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Grim Reaper's Release

When the gruesome murder of a pastor is mysteriously caught on tape, what will happen to the vampire race? Suddenly, the world knows about vampires. The Cullens need to get out of Forks. And fast. But what will happen when the Volturi wants to interfere? Or the Southern Armies? And, more importantly, who are these strange vampire twins? Photobucket

...I've been away for a seriously long time, haven't I? O.O

Well, I'm back with a new story and I still haven't decided if I should continue my other stories. A lot's been happening in my life and I'm sure my feelings on all of my other stories have changed drastically. Anyway, this is just an idea that's been floating around my head for probably a year now but I've never really developed it into more than just a smidge of an idea.

Just a few warnings before I continue: This story is seriously...morbid. It's not really a good story at all. There's violence, world domination, chaos, and the world kind of goes insane...but it has a happy ending! Promise!

Also, the chapters are gonna be really long on this. Like, seriously long. It's not that I want to get this done in less chapters or whatever, it's just that in each chapter, a few different character's point of view's on different things need to be included to add other factors of the story. I mean, if I had each new point of view a chapter, we'd probably be up to 50 chapters by the time I get to the middle.

That being said, I guess a few things you should know is that I don't know when I'll be getting new chapters up. I hope, with winter break here, I'll have this story done by the middle of February, maybe? I was planning on having this only 7 chapters at the maximum, but the farther I get into this story, the longer it seems. And, I hope, I'll be getting each chapter up each week. I've already written chapter 2 and 3 but I'm gonna post them weekly.

Next, I seriously need to thank my best mate Kira with this story. She gave me a HUGE idea for it and has been such an amazing supporter of all my stories from the start!

*breathes in relief* Alright, I think that's all for now. Now that I've gotten it all out, go read. I'm sure the story is much more interesting than my babbling. *snort*

3. Death's Demeanor

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It was at 9:56pm on October 23rd when, once again, televisions flashed on. The world had never seen such an oddity. Never, in the history of even history itself, had such a huge risk factor been introduced publicly to the world. People couldn't remember the last time the occupants of the earth were in such a panicked frenzy.

Religious societies were spending every second praying for an answer while others went into a mode of defense and fright. Some were calm; others were not. Some believed this Timothy A. Fitzgerald; others did not. Some ignored it completely; others were packing up and leaving town.

While others, people who believed themselves to be the dark creatures Timothy warned of, came together to call forward the actual vampires.

The world was caught in an inner turmoil of what to do.

When Timothy came on the screen again, looking accustomed to being in the spotlight, he was calm and steady. Many hoped he was coming on to tell the people that his announcement the day before was false and that all worries should be calmed. But by the second minute of being on air, it was clear their hopes were never to happen.

"All of you, by now, have heard of the vampire scare. It is my duty to come on and tell the world of what these vampires appear like. You all must understand, we have very little details of this species. We are only certain of their vampiric behavior by an eyewitness account of the murder up in Dawson, Canada and a security tape which recorded the whole event," he said with a concerned face.

Reporters of newspapers all over the world scribbled his speech word by word on their notebooks. Articles covering the vampire story would be out by noon the next day.

"We're not even sure there are more of these vampires. The one caught on tape is being searched for and I warn all of you. It is apparent from the video that he has otherworldly abilities and we are not sure what all he, or they, can do. In just a second you will all be hearing of what we think are common characteristics shared between this species. If you, or anyone you know of, has seen or heard of someone sharing even just one of these qualities, you are encouraged to call the number which will appear on the screen afterwards." People listened eagerly, wanting to know what these so called vampires just may look like.

People thought of all sorts of things in the next waking moments. Ashen faces. Onyx eyes. Cloaks of all sorts. Ominous fangs. Crosses, garlic, wooden stakes, and the sun. How would they defend themselves from these monsters?

But, more importantly, would the human race survive the weeks to follow after this discovery?


October 22nd
Approximately 32 Hours Earlier
Jasper's Point of View

"I'm telling you, Chris, these vampires are going be pathetic. My prediction is that this'll be the biggest goof the government's ever done. It'll turn out to be some idiot who's persuaded himself into thinking he's a bloodsucking fiend. Vampires are for legends and stories, not reality." I listened, almost uninterested, to the politicians on MSNBC. My eyes narrowed on the speaker's face.

Oh, how wrong he was.

