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Grim Reaper's Release

When the gruesome murder of a pastor is mysteriously caught on tape, what will happen to the vampire race? Suddenly, the world knows about vampires. The Cullens need to get out of Forks. And fast. But what will happen when the Volturi wants to interfere? Or the Southern Armies? And, more importantly, who are these strange vampire twins? Photobucket

...I've been away for a seriously long time, haven't I? O.O

Well, I'm back with a new story and I still haven't decided if I should continue my other stories. A lot's been happening in my life and I'm sure my feelings on all of my other stories have changed drastically. Anyway, this is just an idea that's been floating around my head for probably a year now but I've never really developed it into more than just a smidge of an idea.

Just a few warnings before I continue: This story is seriously...morbid. It's not really a good story at all. There's violence, world domination, chaos, and the world kind of goes insane...but it has a happy ending! Promise!

Also, the chapters are gonna be really long on this. Like, seriously long. It's not that I want to get this done in less chapters or whatever, it's just that in each chapter, a few different character's point of view's on different things need to be included to add other factors of the story. I mean, if I had each new point of view a chapter, we'd probably be up to 50 chapters by the time I get to the middle.

That being said, I guess a few things you should know is that I don't know when I'll be getting new chapters up. I hope, with winter break here, I'll have this story done by the middle of February, maybe? I was planning on having this only 7 chapters at the maximum, but the farther I get into this story, the longer it seems. And, I hope, I'll be getting each chapter up each week. I've already written chapter 2 and 3 but I'm gonna post them weekly.

Next, I seriously need to thank my best mate Kira with this story. She gave me a HUGE idea for it and has been such an amazing supporter of all my stories from the start!

*breathes in relief* Alright, I think that's all for now. Now that I've gotten it all out, go read. I'm sure the story is much more interesting than my babbling. *snort*

6. Seperation of Hearts

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Dr. Mitchell's Point of View

I had never really imagined myself to be a man of the supernatural realm. Sure, I was a licensed doctor and a scientist. But someone who studies the unknown? That wasn't precisely my area of expertise. I knew legends and myths - who didn't hear all the horror stories when they were children? - but I was hardly an expert. I knew the basic ideas of vampires: fangs, swirling cloaks, coffins, and medieval castles in Romania, but the way Timothy described these new vampires made me rethink all I knew. By the look of it, these creatures had redefined the meaning of vampire.

After I had hung up with Timothy, only to learn of a jet coming my way, I had opened my Internet explorer and typed in the term vampire to my web browser. No doctor should ever go into a case without background knowledge, I had been taught, and I wasn't about to stop following those instructions now.

Sites advertising immortality had popped up, along with sites on Dracula and even ways to become a vampire. I skipped over them, looking for a site with a definition.

Vampires are mythological or folkloric remnants who subsist by feeding on the blood of the living.

And that was when I had first noticed what exactly I had been drawn into. Vampires were creatures who fed off of blood. They didn't necessarily have to be killed by the sun or loathe garlic. Or wooden stakes. Or have fangs. Or maybe even immortality. This was a new breed, I had thought, of the word vampire. These were the creatures who inspired corny tales of creepy men with long, pointed fangs. These creatures, these abominations, were the real deal.

I had almost called Timothy back right then to decline.

I sighed, and now I wait. Just seconds after landing in D.C., I had been escorted to a top security building. I didn't even know if the public knew of this place. Its high voltage gates had chilled me to the bone as I had looked up to the dreary gray sky, awaiting a drop of rain to fall. The building was full of underground laboratories, I had later found out, with holding cells and dozens of interrogation rooms. It was where they held all high risk criminals until a spot for them at the prison was open.

"Dr. Mitchells, the specimen have arrived." I looked up from a book I had brought with me, a teenage vampire romance novel I had grabbed from my daughter's room for just observations. I closed it, marking my page.

"I think I'll watch their arrival from here, thank you," I told one of my best men. I had graciously been allowed to bring some of my top scientists with me on this case and our team was spread throughout the building. He nodded and walked out, leaving me in a swallowing silence.

