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Grim Reaper's Release

When the gruesome murder of a pastor is mysteriously caught on tape, what will happen to the vampire race? Suddenly, the world knows about vampires. The Cullens need to get out of Forks. And fast. But what will happen when the Volturi wants to interfere? Or the Southern Armies? And, more importantly, who are these strange vampire twins? Photobucket

...I've been away for a seriously long time, haven't I? O.O

Well, I'm back with a new story and I still haven't decided if I should continue my other stories. A lot's been happening in my life and I'm sure my feelings on all of my other stories have changed drastically. Anyway, this is just an idea that's been floating around my head for probably a year now but I've never really developed it into more than just a smidge of an idea.

Just a few warnings before I continue: This story is seriously...morbid. It's not really a good story at all. There's violence, world domination, chaos, and the world kind of goes insane...but it has a happy ending! Promise!

Also, the chapters are gonna be really long on this. Like, seriously long. It's not that I want to get this done in less chapters or whatever, it's just that in each chapter, a few different character's point of view's on different things need to be included to add other factors of the story. I mean, if I had each new point of view a chapter, we'd probably be up to 50 chapters by the time I get to the middle.

That being said, I guess a few things you should know is that I don't know when I'll be getting new chapters up. I hope, with winter break here, I'll have this story done by the middle of February, maybe? I was planning on having this only 7 chapters at the maximum, but the farther I get into this story, the longer it seems. And, I hope, I'll be getting each chapter up each week. I've already written chapter 2 and 3 but I'm gonna post them weekly.

Next, I seriously need to thank my best mate Kira with this story. She gave me a HUGE idea for it and has been such an amazing supporter of all my stories from the start!

*breathes in relief* Alright, I think that's all for now. Now that I've gotten it all out, go read. I'm sure the story is much more interesting than my babbling. *snort*

32. Autobiography of the World

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Emmett's Point of View

Well damn. This Adam guy was a bit pushy. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't the type to go voicing my opinion about his cockiness and annoying habit to know everything - now that I thought about it, he was kind of like Edward - but that didn't keep me from mentally whining about him. He was a bit...weird, too. As was Eve. Different, definitely, and unique, but certainly strange.

I wrapped my arm around Rose's waist and led her towards the large white mansion. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted Esme gazing at it, awestruck, and I could just imagine her begging Carlisle to somehow buy it off of Maria. My adoptive mother always did have a curious fetish for antiques.

Something touched my shoulder and I looked back, finding none other than the lovely Mr. Black. "Hey, what's up?" I asked. Rose just paused and scowled at him, her nose turned up in disgust.

He teetered on his feet as he gave me a sort of sheepish look. "Er, Emmett, do you think...you think I can come?" I glanced back to the doorway where Adam and Eve - I never got tired of thinking their names, it reminded me of Sunday school when I was a boy - were waiting for us. I spotted Jasper and Alice coming from the far left, a frustrated looking Maria over their shoulders and the rest of the family up ahead, almost to the mansion.

"Uh..." I honestly didn't know what to say. That was a first. Usually I had a comment for everything. "Well, he did say Cullen family...," I paused to frown when Jacob gave me a hopeful look. Odd kid, if you asked me. One month he hated us all and the next he wanted to be a part of the family. "So...um, sure? Why not?" I turned away before he could reply and kept continuing as I thought it over. If Adam and Eve didn't want him there, I had no doubt in my mind that they would have no problem with flat out telling him to leave.

Rose and I reached the doorway and went in, right behind Edward, and Jacob followed through. Edward glanced over his shoulder and raised a single brow as he gave me a cold stare. Oh, come on, I thought in his direction, I just couldn't resist those puppy dog eyes - pun fully intended. Edward rolled his eyes and then ducked his head as he talked with Bella.

Walking through the mansion reminded me of those corny old-fashioned horror movies where you see Dracula leading his victims through his stone lair. Everything was captivating inside, from the vibrantly painted walls and murals to the diverse furniture and decorations. There was so much to look at, to closely inspect, that you became distracted from the reason you were there, or the danger that lurked beyond the upcoming closed door. My family was just like those victims, diverted from the intimidating air and following someone - or something? - we weren't even sure was trustworthy.

We passed through the spacious foyer, under a crystal chandelier in which caught Esme's attention, and then through several small hallways. I stopped to look at one of the creased and faded pictures hanging on the wall but Rosalie tugged on my arm, pulling me with her.

"Jeesh, calm down, babe. These pictures are just-"

"Creepy," Jacob said for me and I looked back at him. His eyes were scanning a photograph of a young man decked out in a Confederate uniform, unsmiling. It looked like he was grimacing in pain, actually.

"I was going to say interesting but, yeah, for that one there, creepy works," I told him and he straightened up and chuckled. I glanced at Jasper, who was behind Jacob, and smirked. "Looks like you, Jazz," I teased.

Jasper looked over at me with slightly dazed eyes and cracked a tiny smile. "Yes, if only that same soldier," he clicked his knuckle against the glass of the frame, "wasn't outside at this very moment, talking about strategy with Kayden."

My mouth fell open and Rosalie snorted quietly before walking ahead of me. I blinked and shot Jasper a confused look. "Wait, are you serious?" I hissed under my breath.

"Emmett, come on, I'm not waiting forever," Rose called out from near the doorway ahead of me. Jasper's lips were pursed as he tried not to smile and I glowered at him a moment before turning my back on him and catching up with Rose. Before we had all filed through the narrow hall, I heard Alice murmur under her breath.

"Maria sure does have a thing for soldiers, doesn't she?" she grumbled and I bit back a laugh. Something hit me in the back, between my shoulders, and I turned around to confront whoever had pushed me. Jacob was leaning to the far right, pointing an accusing finger at Jasper.

"What the hell was that for?" I asked him, offended.

He shrugged before glancing down at a slightly amused Alice. "For laughing at that. It's not really a..." he trailed off as he gazed at a picture to the left of a family, most likely from the late 19th century in their top hats and white gloves, "laughing matter," he finally finished softly.

I snorted and turned back around. "Whatever, man. You're too touchy about all of that." I was grateful when I didn't receive a second blow and kept going forward.

I held the door open for Rosalie and she hesitantly went in. I followed in after her, letting the door swing shut and collide with Jacob's side. I smothered my chuckle with my hand as he growled at me under his breath. After Jacob, Jasper and Alice came in and Jasper took a moment to close the door quietly behind him.

I turned around, facing the room, and found myself in a...a dining room? A very nicely furnished dining room, that is, with a large Rosewood table and beautiful murals of blossoming flowers in the colors of maroon and gold on each of the four walls. There were two windows on the north wall, exposing the empty back yard through gold lace curtains. Seated around the table were my other family members, with Adam and Eve together at one end. Eve was casually sitting on the table, her fingertips trailing over the grain of the wood as Adam stood behind her, his tanned hands resting on her shoulders.

To the right of them was Carlisle, who looked to be in all his scientific, scholarly glory. Esme was beside him, as to be expected, and holding his hand tightly on top of the table as she studied the walls with a keen eye. Across from them was Edward with Bella on his left who held a tired Renesmee. Jacob nudged me to the side and darted to the free seat next to Bella as he squeezed Renesmee's shoulder. I rolled my eyes at his overbearing eagerness and grinned as I caught Edward glowering at the only shape shifter in the room.

