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Grim Reaper's Release

When the gruesome murder of a pastor is mysteriously caught on tape, what will happen to the vampire race? Suddenly, the world knows about vampires. The Cullens need to get out of Forks. And fast. But what will happen when the Volturi wants to interfere? Or the Southern Armies? And, more importantly, who are these strange vampire twins? Photobucket

...I've been away for a seriously long time, haven't I? O.O

Well, I'm back with a new story and I still haven't decided if I should continue my other stories. A lot's been happening in my life and I'm sure my feelings on all of my other stories have changed drastically. Anyway, this is just an idea that's been floating around my head for probably a year now but I've never really developed it into more than just a smidge of an idea.

Just a few warnings before I continue: This story is seriously...morbid. It's not really a good story at all. There's violence, world domination, chaos, and the world kind of goes insane...but it has a happy ending! Promise!

Also, the chapters are gonna be really long on this. Like, seriously long. It's not that I want to get this done in less chapters or whatever, it's just that in each chapter, a few different character's point of view's on different things need to be included to add other factors of the story. I mean, if I had each new point of view a chapter, we'd probably be up to 50 chapters by the time I get to the middle.

That being said, I guess a few things you should know is that I don't know when I'll be getting new chapters up. I hope, with winter break here, I'll have this story done by the middle of February, maybe? I was planning on having this only 7 chapters at the maximum, but the farther I get into this story, the longer it seems. And, I hope, I'll be getting each chapter up each week. I've already written chapter 2 and 3 but I'm gonna post them weekly.

Next, I seriously need to thank my best mate Kira with this story. She gave me a HUGE idea for it and has been such an amazing supporter of all my stories from the start!

*breathes in relief* Alright, I think that's all for now. Now that I've gotten it all out, go read. I'm sure the story is much more interesting than my babbling. *snort*

4. Lightning's Caress

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The President's Point of View



Vampires were legends. Myths. They were the creatures my seven year old daughter wanted to dress up as this Halloween. They were the creatures who inspired movies and books like Interview With the Vampire or Dracula or Underworld. People put on silk capes and annoying plastic fangs to try to impersonate them. They had haunted every child's nightmares and thoughts until the day they learned vampires, among werewolves, witches and zombies, simply did not exist.

Yet they did.

I rubbed my temples, smoothing back my unruly hair. Yet they did. I hadn't believed it until Timothy showed me that horrid video of the Canadian pastor.

How? It seemed to be the million dollar question.

How had they thrived, right under our noses, up until this point? Wait, I corrected myself, you're not even sure if there are more of these creatures. There had been no new cases on vampires, no further developments, no leads, and no recent information. How were we sure there were more? And if there were, how had they kept their existence a secret?

I had so many questions racing through my head, I contemplated writing them all down and just faxing the cursed list to Timothy in high hopes that he would figure it all out. But he wouldn't, and I think I knew that deep inside my gut.

Until we had one, one of these dirty, disgusting things in the government's hands, we had no clue what we were looking for. And that was why I had Timothy report that list on a Special Report. This world needed to know what it was up against and I needed answers.

When we caught one of these suckers, I would interrogate him personally, I promised myself.

Honestly, a tiny part of me, so small it almost didn't exist, wanted to know about them. About their immortality. To live and learn on this planet until the day it ended would be fascinating, so fascinating the idea was almost tempting me.

"Mr. President?" One of my best men, Steven Schultz, poked his round face inside my door. I broke from my thoughts as he crept into the room, cautiously almost.

"What is it?" I asked. He held a thin piece of paper in his large shaking hands. Steven had been an excellent soldier in the army and when he had decided the lifestyle that came with the job no longer suited him, I had presented him a job offer in the White House as one of my top men.

"We, uh, just got this in from, er, the San Diego International airport, sir," he paused, gazing at the paper. I stiffened, San Diego?

His tone of voice suggested something urgent. I gave him a hard stare, begging him to continue. "And?" I eagerly prompted.

He swallowed uneasily and turned his head up, his eyes so wide they reminded me of ping pong balls.

"They've captured the first vampire...family," he finally managed to stutter out. I jerked in my chair, feeling like an electrical shock had run through me. Family? The first vampire family?

"How many are in this family?" I hissed, jumping from my chair and pacing through my office. His exhausted gaze flickered from my shocked face and back to the paper. His mouth moved, but no words came out.