The world knew hardly anything about these vampires and I, Dr. Joshua Mitchells, would be the one to reveal all of their secrets. I felt a familiar twinge of excitement and adrenaline rush into my veins at the thought of it. All cases started out this way, actually. The knowledge of knowing that once again your limits would be tested and maybe lives would be better because of the pioneer work you were starting. It was a beautiful feeling.

I walked up to the window, placing the book on my new desk. I had been given an office complete with numerous books on shelves, a brand new desk, and dozens and dozens of files that could make my mouth water. One thing was for sure, the government knew how to take care of their employees

Outside, the weather was bitingly cold. Such a change from the sunny Orlando weather. A parade of motorcycles and Hummers rolled their way into the parking lot, pausing briefly for the driver to hold out his electronic key for admittance. I watched with curiously bright eyes, eager to see what these organisms were like. Suddenly, I was not Joshua Mitchells, family man and loving husband, I was Dr. Mitchells, the man who did anything to learn the secrets of his experiments and create a solution.

I simply couldn't wait to sink my teeth into this case - no pun intended.

The motorcade stopped, the Hummers lined up in a perfect line along the outside of the depressing building. I couldn't ignore the feeling that bad things had happened here and I also couldn't ignore the feeling that maybe worse things would be happening now.

And then the car doors opened. I leaned closer, my nose almost pressing into the glass like I was a toddler looking into the window of a toy store. Out of the first vehicle, a massively huge Native American man stepped out, cautious and weary. Alright, I'll admit, it wasn't exactly what I had been expecting. His deep russet skin was exposed to the chilling cold and I did notice one thing. He needed no jacket nor pants over his tshirt and shorts.


But then - no. My heart seemed to freeze in utter fear as a second man jumped from the Hummer, more frightening than the first. He was huge, not as tall as the first man but...wider. Broader. More muscular. His biceps were huge, I marveled, and I knew I had laid my eyes on my first actual vampire. His jaw was tense as his lips moved, muttering something to the Native American man. His face: it was perfect. There was no way a human being could look quite like that, I thought. And his eyes - a bright gold. That wasn't scientifically possible, either.

A second vampire hopped from the car and I stared at her curiously. She was small, so tiny, not even reaching 5 feet, I guessed. Her short pixie hair was pitch black and her wide eyes were suspicious as she glanced at everything. Her small, petite hand was wrapped within a large one of the massive man as they stepped further. She was completely angelic looking. Like a fairy or something of the sort.

I watched for the next few minutes as the other cars unloaded, revealing creatures all different but all the same. They shared the same features, perfectly angled, and odd eyes. They also shared agility. Even the burly one and the Native American.

From the next car stepped a nervous brunette, fidgeting and hesitant. Almost like she was frightened. And the one who followed her had contained a certain animalistic look about him. On edge, I would say. He was tall, also, and muscular with honey hair and the same topaz eyes. He had looked at the pixie girl and said something, though it seemed his lips were moving at an impossible speed.

The officers who stepped from the Hummers after them kept the two groups separated, which I was grateful for.

And then the next car unloaded it's contents; a bronze haired boy who looked no older then late teens and a woman who was more aged. Possibly 24, I predicted. His eyes fluttered around, landing on the brunette multiple times but then also at the building. Snapping from one window to the next. When his butterscotch eyes had landed on mine, they had strayed. I knew the windows were tinted and no human could see through, but could he? His eyes seemed to connect with mine for a mere 5 seconds before continuing, glancing at the next window.

It was the last car that captured my attention. A woman, gorgeous and possibly the most stunning creature, had stepped down, her blond waves lifting in the wind. She had looked into the car with a worried gaze as the last man walked out but...with a small child in his arms. I gawked at the lovely little girl, her face nervous with a small pout on her full lips. Could vampires have children? I would have to find out.

"Dr. Mitchells?" I turned suddenly, looking at the agent who had been in my office before. He gave me an apologetic smile as he realized he had frightened me.