Rosalie grabbed my hand and pulled me around to the other side of the table as she settled next to Esme who patted her leg comfortingly. I sat down next to Rose and watched as Jasper and Alice uncertainly sat down next to Jacob, Jasper placing himself between Alice and Jacob for safety measures. I smirked across the table directly and Jasper just shook his head as he smiled lightly.

I turned my head to look at the two mysterious vampires in the room, Adam and Eve, and flinched. Adam was staring at Jacob obviously with cold orange eyes. I gulped; maybe he wasn't welcome here after all.

Jacob caught him staring and frowned. His russet cheeks grew red under the male vampire's gaze. "Erm, I could just...go...if you wanted-"

"No," Eve said, sending Adam a peculiar look, "Of course not, Jacob. You are welcomed to stay with us for as long as you wish." Lucky son of a bitch, I thought, as Jacob heaved a sigh of relief and leaned back into his chair. "We just wanted to give you a formal introduction, and explanation, instead of being told everything secondhand. We think you deserve more of a personal clarification."

I watched as Adam gave her shoulders a squeeze before letting go and walking slowly around to the other side of the table, his back turned to the windows. I had never seen anything like him and I could tell from Carlisle's expression, neither had he. For some reason, somehow, Adam's skin sparkled so much brighter than the rest of ours. It made him seem more inhuman and immortal as he stood there, an inch taller than even Jacob, and magnificently gleaming.

"We assume you know who we are," he said with a low voice. Everyone glanced between his sister and him. I suppose we did...but not very much. They were the ‘originals', the first two vampires. We knew, we got the point. Mess with them and die. They were mythological creatures of a mythological race; powerful beyond my even comprehension.

Carlisle finally found his voice and answered for all of us. "The first vampires," he said, sounding rapt by their very presence.

Adam and Eve shared one long look before Adam slowly began nodding. "To be quite vague, yes. But there is much more to it, much more than even you can imagine, Carlisle Cullen." Adam paused to look back over his shoulder at the blazing sun overhead. "Eve, would you like me to begin? The sun will be setting in a few hours; you can take over once it has fallen, if you wish. We do have two days to explain all of this, though we do not need them if we keep this simple."

Eve thought about it for a moment and I fell back in my seat, taking a deep breath. This was sure to be a whole lot of fun. Who knew how long these blabbermouths could talk for? Years? Decades? Centuries? Probably a few lifetimes.

"We could most likely go on about it for years, if we wanted, Adam," Eve chuckled dryly, "but no, let us give them the edited version. Please, start us off." She laid her hand flat on the wooden table and took on the position of complete relaxation. Adam nodded and pulled out the chair at the end of the table and sat down in it as he leaned forward, his folded hands on the table.

"It began a long, long time ago," Adam said and I could have sworn there was a rehearsed tone to his voice, like he had said this millions and millions of times. "Roughly...hmm, what would you say, Eve? Obviously it was before what modern humans think of as ‘A.D.', Anno Domini, but how long do you think we existed before that? I remember being here before the dinosaurs...," he trailed off absent mindedly as we all gawked. Before...the dinosaurs? I really couldn't even come close to grasping that. To be that old, to see so many things and literally watch before your eyes as Earth evolved was indescribable.

Eve sighed and was silent for a moment. "If you are going to tell this, maybe you should have your facts straight," she scolded and Adam grinned.

"I am sorry, love. It is just that the centuries, well, they all blend together. You know that," he remarked and she showed a hint of a smile before staring intently at the table top as she thought.

"I would say about four billion years ago. Does that sound right?" Eve asked finally and everything went silent. We all looked at Adam. That couldn't be correct. Earth had been created 4.5 billions of years ago, roughly. They couldn't have...no. They couldn't have just popped into existence then. Impossible.

Adam rubbed his chin and then nodded. "I thought it was a bit longer, perhaps. I was under the impression it all started at about the same time this world formed. What do scientists say now? Four billion? Five?" The question was directed to us but I didn't think any of us could find our voice.

"They say 4.6, approximately," Jacob finally got out and the irony of it didn't escape me. You have five vampires in a room who have gone through high school and college too many times to count and the seventeen year old boy who hasn't even graduated yet answers.

Adam's face cleared and he smiled. "Ah, that is it, then! We began 4.6 billion years ago!"

It was Carlisle who spoke first, intent on correcting him. Good thing he did, too, because the expressions of doubt on all our faces were strongly evident. "I'm afraid that isn't possible," Carlisle argued calmly, "There was no source of life yet. Goodness, they don't even think the moon had formed by then. They're under the impression that formed about 4.53 billion. I mean, my God, the crust and oceans didn't even develop until when? Four billion? There's no way you could have survived up until then."

Adam's eyes regarded him approvingly. "Very good, Carlisle. You seem to know your history of the world's evolution very well. Except, there is only one thing. Why would we be unable to survive before then? What is it about that epoch that makes it impossible for us to live?" As he spoke, he grew more fervent until his voice had an undistinguishable accent to it. It didn't even sound familiar to me in any way. It had a rougher sound as the words strung together. It sounded ancient, which I found fitting since the man before us all seemed pretty old.

Carlisle appeared flustered for a moment before he exclaimed, "The world wasn't even fully developed then! There was no life here! It was what? Sand? Dust? Rock? Absolutely no vegetation or water or anything! There was no blood." The word was vital. If there was no blood, how could they go on? Was this the answer to Carlisle's timeless question of asking how long a vampire could go without blood? Was the answer simply forever? Billions of years until some sort of life formed? I could not imagine going without blood for even one month, let alone over a billion years.

There was tangible tension as the two stared each other down. It was obvious Carlisle would not believe Adam and Eve's timeline of events and even more apparent that Adam would not allow Carlisle to win this. Finally, Adam spoke.

"And who is to say we need these things?" He asked, "Why would we need flora or water? It does not affect us. As for blood, that was not difficult at all. How can you thirst for something that does not exist? If you had let me spoken, you would understand we do not quite need blood anyway."

His words struck me odd. How was it that the first vampires didn't need blood? The very definition of vampire was blood thirsty. It seemed strange that the core of vampirism was able to pass up blood or find it trivial.

Carlisle's brow furrowed and he ducked his head. "Of course, go on. I just found it hard to believe," he said.

Adam snickered as he shook his head. "Our whole life is hard to believe. But bear with me; it is long but it will clear many things up. As I was saying, we were born 4.6 billion years ago to what was just a rough outline of the world we see around us today. It was positively nothing special. Truthfully, there was nothing here that hinted at something anywhere near equal to what it is now. However, it had potential. Eve and I could see that clearly. And of course we had our visions, showing us of the world it would be.

"You see, it may be hard to imagine, but we can do practically anything. I have yet to even come across something I cannot somehow do, as with Eve. Every single talent, every single special ability that vampires can have, they take it from us. It is a bit difficult to understand, trust me, I know. But imagine my sister and me as a warehouse. We have each and every ability stored within ourselves and when the human is bitten, we share it with them. Let me use Jasper as an example." We all simultaneously looked at Jasper, whose now purple eyes were widening.