This was insane. Absolutely insane. First I learn vampires exist and now we capture a whole...family? A, I gulped, coven? How was this possible? I had never known such a worldwide catastrophe in all of my 57 years of life and now that one occurs, I have to run the whole United States of America and defend my country before...vampires.

There was no way.

"Ten, sir. Well, they're sure of about nine of them but there was a, uh, situation in the airport," he muttered, watching my every move. I swallowed noisily. Ten! Ten vampires! Extraordinary, I thought. Was this all of them? Were there only ten in the whole world? Questions, once again, flowed through my mind before I had time to consume the information.

"What type of situation?" I finally got out. Steven gaped at me, his mouth open. He hurriedly looked back to the paper and frowned.

"It seems as if there was a Native American man with them. He wouldn't let them leave the vicinity without them. He put up quite a fight. Apparently, the authorities threatened him with a gun but, uh...they were frightened of him," he whispered softly. I stopped and turned towards him in shock. Frightened? Of a man? A normal, human man.

"They were...frightened of a human being when being surrounded by nine vampires?" I asked incredulously. He nodded weakly, his lips turned down at the corners. I continued to stare at him; he had to be kidding, right? "How on earth were they frightened of him?" I wondered aloud.

"Well, he was quite large," Steven declared, as if that could justify the actions of not only security guards but police officers in an international airport. I gawked at him, shaking my head to clear my thoughts.

"When did this happen?" I asked.

"About 4 hours ago, sir. They're sending them up here for DNA tests, interrogations, and probably a whole sort of other scientific testing," he murmured, reading the information off the paperwork. I took a deep breath, they were on their way.

I snatched my briefcase off my desk. I would need to alert Fitzgerald and the other nations and I had to get a jump start before they arrived.

"I want to know when their plane lands, Steven, and where they go from then. I want our people tracking these things from San Diego all the way to D.C. Don't think for a moment that you can let them come to this nation's capitol without supervision. And once they're in, I want to meet these vampires," I barked out, guiding him out of my office.

As he grunted his agreement, something caught my eye out of the window by my desk. I turned halfway, frozen, as a streak of blinding white lightning struck down miles and miles away outside.

I waited for the following thunder but none came. How strange.


Jasper's Point of View

4 Hours Earlier

I never thought I'd have to stand still while a police officer wrapped a set of handcuffs - though I'm able to break them in less than a second - around my wrists. I never thought I'd have to walk through the terminals of an airport, ignoring petty human beings recording my every move with a camera or their cell phones. I never thought I'd be escorted by a line of police officers, and security guards, unless Emmett decided to play a prank and say we were all carrying atomic bombs in our carry ons.

To sum it all up, I never thought the world would think of me, Jasper Whitlock, as a vampire.

After the unfortunate bullet had clipped Carlisle's chest and his marble skin had made it clear that the whole family was anything less than normal, the whole airport had been turned upside down. People had been screaming, people had been rioting, people had even been shoving each other not only into planes which weren't ready for them but also the exits and entrances of the building.

I had been willing to make a run for it. Grab Alice, tiny shocked little Alice who appeared as if she couldn't battle the violent crowds of the airport, and leave my adopted family. But, hearing my thoughts, Edward had turned to me and said we stayed. After being jostled into a spacious jet of the military's and being left alone to my thoughts, I learned he was most likely correct. It was better to be in the enemy's clutches where you could, at anytime, brave the storm and get out than be on the run where any human who saw you would recognize you as what you truly were.

As the surrounding people went into an angry, stunned, and frightened mob, we had reluctantly stayed still as pesty police officers filed through the crowd and locked us into our idea of hell with weak handcuffs. I could tell by the tightening of Emmett's topaz eyes that he was having a hard time not breaking the cuffs as things were. His wrists were massive and I figured he had a rough time fitting them through the small cuffs.

Alice, on the other hand, was having a hard time keeping them on. Her seemingly delicate wrists were possibly even smaller than Nessie's and her hands reminded me of a doll's. She could easily just slip them through the cuffs and be on her way, but loyalty to her family had kept her struggling to keep them wound around her wrists.

Unfortunately, things had caused a scene - even more of a scene that can occur when a vampire coven of nine is found - when the authorities had insisted on taking Nessie from her mother's arms. I had never, not once in my years of knowing my newest sister, Bella, seen her so...ruthless and angry.