I had left Alice to pack whatever she felt was needed to bring after she had told me if I wasn't going to help, I had to get out of her way. With a chuckle I had left the room and came downstairs, only to sit and watch the boring, inaccurate guesses of politicians.

A musky scent filled my nostrils and I turned my head, only to come face to face with the mutt who never seemed to think he had overstayed his welcome.

"This is just so odd," he mumbled, jerking his chin towards the television set. I grunted my agreement, trying not to flinch as he stepped forward, ginormous arms crossed over his chest. "Do you think we'll be caught?" he asked. My eyes tightened at his question. If I had anything to do with it, no.

"I think it depends on whether we get out of here before the storm hits," I murmured. Panic overwhelmed him and suddenly, a growing sense of love. I rolled my eyes, knowing just who he was thinking of.

"She'll be fine," I told him. "Edward and Bella are the most capable parents and with their abilities, I doubt even the smallest danger would get past those two." He nodded, sitting down next to me and keeping his eyes on the screen. My throat tightened as I glanced sideways at him, gazing at his jugular.

It would be easy, too easy, to lunge at him. He'd be dead before he even realized.

I cleared my thoughts before Edward could hear them. He still didn't like Jacob, especially when he looked at Nessie with nothing but love in his eyes, but even through all of that, I highly doubted he would want me to kill him.

It was just his scent. It was so...appalling. Just a small whiff of it made me want to kill him, knowing he was an enemy.

"Do you think I can-"

"Come with us?" I interrupted. He gestured yes. I leaned back, sinking into the plush sofa. His dark eyes watched my every move as my topaz ones watched his.

"I really don't know, Jacob. You'll have to talk to Carlisle about that one. I mean, you do have a passport and considering Emmett's comment on that earlier, I suppose so." No offense to him of course, but I really hoped Carlisle put his foot down on this one and told him no. One lone, single werewolf in the midst of maybe fifty vampires?

The odds saying he'd survive that account weren't exactly high.

"I can handle other leeches," he said, like he reading my mind. I glanced at him in surprise.

"You honestly think so? Do you really think that, if we weren't with you and you went to Loreto yourself, you wouldn't be slaughtered the second your foot touched the ground?" I almost felt like laughing at the poor, insensible dog. He knows no better, I reminded myself.

But, still, it was just a bit comical to think of the situation.

"Yes, I do. Plus, most of them know me, right?" I murmured my agreement. Even so, the vampires that had stayed here a month ago had only kept the packs alive because they knew their numbers would strengthen us. Without the threat of the Volturi, why would they want to keep an insignificant werewolf alive?

"Still, Jacob, it wouldn't be wise," I warned him. He nodded, suddenly thoughtful. With perfect grace, he abruptly stood, towering over me.

"I'm going to go talk to Carlisle," he said, pursing his lips. I smirked in return.

With the sudden absence of the wolf, I gave my attention back to the television. They were discussing the growing groups of vampire fanatics who were suddenly appearing all over the globe. I sighed in exasperation at the pictures that came up on the screen of mobs of people dressed in black who believed real vampires would bite them. Honestly, did people not realize how horrible it was to be a vampire? How boring and dull life became?

"No, Jasper, they don't," Edward answered my thoughts from in the doorway. I glanced up, shocked I hadn't heard his arrival. He shrugged, "You were distracted by your thoughts."

"I just don't understand," I murmured, looking back at the television. It made no sense. I wished for more than anything to be human, to not feel such a strong urge to blood and killing. To be simply normal.

"Does anyone?" He sighed. "Carlisle wants us in the dining room. Apparently, Jacob is coming with us." Even though his voice sounded perfectly polite on the outside, his feelings were raging with a mix of suppressed agitation and annoyance. I smiled and smacked him on the back as I passed him, walking towards the room in which the rest of the family awaited my arrival.

Inside the dining room, the family was seated around the long, oval table. Carlisle had planted himself at the head but was standing instead of sitting like everyone else. To his right was Esme, looking concerned. Her eyes lit up as I walked into the room before Edward. Next to her was Emmett and Rosalie and then Alice besides an empty seat.

I sat down, Bella on my other side who was holding a seemingly restless Renesmee in her arms. Edward sat next to her, taking Nessie into his arms and ignoring the sideways glance Jacob gave her, who was seated next to him with Carlisle standing on his other side. Alice reached over and grabbed my hand, enveloping it within her tiny, delicate one.