"Jasper is an empath, yes? When people are born, they have three different fates mapped out for them. One is their life as a human, the other a vampire, and the third a werewolf. Jasper was an intuitive man as a human, always able to pick up on people's emotions and very charismatic. Normally, if he had stayed a human and lived out the life he was destined to have, he would have gone about his business and he would have never progressed into a complete empath. It would have just been a quirk about him. As we all know, though, Jasper did not live his life out as a human. He was bitten, by Maria, and at that moment, his two fates as a human and a werewolf were cancelled out by his chosen path, a vampire. It would have been nearly impossible for him to turn into a werewolf anyway, since that creature is mostly extinct or running around savagely in North Asia and Europe. For most of you here, your human fate would have ended if you had not been bitten. Edward, for example, would have died exactly two hours and forty three minutes after Carlisle bit him if he had not made that decision. So, for some people, they quickly change fates just before they are about to expire.

"Going along with this, the second a human is bitten, as you all know, their senses enhance. This includes whatever mental abilities they had, or sometimes even physical. For some, like Alice, Bella, Edward, and Jasper, their idiosyncrasies boost and advance into something more powerful. The end result comes from us, Eve and I, from our...hmm, what would be the term? Our powerhouse, you could call it, because all of your vampiric traits, from your skin to your temperature, come from us. It would only make sense for your way of thinking to evolve from us, too.

Edward cut in, his face slightly confused, "Wait, do you know where our other fates would have led us? Or, from the start, is one future stronger than the rest?"

Adam's eyes tightened and he leaned back in the chair. "Not really, I do not think. I could tell you all of your numerous fates quite easily. Of course, sometimes, the other fates are useless because Eve and I can look at anyone and know automatically where their lives will lead them. However, I suppose it is a good thing humans have back up plans in case something goes wrong. Not everything goes how it is supposed to." He glanced at Eve who was staring at him icily before continuing, "Anyway, Emmett has a curious set of fates. Think of each one as a sort of alternate reality, if you want. If, somehow, a werewolf had gotten to Emmett and bitten him, Emmett would have gone onto being the Alpha of the first American werewolf tribe. If he had never gotten into the bear situation, he would have married young, had a peaceful life with many children, and gone into the bartending business. But, as you can see now because he is still here with us, he was bitten by Carlisle, thanks to Rosalie, and now lives with you all. Not one fate is dominant and not one fate is weak. From the beginning of birth, they all have the same chance of coming true. Does that answer your question, Edward?"

My face was frozen in shock. Alpha of the first werewolf pack? Me? Impossible. Going into bartending? Maybe. Before being bitten I always had a habit of drinking probably a bit more than I should have at such an age. I tuned out of my thoughts just in time to catch Edward assure Adam his answer was sufficient.

"And for the rest of you, those of you who think you have no extraordinary talent, that is not exactly true. Each person, when they are bitten, has one specific trait become enhanced. It is impossible to not have some sort of special ability, we are sure of it. Carlisle has his unfailing compassion, for instance. Most do not realize they have such a thing; they just figure they have an extremely convenient talent of reading the weather or being able to blend in with the human population well. Quite similar to your friend, Carlisle, Siobhan, who you believe has the talent of creating the outcome of an event by willing it to happen.

"Jacob, I can hear you wondering where you come into this. I believe I speak for my sister and I both when I say your species is exceptional. The shape shifter groups are the first creatures to ever fully rely on others for their fate. For a moment, let us pretend that the Cullen family was just one member. Carlisle never turned Edward or Esme or Rosalie or Emmett. It was just him. Now, the shape shifters rely solely on his presence to turn into shape shifters in the first place. If Carlisle decides not to move to the Forks area, the La Push civilians go on about their lives and have a human fate. If Carlisle does move in, their human fate vanishes and they are given the life of a shape shifter. They are not born with the alternative of a vampire fate or werewolf. I see no one has looked into this yet, but a shape shifter's blood, whether he has yet to phase for the first time or not, cancels out a vampire's venom or a werewolf's bite. So the other two fates never had a chance anyway. Any more questions on this before I move on?"

I felt like a student, overwhelmed by a lesson in a different language. I was too busy thinking his words over and over to really think of anything to ask. Eventually, Bella said something.

"And Renesmee?" Good thing someone was on the ball. I had almost forgotten about the sleepy little girl across the table.

Adam's brow furrowed, forming a deep wrinkle, as he stared at Renesmee's tiny face from across the table. "Interesting question. Renesmee is special, a fool would be able to tell you that. She has one fate and that is of a hybrid. Her power did not come from Eve and me directly, however. Being able to show people her thoughts and memories is more of an altered - greatly altered - version of Edward's power. It was a gene of his that he gave to her, the same as his hair color or his musical talent with the piano. It is just like Eve and I share our powers with vampires. You and Edward, her parents, did the exact same thing with her. I could go further into chromosomes and the gene pool but, my Lord, that could take days. Is that adequate enough, what I told you?"

Bella mutely nodded as she held Renesmee closer.

"Alright, good, now that we have gotten through that, I shall explain just where we came from. Approximately, 4.6 billion years ago, Eve and I came into existence. We are not completely sure how long the world had thrived until then but it had not been long. As Carlisle said before, there was no moon, oceans, mountains, or even crust. The world was not dark, for we did have the sun, but very grey. There was no life so no nature what so ever. It was almost frighteningly barren. You could easily see for miles and miles. I think that first day was the very worst for us. You have to understand, we did not always know half as much as we do now. We arrived here-"

"Wait," I cut in, "slow down. Where did you come from? Did you have parents? I mean, you said you were twins, you have to have some sort of biological parents." They couldn't have just poofed here, could they? There had to be some way, some method, for their survival? There had to be a reason for their very presence, didn't there?

I stiffened under Adam's serious gaze that studied me closely. What, did he have a ‘no interrupting' policy I didn't know about? Or did he just enjoy creeping people out by staring at them intently until they blinked or looked away?

Finally, he opened his mouth and explained. "We are not sure."

Silence. "How can you not be sure?" Alice asked incredibly softly. I found myself wondering the same thing. Everyone knew where they came from. It was the whole speech your parents gave you when you turned a certain age. ‘When a man and a woman love each other - blah, blah, blah.' Adam and Eve had to come from some type of unrealistically powerful parents, right?

Adam sighed and reached up as he pushed his fingers through his thick hair. "It is...complicated. We have never and most likely never will understand where we came from. We simply existed. One moment we were nothing, possibly particles floating around in space, and the next, we were here. One moment there was utter darkness, a lack of consciousness or awareness, and the next, our eyes were open and there was a sun above us. I do not know who made us or why were we made, but we just came to be. Something must have created us but we will most likely never know. I have a certain theory but," his eyes shifted to glance at Eve, "not everyone agrees with me."

"What is your theory, if I might ask?" Carlisle spoke as he leaned closer towards Adam in eagerness.

Adam's lips pursed. "Nature, I believe. I think nature created us. Maybe we were a mistake? Maybe some sort of galactic accident? Or maybe it happened on purpose, like evolution. After all, how did the first bacterial cell come into existence? Or the process of photosynthesis? We are all part of nature, humans, vampires, werewolves. Possibly, nature created us, too."

His theory was...a bit believable. It seemed to be the only other speculation that made sense. Unless their intimidating parents were hiding under the Earth's crust, watching everything. Which I highly doubted.

