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Merry Christmas Mike!

Emmett decides to have a little Christmas fun with Mike Newton before the holidays. Unfortunately, poor Bella is compelled into helping him fulfill the task. Will Mike have a 'merry' Christmas in the end? ONE-SHOT


1. Merry Christmas Mike!

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Bella’s POV

“Are you sure about this?” I asked Emmett for the hundredth time this lunch period, staring at the girlish craft paper in my hands.

“Aw, Bella! You’re not gonna ruin this moment for me, are you? I haven’t had this much fun in ages and it’ll be like a Christmas present for me. Trust me.” He whimpered, giving me his puppy dog face. “Jasper will let us know if he feels a bit too lusty, right Jazzy?”

Jasper ever so slightly tilted his head towards Emmett and glared at him.

“First of all, don’t call me Jazzy. Only my love can call me that.” Alice beamed at the choice of words he used. “And Bella, don’t worry. I will make sure the vile human doesn’t go overboard.” Jasper smiled and continued with his gazing-into-Alice’s-eyes-mode.

I mentally read over the note I had spent forever writing, making sure it wasn’t too extreme.

Hey Mike…

Mind meeting me at Mr. Banner’s room at the end of the day, after everyone’s gone? Please come…I have something really special to give you.


Bella xxx

I looked up and smiled lazily at the indescribable beauty sitting next to me. He smiled crookedly in return, playing absent-mindedly with my hair.

I sighed.

This is going to be one long day, I thought. A very long day.

Edward smirked, his eyes boring into mine. It was as if he knew exactly what I was thinking.

Mike’s POV

The bell had finally rung and the entire student body filed out of the cafeteria. I followed along, glad to get out of the suffocating area.

Ever since Bella had met up with Cullen, I knew that there would be something going on between them soon. And guess what, I was right. Now you can see them holding hands, going all goo-goo on each other. Absolutely disgusting.

I rushed to my locker, eager to get out of Jessica’s clutches. That girl was the one for gossip and of course, a major pain in the ass. I couldn’t take it anymore, and I couldn’t possibly handle her right now.

I quickly entered my combination into my lock and ripped the locker open. A piece of paper fell onto the ground. I looked around me, to see if anyone was there. I guess I was early and quickly unfolded the note. I had to read it more than twice to have it sink into my thick head. And all I could say was wow. Bella had finally understood that Cullen and his clan weren’t good enough for her. No wonder she seemed so down at lunch today, I mused.

Well, Mikey, looks like she’s coming back to you; your only true love.

I brought the note up to my nose and inhaled the flowery scent. Man, did she smell good.

Bella’s POV

The time of day I was dreading had finally arrived.

The rest of the Cullen/Hale group and I were circled around my locker, soothing me in every way they could think of.

“Bella, I won’t forcefully take you out for shopping for a week. That’s the extent I’ll go to.” Alice said, grimacing slightly.

“What do you humans like…uh, would you be fine if I gave you a packet of gummy bears?” Emmett suggested, waggling his eyebrows.

“Must I say it out loud?” Edward whispered suggestively in my ear, wrapping an arm around my waist.

Knowing that vampires could hear everything, the family chuckled while I blushed a deep scarlet.

“Um, I think I better go now. The sooner it’s done, the better it is,” I mumbled, playing with the hem of my tight-fitting shirt. I can’t believe how Emmett had persuaded Alice into getting me to wear a mini-skirt that was incredibly short. And I mean short. Despite my klutziness, she had even decided to make me wear stilettos. However, if Mike decides to get out of hand, I would gladly rip the shoe off from my foot and poke the heel into his dirty eyes.

Edward released his grip around my waist and gave me a quick kiss on the forehead, probably knowing that I wouldn’t be able to function properly if it went somewhere else…

I walked out of our little group and made my way to Banner’s room. Thank god the vampires were going to be hiding in the janitor’s closet next door. Otherwise, I would have happily accused Mike for sexual harassment.

I guess I didn’t notice the banana peel on the floor and I slipped right onto my butt, hard. I quickly got up before I created a scene and held my hands up in surrender.

“I’m fine,” I said with a weak smile and started walking again. I overheard Emmett making yet another witty comment:

“Hey Rosie! It’s like the banana peel I saw in that cartoon the other day!” He exclaimed.

All I could hear after that was something like a hand meeting the back of someone’s head.

Emmett and his childish behavior.

Mike’s POV

The school was as empty as my stomach right now and I eagerly ran to Mr. Banner’s room.

The lights were dimmed as I peeked through the key hole and saw an occupied seat in front of the front desk. This was my only chance, I thought. I placed my hand on the doorknob and twisted it open and went inside.