Her eyes had burned as a deep rage consumed her when the Chief had hesitantly stepped forward, his moronic intent clear on his aging face. Edward, already knowing, had stepped in front of his wife and daughter but it had been Bella who had released an ear-splitting growl and hissed at the poor man. Screams had silenced as her snarl echoed in the steep ceilings of the airport. I had given Emmett an agreeing glance when his soft murmur of, "That's my girl," reached my sensitive ears.

And then there was Jacob. Poor, naive, and confused Jacob. He had not known what to do when the crowd seemed to double in size, also doubling in anger and fright. When they had led us through the groping and gawking crowd, he had followed. A dark, looming figure shadowing our movements. Anyone who even tried to tell him to move out of the way was silenced by his large muscles and tall height.

I sighed, what human wouldn't be intimidated by his size? It was not everyday you saw a 6'7'' man with thick muscles wrapped around his arms and...well, pretty much his whole body.

When the officers had told him to leave, he had no response except for ignoring their demands. I had to give him credit, he was risking his entire species by staying with us, his enemy, just to be with Nessie. As the thought filtered through my mind, I smirked at Edward's fleeting glare.

He has insisted on following us and when the police had threatened him with guns, he simply pummelled the one officer, throwing the gun from his hands and demanding he come. They had no choice but to put cuffs on him, too. I resisted the urge to laugh as he smiled when the cuffs were locked into place around his thick wrists. It was rare you saw someone smile as they got arrested, though to Jacob it must have been a relief to know he was following Nessie.

They had taken us out of the airport and walked us to a more private tarmac where a sleek, black jet was landed. I knew these jets. They were owned by the government and kept at all major cities in case of an emergency. By the time we had gotten close to the jet, people had started gathering around. It seemed as if someone inside had called a news station and they, along with their annoying cameras and whiny machinery, were all unloaded and filming our every move. I groaned, almost in unison with Emmett, as the reporters spoke quickly as the cameramen recorded the events.

How dreadfully agitating.

Fear was hanging to every single one of the police officers as the Chief, not sure of what to do now that there was no one higher than he in the government, selected officers at random to ride the long, suffering plane ride with us to our destination. Most likely D.C., I predicted.

In the end, we were stuck with seven US Marshalls who had volunteered from the crowd and four local police officers, including the Chief. Just perfect.

"This blows," Emmett muttered, shaking his head as he leaned over his knees. Our hands were all still cuffed, which made it devastatingly hard for Bella to cradle the nervous and frightened Renesmee. We had been on the plane for - how long was it anyway? I gazed towards the clock. Almost 4 hours.

"Yeah, you could say that," Jacob said in agreement, almost in a distracted tone. He had wanted to take Nessie from Bella's arms but when she had given him a glare strong enough to maybe even make the Volturi squirm, he backed off. I had to smile at Edward's pleased emotions.

Surprisingly, Jacob had been good so far. He had kept his mouth shut almost the whole plane ride, gazing at each of the officers while successfully planting the feeling of unease in each of them. Maybe the mutt was good for at least one thing.

Though I could have easily made them just as frightened.

"So...Loreto, huh? Guess that planned backfired," Emmett murmured, his jaw locked. I snorted softly, earning an appreciative stare from my usually light hearted and comical brother.

"What type of plan?" The Chief questioned, his eyes alert. I had known he had been eavesdropping on every single word that left all of our mouths since the time we had loaded the plane, as was every other officer.

"A plan for world domination," Emmett muttered, sarcastically, which earned a rolling of eyes from not only Rosalie and Alice, but Edward and I as well. The Chief grunted and leaned against one of the walls of the jet.

The tension was strong in the room, almost too strong. The jet had no real 'seats' per say, but instead it had large cushioned chairs and sofas. Odd furniture to use for criminals, I thought as I gazed around. The plane reminded me more of a luxury jet for celebrities.

We were seated at approximately the middle of the jet as the Marshalls and officers surrounded us, their fear evaporating from their very souls.