"And did you develop your talents? Or were you born with them?" Carlisle asked as his tone turned into that professional business-like manner it sometimes took on. I looked between both men as we all waited for Adam's reply.

"When we came to be, we were as we are now. We did not grow, did not mature. Our brains were fully developed as were our abilities and bodies." He laughed quietly for a moment. "There was no childhood for us. As you can hopefully sympathize, that was massively confusing for a bit. Obviously, I knew Eve was my equal, as did she with myself. Here we were, awakening to a new world, and being bombarded by visions, each other's thoughts, emotions, and many, many other sensations I cannot even begin to break down and dissect for you. As soon as we were here, we knew our lives. I firmly believe we are the only creatures to only have one fate besides hybrids, of course. There were no alternatives. We woke up and it was like one large movie - that is what you call it, yes? - of our whole lives. We saw the Pleistocene Age, otherwise called the Ice Age, we saw dinosaurs roam this earth with plants and actual trees growing, and then humans, sprouting up and walking on two feet. To emphasize my point, I saw this conversation play out, saw myself saying these very words right this instant to you all, 4.6 billion years ago.

"We know virtually everything. We could show you what happened at Pompeii, using a power very similar to Renesmee's, or perhaps a more modern event? How about the sailing of the Mayflower? We know the exact route of the world; where we go from now on, what will happen, how the world progresses. There is not one detail of the world that is out of bounds to us. So when we awoke and had all of this flash before our eyes, it was exceedingly overwhelming. It took us days to make sense of it, to understand it all. Fortunately for us, we practically already knew each other inside and out. Believe it or not, we automatically had our own distinct personalities and there was an instant bond between us. It is almost like the shape shifter trait of Imprinting. We instantly loved each other and knew the other's weaknesses and strengths."

There it was: that incest thing again. I squirmed in my seat and Adam paused. "Is everything alright, Emmett?" he asked with an amusing tone and I gulped. I should have figured. He was a mind reader after all.

"Well...yeah? It's just that, I don't know, you're like twins, right? The whole ‘in love' thing kind of seems a bit wrong and kinky. I just don't understand it." I glanced uncertainly between both siblings and was surprised to find great entertainment in their eyes instead of sparking anger.

"I will explain this one, if you do not mind," Eve murmured and Adam smiled and nodded. I grumbled; she probably already ‘knew' she would be the one to explain anyway. "We only call ourselves twins because we came to be at the exact same moment. Who knows where we came from? We could have had two separate pairs of parents, though I highly doubt we even had one to begin with. That we know of, we lack all source of DNA. I am not sure where we get our traits from, our genes and such. While Adam likes to think we know everything, one thing we lack the most knowledge on is ourselves. I cannot tell you why my hair is black and his is blonde. Most likely, it has to do with our links with night and day, which we shall explain later. If we were created by nature, or by planet Earth, that does not automatically make us siblings. I mean, Emmett, look at the two of us. Is there anything remotely similar?"

I did as she said and studied both of them. She did have a point...Adam's face was tanner, as was the rest of his body, and muscular. Eve was slender with snowy pale skin. Their faces were complete opposites; Adam's was wide with strong features while Eve's was oval and angular. She was right. There was not one feature they shared. Not the shapes of their faces, their eyes, noses, lips, foreheads, cheekbones, jaws, hair, or anything else. It was completely different.

"No," I eventually said, "there's nothing."

Eve smiled. "Precisely. We are actually polar opposites, are we not? Like night and day in the flesh. I mentioned before that we lacked DNA completely, which is true. I know you can hear our heartbeats; they just probably escaped your attention. We even have flowing blood, though we have never seen it. I can assure you, it is nothing similar to human blood. If all of our other traits predict anything, I would have to guess my blood would be black like tar and his like liquid gold. Somehow, though, there is no DNA from our parents within our cells. That is why Adam believes so strongly in us being nature's own little experiment. What traits and characteristics would nature have to pass down? We still pull off our own traits, without genetic material. We are like the world's own miracles."

I was a bit shocked at how hard it was to wrap my mind around all of this. Some vampire's mind I got. I thought vampires were supposed to be able to catch up with everything, even in the most hectic situations, and make sense of it. Obviously, then, my mind was degrading. I could barely make sense of anything anymore. "Alright," I said, simply because I was too mentally exhausted to have to put up with another detailed explanation, "I understand." Not.

Adam smiled at Eve before launching into another topic. "As I was saying, by the end of what I would guess was one week, we had many things figured out. We knew Eve's element was night, as mine was day. You probably picked up on that, I would assume. I am the strongest when the sun is out and visible; it gives me the most force. Eve is the same way during the night, under the influence of the moon and stars. I have a certain affinity with fire while it hurts her a bit. Even though I become weaker during night and she during the day, it is not enough to diminish our powers too much. I could still crush the world during even the darkest night with a full moon directly overhead. After we had figured the world out, seen everything play out numerous times, we took part in the creation of the world."

"Wait," I said, interrupting again. Adam sighed and gave me a patient smile. "What do you mean, ‘took part in the creation of the world'?"

The two vampires glanced at each other. Eve scratched the table top absentmindedly as she bit her lip. "Well, we saw how the world would go on without our aide. It would have taken almost twice as long to fully develop without us. You obviously know Benjamin's gift; he can manipulate the elements. We can do the same and much more when it comes to nature. I could turn the whole world into a thick jungle if I really wanted to. So we...tampered...with the world a bit. Eventually, we brought water to the planet, helped form mountain ranges, create the atmosphere and layers, and many other things. You obviously know of Mt. Everest." She froze to give a dazzling smile to her brother/mate/thing. I still hadn't made up my mind on exactly what the hell he was. "That was Adam's idea. He carved it."

We all turned and stared at him. He...carved Mt. Everest? And here I was, thinking my strength was limitless. Now I find out a vampire practically made the tallest mountain above water in the world. An image of Jacob, carving his wooden figurines popped into my mind and I cringed. That was the equivalence to Adam and his project Everest.

Carlisle took a deep shaking breath and laid his hands out flat on the table. "Are you trying to say you sped up the creation of the world?"

Adam huffed out a sigh. "Finally! Someone who understands. Yes, we worked with nature and with our powers and began generating parts of the world. Some things were out of our hands, like the water cycle or the production of life itself. Those began from other additions we made to the world. You should be thankful for all that we did. Otherwise, this discussion would be occurring 9 billion years after the world was created instead of 4.5. And even if we had not helped and let the world go on the way it was meant to be, some things would be vastly different. For example, Australia would not exist. How about that, hmm? Neither would the two poles, North and South. Believe me, we had good intentions at heart. We were meant to lend a hand with the world."

"And so what did you do after all of this? I mean, it took billions of years for life to begin. How did you pass the time while you waited?" Jasper questioned as he wrapped his arm around Alice. I looked back to Adam and quirked a curious brow. Point for Jasper; that was a good question.