“Bella?” I whispered softly and hesitantly walked towards the desk. The seat suddenly turned around and I could see the most beautiful girl I had seen in my seventeen years. It was Bella, and she looked so breathtaking in her red Santa hat and outfit.

She slowly rose from her seat and walked over to me. I looked into her eyes and saw her cheeks starting to lift. She grabbed the collar of my shirt and pushed me on the nearest table. This was so unlike Bella, but hey! I didn’t give a damn now. She was Bella; MY Bella.

The girl in front of me started undoing my buttons and ripped my shirt off and looked at me. She bit her lip nervously, staring at me with her doe eyes. It was cute. Bella carefully pulled off the Santa hat and pulled it on to my spiky hair. I moved closer to her face and inhaled the scent on her mesmerizing body.

“Ah Bella, do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this?” I murmured, brushing her hair off of her neck. She tilted her head around the room patiently, as if she was waiting for something. Oh! Looks like she doesn’t want to do this part. I quickly undid my belt and pulled off my jeans, throwing them towards the door.

I grinned.

Her chocolate brown eyes widened, as she leaned into my face.

“Mike. I have to go now.” She breathed, pulling back with a smirk on her face.

Rosalie’s POV

I can't believe my own husband would plan on doing such a stupid act. I mean, couldn’t he see how much pain Edward and Alice were going through? Alice had to cope with the shameful images in her head, while Edward had to bear the sickening thoughts coming from next door. Not to forget Jasper; he had to handle all the lust the idiot was feeling. He would probably go and suicide if he was able to die in the first place.

I’ve already had enough with Bella entering our lives in the first place, but I won’t bear the fact that she’s destroying my family.

Edward’s POV

Why me? Why was I the one gifted with the ridiculous mind-reading talent?

I cannot possibly handle the vile creature’s thoughts swimming in my mind now. They were so immature and dirty that I would gladly go and rip his head off at this moment. I don’t know why I agreed to help Emmett in the first place. Just for his stupid, foolish pranks.

I couldn’t do anything about it so I sat in one side of the tiny room and placed my head in my hands.

Mental Note: NEVER let Bella help Emmett with pranks again.

Mike’s POV

I stared at her in shock while she rushed to my scattered clothes and picked them up. She went to the door and paused, turning to look at me.

“And…by the way, nice undergarments, Newton.” She laughed and departed the room.

Blood rushed to my face as I looked down at my underwear. Of all days, my mother had chosen today to make me wear my reindeer patterned ones. I groaned and made my way to the door.

It wouldn’t budge. Holy crap. I had just been embarrassed in front of the girl of my dreams and now the goddamn door was locked. Great. Just great. What a perfect way to spend my Christmas break.

I thought about breaking the window and jumping out, but Banner’s room was on the second floor. I slammed my fist on the nearest desk and pulled my hair in anger.

This was going to be one long fortnight…

Bella’s POV

I had never laughed so much in my life. Never.

I held my locker door for support while five vampires looked at me strangely.

“Now, that wasn’t so hard, was it Bella?” Emmett said, grinning like an idiot.

“It was hard for us,” Alice, Jasper and Edward declared at the same time, glaring and narrowing their eyes at him.

“Well, it’s not my fault that I wasn’t given any talents when I was created,” Emmett shot back, his grin growing wider.

“Just give us a warning next time, will ya?” The pixie said, rolling her eyes.

“Wow, Alice. I didn’t know I was allowed to do more pranks!” Emmett squealed like a girl, clapping his hands.

Everyone muttered something under breaths while I looked curiously at the vampires surrounding me. They all began to leave and I tagged along with them, peeking a look at Emmett.

“I love you too!” He shouted, opening his arms wide enough for a group hug.

I silently laughed and shook my head. This was going to be something I’ll never forget.

--- After Winter/Christmas Break ---

“Hey Bells, is this what I think it is?” Charlie asked from the dining table with the morning newspaper in his hand.

I grabbed my cereal bowl from the counter and went to him, reading the front page headline over his shoulder.


Oh. My. God.

“Mike?” I whispered, trying very hard not to laugh.

“Yeah, it says they found the guy in the classroom the day before school started,” he stated, pointing to a picture beneath the article. It was none other than Mr. Banner, shielding his eyes with one hand, while pointing one accusing finger at Mike.

Now I couldn’t control myself anymore and erupted into a fit of laughter. The look on Mike’s face was priceless! Tears were streaming down my face while Charlie looked at me with an amused look.

“Bells?” He asked cautiously, placing the newspaper on the table.

Then a large, burly figure popped out of the kitchen door and looked at me and Charlie.

“Did someone say balls?”

Huh? How the hell did Emmett get here? He waited expectantly for an answer, eyebrows raised.

I groaned.