Carlisle, for some reason, had been unusually silent throughout the whole ordeal. The blackened ring imprinted on his shirt from the bullet was still showing and I think he had maybe even forgotten about it. His feelings were constantly switching from hopelessness and desperation, regret, sadness, optimism, anger, and even exhaustion. Esme, seated at his side and looking frightened, clutched his hand in hers as she solemnly gazed at each of us. I could understand her pain, though. She had lost one child and I couldn't imagine how familiar this must feel to her as all of her children, for she had even started to think of Jacob as a new son, were taken into the clutches of the government.

Emmett, hunched over his knees with his curls dangling in his eyes, had decided hope was all lost. His snide and sarcastic remarks were only because, to him, there was no hope besides breaking the walls down and escaping once we arrived. And we all knew Carlisle would hate that. On the other hand, Rosalie was surprisingly hopeful. Her strong emotions of protection had coursed through her whenever Renesmee was in danger from an officer but other than that, she was the only one on the plane who seemed to be almost in relief. I could only guess that she felt that now that we were with the enemy, it would be almost too easy to break out.

Edward and Bella, trying to calm down the panicked and worried Nessie, were too busy with their own daughter to think much about the issues at hand. I personally couldn't blame them. I would rather deal with the distress of a child then come face to face with reality.

And then there was Alice. My lovely little Alice. She was rolled up at my side, toying with the pendant on her necklace as her eyes were kept shut tightly. But no visions would come to her and she seemed to already know that. Alice was determined, though, and would stop at nothing to get even the slightest blur of the future.

My whole being loathed the idea of Alice and danger and revolted against it, even if this so called danger came from a group of measly humans who only wanted to know the details and facts. No one was sure of what would happen once we landed and if things turned bad, I knew what I would do.

Carlisle could say all he wanted to that we stay together and go peacefully, and yes, I would grudgingly obey that, but I would not allow Alice to. I would forcibly shove her out of a building if that was what it would take to get her out of danger's clutches. Even if she rebelled, her love for our family strong enough to put her in jeopardy, I would not allow her to stay. I didn't care what it took, she would be out.

I could tell from Edward's indecision that he felt the same way. Not only did he have a newborn wife to look after but he also had a restless daughter. Bella, though, was possibly even safer than all of us. She was stronger than even Emmett and there was no doubt in my mind that the girl could take care of herself. Especially with her power.

But Nessie was what frightened him, I was sure. When the authorities discovered she was not fully vampire nor fully human, I couldn't imagine the endless questions and tests which could follow. You could always send her off with Jacob, I thought, kill two birds with one stone. He pursed his lips ever slightly.

"Hey, you ok?" In my effort to help Edward, I had not noticed the police officer looming closer to Alice and I. He reached out, shaking her shoulder roughly and I immediately reacted. It was simply a reflex.

"Do not touch her," I snarled, grabbing his wrist inside my hand. I was so close to snapping the bone, my fingers itched for the smallest push that would put him into the agonizing pain of a crushed wrist. He looked up, his eyes reminding me of the eyes of my prey when I hunted. I glared, my lip curled in a growl. He tried to pull his arm back, but I wouldn't allow it.

"Jasper," Alice mumbled, dazed. She blinked several times as she snapped out of a vision. A small gasp left her rosy lips as she saw me crouching before her, holding the wrist of the officer in a deadlock.

"I just...I just thought she was hurt or something. She hadn't moved the whole flight," the young officer stuttered. But I was distracted. My eyes had drifted from his face to his neck. His pumping jugular was visible to my eyes, like a treasure hidden in the sand. And so easily could the sand be whisked away to reveal the treasure.

"Jasper," Edward snapped, his eyes alert. I swallowed, realizing what I had been about to do. Alice's handcuffed hands were resting on my shoulder and back and I let the young boy's wrist go. His arm snapped back as he quickly put a good ten feet between us. I kept my gaze on him, staring him in his frightened eyes as I leaned back, ignoring the several guns of the US Marshalls pointed at my head.

Like they would even scratch my skin.

"I'm fine," Alice whispered, her petite head nuzzling my shoulder. I kept still as stone as I watched the officer, jaw tensed. "Don't worry about me so much, Jazz. It's not like he would have done anything," she soothed, too soft for any ears besides my families. Her slender arms wrapped around my neck as she hugged me close against her.

And so the rest of the plane ride was torture. None of the Marshalls trusted me enough to put their guns back in their cases and their tips continued to be aimed at my head. Just lovely.