"Yes, Richardson?"

"What do you want us to do with the, er, vampires?" His brown gaze was curious and I paused. Timothy had given me full reign on how to handle the vampires and it was up to me on where to put them and what to do with them, though Timothy would handle all the interrogations and other smaller details. I pondered the question, glancing back outside to see Timothy out there now, talking with one of the officers. His cold gaze was on the vampire family, full of precaution.

I looked at each of them and realized something. They were all looking straight at me, through the tinted glass, like they knew I held the key to their fate...though they had yet to even meet me or know I existed. I was momentarily caught in their ocher gazes and shivered as even the Native American man was staring at me. It was an unnatural sight; 10 unusual people staring straight at you.

"Separate every single one of them," I mumbled, breaking the eye contact and turning back to my agent. "I want each one on a different floor, God knows we have enough room in this place for that." The agent's eyes widened briefly as he opened his mouth.

"And the little girl?" I pursed my lips.

"Do the same with her. We do not trust these creatures, Richardson, and we certainly won't underestimate them." He nodded once and turned, leaving to give my instructions to Timothy, I predicted.

As I heard his footsteps echoing, I wondered if maybe we already had underestimated them.


The President's Point of View

"The family is in custody at the Williams building." I froze, my hand pausing over my briefcase. Williams building. It sounded familiar.

"Where is that?" I asked one of my agents. He stared at me with a steady gaze and looked at his watch briefly before continuing.

"The Williams building is about thirty minutes away, sir. Remember? The building used for all death penalties, executions, and high risk criminals. We only use it for people who are a great, great risk. It has a barbed wire high voltage fence surrounding it with security cameras in every room and twenty five floors full of labs and holding cells." Ah, the building rang a bell in my mind.

I picked my briefcase up and nodded. "Yes, of course. Good thinking to keep them there," I mumbled. He gave a grim smile and then muttered something into his ear piece.

I looked up as he coughed slightly. "Erm, sir, they're demanding a press conference which will be aired all around the world." Once again, I froze. Press conference? Now?

"Who's demanding that?" I snapped. He shuffled uncomfortably and shrugged his shoulders.

"Everyone, sir. The cabinet, foreign leaders, citizens. They want you on in 20 minutes." He had to be joking. I couldn't prepare a speech or decide even what to say in 20 minutes! I gawked at him, reminding myself to shut my mouth.

"Why am I hearing of this now? When was this even decided?" The agent bit his lip as I ranted. This was unbelievable!

"Eh, I really don't know, sir. They told me to come and get you and I listened." He shrugged his shoulders sheepishly and gave me an apologetic look. I took a deep breath, if a press conference was what they wanted, a press conference was what they would get.

"Fine," I snapped. "But I want to know who was behind all of this and why the hell I didn't know." I jabbed a finger at the poor agent as I stormed from my office. Unbelievable.


Aro's Point of View

"They...were...caught?" I asked incredulously. Behind me, Caius exploded into a rage but I simply ignored him. Alec nodded, a small sneer on his lips as he delivered the news. A puff of air escaped my lips as I stared at him in exasperation.

The Cullens. Caught. Captured. Taken into custody. I rubbed my temples vigorously, trying to find the meaning of the words. Simple astonishing, really. How could any vampire be 'caught'? And by humans no less. It made no sense to my aged mind.

"How?" I breathed. Marcus was standing next to me, silent as ever, but with a small gleam of disgust in his eyes. I had to share his emotions, what vampire would ever allow themselves to be caught? It was almost a disgrace to me and the vampire community.

"They were in an airport in San Diego, California when the descriptions were released. A mass breakout occurred and they handcuffed them and took them to Washington D.C.," Alec responded calmly, his lips twitching in the corners. I continued to stare at him. Handcuffs. Now what handcuffs are too thick for any vampire to break through?