"Mostly waited, I suppose, for life to come. Ventured around the world, experimented with it and with our powers. There really is not too much you can do when there is only one other person on the whole planet. Fortunately enough for me, I did not exactly mind the company." Adam gazed at Eve lovingly and I felt the desire to gag. Or leave the room. My mind immediately raced down a dirty road as I thought about it. Jeez, billions of years with the whole world to only you and your mate. I could only imagine all of the trouble they must have gotten into. Sure, Rosie and I have broken houses but they...they could have formed craters, for crying out-

"Emmett," Adam and Eve said at the same time with appalled voices, their faces deeply disturbed. I froze and scowled. Busted. I leaned back in the seat and ignored Rosalie's curious look as Edward began muffling his laughter with the back of his hand. The rest of my family just stared at me with wide eyes.

"Uh, sorry," I apologized hastily and looked down at the table. Never would I ever again think about their sex lives again in front of them. Yeesh. It was sickening enough knowing they were kind of...sort of...siblings. The idea of them listening in, however, was a bit unsettling.

Adam rolled his eyes and looked away, his jaw set. Maybe I had pushed a button there...? Hit a sensitive spot? My thoughts immediately flew to thinking about football when he turned slowly and glared at me frigidly. Right, I reminded myself, never again. Never ever again think about that.

"Anyway," Adam said harshly as he stared me down, "back to the point, it passed quite quickly. We were aware of time passing, of the world evolving, but often became distracted-" Oh Lord, I thought, with a mental groan of torment, "-by examining new sources of life and the progression of the world," he snapped with a voice that cracked like a sheet of ice. I jumped in my chair and stared down at the table.

"And so the world continued on. When a new species came into play, we liked to study it and observe it. Mammoths, saber tooth tigers, you name it, we examined it. Eventually, the world had advanced into something close to what it is now and we began retreating. You see, Eve and I are exceptionally powerful, not to come across as arrogant." Well duh, I thought. No, I just thought you carved a mountain with your bare hands because you were a weakling. "We are a bit too powerful, you could say." I didn't miss the pointed look he gave Eve, who not-so-subtly glanced around with a clenched jaw. Interesting. Was there trouble in paradise?

"What Adam is trying to say," she interrupted him mid sentence with a sharp voice, "is that at some point, we became a danger to the living things of the world. When it was inhabited by nothing but water and land, our power was not a threat to anything. However, once actual breathing creatures began with hearts and minds, like the dinosaurs, we realized how much of a danger we posed. Just a second long lapse of control over our abilities could wipe out a one hundred mile radius of creatures. Because often, we are overwhelmed by our powers. There is so much happening in our minds, so many forces invading in like thoughts of others or emotions or visions or hundreds - maybe thousands - of other issues, it is easy to let your guard slip and let everything in.

"I wondered for a while if this was our curse. After we had created the third vampire, which we will get to soon, we discovered while they tried to desperately hard to restrain themselves, we had no problem when it came to blood and the life force of humans. We did have such difficulties controlling our power, however. That was why, once dinosaurs invaded the Earth, we began to hibernate. We know vampires do not sleep, but we do. It is vital for us to give the Earth some sort of resting period. Not only do we do this for the world's benefit, but we do it for our own. Once we are out of consciousness, our minds are able to be at peace and wander. We can watch over the world, see everything happening, but for the meanwhile we have no control over anything at all. Our influencing powers are ineffective; we become purely spectators of the world. We began doing this, sleeping for maybe ten years at the most and wandering the world together for fifteen. The routine went on for a long time and each time we hibernated, it seemed to grow longer.

Adam sighed and tapped the table. "And then the dinosaurs died," he said bluntly, "which was entirely our idea and doing. That is why no scientist can figure out the reasoning for their vanishing to this date. The world needed to move on, it needed to go further into the creation of mammals. So we simply killed them off without even touching one. Eve and I sent out a toxin through the air and it poisoned them all. Afterwards, we demolished most of the corpses and allowed the world to continue. Easy enough. For a long time afterwards, we slept. For nearly five centuries, actually. Nothing too spectacular happened, nothing that needed our assistance or our presence. The world continued slowly, with slow advances, and eventually mammals came into existence and even slower, Neanderthals. We came into encounter with many and watched as they evolved into Homo sapiens. For the meantime, our work was done."

"We then found our third vampire," Adam said and looked towards Eve. "Would you care to take over now, love? I feel like I have been speaking for far too long. Please, finish it up for me."

Eve straightened up on the table and hopped off, landing lithely, and then stood against the edge of the table. "Of course, I will gladly tell the rest of the tale. We met him in northeast Africa. He was a part of a tribe living there and very smart for the modern time. Adam and I were stunned by his overall awareness, his thoughts and emotions. A very logical man who studied the stars and the moon. He did not have a name, those did not exist then, but we called him Eerste, which is African for ‘first'. Usually, we would not have bitten him. The idea of changing a human, a living creature, never occurred to us. The only way we even knew we could change a human was because of our visions. Otherwise, we would have gone on and most likely the vampire species would not exist.

"However, we saw him and we knew him, recognized him from our visions. We found him alone and lured him away from his tribe. We spoke the native language and explained it all to him. His curiosity, his never failing interest in the world, controlled him. We left him the option of being bitten, already knowing he would say yes. And, you see, we bit him inspired by pure hope. We had seen how the vampire world would play out, actually a bit different than how it really did in the end, because of an action we did later. Understand that we saw how bloodthirsty our children would become. Though we were vampires and still are, we never quite felt the need for blood. It was delicious, yes, but did we lust for it? No and we still do not. It does not strengthen us for we are always powerful. It is our power that fuels us, along with the natural force of the world. The idea of creating these blood thirsty fiends disgusted us. While, yes, we killed, we did it as compassionately as we could. We only killed what was needed to be killed, like the dinosaurs. Most of the time, when we killed, it was for the greater good of the world. Usually, though, once we awoke after a long hibernation, we are quite thirsty.

"Anyway, fueled by our hope, we bit him. We thought, so foolishly thought, that with the right amount of love and affection and aiding, the vampire world would not be ruled by their thirst. We thought we could curb Eerste's thirst and make him into something similar to us. After all, he was practically our child, brought forth from our own venom. So we sat him down and leaned his neck back and we both bit him, one of us on either side of his neck. There was no problem with controlling ourselves; it was simple. We sunk our teeth into his skin, we drank a little bit of his warm blood, and then we pulled back. It took him six days to change," she said, her tone suddenly quite tender as she frowned deeply, "It took so long because he was the first. There was so much that needed to occur. It was not the same as it was then. Somehow, over the years, the human body has gained a sort of tolerance to vampire venom. Even if the body has not been exposed to venom before, it still recognizes it and gives way to it once it enters the bloodstream. It is almost like the body surrenders, knowing it cannot fight it back.

"Back then, though, it was so unfamiliar to him. He was the first human to encounter it who was not killed before it began its work. At first, Adam and I thought it would kill him. His body fought back so hard. The pain then did not even come close to comparing to how it is now. We did what we could to comfort him and to ease the pain. We tried using our powers to calm him down but not even that made much improvement. There was a brutal war raging within him between his own body and the venom. Because our venom is much stronger in composition, it easily won, though he was strong spirited. Six days later, the war inside him had been finished and our venom had mingled, fusing together to form an almost different species from our own.