"It's not like the guy's gonna do anything," Emmett said after a tense 30 minutes had gone by without even the slightest movement of the guns. He rolled his eyes, snorting out a small chuckle. Carlisle opened his eyes and shot him a warning glance.

Alice seemed content with her arms wound around my neck and her face laying against my shoulder, so I let her be. After 10 minutes, her wide eyes had slowly drifted shut as she sank back into her efforts of a vision.

The whole thing broke any record by far of the worst plane ride. Nothing could be more awkward, tense, or long, even if the flight was short.

"We're hear," someone coughed as they looked out the window. I had yet to remove my eyes from the annoying officer who had shook my Alice and so far, he was just about frozen in fear. I grinned at him, sending waves of pure terror his way. I listened cheerfully as his heart rate increased and his breathing doubled. If this went on much longer, he may just have a heart attack.

"Jasper, stop that," Carlisle scolded, eyeing the officer with worry. I frowned, disappointed that I had been caught. Alice, for the first time in hours, opened her eyes and lifted her head, only to lovingly gaze at me. She winked and then glanced at the officer, who was catching his breath.

"You're horrible," she teased, her eyes narrowing. I impishly grinned back, glad that she wasn't in her own little world again. Though I would never leave her side while she was that vulnerable, I loved having her mentally with me.

"I'm sorry," I mumbled, with no actual sincerity in my voice as I lifted her tiny hands and kissed them. She giggled in my grasp and Rosalie, sitting across from her, rolled her eyes.

"Alright, everybody out," the Chief mumbled grumpily, glaring at Alice and I with a certain disgust. I smirked at him and relished in the feeling of his anger increasing. The idea that our affection for one another disgusted humans was quite comical since they were the ones who constantly bugged Edward and I with their emotions of lust and irritating daydreams.

Each of us had a U.S. Marshall escort us out of the jet except for Alice and Jacob who settled for police officers. I suppose they figured that with Alice's size, she was the least dangerous and with Jacob not being a vampire, he was simply human. I resisted the urge to laugh at their stupidity.

I ducked under the small doorway to get out of the jet and almost turned right around and went back inside. There, engines revved, were almost 10 military Hummers with a whole parade of officers on motorcycles and - were those military tanks!?

Ah, as if we would not be able to dodge machine guns if we wanted. Actually, if we really wanted, we could just stand in front of them and watch them fire away. It wasn't like the bullets would harm us.

I grumpily marched down the ramp, Alice following me with her small hand on my shoulder. As I hit the tarmac, a pulsing slash of lightning split right down the middle of the sky, illuminating us in its light. I stared in awe, as did my family.

Human eyes were not able to see, but we could. And that streak of lightning hadn't been coming from the sky. It had been reaching for it.


Aro's Point of View

"And so you thought you would just kill a pastor? Shame on you, Johnathan. A man of God? How could you?" I murmured, sliding my finger up his jaw bone. The pathetic newborn froze, his breath speeding and flowing from his nostrils into the icy air. I saw his pupils dilate as he watched me.

With the several talents of the guard, we had easily tracked down the pathetic excuse of a vampire who had revealed us. He contained no talent, which disappointed me. There was absolutely nothing about him that interested any of us. He had just been an ignorant town's boy who had wandered after dark after he thought he had seen his girlfriend outside his window.

And so the stupid pipsqueak had went outside, into the horrible weather to look for her. The arrogant boy had thought the girl would be giving him sex.

A harsh laugh escaped my lips as I remembered the memory. Young men these days were simply hilarious with their fantasies and misunderstandings!

After he discovered his girlfriend was not outside, he found another woman. Someone he seemed to desire more. She attacked him, thinking her feeding would not be interrupted. But then an enemy of hers tracked her down and chased her off. They both seemed to forget about the unfortunate boy who lay bleeding in the snow and whimpering in severe pain.

"I...I couldn't help it," the boy sobbed, his ruby eyes shedding no tears. A second laugh bubbled to my lips.

"You couldn't help it? Honestly, boy, what do you think?" I tossed him to Jane, leaving her anguished stare to add pain to the equation. She gave him a sugar sweet smile and immediately he began screaming, clutching his head and trying to pull out his own mahogany locks.

"Stop it! Please! Make it stop!" He bellowed, jerking around on the snowy ground. I kicked the toe of my boot into his side, looking up to the skies in the usual boredom. Vampires weren't as fun as they had been in the older days, I had decided. There was no risk or danger for us. No excitement.