"Ah, thank you, Jasper, for joining us," Carlisle greeted me. I nodded in return, glancing at Jacob who, strangely, was staring intently at me with his obsidian eyes.

"Now, let's get started. As I said before, we're going to be leaving for Loreto. The plan is to get on the 4:30pm flight in Seattle to San Diego, and then to get a flight to Santa Rosalia. From there, we'll run to Loreto and meet up with the others. Any questions so far?" His ocher eyes roamed over all of our faces, straying on Bella's.

A rush of hesitance and worry escaped from her as she opened her mouth, "What about Charlie?"

"I have already talked to him, Bella. He knows of our plans, though he asked to talk to you personally. I think he wants to see Renesmee one more time before we leave," Carlisle said. She nodded in response.

"What about the Southern armies?" I spoke up. "I am sure they've already started to scheme. I wouldn't even be surprised if they already have begun trying to dominate the South. How will we be able to keep them under control if we are in Mexico?" Knowing Maria, she had most likely already gathered and recruited maybe even an incredulous hundred soldiers.

When she wanted something, she stopped at nothing to get it. And now that the humans knew, I was sure she would work until the South was hers.

Carlisle took a deep breath before answering. "Jasper, I am afraid they are not ours to control. If we could and we had the numbers, I would say to stop down in the South and make sure of their plans but-"

"But we don't know if we have time for that before we, ourselves, are in danger," Emmett interrupted, looking solemn for maybe the first time in his life. I flickered my gaze between the two of them.

"Exactly," Carlisle sighed. I nodded, pondering more about what Maria may be doing now. Alice glanced hesitantly at me from my side, her wide eyes curious.

"What if we get caught?" Jacob asked in a deep voice. Everyone's faces tensed around the table, looking to Carlisle for the answer. And for the first time I had known Carlisle, he seemed flustered and almost...clueless. He was concentrating on the patterns in the table, ignoring our gazes.

"I have thought about this long and hard," he stated calmly, placing his palms down on the table and looking each of us in the eyes. "And even though I hate to think this could happen, we have to look at this situation from all sides. I would hope that the government is more afraid of us then we are of them, but who can ever be sure?"

Suddenly, Edward's head snapped up, black fury glinting not only in his eyes, but seeping from his very presence. I felt the icy blood in my veins almost boil in rage as I, too, shared his anger.

"Carlisle, you can't be serious," he whispered, deathly quiet. Everyone looked between the two of them, shocked and surprised. A deep, short breath could be heard as Carlisle sighed.

"Edward," he warned and Edward backed off, sitting back in his chair with a tight jaw and glaring eyes. If Edward didn't agree with something, it was predicted I wouldn't either, I mused. When it came to our safety, we often shared opinions.

Except when Bella had first arrived. That had been a different story.

Carlisle reached up to rub his temples and I was once again reminded of how actually young he was. I mean, of course he was older than all of us because of all the years he had been on this earth but physically, he was only three years older than I. Personally, I didn't know how he dealt with all of us and the chaos that always seemed to come to our family.

"If we are to get caught," he murmured slowly, "I think we should go without a fight."

And suddenly, all hell broke loose.

"You can not be serious! Do you know what they're going to want to do to us!?" Rosalie shrieked, standing up while knocking her chair back.

"Are you kidding? Really, Carlisle, have you lost your mind?" Emmett yelled, taking place besides his furious wife.

"Why would you want this? I can't even see what they would want with us because of him!" Alice seethed, throwing a dirty glance towards Jacob.

"See! I told you, absolutely ridiculous! We can't put ourselves into that much danger! And what happens once we're locked inside! You know the Volturi won't give a damn if they find out we've been taken!" Edward growled, eyes ablaze.

The only ones silent were Esme, Jacob, Bella, Nessie, and I and we all had separate reasons to keep our mouth shuts. Esme, the ever loyal wife, would never doubt Carlisle's judgement, Jacob looked to Carlisle as a role model and I couldn't ever see the dog revolting against his orders, from the sensations coming from Bella, she seemed to feel like she was too new to this family to cause a big deal about something, and Nessie, God bless her, was asleep, but seemed to be waking up from all the noise.

And I was too taken over by the raging emotions in the room to say anything, though I disagreed immensely with what Carlisle was saying.

"Silence!" Carlisle bellowed and everyone froze. Only once had I heard Carlisle raise his voice and that was when Alice and I had first joined the family. I had accidentally lost control around a young girl and killed her. Emmett and Edward had wanted to kick me out, I remembered. And as they screamed at Carlisle to get rid of me, he had no choice but to yell back over their voices.

