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Massacre by Awsomealice94 The Volturi are strong, they are powerful. And the Volturi are vampires-which means they can do almost anything. Vampires come 1st and humans are definitely below them on the food chain. so what do you think will happen when the volturi pay a surprise visit to Forks high school because somebody broke their promise???

- this is my scary dream that I had. O and disclaimer- bottom line is that I am not Stephenie Meyer. This means that I own zippo-natta-nothin. I just like to write :)

6. Time cannot Erase

Rating 3.3/5   Word Count 544   Review this Chapter

“WAIT!” I yell to them-they all turn around.

“I…” what the hell was I thinking? I can’t tell them about the Cullen’s. Can I?

“Yes?” the guy looked inpatient.

“I…Um…you shouldn’t leave.” I squeezed my eyes shut, what was I doing?

“And why is that?” he asked me. All of his friends were right behind him looking at me; even mike looked at me with confusion. The guy folded his arms over is chest and waited for me to speak up. My throat was suddenly dry, I gulped.

I took a deep breath. “Those…people…out there…they, well, you don’t want to go out there.” I started off slow. It gave me more time to think about what I was about to do.

“Oh, I think I do.”

“No, you really don’t want to.”

“Look, I’m not staying here and getting killed.”

“You will DIE if you go out there!” I yelled to him. I dropped to my knees-this was it.

“I will die if I stay here.” He argued back.

“Bella, Bella are you okay?” mike asked me. He got down on his knees trying to help me up, but I refused.

“No, you don’t understand. They are, they are, the Volturi.” I whispered.

“What the hell is the Volturi?”

“It’s a very old and powerful family full of….”

“Yes?” he asked me, urging me to go on. But who would believe me.

“Vamp-” I was cut off.

“She’s going to tell, MOVE IN!” a women in a gray cloak instructed.

I heard screams and metal breaking.

The Volturi cut me off. Now on either side of me were vampires. I was right; it did make them act faster.

I quickly got up and ran; it was the adrenalin-it was taking over. The running wouldn’t help, but there was nothing I could do about it anyway.

My arm ached as I ran, I ignored it. The Volturi was too busy getting all the students out of the building. They weren’t getting them out, they were killing them!

Tears blocked my vision. Running, I kept on running, I never looked back.

I let out a piercing scream. A piece of metal was thrown into me. I tumbled to the ground; I was now thrown from the side of the cafeteria to the middle of it.

Apparently not all Volturi members forgot about me.

The piece of metal, which looked like a car door, was now on top of me. My lip body lay sprawled out on the floor.

There was brightness and warmness all around me-my brain was not working so fast and as well as it would be-I realized that I was defiantly hurt.

Pain rushed from the tip of my toes up to my head.

I let out another scream.

I moved my hand to get the metal off of me, as I did so it cut my hand. I winced, but it was very little to all of the pain in my body besides that.

The metal was now pushed off of me. I realized fire was very close to me as well.

I tried to fight the fogginess of my eyes, the darkness of unconsciousness.

My uncut hand moved to my head, where the most searing pain was.

When I pulled back it was covered in wet, warm, crimson blood. My head was cut.

I looked up at the clock- 2:35pm. Then the darkness and aloneness of unconsciousness was covered over me.