"If you hadn't revealed us, you idiot, I would make it stop!" I snarled, bending low to his face. He gasped for air like a drowning man. I almost felt pity for this one. Really. Just a smidge of pity dared to melt my frozen heart as I gazed at him. So young, was he. Barely 18 years old.

A part of him reminded me of Isabella Cullen. Just a bit, though. So young and so naive to be thrown into a world where monsters really did exist. Though, of course, Isabella Cullen was so much more talented than this worthless boy could ever be. She was meant to be a vampire. I firmly believed that since the day she was born, she was meant for something more than a simple, fragile human life.

"I told you! I couldn't help it!" He whimpered, his nails trying to dig into his marble chest. I shook my head. Stupid boy.

"You learn to help it, boy! You learn to resist! And, even if you hadn't conquered that, you do not, under no circumstance, let your crimes, your stupidity, be caught on tape and even leave witnesses," I hissed as I slapped his face with my open palm. He howled in miserable pain and I rolled my eyes, breathing into the chilly air.

"Aro, leave the boy. Just like Felix finish him off," Caius droned, boredom etching into his voice. I snarled, my head raising to glare at him from my position over the boy.

This event was a first for the Volturi. The whole guard and the wives had come with us just to achieve a simple execution. But after the mongrel was slaughtered, we would continue on. We had heard of rumors in the southern parts of the United States.

Rumors I hoped to be false.

"I want to do it," I growled, clutching the throat of the boy in my hands. "I want to kill the foolish boy who revealed us to this world. I want to chop off his head and watch as his body is torn apart. I want to burn the remains. I want to do it," I murmured, wiping an invisible tear from the boy's burgundy eyes. He stared at me, a deep sadness within his pupils.

"Well, hurry it up then. The sun is about to rise," Caius pointed out. I sighed in return, lifting my head to gaze at the sky. It was true, it seemed. The moon was close to the horizon, close to leaving us once again. The sky was sprinkled with stars and in the northern wilderness, where pine trees left little space to travel through and the frozen ground was covered in knee deep snow, it was almost difficult for us to travel through.

But we did it.

"You idiotic piece of scum," I spit. "Do you even have the slightest idea what you did? Our cover is blown, you moron! Centuries and centuries of keeping this secret and one newborn comes along and ruins it! You've put your whole species in danger!" I yelled, my foot sliding to lay on his throat. The corners of Jane's lips twisted upwards and immediately the boy was screaming once again. I snorted, rolling my eyes.

So weak.

"Felix, Demetri, come here," I commanded. The two cloaked figures stepped forward, identical grins flashing brilliantly on each face. The boy struggled to break free under me and I added more weight to my one foot.

"Felix, grab that arm," I instructed, "and Demitri, grab the other." They each went to their appointed arms and the boy started to worry. I could smell the fear in him, see it in his eyes and feel it in his breath. His movements became jerky, panicked of what was to come. "On the count of three, boys. One!" I ignored the shout of Johnathan, placing my hand over his mouth. "Two! Three!"

A loud tearing sound echoed around us, followed by a terrorized scream. I smiled delightedly. Nothing like the fresh scent of execution in the morning.

"Job well done!" I applauded proudly. Felix tossed the pale arm to the side as Demetri threw his over the pathetic newborn to land next to the other. The boy was trying to bite my hand, I finally noticed, as his mouth moved in strange rotations around my hand which I had placed above his mouth.

I snapped my hand back and lowered myself. He wasn't able to do much in defense because of his armless torso and I gazed at his face.

"Do not," I warned, "under any circumstance, try to bite me," I hissed and then I quickly bit off his one ear. His muffled groan of pain was loud enough to reach my ears and I smirked. "Alright, Felix, take that leg. Demetri, the other." The two quickly positioned themselves and I placed my one foot over the boy's pumping chest.

"One! Two! Three!" And suddenly, the boy was legless, too. He howled, his whole back arching in pain. I looked up to Jane, inclining my head, and suddenly the boy was in much more pain than possible.

"You always have to be so dramatic," Caius snarled from the sidelines. I snapped my head up and growled, ignoring his pestering comment.

"Are you ready to die, young one?" I whispered as I ducked my head. Johnathan whimpered, gazing at his broken and twisted limbs not a foot away. His bloodied torso was soaked from the snow and the blooming blood from his most recent victim was sleek with scarlet red.