"Look," he paused, looking exhausted and weary. Esme bit her lip in worry, sternly looking at all of us to get the message across that we needed to listen. "It isn't that I think we should go into this without any intent on winning. If, though, we get into the scenario of being captured or noticed by humans, I would rather we go peacefully. Who knows what we could stir up if we run?"

"I don't get it, what is the big deal about running if they find us? We could easily get out of whatever situation we were in! Hell, I don't even care if we have to kill all the witnesses, we could get out," Emmett argued back. Carlisle shot him one of his intimidating stares and Emmett backed down, settling back into his chair with an outraged huff.

"What you said is exactly what I don't want to do. Innocent humans shouldn't have to be killed just for our safety. We already know that nothing they can do can harm us, Emmett," Carlisle said. I felt my stomach churning as I fought off the emotions swelling from the people around me. I sent out a wave of calm, only to have everyone in the room glance at me.

"And what do we do once we're captured?" I questioned, uneasy about his solution. Carlisle swallowed, raking his fingers through his golden hair as he listened.

"Alright, let me rephrase what I said before," he responded, dodging my question. "We're going to Loreto, which we all know. I'm saying if, at some point during this, the government releases descriptions of vampires and someone notices we fit the traits and then we are cornered by either humans or the government itself, we shouldn't put up a fight. I'm not trying to say this will happen, just if it happens," he restated. Next to me, Alice shook her head, closing her eyes and biting her lip in an effort to get a vision.

When nothing but frustration poured from within her, I knew once again Jacob's presence had gotten in the way.

"Now," Carlisle continued, "to answer your question, Jasper, if you had all let me finish before, you would all know the answer to this. If we are caught, once we're in whatever building we're in, we do nothing. If we do not obey and they learn that none of their mind tricks or tortures or even DNA testing will work on us, they must let us go. After all, we are all legal citizens of America and have rights. They aren't allowed to keep us within holding for over 24 hours," he concluded.

I squinted my eyes, thinking. Plus, as he failed to point out, if we became desperate to get out, it wasn't like we weren't physically strong enough to break free.

"What about Jacob?" Edward wondered. I gawked at him; since when was he overly concerned for Jacob's welfare?

"Ah, Jacob," Carlisle mumbled, glancing at the dark boy next to him whose head was hanging. "Jacob probably wouldn't even be taken into custody. He fits absolutely no description of any vampire I have ever met and I would think they may not even notice he is with us." Jacob glanced towards the sleeping form of Renesmee, tucked in her mother's arms. Somewhere during this conversation, Edward had given Nessie back to her mother to hold.

By the look in Jacob's eyes, I knew that if we were to be captured, he wouldn't let us go alone.

"And Renesmee?" Bella asked softly, looking at her daughter lovingly. Carlisle shook his head.

"That, I don't know. I would think they would leave her be. I honestly don't think anyone, even a federal agent, would be able to resist her charm, anyway," Carlisle wryly smiled. Bella snapped her head up to return his smile.

"Also, I think it is best that, under no circumstance, are any of you with powers to point out that you even have them," Carlisle ordered. Those of us with powers. Alice, Bella, Edward, Renesmee and myself.

"I wouldn't even tell them that if I had to," Alice pouted and I squeezed her knee within my hand. She huffed as she glanced at me, sending a wave of concern and fear.

I almost felt like laughing at the irony. Somehow, we, the predators of all things living, had become the prey of, oddly, all things living. It was like the world had momentarily froze and started rotating in the opposite way. I would have never guessed that one day we would be running from...humans.

"Any questions?" Carlisle said, straightening up. No one asked anything, so he continued. "Alright," he sighed, "that's all, I suppose. We better get going."

And with that said, we all stood and grabbed our things, walking out the front door. I idly wondered if it would be the last time I walked through the doorway.


"You got that damn list yet, boy?" Timothy snapped at one of his agents. He didn't seem to remember the scrawny boy's name and, honestly, he didn't really care enough to ask him.

"Working on it, sir," the boy squeaked. Timothy sighed. He had asked for a list of any characteristics of these 'vampires' to release to the public almost two hours ago. And so far? The agent had nothing.

"Hurry up, kid. I need that list," he mumbled as he waddled off. "And soon," he threatened. Things had been busy in the past few hours. Since he had told the President that, yes, the creature on the video was a likely threat to mankind and most likely was a vampire, things had been hectic. At first, the President had just stared at him.

