these fellows here," he pointed a thumb to the red-eyed soldiers behind him, "said they heard Maria and Chester were to finish that one off."

"So that's their ‘special task'?" Kate asked suspiciously. "Doesn't sound too special to me."

I rolled my eyes slightly as Garrett smirked. Benjamin shook his head as he stuffed his hands into his pockets.

"They have something else to do, too, I hear."

"Like what?" I glanced at Maria's loyal soldiers behind us. They all stared back unabashed, eyes wide. I caught Benjamin shrugging next to me.

"Don't know. I know it involves one of those...oh, what are they called? Those little electronically charged objects. You know, the ones with buttons and they sing when something happens." Benjamin tried to desperately explain his thoughts and I snickered quietly, muffling my laughter with my hand.

Eleazar looked at him strangely with the slightest twinkle of amusement in his eyes. "You mean a cell phone?"

Benjamin's eyes lit up. "Do they call people?" He asked, intrigued.

Eleazar nodded, a grin tugging at the corner of his lips, and pulled something out from his back pocket, revealing a tiny silver phone. Benjamin gasped as his head bobbed up and down. "That's it! Adam gave Maria one. Don't know why, though. Who would she have to call?"

I thought about it for a moment and came up empty handed. Who would Maria be calling? Everyone she knew was right here.

"Jasper?" Carmen wondered quietly, slipping her hand into Eleazar's. I looked at the tiny phone, now enveloped in Benjamin's hands as he pressed different keys and looked at it in awe, and back to Carmen.

"Maybe. I doubt he would have one, though. Wouldn't they have taken it when they arrived?" I couldn't imagine the government allowing them to keep their cell phones. It just didn't make sense.

Eleazar nodded calmly. "You're right. There is no possibility he would still have his phone. Muy improbable." Very unlikely. I sighed and plucked the phone from Benjamin's experimenting hands and handed it back to Eleazar. He placed it into his front pocket this time.

"If Adam and Eve assigned it to her, it most likely isn't a trifling task like calling Jasper. No offense, but I doubt the twins are overly concerned about just one vampire when there are hundreds to be worrying about." We all looked to Tia in quiet surprise. She wasn't one to talk much. In fact, these were the first words I had heard her speak since we had arrived at the large Southern mansion in Texas.

Benjamin studied his mate for a brief second before glancing back at me. "She's right. They've probably even forgotten Jasper already. He's not their top priority."

I was about to reply but Garrett cut me off. "Why don't we just focus on our tasks?" He asked, a bit exasperated. "If we figure out all these mysteries, there won't be any more surprises left. Why don't we let Maria do her job and we do ours?"

By the time he finished, we were already in front of the entrance. I could see the wolves pacing around the fence, unaware of our presence, and other covens walking nearer as they finished destroying the circuits. Everyone shot Garrett a nervous look and I shrugged.

"As long as the surprises aren't too...intense," I murmured softly. I honestly had no clue who Adam and Eve would want Maria to call. My mind drew up absolute blanks when I thought about it.

"Well, we'll worry about it later," Kate suggested before pushing open the glass door and stepping into the absolute darkness. Garrett followed her in, as did the rest of them. I pulled Kayden back and he shot me a curious glance before shrugging and stepping aside with me. I waited until everyone else had filed in before turning towards him.

"Have you seen the Romanian coven?" I asked quietly, under my breath. I could see Eleazar peeking through the glass pane at me, a dark brow arched. I waved him off.

Kayden grimaced. "You mean the two males? The, um, slightly-"

"Weird ones?" I rolled my eyes. "Yes, them. Both short, one has blonde hair the other black."

Kayden's brow furrowed for a moment before clearing. "Actually, I haven't seen them for days. I never really thought about it, though. Last time I remember seeing them was most likely when we got to San Antonio. Why?"

I leaned back and looked off into the distance, thinking. "No reason," I mumbled. "Don't think you it's a bit strange, though?"