I tenderly reached down, placing a cold hand on either side of his face. He writhed under me, his body moving in ways I hadn't thought a body could move without limbs. I took a deep breath, tightening my hold.

Pop! I stood up, studying the head in my hands. Disinterested, I threw it to the pile of limbs. Finally, his screams had been muted.

"Make a fire, Demetri, and burn him. Now," I demanded, lifting my foot from the abdomen and walking off into the snow. Demetri rushed forward, building a small fire to burn the pieces. Finally, the prosecutor was dead.

I stopped suddenly, my curious gaze lifting to the skies. I watched as a streak of lightning, a beautiful force of nature, pushed its way up from the ground and towards the heavens above.

I shook my head, now that was certainly something you did not see everyday.


Mike Newton's Point of View

"So, I heard the Cullens left town," Jessica murmured, giggling stupidly, as she looked up from the game of Monopoly. It was unfortunately my night to have everyone over for games and such. Personally, I loved the tradition we had going but when it was at my house? Not so much. Too much responsibility to make sure that Mom's vase wasn't knocked over.

"Really? That's a shame," Angela mumbled underneath Ben's jacket. I bit my lip as I thought of what move to make next.

If I hadn't been so goddamn in love with Bella Swan - eh, Bella Cullen - since the day she moved to Forks, I would have been glad for the freakshow Cullens to leave town. But now it seemed my chance with her was positively gone if they had left. Not like it wasn't snatched away, though, when she married that annoying asshole Edward.

"Oh, I don't think it is. They were freaks," Eric argued, taking a swig from his can of Coke. I nodded in agreement.

"Bella was nice, though," Ben shot back, defending Angela. Eric rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, but does she really qualify as an actual Cullen? I mean, she's only been one for like 2 months or something." I listened to Eric, eyes narrowing. I wondered if Chief Swan knew about Bella's sudden departure.

"Oh, I know! Maybe they were vampires," Jessica snorted. We all rolled our eyes at that one. No one really believed that old hoot Timothy Whatever-his-last-name-was when he came on and declared the existence of vampires. The only person really taking it seriously were the superstitious jerks of La Push and Chief Swan.

"Oh my god! What the hell is that?" Eric yelled, pointing at the television screen which my back was facing. I whizzed around and almost spit out my Coke.

Speak of the devil, and the devil shall appear.

Jasper Hale's disgustingly perfect face was on the world news, looking disgruntled. Jessica shrieked next to me and I reached for the remote, only to find Ben already holding it and shoving the buttons down to get the volume up.

We all silenced as the reporter's voice came on, sounding almost frightened.

"And it appears as if the world has found it's first family of vampires. Discovered in the San Diego airport, this remarkable family was taken into custody. They're currently being loaded into a private jet to be taken to where we think is the capitol, Washington D.C." Flashes of pictures came up, showing nothing but the Cullen family.

And they were in handcuffs.

Dr. Cullen and his wife, the freakishly large one and his freakin' gorgeous girlfriend, the oddly quiet guy with his freakishly small girlfriend, and then - I paused. Holy shit. No way was Bella Swan, the woman of my dreams, carrying a little girl in her arms who -

Shit no.

The girl had that bastard Edward's hair color! I gawked as they came on screen. Bella even looked like them now! Pale skin - though she always had that - freaky eyes and amazing good looks - though she always had that, too.

The little girl, though, looked way too old to be a newborn, I figured in awe. Bella hadn't looked pregnant before she married Cullen. She couldn't have gotten pregnant, had the baby, and made it grow since then. Maybe she had already been born?

My eyes widened even further as one person I never expected followed behind them. Jacob Freakin' Black. Him and Cullen were always at each other's throats but somehow he had befriended them!? It was all insane!

As the story went onto something else, a tale about the survival of some kid alone in the woods, we all said in unison:

"Holy shit."


It was four hours after originally reawakening that the twins reunited. A blissful, far from harmonious, and almost tragic event. For it had been centuries since the lovers had seen each other and now that they were awake, pulled to consciousness because of the weakening universe, they had such little time to be with each other.

He had ran, fast and hard, to find her; through the deserts, mountains, and forests. Her haunting face guided him to her, hooded violet eyes and swirling waves of black hair.