"Vampire?" The President had asked, his mouth dry. Timothy had nodded once, close to breaking a sweat before the President's skeptical gaze.

"Yes, sir, I believe so. What other creature would drink the blood of a human?" He had retorted softly. He had gone over the mysterious tape not once, not twice, not even ten times but almost twenty five times in total.

"Creature? Fitzgerald, I sent this to you to tell me what was wrong with this human. Not for you to come back and tell me it was a damned legendary creature that only seven year olds believe in," the President had exclaimed, looking through the file Timothy had handed him on his full report when he first walked into the oval office.

"Well, that's just what I'm doing, Mr. President. What's wrong with this human is that it isn't one. No human can move as fast as him, not even when on some crazy whacked up drug. No human can tear through human flesh like that or have bullets ricochet off of his damn body." Timothy had been growing old of the President's disbelief. Not once had he made a mistake in his career. Not once. And he'd be damned if the first mistake he made was one that even the President cared about.

"Alright," the President had sighed, shaking his head incredulously, "I want you on the news as soon as the other nations know. You'll be the one to tell the world's occupants," he instructed.

That had hit a nerve with Timothy, he remembered. If some of these creatures - God only knew if there were more than this one up in Dawson - wasn't it a possibility they could come after him? That was something he definitely didn't want.

"Sir, here's the list you asked for." Timothy looked up from his pile of paperwork he had just been beginning to start. The young agent, a nerdy young kid with glasses too big and hair too greasy, stared at him hesitantly, an arm outreached with a folder clutched in his sweaty hand.

"Finally," he snapped. He yanked the file from the kid's hands and shooed him away as he leaned back in his chair, ready to open it. As the door to his office shut, he ripped the file open, eager to see the descriptions the high tech computer had come up with.

Ruby eyes. Pale skin. Sped up reflexes. Hard skin - hard enough to protect the creature from a force like a bullet. Inhuman sounds. Strength. Beautiful.

His eyes paused on the word Beautiful. How strange.

He grunted as he stood from his chair, gripping the file close to his chest. He waddled through the large White House, grumpily ignoring all cautious waves and polite hello's from fellow employees.

"I need to see the President," he told the secretary seated before the oval office. She looked up, wide eyed.

"Er...what for, sir?" She asked, taken off guard. Timothy growled, he wasn't a naturally patient man and this was too much.

"None of your damned business. Just tell him Timothy Fitzgerald is here with important news." The secretary nodded, her caramel bun jerking atop her youthful face. She pressed a button on the phone, glancing from her desk back up to Timothy. Finally, she murmured several hushed words into the receiver and hung up.

"Go in through the door to the right," she instructed. Timothy walked towards the door without giving even so much as a glance towards the young girl at the desk.

He pushed through the door, taking a deep breath to calm his growing nerves.

"What can I do for you, Timothy?" The President asked, sitting calmly at his desk with hands folded in front of him.

"I got the list you wanted, sir. I told you I would."


Bella's Point of View

I jostled a restless Renesmee in my arms as I sat down on the uncomfortable chair in the airport at San Diego. It was her first time being in the presence of so many humans and she didn't seem to enjoy the situation.

"Here, Bells. I'll take her," Jacob murmured as he towered over me, tanned arms outstretched. I threw him a grateful look as I handed my daughter off to him.

It had taken awhile, but slowly and surely, I had begun to trust Jacob with Renesmee. He was gentle with her, treating her as if she was a china doll and not a vampire and human child. He held her in his arms, sitting down besides me, while rocking her back and forth. The two were already immersed in a hushed conversation. I sighed, looking up from the pair.

Edward had gone off with Carlisle to check in at the main desk to make sure our seats were still available. It seemed as if many U.S. citizens were leaving the country from the recent discovery and with our last-second departure, they were worried the seats had possibly been given away to someone else.

"I miss Grandpa Charlie," Renesmee whispered to Jacob. I turned my head, listening in.

On our way to the Seattle airport, we had made a short stop at Charlie's house. He understood perfectly well that we had to go but wanted me to call him once we had arrived in Loreto. He still declined any extra information I wanted to tell him, telling me that he knew what was necessary.

