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Massacre by Awsomealice94 The Volturi are strong, they are powerful. And the Volturi are vampires-which means they can do almost anything. Vampires come 1st and humans are definitely below them on the food chain. so what do you think will happen when the volturi pay a surprise visit to Forks high school because somebody broke their promise???

- this is my scary dream that I had. O and disclaimer- bottom line is that I am not Stephenie Meyer. This means that I own zippo-natta-nothin. I just like to write :)

3. Phone call

Rating 3.6/5   Word Count 640   Review this Chapter

Tears came to my eyes. It was possible that all of us will die.

I closed my eyes weakly; I couldn’t take all of the crying anymore. I looked calm on the outside-not crying or anything. But on the inside- I was going into pieces. I needed to hear his voice before I die; I just needed to hear Edward’s voice.

I got up and calmly walked over to a pay phone. I put my quarter that I had in my pocket inside and dialed his cell phone number. It rang twice before he answered.


“Edward-” I was cut off.

“Bella, how are you? Is everything ok? How did your test go? I know you will do fine either way.”

“Edward. I love you.” I whispered. I was close to going to pieces on the outside too, after hearing his voice.

“Bella, I love you too.” He sounded confused. I started crying. I sank to my knees with the phone still in hand by my ear.

“Bella, you need to tell me what’s going on.” He sounded alarmed now.

“Edward, I love you. And I will miss you. When I die-go on with your life. Don’t stop-please, for me? I…..love you.” I said in between sobs as Edward was interrupting me constantly.

“Bella- what are you talking about?” he asked again. He sounded scared.

“Edward the vol-.” the phone went dead. “Edward! EDWARD!” I screamed in it. He was gone. Then I realized- the phone lines to the school were all cut.

There was no hope. I dropped the phone and laid my head on the ground crying.

There was a crash. I moved my head weakly to where I heard the sound. I was getting too used to this. Everyone went over to the windows to see what happened. That’s when even more screaming started.

“Oh my God!” someone screamed.

I got up and didn’t even care to know what happened. I already knew what would happen to all of us anyway-and that was wrong to think. I moved my way through the crowed-and saw it. It was the single most menacing and disturbing thing I have ever seen.

There was a whole class of human bodies-just lying outside. Of course-no blood. I was feeling queasy. I felt like the whole world was spinning around me. All I saw was the floor spinning and getting closer to my face-and then I hit the ground.

Edwards point of view……………………………………………………………

“Edward the vol-.” the phone went dead.

What was going on? She couldn’t kill herself again?

“BELLA? BELLA?” I screamed in my cell phone. The lines were surely dead.

“EMMETT!” I yelled to my brother. “What’s wrong, Ed?” he asked me. He could hear the whole conversation on the phone.

His thoughts were in a rush. “Emmett, something’s wrong with Bella.” I said to him. We were in the middle of the Olympic Mountains-or close to it.

I cursed as I paced back and forth. “What do you think she was trying to say?” he asked fearfully.

“The last thing she said was vol.” I said angrily.

“She must have been interrupted.” Emmett concluded. I nodded my head in agreement.

“vol. vol.” I said thinking out loud.

I stopped, well, Froze actually. Vol could stand for only one thing, or family.

“The Volturi.” I murmured.

“Oh, god.” Emmett was taken aback.

“THE VOLTURI??!!” I screamed to the sky.

“Nothing will hurt her. No one will hurt her.” I vowed somewhat composing myself.

“Let’s go. We need to get to the school.”

We were already running. It was hard for Emmett to keep up. “We need to get a hold of Alice.” He yelled to me.

“Your right. Oh, god. The Volturi could have killed half the school by now. What if they got a hold of Bella?” I questioned fearfully.