"I suppose it is now that it grows complicated. As we both said earlier, we do not have DNA. However, we have traits. These traits and characteristics flow through our venom and make us who we are. When they met it was like an explosion inside him. Our venom had never come across each other before. It was foreign, exotic to the other. And, of course, opposite. I know the average vampire's venom is clear, like thicker water, but ours is different. Mine is thicker than any venom you will ever see. Unlike vampires, I actually have glands in the back of my throat that releases it when I feed. Yours flows through you like blood or saliva, though not emptying out of glands. My venom is like honey almost. It is dark, like a viscous tar, while his is quite different. Adam's is thin and slippery and has a certain yellow color to it. When the two connected and bonded, they formed what is now the vampire.

"The two venoms took our strongest traits and merged them. For example, you sparkle in the sunlight but not as brightly as he does. I glow in the moonlight. The two traits merged, forming a lesser gleam to your skin. I am paler than any vampire in all of existence and as you can see, he is quite tan. He could pass for a human even. That trait balanced out with other vampires. There are many, many other traits that merged, like the beauty. On the other hand, some traits did not. Some were more dominant then others and won out. For example, Adam has very warm skin. Mine is frigid. Not one ounce of his temperature was passed down to you. The strength, the speed, the advanced way of thinking, that all came from the two of us. The vampire species, as a whole, is like the perfect child, containing certain leading traits and other combined characteristics.

"But, halfway through his transformation, it all seemed to go wrong. It became obvious that we would not be able to begin a species of pure, innocent vampires identical to us." Her voice began to quiver and I straightened up. What could have happened? She looked over to Adam painfully and he scrubbed at his face tiredly. "The venom went against itself. Once it had mingled and created the vampire traits, it turned on itself and my venom attacked his. That is what is so ironic. We are almost identical to each other with our power and our thoughts but at the same time, practically enemies." I noticed Adam's head drop as he leaned over the table. "The venom fought for hours, trying to gain control of Eerste's body. It refused to weld together and battled for what seemed like years. It moved through the bloodstream into his brain and once there, the mind seemed to...enclose it, unfortunately. There was nowhere for it to go. The hostile venom struggled for power and then the sun set. At the time, we did not believe it would have any effect on Eerste or our venom. But the sun's disappearance weakened Adam's venom and mine overruled it. In a sense, my venom drank his. It sucked it into itself and fed off of Adam's power. Because this occurred in the mind, the action was almost indented into the brainwaves. The action of feeding off of others, of draining the life force from another, was stamped into Eertse's mind without us ever noticing. The very possibility that this would have occurred in his mind was so slim.

"Once my venom had consumed his, its mark had been left. Eerste's eyes opened to a bloody color red. We had expected that, however. While our intake of blood does not affect our eye color - most likely because we have our own blood - his did. He was noticeably different just seconds after awakening. He wanted to massacre his tribe and lap up their blood. Adam and I had never seen such a thing. We restrained him, obviously, and fed him wandering humans we found. We watched him turn into an angry soul, thirsting for nothing but blood, before our very eyes and we were so helpless. If our venom had not gone against each other, if it had just tolerated the other, or maybe if we were not so opposite from each other, he would have turned out to be a replica of ourselves but less powerful. Of course there was then the idea of one of us biting a human and seeing the results. For example, myself biting a human and seeing if she turned out to be identical to myself. We experimented, each of us. We each found a victim and tried to change them, only to discover their body was not suitable for just one set of venom. Both humans died within minutes of being bitten.

"We then realized we completed each other. Our venom fit together like puzzle pieces, except for the fact that they were unreceptive to the other. There could be no successful transformation without the other's venom, encasing their personal traits. And so Eerste had a perfect combination of our venom which resulted in the same venom you have now. Decades went by as we tried to perfect his violent side and rein in his aggressive, bloodthirsty personality. Eventually, he grew tired of our warnings and asked for a companion, another vampire like him. We did not want to agree to it, we were actually frightened of what another one of our children would turn out to be. However...," she trailed off as her lips turned down into a deep scowl.

Adam tensed up from his relaxed position and took a shuddering breath. "It was hard to resist him, our only son. I am sure Edward and Bella can sympathize with that one, of course." He shook his head lightly, his brow furrowed. "He begged us for another vampire. He knew he would not be able to control himself, even after being alive nearly a century. He had grown up surrounded by blood, all that we could give him without losing him wholly to the bloodlust, and knew if he were to bite into a human, he would succumb to it. Eventually, after a long hard fight about it, we decided we would try it again. Our fate and visions told us it had to happen but - not for the first time - our hearts wanted to get in the way of that. I did not want to watch another innocent human be turned into a violent beast from my doing and neither did Eve. For a long time, we contemplated refusing Eerste and keeping the vampire species to a measly three. But then we realized we had to. Eerste's pleading was overpowering and sincere and we gave in. When in South Africa we came across a wandering woman and Eerste instantly fell in love."

"We bit her," Eve murmured quietly from the other side of the room, "We did not even give her the option this time." Her voice cracked in pain and she looked away from us all. "We just pulled her aside and sunk our teeth into her. So savagely."

Adam watched her very closely before taking over. "This time, though, my venom won. It devoured Eve's yet that did not make any difference. Eerste's mate, a girl we named Regeer, which means control in the African language for her helpful ability to maintain sane when near blood, awoke just the same as Eerste did. Bloodthirsty and sadistic, even with her power. We then gave up on the very idea of creating another vampire. And since then, we have never bitten another human. Every vampire now comes somehow from Eerste and Regeer. Eve, would you care to continue?"

Eve looked over to him and gave a half hearted smile. "Most certainly. After she was created and the two stayed with us as we taught her the lessons of our kind, we walked the Earth for many years. This time was tricky. We had always trusted Eerste and trusted Regeer even more. She obviously had an easier time resisting compared to him. And so when we hibernated, we were not as nearly concerned about them as we had been when it was just Eerste. And of course we could always awake when we wanted. If Eerste ever found himself in a poor situation, we could awaken and help him out of it. While we rested, they hunted when they chose and watched the world.

"It was not until almost one hundred and fifty years after we had bitten Regeer that the two of them decided to plot a sort of rebellion. It came to be known to the vampire world as Parvulus Rebellis, the Children's Rebellion. When Adam and I were hibernating, the two of them believed they could slip past us. They were tired of it being just them; they wanted more siblings and friends and fellow vampires. We knew what they were doing, we watched them plot and scheme. They both thought they could resist, which we believed in, too. Eerste had been taught such excellent control and Regeer's control was a given. We would have stopped their plan at once, awakened and gotten in their way, but...it was supposed to happen. For days Adam and I fought on the idea of allowing them to continue. I wanted to interrupt their plans before anything too drastic had occurred. Adam wanted to go along with the world's plan and let them execute their conspiracy.

"In the end, Adam won." She paused to give her brother a defeated sort of look. "We pretended like we had never known of Eerste and Regeer's actions and continued sleeping for almost five years after they had set their plan in motion. You can probably guess what they did. It was a sort of massacre, if you want to call it that. Eerste and Regeer thought that vampires should rule the world and be the leaders. They wanted to multiply and infringe upon the human civilization. They travelled across the continents, biting humans at their will and then leaving them. That was the worst part, as you can imagine. Watching them turn these innocent humans into beasts and leaving them there stranded. In each group of humans they came across, they would bite up to five humans. I suppose that was one good thing; the newborns had companions and fellow vampires. It was awful, watching such troubled vampires roam the world, seeking their creators and a reason for existence.