"I know, Nessie, but we'll see him again. Promise," Jacob vowed, glancing up as Edward and Carlisle separated themselves from the large crowd inside the airport. Rosalie was seated on the other side of me, something not unusual for her in the past few weeks. She never wanted to leave Renesmee's side, being the over protective aunt that she was.

And since it was rare Renesmee even left my side, it seemed as if Rosalie was never going to be separating herself from me.

She was flicking through a magazine, her glossy red nails pausing briefly on each page, as she looked up. "So? Any problems?" Her pale eyebrow arched as she gave an icy stare.

"Not yet, thankfully," Carlisle replied as he sat down next to Esme, across the small aisle from me. She had been distracting herself from the rushed crowds of the airport with a small paperback novel for the past 15 minutes. No one would be able to tell except our family, but her eyes moved over the words at an electrically fast pace.

"Though it seems as if there's been a small delay," Edward pointed out after taking a second to glare at Rosalie, who refused to move from her seat. He sat on the other side of Carlisle with a sigh and I gave him a small smile, which he immediately returned.

"How long?" Emmett boomed, coming up from behind us with a large tray of food and several drinks balanced perfectly in his arms. Jacob's eyes bulged at the sight.

"Man, I know I eat but I don't need that much," Jacob said incredulously under his breath. I chuckled at the memories of Jacob...well...stuffing his mouth with anything edible at Emily and Sam's small, cozy home in La Push.

"Well, too bad. It's a long plane ride, Wolf Boy," Emmett grumbled, practically throwing the unappealing food to Jacob who shot him a glare as he juggled Renesmee in one arm and the food in the other. Edward rolled his eyes and leaned forward, snatching Renesmee from Jacob.

"I'm afraid the delay will at least be an hour, maybe two," Carlisle sighed. My eyes widened, two hours at the most? So much could happen in that amount of time, I fretted, glancing around at the surrounding humans.

The scent of so many humans, at first, had tempted me. I had been in public before, of course, but those times the near by humans had been kept at a minimum of maybe 25 to 50. Now, I was surrounded by hundreds in the small, compact terminals of the San Diego airport. Plus, some of the humans had been shooting us wary glances, caution hidden in their eyes. I was worried that maybe they were on high alert, knowing vampires had somehow turned up and were suspecting my family. After all, none of us did look quite 'normal'.

"And what do we do until then?" Alice chirped, dancing up with shopping bags hooked on her arms and balanced on her hips. After we had arrived, Carlisle had instructed none of us to leave the airport, which left Alice to do nothing but shop since no visions were coming through. It seemed as if Jacob's presence was becoming a problem.

Jasper followed, his hand brushing the small of her back in protection. I had noticed several things about my new brother in the past hours that I didn't know before. Number one, when any of us were even at the slightest risk, it wasn't that he didn't seem to care about anyone other than Alice, it was just that no one was important enough for him to worry over. He followed her every move and even if she turned her head or glanced in another direction, his eyes followed the spot she was gazing at.

Also, no human captured his interest if Alice's protection was in danger. The plane ride down from Seattle had almost been torturously long and Emmett and Edward had had to sit on either side of me in case I lost control. Jasper was, unexplicably, perfectly fine. When the aisles were crowded and someone was standing next to him, possibly even brushing his shoulder, his jaw didn't even seem to tense.

"Well, I know what you'll be doing," Emmett mumbled, shooting glances at the several shopping bags. Carlisle turned on her, a stern look in his compassionate eyes.

"Alice, what did I tell you?" He asked, exasperated. She gave him a pleading look as Jasper shook his head, guiding Alice towards the empty seat next to Rosalie.

"At the house you told me to bring only things necessary, but Carlisle, how many times are we in San Diego? It's not like I can't fit these on the plane. We don't even have any real luggage! Only small carry ons," she justified. Emmett snorted and rolled his topaz eyes.

Being in sunny San Diego hadn't really put a damper on any plans we had. Thankfully, we arrived in the popular city just after 7 p.m. The sun had gone down and any trace of light came from the fluorescent light bulbs above. Our plane would take us through the night and when we arrived in Loreto, it may even be before the sun rises.

"That may be true, but Alice -" he stopped, his head cocking towards the large flat screen television positioned in the corner of the terminal. All of our eyes flashed towards the curious television, following Carlisle's movements. The show on CNN, flashing pictures of vampires from old story books and recent movies, broke off into the familiar colors of a Special Report from the government.

That man, Timothy Fitzgerald, came on, looking expectantly calm as he pushed his glasses back atop his crooked nose. A small gasp left my lips, why was he on now?