"Why the hell would they allow that to happen?" I roared. I felt the anger rush to my head, this was not supposed to happen! How could one family just decide to turn themselves in?! Now the petty human race would learn even more about us, I figured out. Stupid! I never thought Carlisle to be one to just give up but yet again he did the unpredicted.

"I wouldn't know, Master. I'm not the mind reader," Alec smirked. I paused and glared at him.

"Yes, a pity really," I muttered sarcastically. "God knows we need that power more right now than the power you have currently." He scowled, his burgundy eyes alight and hungry. I rolled my eyes and waved my hand. "Go, hunt. If you plan on acting like a fool when you're thirsty, I want you well fed. Take your sister with you."

Alec bowed, grateful at my dismissal, as he grabbed Jane's hand. The two ran off, red cloaks standing out drastically in the pure white forest. Caius leaned on a tree nearby, his snowy hair blending in with the icy particles around us.

"This is complete chaos," he murmured, his arms crossing in front of his chest. I ran my fingers through my hair, I almost felt like I was tired. Ha! As if I could ever be worn down so.

"Oh, Caius, what do we do now?" I put my face in my hands and massaged my throbbing temples. This whole thing was ridiculous. The exposure, the capture of the Cullens, and even the news of the pathetic Southern armies rejoining. Absurd. Did they really think they could cross the paths of the Volturi and survive?

"I thought you had a plan," he sneered, his lip curling. I looked up at him and threw him an icy glare. He picked absent-mindedly at the dry bark covering the tree and I hissed. I felt like wiping that sneer off his lips and replacing it with a more uplifting expression.

Caius and I usually got along well, actually. It was when trouble brewed or something occurred in our world that we were on opposing sides. He, a man of strategy and war, always wanted to go into it with a whole agenda planned where we would undoubtedly win. I, a man of logic and of precision, had different views on many things.

"I did have a plan! But now it seems the world would never listen regardless! It is chaos out there, brother! I feel the world crumbling beneath my feet every time I take a damn step. The humans are like a flock of sheep and we are the wolves, they run and scatter and it isn't just when we hunt them down do they go insane, it is when they learn we are out there that they loose their minds. I feel we shouldn't even bother to waste our time with them. Our kind know we are in power, why try to rule the humans, too?" I sighed, suddenly exhausted. Caius turned to me, his ruby eyes almost soft.

He pursed his lips and stepped further, placing a gloved hand on my shoulder. "Brother, have I ever told you what I hear when we feed?" I looked at him strangely. What on earth was he talking about?

"No?" He squeezed my shoulder softly before letting go and sitting on a near by rock, his white strands of hair touching his shoulders.

"I sometimes hear their screams. We all listen to their pitiful whimpers and their cries, but do any of us really listen? Really try to interpret their suffering? And when I listen to them, I notice something. They aren't as weak as we think, Aro. Yes, their strength is nothing compared to ours but their mental strain and their personalities are just as strong as ours. We did evolve from them, of course. We are the more advanced versions of humans, I suppose." I stared at him, suddenly confused.

"So?" I asked. Yes, I guess he was correct. We were stronger, faster, smarter, and more talented. We should be worshipped by them.

"I think we owe it to them for an explanation of our existence," he softly muttered. I raised my eyebrow, this was a Caius I was not familiar with. Caius was a bitter, harsh vampire. Not a soft-hearted, compassionate fool.

"You know what I think, brother? I think Carlisle has spread his beliefs onto you." I narrowed my eyes, thinking of my friend who was now in the hands of the government. Caius barked out a laugh, his voice cackling.

"His beliefs? Oh no, Aro! I do not think we should hunt down stupid animals instead of using humans. Never in a millions years would I think that, my dear friend." His chuckles quieted as he shook his head, deep in thought. "No, no. What I mean is that after years of keeping our existence a secret, I think they deserve to know about us. So many of their relatives or friends have been lost to us and they should know the truth. Now, as of your plan, I have some advice."

"And that would be?" He turned his head towards me, his catlike eyes vivid compared to his wintry skin and hair.