"When Adam and I woke up five years later, we found the world full of vampires. By this time there were nearly one hundred of them all over Africa, Europe, and a small bit of Asia. We travelled to Eerste and Regeer, who expected a severe punishment for their actions. The penalty was never given out; why should we reprimand them? It had been part of the plan since the beginning, for the two of them to go around pillaging tribes of human beings. We did not, however, make secrecy important. That was something the Volturi created. No, we let the vampires of the world prowl and kill as they wished. That was why there were so many early myths and tales of the vampire race. The gods and goddesses, deities and spirits, mostly came from the current vampire population.

"We ruled with an iron fist, Adam and I did. Mostly every vampire knew of our existence and knew of our power, though we mostly took refuge in what is now known as the Assyrian temple of Ishtar. Very few vampires or humans knew of our presence there except for Eerste and Regeer. We were not exactly what you could call kind to other vampires, though. You most likely cannot even begin to imagine how much emotional pain we were in. We knew this had to happen, knew vampires were meant to exist, but when they murdered unmercifully and stole from kings and queens, we began to rot with guilt. We did not want to be the creators of a disgusting, bloodthirsty species. We wanted to produce vampires like ourselves; humane and almost immune to the work of blood. But somehow, science would not allow us to do that. There was something in the chemical composition of our venom that, once fused, reacted awfully. There was absolutely nothing we could do for our children. We just had to sit back and watch as they slaughtered and created more beasts.

"At one point, it all snapped. The vampire community, now thoroughly spread all over Eurasia and Africa, was tired of our anger directed towards them. When just one vampire stepped out of line, we would take advantage of the situation and exterminate them. It was our only way of releasing our frustrations with the fellow vampires. We were a bit cruel, I do admit that, but the way they were...the horrific things they did all those years ago made it nearly impossible to care for them. Two vampires in a small town in what is now Romania cracked first. They had heard that a friend of theirs had been killed by us after he butchered a whole family and the two of them were sure they could avenge him, as for all the other vampires we killed, by overthrowing us. They had never seen us before, only heard tales, and had no clue what they were up against.

"They created a small coven of about seven deadly vampires. They did not find the other five by pure chance; they worked for years finding the right human who they believed had potential to have a special talent. And then they would bite them and recruit them. They knew Eerste and Regeer, now practically vampire royalty, were aware of where Adam and I slept, now in a palace in the deep Himalayas. At this point, we were both hibernating in our own tombs at opposite sides of the citadel. Usually, we hibernate apart. I will go north, most likely Russia, or even farther up. Adam goes south to somewhere like the Sahara Desert or possibly the wilderness of Australia, then an undiscovered terrain. But this specific time, we knew we were supposed to be together, to allow this new rebellious coven a chance to overrule us.

"But what we had predicted, what we had seen, was altered. For so long we had hoped this coven would decide not to try to hurt us, for that was their mission. Not only did they want to overpower us, but they planned on killing Adam and I. And that was excruciating. We had tried, the two of us, so hard to tolerate and love the vampire world, knowing they were practically our children. It was difficult, of course, when you saw what they did during the hours of the night when they killed, but we still tried. We still cared for them deeply. When we discovered this Romanian coven was still planning on following it all through, it not only angered us but disappointed us severely.

"The Romanians searched out Eerste and Regeer, who were in Egypt at the time. The two of them kept more involved with the vampire world than Adam and I. Usually, vampires knew where they were at all times. The Romanians found them and questioned them and when it became obvious Eerste and Regeer refused to tell them where we were, one of the coven members used their talent of mind control to force the answer out of them." Eve suddenly stopped and breathed a shuddering breath. "Adam, continue for me," she told him quietly.

Adam's dark eyes never strayed from her grief stricken face as he spoke. "The Romanian coven received their answer from our only children and then they killed them. Quickly, most fortunately. It took just a moment for the one sadistic Romanian to use his mind control ability and force Eerste and Regeer against each other. The two killed one another in the end. That was never part of the plan. The Romanians were meant to easily be told where Eve and I were, which was what had hurt us in the beginning. We had thought then that Eerste and Regeer's loyalty to us, their parents, must be so weak. But instead the pair refused to tell them, demonstrating such fierce devotion to us, and ended up being murdered in the process. Our only children, suddenly slaughtered by the other. I believe it was single handedly the most dreadful thing the both of us have ever watched.

"The Romanian coven then travelled to the Himalayas, where Eve and I were still hibernating. The loss of our children was so incredibly potent that it had momentarily weakened us. Neither could wake up; we were too disheartened. For a long time, as the Romanians hiked through deep snow to get to us, we contemplated killing ourselves. It seemed quite hopeless for a bit. Why stay here, ruling the most despicable race of creatures the world has ever seen? When our own distant children were slaughtering each other, how could we sit back and watch? For the first time, Eve and I hated the vampire race with all that we had. Before, we had simply been disappointed in them and their weakness when it came to blood. But now, no. We loathed them completely. We wanted to serve them the death penalty, something so awful and torturous that it would possibly wipe out the whole vampire species.

"Of course, we were already meant to do this, which frustrated us further. Sometimes it truly is annoying to have your whole life planned out. Eerste and Regeer's death was a trivial aspect. It did not affect the vampire world either way. So when the Romanians eventually showed up, rudely storming our palace and smashing all of our furniture and artifacts, we decided we would just follow through with the original plan. Eve? Are you ready now to continue?"

Eve nodded slowly before speaking. "The coven split up as they looted through the palace. They knew we were hibernating still and figured they could catch us weakened and kill us easily. I am sure you have already placed the creators of the Romanian coven as Stefan and Vladimir, your...friends. One half of the coven went with Stefan as he hunted Adam down and the others with Vladimir searched for me. When they found us, they thought they had won. Adam was sleeping peacefully in his room as was I and they figured it would be so simple to take our heads off and burn us to a crisp ash. We wanted them to think this, to believe they had triumphed. We allowed them to get close to us, to put their teeth a mere inch from our skin before awakening.

"I think the absolute fear on their faces is what we will always remember of that day. They did not expect us to just snap out of our sleep. They did not expect us to put up a fight or for us to be strong enough to even last a minute or two. They were naïve children, never taught to fear us or what to expect of our abilities. Adam and I fought against them for as long as it took for them to get the message that they would never win. We tossed them around our rooms, tortured them with a power much stronger than little Jane's. Anything to make it clear that we were invincible to them.

"At some point, they wore out. Gave in, perhaps. They seemed to understand they had no chance against us. When this moment came, Adam and I did not kill them. Instead, we did the only thing we thought would help. We annihilated the rest of the vampire species. Every vampire, each parasite that littered the Earth who knew of our presence and knew our names was instantly turned to ash. This left a small, insignificant number of newborn vampires and the Romanian coven. At the end of that night, there were approximately fifteen other vampires in the world, including the Romanians. They were all spread out, anywhere and everywhere.