"All of you, by now, have heard of the vampire scare. It is my duty to come on and tell the world of what these vampires appear like. You all must understand, we have very little details of this species. We are only certain of their vampiric behavior by an eyewitness account of the murder up in Dawson, Canada and a security tape which recorded the whole affair," he said with a concerned face.

I shot a panicked glance at Edward, whose lips were pursed tightly as he stared so intently at the television screen, I wondered how it didn't break under his penetrating stare. Renesmee lifted a small hand and distractedly twirled a strand of his hair around her tiny fingers as she listened to the man on the screen.

"We're not even sure there are more of these vampires. The one caught on tape is being searched for and I warn all of you. It is apparent from the video that he has otherworldly abilities and we are not sure what all he, or they, can do. In just a second you will all be hearing of what we think are common characteristics shared between this species. If you, or anyone you know of, has seen or heard of someone sharing even just one of these qualities, you are suggested to call the number which will appear on the screen afterwords." The people around us leaned forward, all recent conversations dying as they strained to hear the man on the television.


There was not one sound in the airport except for breathing. Hearts pounding. Blood racing. Pulses throbbing. It was almost a magical sound.

Suddenly, a small list appeared on the screen. I read it, inhumanly fast, and Rosalie stiffened next to me. Even Jacob tensed, frozen in mid chew of the hot dog Emmett had fetched for him.

"Ruby eyes. Pale skin. Sped up reflexes. Hard skin - hard enough to protect the creature from a force like a bullet. Inhuman sounds. Strength. Beautiful," the screen read. I swallowed the pool of venom gathering in my mouth and I heard a soft hiss come from one of my family members. Emmett, possibly?

"Ah, fuck." No, that was definitely Emmett mumbling that one. It had been Jasper to hiss earlier.

The hot line number flashed on the screen, a jumble of numbers which I couldn't seem to read. I was too distracted with my thoughts. We had to get out of here, that was sure. Someone was bound to realize our pale skin, our beauty, and even the strength which Alice contained by holding all of her shopping bags.

Jasper must have thought the same thing because immediately a pale white hand reached out to grab the numerous bags from Alice's slender arms.

"Freeze!" Came a bellow. Jasper's hand paused and I heard Emmett curse loudly. Jasper's hand had reacted too fast for human eyes and all they had seen was a pale blur. Edward groaned in horror.

A near by man, one who had been eying us suspiciously since we arrived, was who shouted and he stared at us with contempt in his blue eyes. I gulped, looking towards Edward with fright. He was staring at Jasper, his jaw dropped, as almost everyone in the vicinity turned towards us in dead silence.

"Everyone, do not move," Carlisle murmured softly, under his breath. Emmett snorted, only he would be able to find humor in the tense situation.

And suddenly, the airport broke into a frenzied panic.

"Vampires!" A hectic woman screeched, pointing a daunting finger towards us as others grabbed their phones and punched in the numbers for the dreaded hot line. A small boy burst into tears by his parents as his cries rang loudly in my ears, blocking out most of the other sounds. I could see a line of security jogging down the terminals, coming our way, to calm down the riot.

Renesmee stared at the frantic people around us and I quickly snatched my baby from Edward's arms as he froze, not knowing what to do with the growing crowd around us or even our panicking daughter.

It was like things were being sped up. I could see the events unfolding before my eyes, but it was like a rush of the universe. I could hardly think a coherent sentence in my mind before everything else already changed.

"Get these people out of here!" A security guard yelled as other guards surrounded us, pushing the humans back in a tight barrier. I heard a sharp snarl as Emmett threatened a man who pushed Rosalie too roughly, worsening the situation since no man could ever make such a guttural growl echo from deep within his throat.

It was absolute chaos. And we were the source.

Waves of calm seemed to float around me and I glanced at Jasper who was clutching his sides from all the raging emotions. I couldn't even think of what he must be feeling. Fear. Panic. Desperation. Anguish. Who knew what people would think as they discovered a whole vampire family was found in the terminal next to theirs?

I resisted the urge to use my shield as a guard pulled out his handgun, aiming it at Jasper who was shoving Alice out of the way of a violent man who snuck his way past the barrier of security guards.

"There's no need for that," Carlisle snapped, loud enough to carry over the cries of our sudden audience. I watched in horror as the agent, a young looking man who couldn't have been on the job for more then a few weeks, snapped towards Carlisle and accidentally pulled the trigger in surprise.