Kayden shrugged. "Maybe, maybe not. Is it possible they just didn't want to stick around? I mean, they're old, aren't they? Maybe they didn't like the way Adam and Eve were running things and so they left."

It made sense, I suppose. And, face it; the Romanians had always been a bit out there. Being sworn enemies of the Volturi, maybe they disliked the idea of being around them so much. But where would they possibly go? It wasn't like they could easily get away with everyone around.

"Come on, we need to get Emmett." Kayden tugged on my arm and, with a sigh, I followed him through the doorway. "I'm actually a bit excited to meet him," his voice kept going as we passed over the threshold, leaving the light of day behind and entering the shadowy lobby, "I hear he's quite a character."

A dark lump next to the door caught my eye as I walked in and I looked at it closely. Marcus's face became exposed in the light and he looked at me solemnly with dark eyes. I frowned, not even in the building for a minute and already I was being surprised. Maybe Garrett's enthusiasm for twists and turns should have been discouraged.

"Oh, he is," Carman trilled from my left with Eleazar's protective arm around her waist. "He's not one to forget easily. By the way, the Egyptian coven and the soldiers already left. They're set on getting Rosalie out before anyone else. You know how competitive Amun can be." She rolled her eyes lightly and a chuckle escaped my lips.

I looked around at my small group; five from my coven and seven from Kayden's making twelve total. "Well, let's see if we can beat them," I proposed, grinning ear to ear.

Garrett immediately cheered, raising a fist to the air. "What are we waiting for then?" He grabbed Kate's hand and led her off to a distant corner of the lobby eagerly. We all began to move as a single unit, following behind Garrett and Kate.

As we trailed behind, I glanced around the dark room and its scattered chairs and tables. Many shadows covered the walls and floor caused by the light that floated in from the sun that shone through the glassy front wall. A bulky dog-like shadow danced along the back and I glanced over my shoulder, spotting a wolf outside as the source. The lights overhead were all unlit and the only source of light, other than the sun, that I spotted was a flash flight on the receptionists' desk. I grabbed it as we passed and tucked it into my pocket.

Our footsteps echoed throughout the high ceilinged lobby and finally paused as we reached a staircase in the back. "Can't use the elevator," Garrett explained, "This'll have to do."

I pushed my way through the group and shoved the door open, slipping inside and glancing up and down the staircase. Emmett was down several floors and we were on floor twenty three. What had Adam said? Emmett was floor seventeen?

Something above me caught my attention and I looked up, craning my head back to look through the center cut out of the winding stairwell. A dark blur ran down the steps floors above and I stared at it, slightly horrified. "Hello?" I called out at the running form.

It paused.

"Tanya Denali?"

Now it was time for me to pause. "Yes?" I asked unsurely.

The vampire kept travelling down the staircase until he came into view before me. Head full of white hair, ruby eyes, fierce expression. I sighed, out of all the people to run into, why did we have to come across Caius?

"What are you doing?" He growled, glancing over my shoulder at both covens.

"Getting Emmett," I told him, staring at him intently. "What are you doing?"

He rolled his eyes lightly. "Getting humans. Have you seen any? Tell me the truth and I'll leave you be." He smiled malevolently, teeth dripping of clear venom, and I turned away to glance at Garrett who was closest to me.

"Haven't seen one. Yourself?" Garrett replied for me. I threw him a grateful look.

Caius shrugged as he leaned back along the railing. "I've caught ten or so. I have my sight set on the head doctor, personally. I'm warning you, it's not the most orderly in this place." He looked down and picked on an invisible piece of lint on his dark cloak before glancing back up at us through long white lashes. "This floor is the only sane one. Everywhere else is chaos. I have come across some Cullens, like the psychic. She looked startled senseless to see me here. The humans don't know what's going on. Some are running away, some are standing their ground. They are like sightless sheep locked in a pen with wolves. This must be the most fun I've had in centuries."

I kept my face blank as I looked at him, his words processing. And he really did look giddy about the whole thing. It was the happiest I had ever seen the grumpy vampire. Disgusting, I thought. Leave it to him to get a free meal out of this whole thing.