And when he had found her, how sweet the memory was, he tried to approach her without making a sound. Though she knew he was there. She would always know.

"The Volturi are moving, brother," she murmured, bending down to pick up a small cherry blossom from the forest ground. He hadn't known she had learned of his presence yet and he was caught in surprise. She always surprised him with her beauty, her knowledge and her power.

"I know, my love. I sensed it," he finally got out. It had been so many years since the two had seen each other and her scent, strong because she was in her nighttime element, floated around him. She smelled of so many things; he felt that if the smell of the moon could be bottled up, it would smell of her.

She turned, her catlike eyes beaming. "Did they not expect us to wake?" In the time that had taken him to run to her, she had stolen a simple dress from a local town and returned to her dark cave. He watched her, the soft material clinging to her body.

"They would be fools to think not," he mumbled, sitting down on a nearby rock. He could feel the weakness burning into his bones, soaking through his frozen blood and his unmoving heart. He turned his orange gaze up, the sun was nowhere to be seen under the reign of the moon.

"The Cullens have been captured," she summarized for him. Her inner vision allowed her to see where they were. She had never met a strange yellow-eyed Cullen but she knew them even better than they even knew themselves. She would never allow her twin to know this, her carnivorous twin who relished in the feeding off of humans, but she found their lifestyle interesting. Fascinating. Refreshing to the usual vampires.

They both watched the world around them evolve as they had slept. She had seen as Carlisle Cullen, son of a pastor, had been born and lost his beloved, beautiful mother to complications of childbirth. She had known that moment that he would be special. And as the years wore on, she watched as he grew. Turning from an adorable infant to a young man who was eventually bitten and defied his vampiric ways.

She had watched as he turned a young boy, Edward, into a vampire. Then his loving wife, Esme, and soon he had a whole brood of children. She viewed the whole vampiric world as her children, though she could never conceive a child from her twin. But the Cullens, the stunning Cullens, would always hold a special pull in her heart.

And her twin suspected this.

"I know, I watched as the authorities took them away," her twin sighed. She looked towards the moon, the round and opal moon. It gave her strength, as did the sun for her twin. Without their elements, they were each still easily the most strongest vampires. Just one could wipe out the world but the two of them? Their power was endless.

"I think," she paused, lifting her arm to pluck a small drop of dew from a bud, "we should help them." He looked at her curiously, he in particular cared no more about the Cullens than he did the rest of the vampire world. But she loved them, he knew. He often wondered why as he watched them, their shameful ways of hunting off of animals disgusting him.

He supposed his twin and him really were the bearing parents of the vampire world. Though she had not physically bore the vampires who walked along the earth now, they were still the starters. The originals.

"You would do anything for that family," he murmured, scowling slightly. Even scowling, he was the most beautiful man, she decided. The two would put any vampire's beauty to shame when it came down to it.

She sauntered forward, sensing his emotions. The two were attuned to each other far more than any other twins could be. And at that moment, he was feeling particularly...envious. He was almost jealous. She had never loved another creature so strongly before as him and now she was feeling a whole cloud of adoration for the Cullens.

"I would, my love. They are special and significant to this world. They show the others that we can live with the humans. It is they who shall set the example in the years to come." He gazed up and she was less than a foot away. How strong the urge was to touch her!

"But they are disgusting," he argued, grimacing more. "They are not vampires. They are 'vegetarians'," he quoted. She sighed, rolling her pretty violet eyes.

He would never understand, she glumly decided. He listened to her thoughts and grunted. The two were a sight to behold in the pale moonlight, they were reincarnations of the word beauty. It was they who inspired the thoughts of love and lust. They who inspired poets and authors and songs. Plays. Movies. Books. It was all written after them. They were, in all retrospect, the original Adam and Eve.

"Maybe when you talk to them in person, you shall see the charm in which I see," she teased, reaching to touch his face. She stopped halfway there, dropping her slender arm. He knew her better than anyone else in the whole universe and though the pair shared the same mother and father, they also shared the same heart.

They were complete opposites of each other in a way and completely the same in another.

"Maybe," he optimistically responded. He held up his open palm, large and smooth. She looked at it cautiously and then reached her own palm out. And when their hands touched, the first time their skin brushed since the 14th century, a beam of lightning shot out of their hands and reached to the heavens above.

Yes, they had finally reunited.