"Well, as for the world crumbling beneath your feet, that could just be Felix and Demetri behind you," he paused to smile, suddenly gleeful. "But for everything else, I say we go to the South. Those vampires have never been known to do anything good and I can promise you, they are just worsening the current situation. And once we have them under control, I say we destroy the human's government and take control. It's simple as that," he stated.

I stared at him, it was not a bad plan, really. It was different than what I had expected and also different from what I had planned. Originally, I had wanted to viciously control the world in the palm of my hand. Not...control their government. Actually, I had never put much thought into their government or ways of society.

"Excellent plan, Caius," I smiled. He grinned back, exposing his sharp teeth.


The twins were planning something. Something colossal and something that would change the world forever. They sat side by side, the picture of ultimate perfection, as they stretched their minds to the furthest boundaries and used their powers to their extent. His eyes were closed, squeezed shut tightly, as hers were wide open and unmoving.

He was spying on the government, his inner sight allowing him to see rooms of the White House where the current President of a country he had never put foot on, a country not even existent the last time he was awake, planned to conduct a press conference.

He quickly decided it was no use and that he would learn of nothing from busy cameramen and eager reporters. He travelled to the northern woods where the Volturi was spread out. He watched as the powerful twins went to hunt, Jane and Alec. The pair reminded him of his sister and himself, but Jane and Alec would never compare to them. They would never be as powerful or as ancient or as well-known, though hardly anyone of the vampire world believed they still existed. And, personally, he did not like Jane and Alec too much. Their power was used for strictly horrible reasons and they enjoyed that fact.

Aro was listening to Caius's advice and he snickered. The Volturi were planning to take over the world now? How ridiculous. He knew the ways of the world, of the universe, and this planet was not supposed to be ruled by vampires. It would distort the natural balance if the humans were controlled by the bloodthirsty fiends all vampires were inside.

Meanwhile, his sister moved through the skies of the United States. She watched as Maria, a powerful vampire she had yet to meet, devised a plan to control the South and eventually the world. She pursed her lips, there was no way a vampire army of the South could do something so magnificent, not even if their numbers were massive.

She felt pity for all the defenseless humans who had been unwillingly turned into vampires by this Maria just for the use of serving in her army. It was unfair, she decided. There were nearly 200 hundred of them and she watched as their gigantic numbers stretched on for miles throughout the state of Texas.

When she had learned all that she needed, she saw an unusual sight in the rainy state of Washington. In Forks, the tiny, insignificant town where the Cullens had migrated from, a large colony of shape shifters gathered. She watched with curious eyes as they created a plan to rescue...the Cullens. How odd.

She couldn't remember a time when shape shifters would ever try to help a coven of vampires.

She then went on into Washington D.C., the capitol of this new United States of America. She watched as her beloved Cullens were herded into a terrible building for testing and maybe even torture. She watched with cold, cruel eyes as doctors and agents separated them from each other and into cells like they were animals. Disgusting.

She knew why they allowed themselves to be captured, for she had read each of their minds. Even precious little Renesmee.

She blinked uneasily to see her twin crouched on the ground, looking towards the sky. She turned her gaze to see the brilliant sun rise over the treetops, a blazing star in the daytime sky. Her twin stretched, his eyes bright with yearning. She felt a hardly noticeable nausea creep over her body as the sun's rays brushed over her icy skin, trying to thaw her marble skin. As soon as the sickly sensation had appeared, it vanished, leaving her a bit weaker than she had been before.

Her twin, though, looked better than how she had seen him in centuries. They had spoken in their dreams while they had slept but there had been no sun there. There had been no moon, either.

In the sun, her twin was stunning. Breath-taking and heart stopping. His skin reflected the sun's rays, absorbing them and then pushing them back into the atmosphere through his skin. He sparkled in the sun, unlike she who would never sparkle or glitter. In the moonlight, a small rim of light would form around her body and he had told her thousands and thousands of times that watching that spectacle was more beautiful then he could ever be in the sun.