"Have you seen my brother?" He suddenly asked with cold eyes.

I nodded. "Marcus? Yes, he's by the door."

Caius grinned. "Excellent. I shall go talk with him for a moment before continuing on. You say you're going to get Emmett? Ha, I've been on that floor already. He's throwing a fit; doesn't know whether to leave or stay. Everyone's entirely clueless, though. It's a vampire hunting spree. Some soldiers are taking down humans at a whim. I, however, believe only a fright is good enough. Just to get the adrenaline pumping."

My jaw clenched tightly. "Just go, Caius. We need to get Emmett out of here." He reluctantly moved out of the way, slithering between Kayden and the door and strolling off in the direction of where Marcus was perched like an old black owl. I shook off the disturbing feeling that had settled over me and ran down the stairs, my hand clutching the railing tightly.

"Sheesh," someone said behind me, "he's worst than Aro, if you ask me. Creepy old hoot." Though I didn't vocally announce my opinion, I completely agreed. At least Aro pretended to be friendly. Caius was just a bitter bloodthirsty old man with a vendetta against the Cullens.

I paused at the 17th floor, peeking into the small pane of glass embedded in the door. Everyone paused behind me, backing up the stairwell.

"This it?" Kayden asked as he looked through the glass next to me.

"Apparently, yes."

He groaned softly. "Do we really have to do this?" I would have scolded him for his disheartening attitude but I found myself wondering the same thing. The hallway that stretched out before us was complete bedlam. Vampires scoured the hall, grabbing unsuspecting human officers and either killing them or dragging them down the hall towards the opposite end to take them to what I could only assume was Adam and Eve's appointed holding room for the humans. Many officers were cornered, shooting their guns off at the ruthless vampires who didn't even flinch as the bullets whizzed by.

"We need a game plan," I sighed, turning away from the scene momentarily. Personally, I just wanted to stay in here in the quiet stairwell, watching as everything happened around me, if it meant going up against that otherwise.

Eleazar stepped forward and looked through the glass, eyes widening only temporarily. "Yes, indeed we do. Luckily, the other vampires are expecting Emmett's rescue team. They should move out of our way the second they see us. We should just plow through them."

I scowled. Plow through them? I honestly didn't like the sound of that. "It'll have to do, I suppose." I turned the knob and slowly pushed it open, slipping through and into the hallway. Everyone followed behind me and together we scurried through the hall. None of the humans could see us which made our job incredibly simple.

One of the soldiers stopped, dropping the officer he had been lifting on the ground in the process and turning towards us. "You here to get Emmett?" he asked, his eyes narrowed. A few of the snarling, snapping soldiers around him froze to look at us. Though the humans couldn't spot us, they all seemed to realize there were more vampires here.

"Yes, I'm Tanya-"

"We know. Get him and get out. We have a job to do, too, you know." My lip curled at his curt tone and I pressed forward.

"Get out of the way, then," I growled as I passed through, weaving my way through the fighting vampires easily. I couldn't imagine what this must be like to the humans. It was almost enough to make me pity them. They were probably scared stiff from being lost and confused in a pitch black hallway, vampires attacking them from all sides. It was the unknown to them and who wasn't afraid of that?

I stopped in front of the door to Emmett's cell and stood on my toes, searching for him through the cut out window. There was nothing in there, I realized in shock. No one in there at all.

I took a step back and kicked out the door, shooting it across the cell as it exploded inward and off the hinges. Hesitantly, I stepped inside, looking about. Disappointment crept in and I felt the unexplainable desire to cry. If Emmett wasn't here, where the hell was he?

"Hey, no one's in-"

A warm hand clamped over my mouth and I gasped as someone grabbed me and yanked me in the room. I heard a guttural growl behind me as Kayden followed but the second I looked up at the owner of the pale hand, I swatted Kayden back.

I pulled out from the grasp and stared. "Emmett?"

Emmett's warm topaz eyes stared back, wide and shocked. He blinked in quiet astonishment and opened his mouth before shutting it.

