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Massacre by Awsomealice94 The Volturi are strong, they are powerful. And the Volturi are vampires-which means they can do almost anything. Vampires come 1st and humans are definitely below them on the food chain. so what do you think will happen when the volturi pay a surprise visit to Forks high school because somebody broke their promise???

- this is my scary dream that I had. O and disclaimer- bottom line is that I am not Stephenie Meyer. This means that I own zippo-natta-nothin. I just like to write :)

1. The scream

Rating 3.7/5   Word Count 607   Review this Chapter

“Edward, please?”I begged as I was eating my breakfast. Charlie was already at the police station and it was just me and Edward in my house.

“Bella, I would go with you, but I told you, I have to hunt some time.” He answered me with pleading eyes, he wanted me to understand. I wanted him to come to school with me; it was the huge biology test that he was going to miss. It was also the same test that I have been studying with him for 7 nights. It was a huge portion of my grade, and I couldn’t afford to fail Mr. Banner’s class.

“Edward. How are you going to make it up?” I asked him. Mr. Banner said you couldn’t take it another day, it was today or nothing. I was sure I had him this time. Instead he smiled at me.

“Apparently, I am allowed to take it in 2 days.”

“What?” I gawked at him.

“Yes, I can take it in 2 days.” He was still smiling at me; he knew I was in defeat.

“Well, alright then. But why not tomorrow?” I asked him.

“I won’t be here tomorrow. I will be still hunting.” he admitted.


“I know, it will make me anxious to be away from you, that’s why Alice is going with me, she can check up on you. And she doesn’t see anything bad.” I came over and put his arms around me.

“I will be a phone call away, promise.” He whispered.

“But that’s not the same. I want you a millimeter away instead.” I complained.

“I know, but I really need to go on a hunting trip. I will call you and I promise you will be fine. Now, do a good job on this test, and remember I love you.” I said looking into my eyes. I tried to avoid his eyes, with one look I could give in easily. It was too hard, I had to look up.

“fine.” I sighed.

“I love you.” I added. He smiled and then he was out the door.


All I could think about was Edward leaving for his hunting trip; it was earlier this morning when we had that conversation. I was sitting in Mr. Banner’s class, day dreaming. I was completely done with the test, and now I could relax.

I was the first one done with my test, which was a frightening thing, but I studied for this hard, hopefully I will do okay. I turned my head to look out the window. It was raining. I sighed and watched the raindrops slide down the dreary window.

It was then that I saw a flash of something gray. It looked like a gray cloak. It went faster than the speed of sound; if I blinked my eyes I would have missed it.

Panic struck me. I was glued in place. It was dead silent from everyone taking the test. There was only one person, or family that has gray cloaks that I knew of.

I could hear my heart beat, that was it, until I heard something else.

There was a human scream-a girls-only because of its high pitch. The girl who screamed sounded terrified and in pain.

I whipped my head around to where I heard the screaming, like so many other students around me.

Adrenalin made my brain more accurate, it made it work faster. I quickly clicked things together. There was only one option- the Volturi were in forks and I was without Edward.

This morning may have been the last time I ever saw him…..