"There was massive confusion at first as the clueless newborns were left stranded and alone. We created terms with the Romanians that we would let them go, leave them and allow them to survive as long as they never mentioned our existence to anyone else. Adam and I had decided to restart the vampire community; to give it a new beginning. And this time, the two of us would have no part. We would not allow ourselves to become involved with our vampires. The punishment we gave the Romanians for all of their wickedness was leading this new revolution of vampires in a world where vampires were rejected and feared by humans. It was a turning point in the world where many civilizations went from believing in numerous gods and goddesses, actually inspired by the vampire, to believing those spirits they had seen were evil. We both made it clear to the Romanians that if they ever told another soul about us, even hinted towards our presence, they were to be permanently silenced.

"This is why few vampires know this far back. To many vampires of this time, they thought they were either the only vampires or the firsts. They had no clue the vampire society had existed thousands of years before, dating farther back than most could even calculate. Adam and I became nonexistent as we left the vampire world to grow and spread. And the rest you all probably know. The Romanians led the vampire world for hundreds of years until the Volturi was formed, who had no clue my brother and I existed. Once in long while one Romanian coven member would let it slip. It had been so long, you see, so many centuries since they had heard from us that they either thought we were no more or we did not care. Sometimes a member would create a newborn and tell them of the story, like Brandon, for example. His creator heard everything from Stefan's mate, who Vladimir ended up killing immediately after he found out in fear of Adam and me coming after them. Once the Volturi took over, Stefan and Vladimir had no more fears of us. The Volturi killed all of the other members, leaving the two brothers waiting for revenge.

"And after that is nothing too interesting. You all know it anyway. The Volturi ruled and few very interesting events occurred in the vampire world. There were the rare battles, which the Volturi usually calmed down, and the spreading of vampires to the Americas. Of course, there were the Southern wars with Benito and his clan. It was all very low key compared to the millenniums before. And during all of this, Adam and I had practically forgotten about vampires. We slept when we wanted and awoke when we felt it was time to explore the new advances of the world. We kept to ourselves or, though it may be hard to visualize, to humans. Humans never failed to fascinate us and so most of the time, when we were awake and travelling, we socialized with royalty or important people of the era. It was all very peaceful. We watched the vampire world, of course, but never impacted it. No, we knew the day when we would finally reveal ourselves to the world was far from then."

"So there you have it," Adam said, "The whole world summed up in, what, a few hours? Now you know it from start to finish. There were a few small things we left out, like the beginning of the werewolf species, but if we included that, good God, we would never be finished. I suppose some day we will explain further and in more detail. Eve, goodness, we even forgot to mention the Bellum Proprius, when the vampires fought against the werewolves for control of Eurasia before everything occurred with the Romanians. Oh my! And when we teleported the first time and I vanished." My eye nearly twitched at his words. How could there be so much, so incredibly much, that had happened? I mean, yeah, ok, so I suppose vampires had been around for a crazy long time but, Christ, how much could have happened?

"I have a question," Carlisle blurted in a slightly panicked voice as if he feared the discussion was all over. Adam and Eve all turned to him with open faces. "Alright," he amended, "Maybe more than just one but...Anyway, why come back now? Why make yourself known at this point in time? There have been many, many times the vampire world needed you before. And what exactly can you both do? I have to yet to understand the day and night theory. After all is done, will you be returning to hibernation or sticking around? Or will you possibly want us to ignore you and go back to how things were in the beginning? Also, if you do not mind me asking, how can you die?" He looked like an excited science nerd, I realized, as I watched and listened to my adoptive father. Ugh, almost like Ben Cheney when you got him talking about his comic collection. My God, I wouldn't be surprised if he whisked out a clipboard and began taking notes.

Adam answered the first question as he stood up and paced back and forth. "Well, I suppose the correct question should be why not come back now? Without us, the vampire world would perish right now. None of you have the knowledge we do, or the clear visions we have had. Also, without us, none of you would have all been reunited. The Loreto group of vampires would have freed your family, Maria would have tried to control the world, and the Volturi would have done the same. It would have turned into a fight for power over everything and the humans, oh the poor humans, they would have become lunch to whatever vampire decided to feed off of them. You just needed a bit of a push in the right direction, that was all." He turned to Eve and waved his hand. "Care to answer the next one?" He said with a wide smile.

Eve grinned back and nodded. "Why yes, of course. I do not think we necessarily symbolize the concept of day or night - or if we do, it is to others and not ourselves. To us, I believe we are the way we are because we were made to be polar opposites of the other. What other part of nature is so vastly different from the other besides night and day? Plus, if we came from nature itself, it would only make sense for us to be replicas - if that is even what we are - of a parallel part of nature. Also, it is the opposite venom that creates the modern vampire. As we said, just one of us cannot create a vampire by ourself. We absolutely need the other's different venom. It is slightly frustrating for the both of us to be nearly enemies of the other but we handle it. We have gotten quite used to the idea, actually. As for what we can do, well, almost anything. We do not sleep every night; when we do slumber, it is for years at a time. Somehow, we have beating hearts and pumping blood. We feed when we absolutely must, which is rare, and everything else a vampire can normally do, we can, too, and much better."

"As for what we will be doing after all of this," Adam jumped in hastily, "I cannot exactly say. We will not be doing what we did before; become nomads and distant from the world. Of course, the Volturi will not be ruling again. Eve and I, for the most part, have taken up that role once again. We will be active in the world with vampires and humans. Now, for how we die, that is quite difficult. Our skin is so tough; it cannot be penetrated by vampire's teeth except for our own. The only way we have been able to find as something that can result in death is if one of us sleeps while the other is awake. We have to either be either hibernating or both wakeful. If Eve decided to stay awake some time while I slept-" I didn't miss the eye contact between siblings "-we would both die. Is that all?"

Carlisle looked stunned. Well, mystified and awestruck. For a moment I thought he couldn't find his voice, as for the rest of us. Finally, he managed to say something. "Yes, I believe so."

Adam smiled a tiny bit before sighing deeply. "Good, good. I was hoping we could wrap this up before the sun sets, unfortunately we passed the deadline a bit. If you do not mind, I would appreciate it so deeply if you could leave us be for the night." My eyes strayed behind him to the window and, indeed, the sun had slipped behind the horizon. The full moon shone brightly overhead, casting directly on Adam's bare back.

I immediately wondered how much pain he was in. I couldn't imagine something as far away as the moon causing you pain. I suppose that was just the magic that was Adam.

My family sat still for moment, most likely in shock, before Edward finally began to stand. It snapped the rest of us out of our shock and we all began to stir. Eve smiled angelically as she watched from her perch on the table though her eyes flickered between all of us and Adam's pained face quite often.

Carlisle was just about to lead us all out before he stopped and turned. "Thank you," he said sincerely, "I meant to thank you both earlier but never got the chance. Thank you so very much for helping us out of there. All of us are very much indebted to you."

The two twins smiled; Eve was suddenly behind Adam as she seemed to shield him from the moon overhead. I noticed then how different Adam appeared during the night. Eve in the sun, which I had caught a glimpse of already obviously, was sickly and pale with actual sweat and an unhealthy parlor. Adam, though, was chilling. His tan skinned appeared as if it would flake off, like sunburn. The white parts of his eyes, the sclera, were bloodshot. I also noticed his skin was erupting into tiny goose bumps from a chill none of us felt.

Eve turned, midsentence as she spoke, and latched onto the curtains. She tugged them close, though it didn't seem to help Adam very much. He still shivered a tiny bit.

I think it was then that I finally realized how disturbingly different they were from the rest of us.