"Oh my God, Emmett!" I screeched before hugging him. He uncertainly hugged me back, patting my back awkwardly.

"What in the world are you all doing here?" he hissed, his eyes flickering over the rest of us who filled the doorway. Carmen and Eleazar stepped in the room, waving everyone else to file in. "And...who are you?" Emmett's question was directed towards Kayden and his coven and I laughed under my breath.

I pulled away from him and gestured towards the Australians. "This is the Australian coven," I introduced.

Emmett looked down at me sharply. "Uh, Tanya, hate to break it to you, kid, but they don't exist."

I rolled my eyes for what seemed like the hundredth time that day. "Well, Emmett, I hate to break it to you but there's a lot that's changed in the vampire world. These are the real deal, Em. Meet Kayden and his coven."

Emmett's eyes slowly travelled from me to the foreigners before he reached forward and shook Kayden's hand roughly. "No offense, but I can't say I've ever really heard about you."

Kayden sent him a warm, open smile. "That's alright. I've heard enough about you for the both of us."

Emmett's stern face turned friendly as he grinned, accepting Kayden immediately from the flattery and letting his hand go. "It's a mad house out there," he said, glancing outside. "Why are you all here anyway?"

I looked at him dubiously. "Emmett...we're here to get you. It's a rescue mission."

Emmett froze for a mere second before his jaw dropped. His eyes were bright and gleeful as he stared at me. "A rescue mission? For me? Holy shit! This is like one of those spy movies when the good guy's captured and all his reinforcements come and get him, killing the bad guys in the process! Wait until I tell Rose about this! It's like a James Bond movie!"

Alright, not exactly what I had expected from Emmett. But that was him for you, comparing life to action movies and video games.

Eleazar heaved a soft sigh. "Emmett, we're surrounded by fighting savage vampires and all you have to say is how much your life is turning out to be like a Hollywood action film? I don't know whether to say you're pathetic or downright hilarious."

Emmett flashed him a dazzling smile and shrugged, placing his hands in his front pockets. "Well, Eleazar, I'd prefer to be amusing. And I have to tell you, it is good to see you-" he paused and looked around, "it's good to see all of you, actually. Thanks for coming though I'm sure we could have handled it all on our own."

We all rolled our eyes this time. Garrett snorted quietly, kicking out at the bare cot. "Oh yes, totally. You guys were handling things nicely."

"If you don't mind me asking, who all is here?" Emmett asked, ignoring Garrett completely. "And who are those vampires out there? Are they causing trouble? If so...," he trailed off, looking out the doorway and flexing his muscles. I sighed; some things never grew old.

"Emmett, I'd love to explain," I said as I grabbed him by the arm and began pulling him from the cell, "but we really have to go. These are soldiers from the Southern army. Don't worry about them, they won't cause you trouble."

He followed me reluctantly down the hall, through the pathway the growling soldiers created for us, as he looked over his shoulder as we travelled further and further away from his old cell. "Soldiers? Tanya, why would you trust soldiers?"

I huffed as I pulled him further, watching Kayden chuckle under his breath out of the corner of my eye. "Emmett, it's time for your first lesson of how the new vampire world works. Forget the Volturi's whole ‘do not expose the secret' thing. That's over and done with. There are new lessons to be taught now."

He arched a black brow and paused once we were secure inside the stairwell. "Oh, yeah? What are they?"

Kayden placed his hand on my shoulder, gazing at Emmett from behind me. "First, every vampire is trustworthy. The only creatures you don't trust are humans."

Emmett's face froze, turning to white marble as his jaw dropped for the second time that day. "Even the Volturi?" he hissed, slightly awed and maybe even terrified.

I laughed, smiling up at him. "Yes, Emmett, even the Volturi."

He blew out a large breath of air, like a deflating balloon, and shook his head. "Jesus, the world really did change, didn't it?"

I nodded and pulled on his hand as I towed him up the staircase. "You don't know the half of it."