He turned to her, a small smile on his lips. She stopped her ogling and looked at his flaming eyes. She stood and walked closer, her fingers itching to touch his welcoming skin. She traced his cheekbone, her fingernail trailing a line down his glorious face.

Suddenly, the two felt the weight of the situation on their shoulders. They both knew what they had to do and though no verbal words were said aloud, they shared their thoughts.

They would have to part, once again. In order to save not only their vampiric race, but also the human race, they would have to separate. They shared a heavy sadness as they realized this. They had just been reunited and now - now they must part. He wrapped a muscular arm around her waist as he lowered his head. Though she was tall, he still outgrew her by an easy six inches.

He turned so the sun, his blinding sun, beamed on his bare back and not her, trying to shield her from the weakness in which resulted from her being in direct sunlight. Their foreheads touched briefly and if the two had tears, or any source of bodily fluids flowing in their veins, they both would have been crying.

"I will go the Volturi," he murmured, his voice like silk. She nodded, swallowing the rising lump in her throat. "I shall try to persuade them not to go through with their plans." She pursed her lips and placed a delicate kiss on his warm skin. Oh, it was splendid how warm it was. He cradled the back of her head in his hands, enjoying the icy feel of her skin.

"And I shall meet up with the Southern armies, my love. Their reign needs to end," she decided. He nodded, agreeing with her, though she already knew that from his thoughts.

"Who knows what will happen then, though," he muttered softly into her raven black hair. She frowned deeply, almost frightened of what may happen afterwards. She may help the Cullens, she decided, or help the shape shifters in their attempt. There was also the knowledge that the major covens of the world were meeting in Loreto, Mexico. She almost felt the tug to go there, too, but she knew she couldn't.

Before he could hear these thoughts, she blocked him, thinking only of him in her mind.

"They will try to hurt you," she muttered, her lips forming the words as she kissed the skin on his shoulder. He nodded, already knowing the Volturi would deny his identity as true. The Volturi were selfish vampires, he decided. They thought they were the most powerful creatures and that no one could overthrow them. But they were wrong.

"And the Southern armies will try to hurt you." He raised a thumb to her face, stroking her perfect features. She lifted her hooded violet eyes to stare at him. She knew this, as well. Maria was not one to admit defeat and like the Volturi, she figured she was a force to reckon with. Both sides had no clue who awaited them in the wings.

She reached up to his face, the face she had known for millions of years, the face she trusted more than her own. Her hands gripped either side of his face as she placed her lips on his delicately. He held her close for he knew it would be awhile before they saw each other again. They would forever be connected through their minds but it was rare that the two lovers ever really saw each other.

They only awoke when they were needed in their world.

She pulled away first, breaking their kiss only to place small kisses on his face. "I love you," she said against his skin and his eyelids fluttered shut. He had heard those words possibly over a trillion times but they still made his dead heart jump.

"And I you." She wondered if this would be the last time she would really hear his voice for a century or more. It always started like this, she thought. Every time they awoke, she didn't want to float back into oblivious sleep when they were not needed anymore. Truthfully, she didn't know exactly why they did it. He had told her once that it was because their power was too much for this world. That with them both existing, the world would not cooperate how it was supposed to and eventually, it would end.

She wondered if the world had finally evolved enough for them not to hibernate when this was all over. She wouldn't mind staying awake, content with her brother, until all eternity ended.

He sadly read her thoughts, curious at the problem at hand, also. The longest they had ever stayed awake was for two years and it had been the most perfect years of his lifespan. Being alive, being awake on this world, was always something he loved. Feeling the sun on his skin and seeing the pale halo around his sister was something he felt like he could not live without.

With their eyes locked, he took a step back, clutching her hand in his. She knew then that she had to leave, to go down South and stop the armies there. She pulled her hand from his and suddenly, she was a blur of darkness as she ran off, towards the direction of the closest ocean. He took a deep breath, feeling the coldness of his skin where her hand had been just seconds ago.

And then he ran, a beaming blur of light as he ran to the coastline, only to swim northern to Canada and then to find the Volturi.