Silence fell over all of us; a shocked, horrified, and maybe even mystified silence. The charging bullet reminded me of a race horse in the Kentucky Derby from when Renee has gone through an awkward phase of horse races. It darted from the gun, the air whizzing past as it zoomed for Carlisle's chest.

The bullet, silver and glinting in the light, hit his chest while shredding a whole in his shirt. I watched in wonder as the world seemed to slow down, almost like everything was in slow motion. It would have been a perfect shot if Carlisle had been human with fragile flesh and blood flowing through his veins.

But he was not.

And the bullet didn't even pierce his skin as it curved around his chest and ricocheted off, the side of it dented and bruised from the hard impact of Carlisle's marble skin. It zoomed up at an incline and hit one of the light bulbs overhead. Screams eventually pierced the air as the light gave out, shards of glass falling down upon my whole family.

But we weren't even cut from the sharp edges.

And that was when the San Diego airport burst into a flame of chaos.


It was not until the yellow eyed family from the pacific Northwest was captured that they awoke. One as dark as night. One as bright as day. They were legendary figures in a legendary world. Pulsing with an ancient power, they opened their glazed eyes and lifted them towards the skies.

They were not of the normal species and inside them, an eternal knowledge burned brightly, locking within them the secrets of the universe. Light reflected from one set of icy eyes; the frost on the lashes dissolving into the air as the other's eyes burned brightly with a blinding fire.

They were twins of history. The only beings to survive the warps of time and space. Beautiful things they were, unique and stunning. As opposite as they were, one thing they shared was power.

There was not one creature as powerful as they who existed.

"Brother," she hissed, awakening from her deep, mournful sleep. Her violet eyes flashed violently, her pale skin as cold as death's grip.

She was wrapped in black gowns, silky and satin to her soft touch. Her lithe body had been contained within the material for centuries and centuries and it felt good to stretch. Waves of raven black hair swayed down her back, lifting at the slightest breeze.

Her whisper was carried from the cave in which she was entombed, carried over the great dividing oceans, carried over the steep mountaintops, carried over the vast deserts and even over the chaos in which covered the world.

Deep within his own cave, her beloved twin gasped softly as he awoke, his odd orange eyes flaming within the darkness. They glowed in the blackness of his resting place, the only part of him visible.

"Oh, sister, how sweet it is to hear your voice," he murmured, ducking his head low and closing his eyes. The miles were far between the pair, and seemed to stretch between them. But they could hear each other's soft voices as clear as if they were right next to them.

He was cloaked in white cloth, taking on the heavenly appearance of an angel. If only he was one.

"It has been centuries, my love," the sister whispered, standing from the fetal position she had been wrapped in since the early 1300's. Her naked body seemed to reflect the moonlight which shone through a small opening in the cave's rocky walls. She combed her nimble fingers through her long curls, relishing in the feeling of being alive again.

"Ah, such a long time. Too long, if I must say," he retorted, gliding over the ground in which lay below him. His feet slid over the crunchy rocks and pebbles without making so much a sound. He lifted his magnificent head, gazing towards the blazing sun above him. Rainbows lifted from his body as the blazing star wrapped him in a warm envelope, making his flawless skin sparkle under its rays. He stretched, tired of being contained within his tomb for so long.

The blond curls which grew from his head were long, barely touching his broad shoulders. He was a tall man, as she was a tall woman and though they were twins, they shared no features except for their pale skin and glorious looks.

And power.

"I think it is time to arise, brother. They need us now." She took her first step out of her dark tomb, embracing the darkness in which was her home. She was in the middle of nowhere, a deep forest in which no humans lived in. Only nature thrived within its boundaries of trees.

She trailed through the woods, fingertips lingering on new breeds of plants and trees which she did not know of. Her body weaved its way through a thorn bush, the prickly thorns not puncturing her flawless skin.

"I agree, sister. Or else the world shall burn before our eyes," he responded, his voice a deep sound, smooth like honey and having a particular innocence to it. His more recent home was embedded in the heart of a desert, his deep cave the only source of shelter for miles. Over the years, travelers and nomads had wandered near but none had gone far enough to discover his hidden body. None had dared to pass the sense of forbidding evil that lurked in the cave's walls.

"But first, I am hungry," she mumbled, her chilling gaze resting on a deer who seemed completely unaware of her malevolent presence.